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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Power Outage, Night of the Bat, and Abate and Switch), Follow That Space Cab!, Nuclear Family Values, Zombie King, Galaxy Jest, Time Share, Under a Red Sun, Play Date, Repulse!, Trick or Threat, Speed Demon, and Hat Trick
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Justice League is the world's greatest superhero team on Earth. The League is presided over by Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Its official headquarters was named the Hall of Justice and resided in Metropolis. Uthool of the Brothers Djinn possessed Batman and attempted to bring the Hall's power core to critical mass and generate an explosion big enough to shatter the Earth's mantle and bring the underworld to the surface in order to restore a primitive glory from when the Brothers ruled. Wonder Woman and Superman suspected something was wrong and fought Batman. Uthool transformed Batman's body into a demonic behemoth and battled Superman. Their battle instigated the utter collapse and destruction of the Hall. The other Leaguers present, Booster Gold, Cyborg, and Green Arrow avoided serious injury. They tabled planning for a new headquarters and continued their pursuit of the last three Brothers Djinn.

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman chased the last three of the Djinn as they flew towards Calythos' second volcano. Nyorlath cast a spell that took Superman and Wonder Woman's powers away temporarily. Batman turned his cape into a glider and made a hard landing with them. With no other choice, he activated the distress signal on his belt. Constantine answered the call and opened a portal. They found themselves in Constantine's House of Mystery where he had summoned Plastic Man, Swamp Thing, and Green Arrow. Batman explained the situation and stressed they needed to stop the Brothers from reopening Calythos' fissure. He didn't care for Green Arrow's plan of everyone pretending to be a different hero to throw off Nyorlath's spell and went through a portal to go get back up. Green Arrow's plan worked and the Brothers were defeated. However, Black Adam came out of the fissure stronger than ever. Once Batman and Shazam arrived, Adam transformed the Brothers into monsters. One by one, the League split up and defeated each Brother, knocking them into Constantine's portal.

The League banded together, immobilized Black Adam for Superman and Shazam to deck him, and he went flying through Constantine's portal. With the threat over, Wonder Woman decided the volcano would serve as the location of their new base, the Watchtower. Shazam was inducted into the League as its newest member. During the attack on the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant by the Nuclear Family, no member of the Justice League was available or close enough to stop the impending meltdown. Luckily, a superhero named Firestorm was already on his way and defeated the Nuclear Family. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman arrived at the plant near the end of the battle and observed. Superman invited Firestorm to become a candidate for League membership. He was amazed and asked his contemporary Professor Stein what he thought. Stein invoked Firestorm's new catchphrase and declared the heat was on. After Mongul kidnapped the Joker into space, Batman contacted the Justice League. Superman and Wonder Woman located Mongul's space cruiser and extracted the Joker.

Batman and Blue Beetle pursued Chronos to his hideout in Gotham City after he broke into a Wayne Enterprises facility. They followed him into the past and prevented Chronos from altering the night of Batman's first case and killing him. Batman, Superman, and Big Barda battled a squadron of Parademons in a warehouse. They discovered the culprit was Steppenwolf, who tackled Superman through a Boom Tube to a desert planet orbiting a red sun. Batman and Barda went to Apokolips and forced Virman Vunderbar to reveal Steppenwolf and Superman's location. They arrived after half a day passed from his disappearance and discovered Superman defeated Steppenwolf with no powers. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman responded to a break-in at the Watchtower and were surprised to encounter an army of toys with weapons. Superman was punched through a ceiling and he discovered Cyborg in the middle of gaming. They surveyed the wreckage but Toyman ambushed them with Kryptonite and sleeping gas then forced them to fight each other in his version of "Blvd Brawlers" but Cyborg outsmarted him and eventually overrode his controls.

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman battled a new menace in Metropolis called Repulse but it turned out to be Lex Luthor, who was out to infect Superman with specially designed nanobots. They consumed the solar radiation in Superman's body and replicated into the millions, producing a geometrically increasing repulsive electromagnetic charge. Now a danger to everyone and everything around him, Superman flew into space. Wonder Woman and Hawkman went to Stryker's Island Penitentiary and forced Luthor to tell the truth about the nanobots by using the Lasso of Truth. They had Superman use the power of Black Hole XT-357 to drain off the nanobot's power but Luthor tried to blast him into the black hole. When he was knocked into it, Superman went after him. The Repulse's power protected them but they were stuck inside. Wonder Woman threw her lasso inside and pulled them out. They departed the area just as the black hole collapsed and the destruction of the nanobots triggered a massive explosion. Luthor was returned to prison, Superman was scanned and medically cleared, and the dinner date between Clark Kent and Diana Prince continued to its awkward end.

In a story told by Cain, Dr. Fate sensed the arrival of the House of Mystery in a small neighborhood. He went with Batman, Zatanna, and Constantine to make sure no citizens were stuck inside before it vanished at midnight. They were ambushed by Klarion and turned into 10 year old children with no memory of who they were. Like the resident children, they went trick or treating door to door. They witnessed a boy in a black cat costume being harassed by two bullies dressed as army soldiers. Without thinking twice, they sprang into action and chased the bullies away. They sensed the costumes felt oddly empowering but the boy interrupted and reveled in their heroics. He informed them the bullies were storing their stolen loot in a nearby house. Batman kicked the door in and the children entered. Klarion turned on them and commanded several monsters to go after them.

The children eventually came across a Mirror of Truth. Their reflections were of their true, adult selves. They slowly remembered they really were Batman, Zatanna, Dr. Fate, and Constantine. Klarion revealed himself and his master plan to steal the Helmet of Fate and trap them in the House of Mystery. They played keep away with the Helmet as the monsters caught up to them. Dr. Fate regained helmet and banished the monsters. Zatanna imprisoned Teekly in a chair-turned-cage. Fate ordered the House to release them and it complied. Zatanna shut the door on Klarion and Teekl as they tried to escape. The House vanished and the children were restored to adults. Batman and Zatanna learned Brother Night was supplying criminals in Gotham, including Harley Quinn, with magical powers. They confronted him in his nightclub. Batman turned down Night's offer for more power and in turn Night hexed one of his weapons, which turned the Batmobile into a demonic creature hellbent on destroying him. Batman sought out Etrigan after it kidnapped Zatanna.

Etrigan summoned Merlin to empower a vehicle of his choosing. He caught up to Batman and the Batmobile at the rail station and forced a one-on-one showdown. Batman liberated Zatanna and she teleported everyone into Night's club. Night anticipated her treachery and teleported himself and his gang away. Etrigan offered everyone ice cream. Batman ordered chocolate after the exorcised Batmobile fell apart. Batman, Zatanna, and Jason Blood responded to an outbreak of rabid mannequins in the Gotham Fashion area. It was a ruse conducted by Felix Faust to draw out Zatanna and steal her hat. Luckily, a rabbit in her hat was fitted with a tracker and the trio was teleported by Merlin to Faust's hideout in the Hebrides Islands. However, they arrived too late and Faust finished his hex. Ghast, his extra-dimensional benefactor, manifested and restored his youth. It flew away towards a nearby town to feed. Batman and Etrigan ran off a tower and landed on Ghast but their attempt to blow it up failed. Zatanna went after Faust and got her hat back after she destroyed two statues he animated. Zatanna cast Faust's hex backwards and returned Ghast to its prison. Faust was chained up.

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