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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Power Outage, Night of the Bat, and Abate and Switch), Follow That Space Cab!, Nuclear Family Values, Zombie King, Galaxy Jest, Time Share, Under a Red Sun, Play Date, Repulse!, Trick or Threat, Speed Demon, Hat Trick, Luthor in Paradise, Plastic Man Saves the World, Field Trip, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Inside Job, The Trouble with Truth, Double Cross, Battle for the Bottled City, Garden of Evil, All Aboard the Space Train, Time Out, The Fatal Fare, Mxy's Mix-Up, Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting, Booster's Gold, Booray for Bizarro, Best Day Ever, Superman Red vs. Superman Blue, The Ringer, Forget Me Not, E. Nigma, Consulting Detective, Phased and Confused, It'll Take a Miracle!, System Error, Race Against Crime, Party Animal, Captain Bamboozle, Unleashed, and She Wore Red Velvet
Appearances (Webisodes): Up and Atom, Beep Beep, Chemistry, Good Cop, Bat Cop, Quality Time, Selfie Help, Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!, Toymano a Mano, Mint Condition, and Skyjacked
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Justice League is the world's greatest superhero team on Earth. The League is presided over by Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Its official headquarters was named the Hall of Justice and resided in Metropolis. Uthool of the Brothers Djinn possessed Batman and attempted to bring the Hall's power core to critical mass and generate an explosion big enough to shatter the Earth's mantle and bring the underworld to the surface in order to restore a primitive glory from when the Brothers ruled. Wonder Woman and Superman suspected something was wrong and fought Batman. Uthool transformed Batman's body into a demonic behemoth and battled Superman. Their battle instigated the utter collapse and destruction of the Hall. The other Leaguers present, Booster Gold, Cyborg, and Green Arrow avoided serious injury. They tabled planning for a new headquarters and continued their pursuit of the last three Brothers Djinn.

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman chased the last three of the Djinn as they flew towards Calythos' second volcano. Nyorlath cast a spell that took Superman and Wonder Woman's powers away temporarily. Batman turned his cape into a glider and made a hard landing with them. With no other choice, he activated the distress signal on his belt. Constantine answered the call and opened a portal. They found themselves in Constantine's House of Mystery where he had summoned Plastic Man, Swamp Thing, and Green Arrow. Batman explained the situation and stressed they needed to stop the Brothers from reopening Calythos' fissure. He didn't care for Green Arrow's plan of everyone pretending to be a different hero to throw off Nyorlath's spell and went through a portal to go get back up. Green Arrow's plan worked and the Brothers were defeated. However, Black Adam came out of the fissure stronger than ever. Once Batman and Shazam arrived, Adam transformed the Brothers into monsters. One by one, the League split up and defeated each Brother, knocking them into Constantine's portal.

The League banded together, immobilized Black Adam for Superman and Shazam to deck him, and he went flying through Constantine's portal. With the threat over, Wonder Woman decided the volcano would serve as the location of their new base, the Watchtower. Shazam was inducted into the League as its newest member. During the attack on the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant by the Nuclear Family, no member of the Justice League was available or close enough to stop the impending meltdown. Luckily, a superhero named Firestorm was already on his way and defeated the Nuclear Family. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman arrived at the plant near the end of the battle and observed. Superman invited Firestorm to become a candidate for League membership. He was amazed and asked his contemporary Professor Stein what he thought. Stein invoked Firestorm's new catchphrase and declared the heat was on. After Mongul kidnapped the Joker into space, Batman contacted the Justice League. Superman and Wonder Woman located Mongul's space cruiser and extracted the Joker.

Batman and Blue Beetle pursued Chronos to his hideout in Gotham City after he broke into a Wayne Enterprises facility. They followed him into the past and prevented Chronos from altering the night of Batman's first case and killing him. Batman, Superman, and Big Barda battled a squadron of Parademons in a warehouse. They discovered the culprit was Steppenwolf, who tackled Superman through a Boom Tube to a desert planet orbiting a red sun. Batman and Barda went to Apokolips and forced Virman Vunderbar to reveal Steppenwolf and Superman's location. They arrived after half a day passed from his disappearance and discovered Superman defeated Steppenwolf with no powers. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman responded to a break-in at the Watchtower and were surprised to encounter an army of toys with weapons. Superman was punched through a ceiling and he discovered Cyborg in the middle of gaming. They surveyed the wreckage but Toyman ambushed them with Kryptonite and sleeping gas then forced them to fight each other in his version of "Blvd Brawlers" but Cyborg outsmarted him and eventually overrode his controls.

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman battled a new menace in Metropolis called Repulse but it turned out to be Lex Luthor, who was out to infect Superman with specially designed nanobots. They consumed the solar radiation in Superman's body and replicated into the millions, producing a geometrically increasing repulsive electromagnetic charge. Now a danger to everyone and everything around him, Superman flew into space. Wonder Woman and Hawkman went to Stryker's Island Penitentiary and forced Luthor to tell the truth about the nanobots by using the Lasso of Truth. They had Superman use the power of Black Hole XT-357 to drain off the nanobot's power but Luthor tried to blast him into the black hole. When he was knocked into it, Superman went after him. The Repulse's power protected them but they were stuck inside. Wonder Woman threw her lasso inside and pulled them out. They departed the area just as the black hole collapsed and the destruction of the nanobots triggered a massive explosion. Luthor was returned to prison, Superman was scanned and medically cleared, and the dinner date between Clark Kent and Diana Prince continued to its awkward end.

In a story told by Cain, Dr. Fate sensed the arrival of the House of Mystery in a small neighborhood. He went with Batman, Zatanna, and Constantine to make sure no citizens were stuck inside before it vanished at midnight. They were ambushed by Klarion and turned into 10 year old children with no memory of who they were. Like the resident children, they went trick or treating door to door. They witnessed a boy in a black cat costume being harassed by two bullies dressed as army soldiers. Without thinking twice, they sprang into action and chased the bullies away. They sensed the costumes felt oddly empowering but the boy interrupted and reveled in their heroics. He informed them the bullies were storing their stolen loot in a nearby house. Batman kicked the door in and the children entered. Klarion turned on them and commanded several monsters to go after them.

The children eventually came across a Mirror of Truth. Their reflections were of their true, adult selves. They slowly remembered they really were Batman, Zatanna, Dr. Fate, and Constantine. Klarion revealed himself and his master plan to steal the Helmet of Fate and trap them in the House of Mystery. They played keep away with the Helmet as the monsters caught up to them. Dr. Fate regained helmet and banished the monsters. Zatanna imprisoned Teekly in a chair-turned-cage. Fate ordered the House to release them and it complied. Zatanna shut the door on Klarion and Teekl as they tried to escape. The House vanished and the children were restored to adults. Batman and Zatanna learned Brother Night was supplying criminals in Gotham, including Harley Quinn, with magical powers. They confronted him in his nightclub. Batman turned down Night's offer for more power and in turn Night hexed one of his weapons, which turned the Batmobile into a demonic creature hellbent on destroying him. Batman sought out Etrigan after it kidnapped Zatanna.

Etrigan summoned Merlin to empower a vehicle of his choosing. He caught up to Batman and the Batmobile at the rail station and forced a one-on-one showdown. Batman liberated Zatanna and she teleported everyone into Night's club. Night anticipated her treachery and teleported himself and his gang away. Etrigan offered everyone ice cream. Batman ordered chocolate after the exorcised Batmobile fell apart. Batman, Zatanna, and Jason Blood responded to an outbreak of rabid mannequins in the Gotham Fashion area. It was a ruse conducted by Felix Faust to draw out Zatanna and steal her hat. Luckily, a rabbit in her hat was fitted with a tracker and the trio was teleported by Merlin to Faust's hideout in the Hebrides Islands. However, they arrived too late and Faust finished his hex. Ghast, his extra-dimensional benefactor, manifested and restored his youth. It flew away towards a nearby town to feed. Batman and Etrigan ran off a tower and landed on Ghast but their attempt to blow it up failed. Zatanna went after Faust and got her hat back after she destroyed two statues he animated. Zatanna cast Faust's hex backwards and returned Ghast to its prison. Faust was chained up.

Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman trailed Lex Luthor across the planet. They found him on Themyscira in alliance with Circe. Wonder Woman landed first and defended Hippolyta in time from Luthor's blasts but she was shot out of the temple from behind by Circe. Circe used her Hands of Hercules spell and formed two giant hands to grasp Wonder Woman. Luthor demanded Hippolyta's staff, an object capable of leading them to an artifact called the Oculus of the Argo. She refused and flipped Luthor but Circe shot her from behind. Circe picked up the staff and generated a portal to the Fallen Realm. Superman and Batman soon arrived and freed Wonder Woman with a super punch and exploding Batarang combination. Hippolyta was surprised to see her daughter was friends with two men. Wonder Woman insisted they were her sidekicks then told them the Oculus was capable of giving a mortal man the power of Zeus. Hippolyta did not take to being addressed directly by them then performed a ceremony to open a portal to the Fallen Realm.

Hippolyta pounded a gong and yelled "Anoikto!" (or "Open!"). Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman went through the portal and found themselves in a strange upside down realm. Batman and Superman were speechless when Wonder Woman slapped a giant serpent and it ran off like a scared dog. They discovered Luthor already put on the Oculus. They tried to convince Circe in vain that Luthor would betray her. Luthor retaliated with lightning bolts. Circe proceeded to turn them into trees as a warning to their other enemies. Luthor found it creative but wanted them to leave quickly. Superman used his heat vision to blast Circe away then Wonder Woman threw her lasso on him. He was told to reveal his plan. He complied and said they would use the Oculus' power to take over Olympus. Wonder Woman then asked what of Circe. Luthor couldn't resist and quickly admitted he was going to ditch her the minute they took over Olympus. Circe was infuriated and couldn't believe she almost made him her equal. Luthor was amused and announced he was her superior.

Circe wasn't so sure and pointed. The Oculus fell off Luthor and he returned to normal. Circe zapped Luthor in the butt repeatedly then released Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman from her spell when she was done with him. Superman apprehended Luthor. Circe tried to sneak off but Wonder Woman knew her tricks and lassoed her. Back on Themyscira, the staff and Circe were turned over to Hippolyta. Hippolyta gave Superman and Batman the Amazons' most sincere thanks then quickly told them to get off her island. Batman wasn't surprised. Cyborg, Vixen, and Batman were first on the scene after Brainiac arrived above Metropolis with the intent to shrink the city, add it to his collection, and blow up the rest of the planet. Brainiac projected an 89.76% success rate. Superman flew to Metropolis but was hit with a Kryptonite laser. Plastic Man tried to volunteer to take down Brainiac's space ship but the others wanted someone more serious. Unable to fly the ship off world or turn off the miniaturization cannon, Plastic Man elected to sacrifice himself.

Plastic Man entered the miniaturization cannon, expanded in size, and forced it to explode - setting off a chain reaction that destroyed the ship. While the citizens of Metropolis cheered, the other Leaguers mourned. As they secured Brainiac for transport on Justice-1, Plastic Man floated down and burped out all 9,999 cities from Brainiac's collection. Superman was relieved and congratulated him. Brainiac upgraded him to an 87% threat level and vowed to destroy him first in their next encounter. Plastic Man was ecastic and got everyone together to take a selfie. Batman and Superman took Stargirl with them on a "ride along" to the United Nations Building to observe them defeat Gorilla Grodd and save the delegates. They executed "Caged Heat" and trapped Grodd and his army behind super heated flagpoles. Mr. Mxyzptlk intervened and freed them after Stargirl failed to recognize him and Batman misassessed him. He then switched the trio's minds. Batman's mind was in Stargirl's body, Superman in Batman's, and Stargirl in Superman's.

Despite their identity crisis, Batman ordered them to stop Grodd. Superman and Stargirl had difficulties mastering their new bodies while Batman excelled. Grodd took it as an opportunity to crush the League. Mxyzptlk was amused with the mischief he created. Stargirl suggested they call in for back up, specifically Firestorm. Batman believed she figured out Firestorm's dual personality would come in handy and he requested Bravo Squad and to bring Firestorm. Firestorm, Flash, Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Plastic Man, Zatanna, and Cyborg arrived just as Grodd's forces were about to open fire on the trio. Mxyztplk refused to let them spoil the fun and mixed their minds up, too. Professor Stein, however, ended up in his head. Mxyzptlk became agitated with Stein's constant psychoanalysis and got tricked into saying "Kltpzyxm" - his one weakness. Mxyzptlk was banished back to the Fifth Dimension and the League returned to normal. Grodd and his army were stopped and arrested. Batman congratulated Stargirl then left. Superman suspected otherwise. Stargirl admitted she just wanted to meet Firestorm.

The Fortress of Solitude was chosen as the Justice League's secondary headquarters should anything happen to the Watchtower. Superman began to show members of the League around the Fortress so they could familiarize themselves with the security systems and layout. Firestorm, Blue Beetle, and Stargirl were the latest to be given a full tour. Stargirl was instantly smitted with a three eyed alien kitten in Superman's zoo of sorts.

Superman showed them the Krypton Room and Phantom Zone Projector next. The kitten was startled by Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul in the Projector's viewer and pounced the control panel. Superman was pulled into the Phantom Zone. Firestorm pushed the other button on the console and freed Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul instead of Superman. Blue Beetle figured pressing both at once was the right combination but the Projector shorted out. Firestorm, Blue Beetle, and Stargirl lost them while the argued. They checked the Fortress' camera feeds and located the Kryptonians in the North Quadrant. Firestorm initiated a lockdown but he sealed the criminals in the Arsenal Room. They blasted their way out and made their way to the exit. The Leaguers found where samples of Kryptonite were stored but the piece they found was too small to affect the criminals. Quex-Ul instigated a cave-in with his weapon and the Kryptonian criminals stepped outside to power up on solar energy. Firestorm located the piece of Kryptonite and studied its properties while Blue Beetle and Stargirl distracted the criminals.

Just in time, Firestorm duplicated Kryptonite and neutralized the criminals then bound them in Kryptonite chains while he and Professor Stein fixed the Phantom Zone Projector. Superman was released and he placed Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul back into the Phantom Zone. He was glad his comrades learned how to work together and directed them to start cleaning up the damage caused from the battle, starting with the alien kitten, now giant, on the loose. The Justice League became unwitting pawns of Lobo after they acquired the dormant Spider Gauntlet. Lobo stole several newly forged Red Lantern Rings and led the Red Lantern Corps on a chase through the galaxy to Earth. Lobo arrived at the Watchtower and quickly surrendered, asking for sanctuary. After Wonder Woman and Superman spoke with the Red Lanterns, they attempted to find the stolen rings but came up empty. The Red Lanterns gained entry into the tower after one of their own, Dex-Starr, infiltrated the base. They played into Lobo's hands. He revealed the rings and insinuated he was working for the League.

While the two teams were distracted fighting each other, Lobo sneaked off and activated the Spider Gauntlet. Armed with the powerful artifact, Lobo was nearly unstoppable. Batman and Dex-Starr emerged victorious in disarming him. The League locked up Lobo in their secure prison on the edge of the galaxy. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman responded to a break-in at S.T.A.R. Labs and confronted Lex Luthor. Knowing Wonder Woman would save innocent bystanders first, he shot up the ceiling with missiles and departed with what he stole. Superman cut him off but Luthor fired his weapon and unleashed a gas on the city. As he planned, Superman inhaled it and exhaled into space but was infected with a nanobot swarm in the process. He lost consciousness upon returning to the battle, forcing Batman and Wonder Woman to let Luthor escape. Back at the Watchtower, Red Tornado and the Atom performed an analysis. It was determined nanobots constructed a colony in his heart and were harvesting the solar energy in Superman's cells.

The Atom, Batman, and Wonder Woman formed a surgical team to destroy the nanobots and save Superman. Atom placed a device on their suits to extend his shrinking ability to them for no longer than 30 minutes. They shrank down and entered his nose and rode his sinuses into the lungs then into the bloodstream. They found and shut down the machine taking Superman's solar energy but the nanobot queen attempted to flee to find a safer nesting ground. Luthor invaded the Watchtower and blasted Superman with a Kryptonite gun. The Atom vacated Superman, stole the gun and tried to distract Luthor. Batman and Wonder Woman battled the queen in Superman's lungs. Wonder Woman managed to slice it up with its own mandibles then tossed it to Superman's immune system. Batman tossed several explosive charges so Superman would sneeze, allowing him and Wonder Woman to escape in time. They landed right on Luthor. The League found out the mercenary group H.I.V.E. was planning something. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow raided a base.

Wonder Woman learned they were going to blow up Metropolis with a Cobalt Fusion Bomb but the soldier she had lassoed was knocked out with sleeping gas by a fail safe device. They returned to the Watchtower to track down the bomb but things took a turn when the goddess of wisdom Athena arrived with news the gods decreed Wonder Woman was to be the new goddess of truth. Unable to defy the gods, Wonder Woman accepted but wanted to stop H.I.V.E. first. Athena agreed to let her go on one last mission and tagged along. She quickly got on Batman's nerves as he piloted them to the Metropolis Docks but was forced to take evasive measures when H.I.V.E.'s defenses opened fire. Wonder Woman saved the innocent dock workers and rallied them to help evacuate the area. Artemis and Bubo clued them into a secret passage leading underground. They defeated all the H.I.V.E. soldiers in their bunker but the H.I.V.E. Master attacked them in a bee robot. Wonder Woman gained the upper hand and removed the Master from it. He activated the bomb.

Wonder Woman anticipated his cowardice would be his undoing and affixed him to the bomb with the fluid fired by the robot. The League and Athena rounded up the unconscious soldiers and loaded them into the escape vehicle. The Master caved and deactivated the bomb. Athena admitted Wonder Woman's role as a super hero was more important than becoming a god and released her from the decree. Plastic Man and Firestorm aided Batman with setting a trap for Deadshot in Gotham City. Plastic Man's shapeshifting powers were utilized and he was tasked with posing as Deadshot's latest target, Two-Face. While Deadshot pursued Batman and Plastic Man, Firestorm kept watch over Two-Face but fell prey to boredom and the criminal escaped. Deadshot and the League converged on Gotham's main train station, where Two-Face hid a brief case stuffed with half a million dollars he stole from the Penguin. Plastic Man ended up defeating Deadshot by posing as one of his guns then wrapping him up when he picked it up. Batman admitted he was fairly effective and would call him again if he ever needed a shape changer and Martian Manhunter was busy.

The Atom and Cyborg helped Superman with his first visit to the Bottle City of Kandor. After Atom shrunk Superman with Kryptonite and his white dwarf tech, they waited for his return. Brainiac discovered the Fortress of Solitude's location and used a Superman Robot to gain entry. To make matters worse, Brainiac neutralized Cyborg with an advanced electromagnetic pulse. On his own, the Atom commandeered a broken Superman Robot and pursued Brainiac in the Arctic. Atom remained resilient and eventually freed Superman from Kandor's bottle. Superman quickly took out Brainiac and his B-3 robot while still in his tiny form. By the time Cyborg caught up to them, the battle was already over with. Poison Ivy plotted to transform Gotham into her own private botanical kingdom to rule. She tricked Swamp Thing into a blind date and used her ability to take control of him. Batman worked quickly on an antidote while the Justice League helped respond to outbreaks of giant plants in the city. Vixen, Superman, and Firestorm responded.

Firestorm became focused on weakening Swamp Thing, and thus Ivy's hold on him, with nuclear dehydration while Vixen and Superman headed to Ivy's hideout at the Kanaghier Building. Vixen became sidetracked when she observed Ivy was being aided by Harley Quinn. She trapped Vixen with a plant bomb, knocked Firestorm aside and revitalized Swamp Thing with several bombs. Vixen broke free then chased after Harley all the way to the Gotham Zoo. Vixen used her lion power to scare Harley into a cage where her pets Bud and Lou were kept. Batman and Superman made their way to the hideout but they were both captured by Ivy's forces. Luckily, Firestorm heeded Batman's advice and improvised. He crashed into the hideout with the Batmobile, which he turned into a flying weed whacker. In the chaos, Batman unleashed his antidote on Ivy with Superman's heat vision. She was covered in a purple chemical solution and her powers were neutralized.

The Justice League discovered the frozen body of an infamous gunslinger named Jonah Hex in the Rocky Mountains. Hex and other confiscated items were placed on the Space Train for transport but it was hijacked by Kanjar Ro. Cyborg piloted Justice 1 and picked up members of the train's crew left to drift in space encased in personal force fields while Batman boarded the train. He was defeated by Kanjar and thrown out. Justice 1 was unable to catch up to the Space Train so they hired Space Cabbie, who was nearby, to stop the train. He accepted after Cyborg offered to quadruple his fare and later, a 20% tip. Once Cabbie got onboard, Batman instructed him to thaw out Hex from container #722. Together, they defeated Kanjar and landed the train on a desert planet. Kanjar was taken into League custody. The League got word of H.I.V.E. trying to recruit new members out of a youth center. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Booster Gold opposed them and won but a time fissure created by a Chronovore threatened the space time continuum. Booster Gold defeated the creature and restored the timeline but only he remembered what happened.

The Justice League acted on tips from informants and found several Apokoliptian battleships preparing to boom to Earth. Wonder Woman and Hawkman were unable to catch up to their location with Justice 1 so Superman flew alone into the lead ship. He planted Atom in the new Mother Box but was captured. Atom disabled the Boom Tube network and the fleet ended up stranded on the Third Moon of Graxos IV. Space Cabbie ended up with Darkseid as fare and drove him to the moon. Intent on giving Darkseid his receipt, Cabbie stumbled upon the truth. He was unable to hail the League in time as Darkseid wanted him to take Kanto back to Apokolips. Cabbie quickly deduced Kanto was ordered to kill him and left his radio on so the League could trace his signal. Instead of taking Kanto to a remote jungle planet, Cabbie warped to Earth where Swamp Thing saved him and captured Kanto. Wonder Woman took Kanto to Belle Reve while Cabbie drove Hawkman and Swamp Thing to the Third Moon. Once Swamp Thing entangled Darkseid in vines, he and Hawkman took on Desaad and the Parademons.

Space Cabbie used Jack to extract the Kryptonite chunk from Superman's containment tube. Superman easily shrugged off Darkseid's Omega Effect and slammed him into a wall then tossed him to the ground. Superman landed on Darkseid's back then gave Atom the signal to reveal himself. Superman used a standard Mother Box to boom Darkseid to Schlough, the acid lake planet. Hawkman and Swamp Thing took his forces prisoner aboard Justice 1. They took off after Cabbie insisted Jack would have his cab up and running. The Justice League responded in great force to Gorilla Grodd's attack on the United Nations Building. Batman and Superman initially responded with Stargirl along to observe. The Justice League battled Poison Ivy's Ivy League in Gotham. Batman, Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman took on Ivy, Star Sapphire, Cheetah, and Ember. Superman mused they would finish early as he blasted at Sapphire. Batman didn't want to hang out after. Superman was decked with a mace construct.

Cheetah kicked Flash into a big rig truck then Ember fired at him. Wonder Woman blocked the attack with her bracelets. Flash and Wonder Woman brought up they all agreed at the last summit they would hang out more. She dodged Ember's fireball then lassoed her and slammed her into the street. Flash tackled Cheetah. Superman punched out a sea animal construct then directed Sapphire's ring at Ivy's giant Venus Fly Trap. Batman was freed from its grasp and he swept Ivy's feet as she charged him with a spear. Batman wanted to know what Flash meant by "interactive" and the League hung out in a bowling alley. Superman threw a ball through a lane into several cars outside. After a worker asked who was paying for the damages, Batman stated they shouldn't do it again then left.

A routine babysitting gig for Courtney Whitmore, also known as Stargirl, turned into a battle against Klarion for a powerful grimoire. She contacted Batman for help. Once he saw who she was up against, Batman brought Constantine. Constantine tried an unlocking spell then marbles then plain shoving a sofa into Klarion's magic barrier but to no avail. He succeeded with a Japanese spell that unleashed a samurai spirit. Klarion, however, opened a portal and a beast attacked them. Stargirl regained her Cosmic Staff and threw Teekl into a bookshelf then tricked Klarion into slamming the grimoire into his own face. Batman threw some Bat Bombs down the beast's mouth to get them free but Klarion blasted Batman and demanded the grimoire back. Constantine complied then punched him across the study. The beast latched onto Klarion's arm. Constantine closed the portal. The beast dragged Klarion and Teekl through. Constantine cleaned up the study with a spell and Batman gave little Timmy a smartphone for all his troubles.

After Booster Gold neglected to appear for monitor duty at the Watchtower, Batman ran a trace on the last signal they received from his comm. It happened to be in the same area that Green Arrow was for a retreat. Batman hailed Arrow on comms and asked him to find Booster. Arrow discovered he kidnapped dinosaurs from the past and made an island amusement park called Booster World in the very place he was once stranded. After the dinosaurs escaped, they teleported to the future then past and prevented the past Booster from seeing the dinosaur movie that influenced his scheme. Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Plastic Man flew around in Justice-1 searching for H.I.V.E.'s cloaked jungle base. They attacked the League with cloaked weapons. Wonder Woman ordered everyone to split up in the vehicles onboard. She left in Justice-2, Batman left in Justice-3, and Plastic Man left in Justice-4 by accident. Cyborg remained on Justice-1 to draw fire. Plastic Man randomly knocked out the cloaking generator and revealed the base. Wonder Woman and Batman took out several cannons but the H.I.V.E. Master attacked, only to be defeated by Plastic Man.

Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter gathered at the Watchtower for a monthly meeting but Wonder Woman informed them she would be running late because she ran into Bizarro, who took her on a date to a mini golf course. Bizarro talked of joining the League but Wonder Woman made a bet if she won, he would back off the notion. An android calling itself Amazo suddenly invaded the Watchtower and proclaimed he was going to destroy the League. The Flash was the first to attack but his powers were soon copied by Amazo then Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern. He duplicated Green Lantern's ring and placed Batman in a vice construct. Amazo revealed his origins but Superman arrived and decked him down several floors. Amazo soon copied his powers and immobilized him with mind control. Amazo continued with his goal of copying the powers and abilities of every Leaguer by setting off an alert recalling everyone for a priority one emergency meeting. He placed Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Batman, and Superman in a prison cell with the power damping grid on.

Wonder Woman tried to sneak up on Amazo but he phased through the Lasso of Truth then ran it around her with super speed. She was placed in another cell. Amazo revealed he was going to take over the world after he was finished with the Justice League but Bizarro crashed in with Space Cabbie, who he presented as the smartest hero in the galaxy, to stop Amazo. Amazo and Bizarro were confused by each other but after the former scanned the latter, a fight broke out. Batman instructed Cabbie to go downstairs to the lab and turn off the energy circuit in order stop Amazo's transmission to the other Leaguers. Bizarro refused to give up and continued to resist Amazo at every turn. Eventually, his copied backwards logic wrecked havoc on Amazo's computer brain and crashed his system. Green Lantern encased Amazo in a cube construct then left the Watchtower. Wonder Woman and Batman leaned towards offering Bizarro membership but Batman keyed on his backwardness and came up with a simple solution. He offered to induct Bizarro then asked him if he could stay in place while they swore him in. Bizarro said no way, held out his hand to shake, swore not to go anywhere, and flew out of the tower.

The Joker heard Lex Luthor was arrested over creating a bomb of ultimate destruction. Joker fashioned a plan to break Luthor out and take him out on the best day ever, all the while attracting as many Justice Leaguers as possible, all over the world. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash met at the Watchtower to discuss the break out. They agreed Joker wanted something Luthor had but saw the North Pole was on Joker's list. They checked on the Fortress of Solitude but only the doors were defaced. Krypto the Superdog chased them off. They returned to the Watchtower and discovered Ace the Bathound had done the same. Batman issued an alert to all members of the Justice League to keep on the look out for Joker and Luthor. After several encounters, the Justice League converged on one of Luthor's secret hideouts. Joker already forced Luthor to activate his bomb and easily countered the League with his Mother Box. Joker fell for Luthor's ploy about finishing Superman off with Kryptonite and was knocked out. Luthor stopped the bomb in time and surrendered, citing he didn't want win that way.

Superman and Wonder Woman went after Luthor after he stole a pulse regulator prototype from S.T.A.R. Labs. Luthor blasted Superman with his new Kryptonite Radiation Emitter. Instead of destroying Superman, the emitter split him into a red and blue duplicate. Each had half his powers each and the blue duplicate was his true nature and the red was an aberration. Wonder Woman waited for Luthor in an alley and shoved him into some trash cans. She refused to back down from his warning and was blasted. The mutated Kryptonite split her into two beings, too. Superman and Wonder Woman Red leaped away with the emitter and plotted to "liberate" more reds. Superman and Wonder Woman Blue took Luthor back to the Watchtower. Batman tracked the mutated Kryptonite's radiation signature to one of Luthor's abandoned labs and departed with Green Arrow while the blues cheered together. Arrow was pinned under a slab after Superman Red used his heat vision during the battle. Batman was split into two. Batman Red tricked his counterpart with a truce then knocked him out.

The reds took over the Watchtower. Per Batman Red's plan, they connected the emitter to the tower and beaming the signal around the world with the League's satellites but since the energy was low, they had one shot. Arrow and Batman Blue arrived but the latter gave them away by blurting out how messy the room was. Arrow attempted to flew with the emitter but Superman Red tripped him and Luthor was split. Luthor Red tricked the others into trusting him and offered his assistance. He wired the emitter into the Watchtower's power core then pretended to beam the signal. Blasters emerged from the ceiling and blasted Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Red. They were restored to normal. Luthor Red apologized for the subterfuge and explained he knocked out his counterpart and lied in order to be expedient. Batman deduced the reds were aberrations so Luthor Red was a good version of the villain. Arrow thought a good Luthor would be great for the world but Luthor Red stated that was not the way it was meant to be and returned himself to normal.

The Justice League came to Green Lantern's aid against Sinestro in space. Superman and Wonder Woman, in Justice-2, set off from Justice-1 to distract Superman while Atom helped Green Lantern recharge his depleted ring with his power battery. Sinestro recognized Superman and admitted it would be an honor to destroy him. He soon tired of their tactics and created a giant robot suit construct then punched Superman. The Atom volunteered to go into Sinestro's ring to learn why he was stronger than usual. Green Lanter formed a giant crossbow construct and fired him to the ring then rejoined the battle. Sinestro's construct took a punch from Superman then returned it in kind and blasted him. Atom fell prey to the ring's fear manipulating powers and was subjected to being in his underwear during a League press conference then his childhood trauma of being terrorized by Old Man Miller's dog, Puddles. Wonder Woman fired off an implosion torpedo but Sinestro cut through it with ease.

Now subjected to a scenario where he shrank uncontrollably, the Atom regained his composure thanks to Green Lantern coaching him over comms to calm down and relax. Atom searched the ring's terrain and discovered an active Yellow Lantern Power Battery. Despotellis, a soldier in the Sinestro Corps, detected Atom's presence and was given the go-ahead to deal with him. Despotellis thought it squashed Atom but he shrank further than he did before and hid inside it. Sinestro formed a giant multi-armed construct of himself and prepared to finish off Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. It grabbed Lantern and Justice-2 then unleashed a mouth blast on Superman. The Atom revealed himself and Despotellis collapsed after its chemical makeup was altered. Without it operating its battery, Sinestro lost his power. Green Lantern fired a speeding train constract at him and derailed it into an asteroid. He was relieved to hear Atom's voice and formed a dome around the asteroid. Atom emerged from the ring with Despotellis in a petri dish. They took turns looking at it with a microscope and describing what they saw. Despotellis tried to tell them its name then gave up mid-sentence.

Felix Faust cast a spell that stole the memories from every Justice Leaguer, or so he thought, and stored them in an orb. Luckily, he didn't account for Firestorm being the combination of two minds. Exempt from the spell, Firestorm hurried to the latest League meeting at the Watchtower. Even though he was late, no one else was around. He checked the comm links and only his was online. On Stein's suggestion, they went to the Daily Planet and found Clark Kent. Firestorm convinced Kent he was Superman by dropping him from mid-air. He took Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Diana Prince to the Watchtower. Wayne and Prince didn't believe his claims and were about to leave until Kent threw himself down into the ocean below and survived unscathed. Firestorm tried changing them into their costumes and started to coach Batman on what voice to use but a Metropolis News Network live report came on. Firestorm confronted Felix Faust but the others were at odds with how to fight. Firestorm turned several Golems into cars and one holding sandwiches into a moped.

Faust was infuriated and paralyzed Firestorm. He realized Firestorm was two and cast a spell that stole both their memories. While Firestorm and Professor Stein freaked out about the former's head on fire and the latter missing a body, the others turned the tide and used their powers and abilities in simple ways. Wonder Woman used the Lasso to trip a Golem, Superman dropped down on one from the top of a building, and Batman randomly lost some explosives. Superman rediscovered flight and destroyed one more. Wonder Woman picked up a car and tossed it into another. Batman blew one more up. Superman located Faust and lifted his segway off the ground. Faust tried to pull the orb again but Wonder Woman lassoed it away. As they observed Firestorm talking to his own reflection, Wonder Woman tossed the orb and let it shatter to restore everyone's memories. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were turned intangible after a battle with Zod at S.T.A.R. Labs involving the Phantom Zone Projector and Kryptonian Prism. To make matter worse, only Booster Gold was on monitor duty.

After several attempts to send a message to Booster failed, they led him to the Phantom Zone Projector with a trail of Jaw Destroyer gumballs then Batman placed a dollar bill on top of the device. Booster swiped the bill and set off the projector but Zod flew in front of them and became tangible. Zod easily dispensed him and freed Faora and Quex-ul. Booster could see and hear the others through the prism. Batman had a plan. Booster begged to be sent to the Phantom Zone with his friends. Zod fell for it and fired. Booster held out the prism and freed Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul were soon sent back to the zone. Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Cyborg took on Luthor outside S.T.A.R. Labs but he used his Time Suit to freeze them in place. He then rapidly aged Cyborg into an elderly man. Superman and Flash caught up but were unable to pass through the time-wall erected around S.T.A.R. Labs.

Batman arrived with an aged Chronos and explained the two villains teamed up and used the energy from their Speed Force to power the Time Suit. Batman made software that reprogrammed Superman's Hero Tracker GPS device to sends its energy signal to Flash's and augment his power. Flash was able to successfully vibrate his molecules through the time-wall and defeated Luthor. The wall dropped and everyone affected by the Time Suit returned to normal.

Green Arrow organized a Christmas party and found a banquet hall insured for meta-humans. He went all out in an effort to make good with Batman and become friends outside of work. Nearly everyone in the League came to the party. Batman didn't so Flash brought him against his will. Plastic Man showed up with a heavily tranquilized Solomon Grundy. Superman gave Grundy a teddy bear hastily bought by a forgetful Flash and told him no one should be without a present on Christmas. Grundy remembered scaring a girl named Keely Miller during a battle with Green Arrow and Plastic Man earlier in the day. He ran off in search of her. Batman was unaware and simply tried to take him down as usual. Green Arrow realized what was going on after he saw Wonder Woman with a little teddy bear, too. He asked Flash to find the girl, Keely Miller, as fast as he could. Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Flash, Zatanna, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man surrounded Batman as he took Grundy to the ground with a head lock.

Arrow aimed his tranquilizer arrow at Batman and told him to let Grundy go. Batman was shocked and thought he was acting insanely. Flash brought Miller forward. Grundy knelt in front of her and apologized for scaring her then gave her his teddy bear. He repeated what Superman told him. She loved it and hugged him. They decided to walk Grundy to S.T.A.R. then join the party. Batman told Arrow to be sure to invite him next year then left in the Batjet. Arrow reminded the others he had the hall until midnight and there would be a disco ball. Shazam, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Red Torando battled an ancient army conjured by Faust. Wonder Woman noticed Uncle Dudley and informed him the Justice League preferred for civilians to stay out of harm's way. Not understanding, Dudley reported he got everyone cleared out. Batman pointed out she meant him. Dudley introduced himself as Shazam's helper. Shazam confirmed he was family but understood their implications. Shazam returned Dudley to his RV while they turned Faust over to the authorities.

Mxyzptlk decided to turn Dudley into his latest pawn. Batson let Dudley down nicely telling him he could really help if he was out of harm's way during a fight. After Batson left, Dudley noticed a strange glow coming from the bathroom. Mxyzptlk rose from the toilet in a wizard costume and pretended to be the Wizard then gave him abilities with his own magic word for having the heart of a hero. He gave him the word "Bamboozle." Dudley was transformed into Captain Bamboozle. Captain Bamboozle went on patrol and caused more harm than good. Shazam ran into him at a bank robbery and was shocked to discover Dudley had powers. Shazam returned with three steel girders and propped them up. He was shocked to learn the Wizard gave Dudley powers. Dudley described the Wizard to Batman and he drew a sketch on a tablet. He deduced it was Mr. Mxyzptlk wearing a fake beard. Shazam quickly briefed him about the imp and his weakness. Mxyzptlk enlarged a kitten to giant size and let it loose on the city to induce Dudley to cause more damage.

Dudley got an idea. Rather than fight the kitten with the Justice League, he did crowd control. Mxyzptlk fell for it. He was infuriated and ordered Dudley to use his powers. Dudley liked the idea and stated he was use his food power then muscle power then finish it off with his incredible power of Ktlpzyxm. Mxyzptlk fell for it and asked what Ktlpzyxm was. He realized he said his name backwards and was banished back to his home dimension. Dudley watched as his powers and costume disappeared. Shazam congratulated him on outsmarting the imp. Batman also congratulated him and presented the kitten, back to normal size. It still bit Shazam. After Mr. Mxyzptlk reset reality so that Superman grew up in Kasnia and Supergirl grew up in Hollywood, the Justice League became a semi-pro bowling team out of Fresno.

Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batman, Hawkman, Cyborg, and Martian Manhunter left the Watchtower through a Boom Tube to stop an impending Red Lantern invasion of Earth from happening. Watchtower defense protocols were initiated and Plastic Man was left behind to dog sit Krypto. Dex-Starr was sent in advance to use the Mother Box in the Watchtower to boom the Red Lanterns to Earth but Krypto saw through his ruse. Streaky and later, Plastic Man, came to his aid and saved the world. The League returned to the Watchtower when they realized they were duped into booming to a diversion. Plastic Man down played his role in saving the world and only admitted he helped.

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