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The Atom

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Real Identity: Ray Palmer
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Inside Job, Battle for the Bottled City, The Fatal Fare, and The Ringer
Appearances (Webisodes): Up and Atom
Powers/Skills: Size Manipulation, Genius, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Jerry O'Connell

The Atom is a super hero who discovered how to shrink by incorporating white dwarf star matter into technology. Due to relative mass, Atom retains his physical attributes even in a shrunken state. As a result, his punches are as strong as someone with super strength. Atom aided the Justice League on an as needed basis every once in awhile but limited his tasks to minor roles like opening a locked door or hiding in a crook's pocket. After the completion of the Watchtower, Batman and Wonder Woman offered full membership to the Atom. Atom didn't see what he could offer to the League. He didn't see himself as a fighter and was more focused on his research. Suddenly, a Boom Tube appeared in the Watchtower lab and a Super Parademon emerged. It attacked them in a manner similar to Superman's heat vision. Atom immediately shrinked himself. After Batman and Wonder Woman failed to stop it, Atom appeared on its shoulder and hung around its neck in normal size. He shrunk them both.

The Parademon attempted to fly away but Atom steered it towards a microscope. Atom fell off but he increased his size a little as the Parademon circled back for him. He punched it out and trapped the Parademon in a petri dish. Batman emphasized the League valued his mind and ingenuity but understood his research was more important. Atom changed his mind and accepted the offer of full membership. He jokingly asked if there was a secret handshake but Batman already left the room and was nowhere to be seen. He panicked and thought he accidentally shrunk him. Wonder Woman clarified that's just what he does. The Atom studied Superman and discovered Lex Luthor infected him with nanobots. He briefed Batman and Wonder Woman that they were constructing a colony in his heart and harvesting the solar energy stored in his cells. To make matters worse, a queen nanobot was making an army as well. Scientifically, he found it quite fascinating.

Atom applied devices to Batman and Wonder Woman's suits that allowed him to extend his shrinking powers to them for 30 minutes. They shrunk and entered Superman's right nostril. Atom brandished a laser sword with just a pinch of Kryptonite energy to hack through the super nose hairs. They made their way into the bloodstream and discovered the nanobots and their solar energy harvesting machine then made quick work of them. They tossed the parts into the bloodstream for Superman's immune system to dissolve but noticed more nanobots coming. The nanobot queen was located but it retreated. Atom speculated it was trying to find safer nesting grounds. As time ran out, Batman checked the feed and discovered Luthor breached the Watchtower. The Atom elected to handle him while Batman and Wonder Woman continued after the queen. Atom made his way to Superman's mouth and verified even his breath was super fresh. He leaped out and punched Luthor's Kryptonite gun away, shrank back down, grabbed the gun, and ran. Luthor pursued.

Eventually, Luthor landed a hit on Atom. He was irritated such an infinitesimal imp caused so much trouble and powered up another blast. Superman happened to sit up and sneezed Batman and Wonder Woman on top of Luthor just as they returned to normal size. Superman asked what was going on. Atom returned to normal size and handed Superman a handkerchief. The Atom helped Superman with the effort to restore Kandor back to normal after it was recovered by Plastic Man in Brainiac's failed attempt to steal Metropolis. At the Fortress of Solitude, Atom set up his white dwarf tech and assimilated just enough Kryptonite to weaken Superman to shrink him for his first visit to Kandor. Atom reminded him to bring back the tissue samples he requested so he could run tests for molecular stability and to remember Kandor's artifical red sun would leave him with no powers. While Atom and Cyborg stood by, they were attacked by Brainiac. Atom shrank to avoid Brainiac's disintegrator beam and tried to rally Cyborg to go after Kandor.

Cyborg revealed he was hit with an advanced electromagnetic pulse and needed time to reboot. The Atom improvised and manually operated a Superman Robot blasted by Brainiac. He caught up to Brainiac's tank and pulled the cannon off. The B-3 robot attacked but Atom pulled on his tendrils to hurl the tank. Atom demanded Kandor again and was refused again. B-3 attacked Atom again. The Superman Robot fell off a small cliff but Atom directed it into the ground. It emerged from an ice shelf and rammed B-3, punched it, spun it, and threw it towards Brainiac. Kandor rolled into a river. Atom went after it but B-3 whipped his robot away. Atom once again demanded Kandor. Brainiac ordered B-3 to terminate him. B-3 destroyed the robot but Atom hung from a tendril and leaped atop the bottle. He pressed the cork and opened the bottle, releasing Superman, and fell into the river. He crawled to shore as Superman took out B-3. Brainiac made one last grab for Kandor. Atom leaped at him but Brainiac flicked him to the ground. Superman punched out Brainiac then tossed him. Atom groaned as Cyborg finally showed up.

In order to thwart another of Apokolips' attempts to invade Earth, Superman planted Atom in a Mother Box built to generate a massive Boom Tube. Kanto mistook the agent as a virus that infected and took down the entire Boom Tube network. Despite his efforts, the "virus" kept coming back. Once Space Cabbie arrived with Hawkman and Swamp Thing, Superman was soon freed and he gave Atom the signal to reveal himself. Atom was relieved and admitted he was getting claustrophobic. The Atom was in northwest Africa, around Algeria, during the Amazo incident. Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Atom came to Green Lantern's aid against Sinestro in space. While Superman and Wonder Woman distracted Sinestro, Atom landed Justice-1 near Lantern. He came aboard and recharged his ring with his Green Lantern Power Battery. Atom inquired why Sinestro didn't need a recharge, too. Green Lantern shared his concern and wondered why he was stronger than usual. Atom volunteered to go into the ring and find out. Green Lantern formed a sphere around Atom and created a giant crossbow.

Atom shrank as he passed by asteroids and entered Sinestro's ring. He was unaware of the ring's fear manipulating ability and suddenly found himself at a Justice League press conference outside the Watchtower. Superman congratulated Atom on destroying Sinestro's ring and saving the universe but he found himself in his underwear. The reporters and Leaguers broke out in laughter. Atom tried to shield himself with Batman's cape then shrank and ran for it. He suddenly found himself at the old Palmer family farm and was chased by Old Man Miller's dog, Puddles. Lantern tried to tell Atom about the ring's power but Atom found it all too real. He hid inside a log but Puddles clamped onto it, shook it, and threw it onto the porch. Atom shrank and jumped through the screen door. Puddles pushed his head through the screen. Atom kept shrinking but lost control. Lantern told him to calm down and relax. Atom listened and regained his composure. He walked around the ring and discovered an active Yellow Lantern Power Battery.

Atom deduced the power battery was constantly charging Sinestro's ring from the inside. Atom described a giant spider mushroom thing with a ring inside it coming at him. Lantern realized he was talking about Despotellis, one of the deadliest soldiers in the Sinestro Corps, and told him to run. Atom dodged Despotellis' thrusts but was seemingly crushed. Atom grew in size and shoved it. Despotellis trapped Atom in a cage and proceeded to decrease its size and squash him. Atom fooled Despotellis and shrank further than he ever did then hid himself in it. He changed Despotellis' chemical makeup from the subatomic level. It soon lost its cohesion and collapsed. Without Despotellis to operate the battery, Sinestro lost power in his ring. Green Lantern rammed him into an asteroid with a speeding train construct. Atom hailed Lantern on comms. Lantern raised a dome on the asteroid. Atom emerged from the ring with Despotellis in a petri dish. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lantern took turns examining it with a microscope construct.