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Real Identity: Bruce Wayne
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Classic Rock, Power Outage, Night of the Bat, and Abate and Switch), Nuclear Family Values, Zombie King, Galaxy Jest, Time Share, Under a Red Sun, Play Date, Trick or Threat, Speed Demon, Hat Trick, Luthor in Paradise, Plastic Man Saves the World, Rage of the Red Lanterns, and Freezer Burn
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical Attributes, Master of Martial Arts, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Kevin Conroy and Tara Strong (Kid Batman)

Batman, the Dark Knight, the World's Greatest Detective - he uses brains, brawn and skill to tackle every opponent that comes his way. No matter the challenge, Batman fights for justice.

Batman's first case centered on taking down crime boss Carmine Falcone. He staked out the Falcone Crime Family non-stop for 24 hours, 7 days a week. The opening finally presented itself at a meeting between Falcone and the heads of his various criminal enterprises at the Falcone Family Warehouse. He scaled the side of the building and did a pose on the roof declaring he was "vengeance" and Batman. Batman succeeded and became known publicly to the authorities. At some point after, he upgraded his arsenal and invented the grapling gun. The event was partially altered many years later. Chronos took a time portal to the past in an attempt to kill Batman and erase him from history. Batman and Blue Beetle followed and made sure the timeline was preserved without creating any paradoxes.

Luckily, all of Chronos' Time Bombs were released and the younger Batman, Falcone, and his crew were trapped in a pocket of time that moved extremely slowly. Blue Beetle repositioned the crew's bullets and guns to point up the ceiling instead of at younger Batman while Batman took out Chronos. They fled to safety as the bombs effects wore off. He knew something wasn't right and cut off Falcone's escape outside and knocked him out. The younger Batman found him soon after, unaware of the presence of three figures from the future.

One night, while on patrol in Gotham City, Batman overheard a homeless man being chased. Batman came to his aid in an alley but discovered the man was really being chased by three monsters in disguise. Batman was punched into garbage cans. He countered and threw discs on each one that electrocuted them but had no affect. The homeless man revealed himself to be the Wizard Shazam and teleported the monsters away. Batman followed the Wizard and cut him off in a subway station demanding to know who he was and where the creatures came from. The Wizard was uninterested in chit chat and insisted he needed to get back to the Rock where a boy was prisoner. The Wizard pushed along the walls in the station, searching for something he misplaced. Batman was naturally skeptical of the Wizard. He annoyingly cast a spell that answered Batman's questions. He was champion of magic on Earth and defeated the many plagues to eternity - monsters, minor chimera, and the vile Brothers Djinn but was betrayed by his former protege Adam.

Batman was insistent he would help the Wizard in defeating Black Adam but was turned down. The three monsters found them. Batman noticed the Wizard was gone. As he backed up against a wall, Batman fell through a portal into a void and saw the Rock of Eternity. The Wizard still refused Batman's help but realized he had been away from his throne and lost his powers. Batman lassoed the Wizard and fired his grapnel towards the Rock. The momentum took them to it. The Wizard sort of admitted he needed Batman's help in destroying the Black Orb holding his lightning. Billy Batson, the Wizard's protege, noticed Batman and tried to distract Black Adam. Batman sneaked over to the throne but Adam saw his reflection at the last minute and attacked. Batman's attacks had no affect and he was soon shackled to a wall. Batson was able to use strength of mind and yelled the Wizard's name repeatedly, breaking the orb and transforming into the super hero Shazam. Black Adam was soon defeated but the task of recapturing the newly freed Monsters of Eternity and Brothers Djinn remained.

Once Calythos was defeated by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter, Batman arrived in the Justice-1 ship. Calythos and Parasite were placed in cryogenic chambers aboard the ship. Batman concluded Calythos was indeed one of the Brothers Djinn and wished they knew more about the others. Manhunter read Calythos' mind and revealed the others were named Uthool, Abnegazar, Rath, and Nyorlath. Batman pursued Uthool in the Batmobile through Metropolis. He was eager to send Uthool back to the Rock of Eternity and turned down Superman's suggestion of getting backup. Superman pretended to be cutting out and sent Green Arrow. Batman ended up getting possessed by Uthool. He learned of a power core at the Hall of Justice and formed a plan to bring it to critical mass and trigger an explosion that would revert Earth to his primordial glory. Uthool didn't do a good enough job concealing himself and garnered Wonder Woman and Superman's suspicions. Getting flipped by Booster Gold in their weekly sparring session was the deciding factor.

Uthool had enough and transformed Batman's body into a towering version of his own and battled Superman. As a result, the Hall of Justice was leveled. Wonder Woman threw the Hall's power core into Uthool. The explosion liberated Batman and Wonder Woman caught him while Superman dealt with Uthool. He agreed it would be best if the League set up a new headquarters away from Metropolis. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman chased the last three of the Djinn as they set off for the volcano. Nyorlath cast a spell that took Superman and Wonder Woman's powers away. Batman turned his cape into a glider and made a hard landing with them. With no other choice, he activated the distress signal on his belt. Constantine answered the call and opened a portal. They found themselves in Constantine's House of Mystery. Batman explained the situation and stressed they needed to stop the Brothers from reopening Calythos' fissure. He didn't care for Green Arrow's plan and went through a portal to go get back up. He enlisted Billy Batson and flew back to the volcano in the Batjet.

Batman and Green Arrow dealt with the transformed Abnegazar. When a bath in lava didn't work, Batman used freeze pellets and froze him solid. They jumped on him and forced him to slide down into a portal opened by Constantine. Once all the Brothers were dispatched, the League gathered. On Batman's lead, they went into action and immobilized Black Adam. Shazam and Superman punched him into Constantine's portal. Batman was at the Watchtower when he saw the alert about the attack on the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant. He hailed Wonder Woman and Superman but they were well far away to get there in time. To make matters worse, he was unable to reach the Flash, Green Lantern was in another galaxy, and Martian Manhunter was on Mars. He noticed someone was on their way. After consulting the database, Batman determined he was Firestorm and was concerned since was a teenager who talked to himself a lot. At the conclusion of the incident, Batman was sort of impressed with Firestorm but was concerned he might be too soft on criminals.

Batman recieved a distress call from Swamp Thing in Louisiana. He called Constantine and Zatanna for back up but they were in the middle of a fight with Brother Night. As Batman left the Watchtower in the Batjet, they informed him about the mystic eclipse, the Crimson Moon, and helped identify the Star of the Dead as the crystal in Solomon Grundy's possession. He confronted Grundy at the entrance to the City of the Dead cemetery. Grundy pounded the ground and Batman was pinned under a slab. He hurried into the cemetery and ordered several zombies to finish Batman off. Swamp Thing intervened and Batman froze them with borrowed tech from Mr. Freeze. Batman perched atop a building and threw exploding Batarangs at the Star but they had no affect. The zombies converged on the building and facilitated its collapse while Batman fought them off. He employed a specialized magnetic device to force several zombies to dogpile onto a chosen one and immobilize them. There were too many of them and just as they were about to infect him, Zatanna arrived.

Batman figured a magician would make an entrance. Zatanna made several zombies disappear but it was too late. The Crimson Moon shone on the Star and its energy was unleashed. Batman and Zatanna were turned into zombies. Swamp Thing was able to remove it and they returned to normal. Before Grundy could continue attacking Swamp Thing for destroying the Star, Batman froze him. Batman pursued the Joker while he threatened to flood Gotham with 50,000 tons of Super Laughing Gas. Just as Batman closed in on the Joker, the criminal was taken away in a tractor beam. Batman called the Justice League and reported Joker left the city limits. Superman and Wonder Woman departed Earth in pursuit. Batman called in the Flash to help with the search for the Gutbuster bomb. At 11:55, Batman realized Joker's taunts were also clues. The bomb was in a clock tower. Batman was unable to stop the bomb but Flash halted its spread and Superman inhaled the gas then flew it into Mongul's space cruiser.

Batman and Blue Beetle responded to a break-in at a Wayne Enterprises facility. They pursued Chronos, who stole a power source, through the docks. Batman tried to instruct Beetle to plan ahead if wanted to be a part of the Justice League rather than focus on poses and work on impulse. They found Chronos in a run-down apartment but Beetle impulsively fired his arm cannon and caused part of the ceiling to collapse. Chronos generated a Time Portal and went through. Batman and Beetle followed. Some time later, they returned to the present and turned him over to the Gotham police. Batman, in a rare move, told Beetle he did a good job, surprising Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman and Superman were aided by Big Barda after a squadron of Parademons arrived on Earth. After Barda asked, Batman denied they kept count of how many enemies each combatant took down. Superman announced he took out 59 Parademons. The perpetrator Steppenwolf made his presence known and shot at Superman. He quickly opened a Boom Tube and tackled Superman through.

Batman and Barda boomed to Apokolips. Barda believed Steppenwolf's compilation of starscape maps would clue them in one which planet he chose to fight Superman on. They made their way to Darkseid's citadel. A Demon Dog detected them and charged. Instead of letting Barda fight it, Batman activated sonic emitter on the left side of his belt. The dog rolled over and heeled. Batman leaned in and said, "Boo." The Demon Dog ran off. Batman declared that was one for him and fired his grapple gun. They were near Steppenwolf's war room but Batman told Barda to wait. A patrol of two Parademons rounded the corner. They took out one each. As they looked through the maps, they were greeted by Virman Vunderbar, another of Darkseid's inner circle. Batman quickly figured out Virman's shield was designed to repel kinetic force and advised Barda to use steady pressure. She trapped Virman into an alley then placed a giant stone face of Darkseid on Virman. Batman asked again where Steppenwolf was. Virman gave up and promised to tell them everything as long they didn't let him squish. They boomed to the planet but Superman already defeated Steppenwolf.

Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman responded to a break-in at the Watchtower and fought off an army of deadly toys. Cyborg was caught gaming instead of guarding the tower. Toyman revealed himself and took them out with Kryptonite and sleeping gas then forced them to participate in his version of the popular "Blvd Brawlers" video game. Toyman chose Batman for Cyborg to play. Together, they charged his Super Meter and won the match against Superman with the Kryptonite Ring Punch Super Move. Toyman, however, won the second match with Wonder Woman. In defeat, Batman declared Robin was better. In a Halloween story that may or may not have happened, Batman went with Dr. Fate, Zatanna, and Constantine to check up on the House of Mystery in case any unwitting mortals got stuck inside. They were turned into amnesiac 10 year olds by Klarion, who wanted the Helmet of Fate, and manipulated into entering the House of Mystery under the guise stolen loot was being stored inside.

Eventually, they realized who they really were thanks to a Mirror of Truth and fought back against Klarion and his monsters. Batman implored Zatanna to figure out how to cast spells with her braces on. Batman clobbered a vampire that pinned Dr. Fate to a wall. Now free, Fate put his Helmet back on and commanded the House to eject them outside. The House vanished with Klarion and Teekl trapped inside. They returned to adults with their memories restored. Batman denied he said "bajeepers" and walked away. Batman and Zatanna responded to an attack on Gotham City Hall by Harley Quinn. Zatanna took her out with a simple magic shield. They immediately deduced Brother Night supplied her with magic powers and fought their way into his nightclub. Night was impressed Batman defeated his bodyguards with no mystical abilities. Batman stated a criminal is a criminal, monster or man, they both fall the same then asked if he was smart enough to stop turning criminals into sorcerors. Night insisted he didn't take sides and provided power to those who craved it.

Night offered to turn him into a true agent of vengeance but Batman declined. Night promised not to touch another soul. After Batman and Zatanna left, Night hexed a weapon he left behind. It flew into the Batmobile and transformed it into a demonic creature bent of destroying Batman. Before Zatanna could undo the curse, a parachute wrapped her up and she was stored in the Batmobile's trunk. Batman escaped from the Batmobile by triggering fire protocols with his blow torch. With the Batmobile in pursuit, he made his way to Jason Blood's home and demanded Etrigan's help. Batman hung onto the car after Etrigan was tossed out in a park. The Batmobile made its way up to a fixed rail station and jumped onto the tracks to Uptown. Etrigan returned in a transformed ice cream truck and pushed it out of the way of an incoming train. A final showdown transpired on the street below but Batman ripped the trunk open and freed Zatanna. She teleported everyone into Night's club. Annoyed with her audacity, Night teleported himself and his crew away. Zatanna removed the curse but the Batmobile fell apart. Batman rescinded his answer and asked for chocolate ice cream.

Transformed mannequins started rampaging through the Gotham Fashion area. Batman summoned Jason Blood to help him and Zatanna. During the battle, Batman saw Felix Faust in an ethereal form steal Zatanna's hat but he disappeared before Batman's batarang landed. Zatanna's Bunny Positioning System paid off and Etrigan called Merlin forth to teleport them to the Hebrides Island. Batman and Etrigan ran after the demon Ghast and leaped onto its back. With a town in the path of Ghast's feeding, Batman tried to destroy it with exploding Batarangs. Etrigan followed suit with flame breath but both attacks failed to harm Ghast. It continued on. Batman leaped off Ghast to save a boy that tripped and fell behind as the townspeople evacuated. Batman was hit by debris and was pulled towards Ghast. At the last second, Etrigan grabbed Batman. As Zatanna's backwards hex pulled Ghast back to where it came from, they leaped onto a tower and joined up her on the castle grounds.

Superman and Batman landed on Themyscira and discovered Wonder Woman was trapped in a pair of giant hands made of earth. Batman warned Superman the Amazons were "prickly." Superman punched a dent into a hand then Batman threw a exploding Batarang into it. Hippolyta was surprised to see her daughter was friends with two men. Wonder Woman insisted they were her sidekicks. Wonder Woman quickly explained the Fallen Realm, Circe, and the villains' query, the Oculus of the Argo. Batman dispensed with formality and asked Hippolyta directly if she could make a portal to the realm without her staff. Hippolyta did not take to being addressed directly by them then performed a ceremony to open a portal to the Fallen Realm. Superman and Batman were speechless when Wonder Woman slapped a giant serpent chasing the latter and it ran off like a scared dog. Circe decided to turn the heroes into trees as a warning to those who dared to oppose them. Despite their predicament, Batman and Superman got Wonder Woman her lasso.

Superman then blasted Circe away with his heat vision. Wonder Woman used her lasso to force Luthor to admit he was going to betray Circe all along. Circe removed the Oculus from Luthor and zapped him in the butt repeatedly. Once she was done, Circe released the heroes. Superman immediately apprehended Luthor. Wonder Woman snagged Circe with her lasso before Batman could use his Batarang. She didn't want the boys to have all the fun. Hippolyta gave Superman and Batman the Amazons' most sincere thanks then quickly told them to get off her island. Batman wasn't surprised and reminded Superman he told him the Amazons were "prickly." Batman took part in the mission to stop Brainiac from stealing Metropolis and blowing up the planet. Batman was focused on studying the newly acquired Spider Gauntlet artifact at the Watchtower and noted dealing with an ordinary meteor was a simple feat for someone else like Superman, Wonder Woman, or Cyborg. Much to his chagrin, the meteor changed course for the Watchtower and was revealed to be Lobo and his Spacehog.

The League was unable to verify Lobo stole several Red Lantern Rings but Batman still suspected him of something. As the League and Red Lanterns were pitted against each other, Batman unleashed his exploding Batarangs on Zilius Zox and electrocuted Dex-Starr with another. Lobo activated the Spider Gauntlet in the chaos and proceeded to destroy the League and Lanterns. Batman pulled Dex-Starr from the debris and woke him up. As the others fell, Batman dived to Lobo and threw a line on Lobo's arm - making him punch himself. Dex-Starr followed up with a powerful mouth blast and took Lobo down. After the Red Lanterns departed, Batman remarked the incident was an example of why he worked alone. He followed up with a "sometimes" and walked away. In the middle of July, Batman tracked subzero readings to a warehouse in Gotham. He found Mr. Freeze but was blasted from behind by Killer Frost. Freeze kicked Batman into the sewers underground through an opening in the floor. Batman was carried to the end of the line and faced a very long fall.

Batman activated a heating mechanism in his gauntlet and broke free in time. He fired a grapnel line and summoned the Batjet. As he returned to the city, he encountered Firestorm. Batman provided air cover while he infiltrated Freeze's airship and disabled the freeze ray. Batman fired two missiles at the airship. Instead of detonating, they clamped onto the ship's force field and emitted an electromagnetic pulse. With the field down, Batman ejected and propelled through the pilot window. Batman kicked Freeze across the room and asked if he missed him. While the two fought, Firestorm discovered Freeze was using Frost as a living battery and freed her. As the ship plummeted towards Gotham, Batman bound Freeze with a bola and tasered him. He ran to the pilot's seat and tried to steer in vain. Firestorm and Frost helped provide a relatively soft landing at the docks.