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Real Identity: Bruce Wayne
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Classic Rock, Power Outage, Night of the Bat, and Abate and Switch), Nuclear Family Values, Zombie King, Galaxy Jest, Time Share, Under a Red Sun, Play Date, Trick or Threat, Speed Demon, Hat Trick, Luthor in Paradise, Plastic Man Saves the World, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Freezer Burn, Inside Job, The Trouble with Truth, Double Cross, Garden of Evil, All Aboard the Space Train, Time Out, Mxy's Mix-Up, Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting, Booster's Gold, Booray for Bizarro, Best Day Ever, Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp, Superman Red vs. Superman Blue, The Ringer (Hallucination), Forget Me Not, The Brain Buster, E. Nigma, Consulting Detective, Phased and Confused, It'll Take a Miracle!, System Error, Race Against Crime, Party Animal, Watchtower Tours, Barehanded, Captain Bamboozle, Unleashed, and She Wore Red Velvet
Appearances (Webisodes): Up and Atom, Good Cop, Bat Cop, Quality Time, Selfie Help, Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!, Toymano a Mano, Mint Condition, Something in the Hair, Skyjacked, Eezy Freezy, and Clown Party
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical Attributes, Master of Martial Arts, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Kevin Conroy and Tara Strong (Kid Batman)

Batman, the Dark Knight, the World's Greatest Detective - he uses brains, brawn and skill to tackle every opponent that comes his way. No matter the challenge, Batman fights for justice.

Batman's first case centered on taking down crime boss Carmine Falcone. He staked out the Falcone Crime Family non-stop for 24 hours, 7 days a week. The opening finally presented itself at a meeting between Falcone and the heads of his various criminal enterprises at the Falcone Family Warehouse. He scaled the side of the building and did a pose on the roof declaring he was "vengeance" and Batman. Batman succeeded and became known publicly to the authorities. At some point after, he upgraded his arsenal and invented the grapling gun. The event was partially altered many years later. Chronos took a time portal to the past in an attempt to kill Batman and erase him from history. Batman and Blue Beetle followed and made sure the timeline was preserved without creating any paradoxes.

Luckily, all of Chronos' Time Bombs were released and the younger Batman, Falcone, and his crew were trapped in a pocket of time that moved extremely slowly. Blue Beetle repositioned the crew's bullets and guns to point up the ceiling instead of at younger Batman while Batman took out Chronos. They fled to safety as the bombs effects wore off. He knew something wasn't right and cut off Falcone's escape outside and knocked him out. The younger Batman found him soon after, unaware of the presence of three figures from the future.

One night, while on patrol in Gotham City, Batman overheard a homeless man being chased. Batman came to his aid in an alley but discovered the man was really being chased by three monsters in disguise. Batman was punched into garbage cans. He countered and threw discs on each one that electrocuted them but had no affect. The homeless man revealed himself to be the Wizard Shazam and teleported the monsters away. Batman followed the Wizard and cut him off in a subway station demanding to know who he was and where the creatures came from. The Wizard was uninterested in chit chat and insisted he needed to get back to the Rock where a boy was prisoner. The Wizard pushed along the walls in the station, searching for something he misplaced. Batman was naturally skeptical of the Wizard. He annoyingly cast a spell that answered Batman's questions. He was champion of magic on Earth and defeated the many plagues to eternity - monsters, minor chimera, and the vile Brothers Djinn but was betrayed by his former protege Adam.

Batman was insistent he would help the Wizard in defeating Black Adam but was turned down. The three monsters found them. Batman noticed the Wizard was gone. As he backed up against a wall, Batman fell through a portal into a void and saw the Rock of Eternity. The Wizard still refused Batman's help but realized he had been away from his throne and lost his powers. Batman lassoed the Wizard and fired his grapnel towards the Rock. The momentum took them to it. The Wizard sort of admitted he needed Batman's help in destroying the Black Orb holding his lightning. Billy Batson, the Wizard's protege, noticed Batman and tried to distract Black Adam. Batman sneaked over to the throne but Adam saw his reflection at the last minute and attacked. Batman's attacks had no affect and he was soon shackled to a wall. Batson was able to use strength of mind and yelled the Wizard's name repeatedly, breaking the orb and transforming into the super hero Shazam. Black Adam was soon defeated but the task of recapturing the newly freed Monsters of Eternity and Brothers Djinn remained.

Once Calythos was defeated by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter, Batman arrived in the Justice-1 ship. Calythos and Parasite were placed in cryogenic chambers aboard the ship. Batman concluded Calythos was indeed one of the Brothers Djinn and wished they knew more about the others. Manhunter read Calythos' mind and revealed the others were named Uthool, Abnegazar, Rath, and Nyorlath. Batman pursued Uthool in the Batmobile through Metropolis. He was eager to send Uthool back to the Rock of Eternity and turned down Superman's suggestion of getting backup. Superman pretended to be cutting out and sent Green Arrow. Batman ended up getting possessed by Uthool. He learned of a power core at the Hall of Justice and formed a plan to bring it to critical mass and trigger an explosion that would revert Earth to his primordial glory. Uthool didn't do a good enough job concealing himself and garnered Wonder Woman and Superman's suspicions. Getting flipped by Booster Gold in their weekly sparring session was the deciding factor.

Uthool had enough and transformed Batman's body into a towering version of his own and battled Superman. As a result, the Hall of Justice was leveled. Wonder Woman threw the Hall's power core into Uthool. The explosion liberated Batman and Wonder Woman caught him while Superman dealt with Uthool. He agreed it would be best if the League set up a new headquarters away from Metropolis. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman chased the last three of the Djinn as they set off for the volcano. Nyorlath cast a spell that took Superman and Wonder Woman's powers away. Batman turned his cape into a glider and made a hard landing with them. With no other choice, he activated the distress signal on his belt. Constantine answered the call and opened a portal. They found themselves in Constantine's House of Mystery. Batman explained the situation and stressed they needed to stop the Brothers from reopening Calythos' fissure. He didn't care for Green Arrow's plan and went through a portal to go get back up. He enlisted Billy Batson and flew back to the volcano in the Batjet.

Batman and Green Arrow dealt with the transformed Abnegazar. When a bath in lava didn't work, Batman used freeze pellets and froze him solid. They jumped on him and forced him to slide down into a portal opened by Constantine. Once all the Brothers were dispatched, the League gathered. On Batman's lead, they went into action and immobilized Black Adam. Shazam and Superman punched him into Constantine's portal. Batman was at the Watchtower when he saw the alert about the attack on the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant. He hailed Wonder Woman and Superman but they were well far away to get there in time. To make matters worse, he was unable to reach the Flash, Green Lantern was in another galaxy, and Martian Manhunter was on Mars. He noticed someone was on their way. After consulting the database, Batman determined he was Firestorm and was concerned since was a teenager who talked to himself a lot. At the conclusion of the incident, Batman was sort of impressed with Firestorm but was concerned he might be too soft on criminals.

Batman and Wonder Woman approached the Atom with an offer of full membership to the League. The Atom was not convinced he was worthy. He didn't see himself as a fighter and was more interested in his research. A Super Parademon boomed into the Watchtower lab and attacked them. Batman rebounded off a wall, grabbed the end of the Lasso of Truth on Wonder Woman's cue and was launched at the Parademon. Batman threw out three smoke bombs then planted two Batarangs on the base of its neck. As he drifted away, Batman detonated the Batarangs. The Parademon landed then threw a lab table at Batman. Wonder Woman also failed to stop it. The Atom used his ability to shrink the Parademon, punched it out, and trapped it in a petri dish. Batman emphasized the League valued his mind and ingenuity but understood his research was more important. Atom changed his mind and accepted the offer. Atom jokingly asked what the secret handshake was but Batman already left the room. Atom panicked and thought he shrank him. Wonder Woman clarified that's what he did.

Batman recieved a distress call from Swamp Thing in Louisiana. He called Constantine and Zatanna for back up but they were in the middle of a fight with Brother Night. As Batman left the Watchtower in the Batjet, they informed him about the mystic eclipse, the Crimson Moon, and helped identify the Star of the Dead as the crystal in Solomon Grundy's possession. He confronted Grundy at the entrance to the City of the Dead cemetery. Grundy pounded the ground and Batman was pinned under a slab. He hurried into the cemetery and ordered several zombies to finish Batman off. Swamp Thing intervened and Batman froze them with borrowed tech from Mr. Freeze. Batman perched atop a building and threw exploding Batarangs at the Star but they had no affect. The zombies converged on the building and facilitated its collapse while Batman fought them off. He employed a specialized magnetic device to force several zombies to dogpile onto a chosen one and immobilize them. There were too many of them and just as they were about to infect him, Zatanna arrived.

Batman figured a magician would make an entrance. Zatanna made several zombies disappear but it was too late. The Crimson Moon shone on the Star and its energy was unleashed. Batman and Zatanna were turned into zombies. Swamp Thing was able to remove it and they returned to normal. Before Grundy could continue attacking Swamp Thing for destroying the Star, Batman froze him. Batman pursued the Joker while he threatened to flood Gotham with 50,000 tons of Super Laughing Gas. Just as Batman closed in on the Joker, the criminal was taken away in a tractor beam. Batman called the Justice League and reported Joker left the city limits. Superman and Wonder Woman departed Earth in pursuit. Batman called in the Flash to help with the search for the Gutbuster bomb. At 11:55, Batman realized Joker's taunts were also clues. The bomb was in a clock tower. Batman was unable to stop the bomb but Flash halted its spread and Superman inhaled the gas then flew it into Mongul's space cruiser.

Batman and Blue Beetle responded to a break-in at a Wayne Enterprises facility. They pursued Chronos, who stole a power source, through the docks. Batman tried to instruct Beetle to plan ahead if wanted to be a part of the Justice League rather than focus on poses and work on impulse. They found Chronos in a run-down apartment but Beetle impulsively fired his arm cannon and caused part of the ceiling to collapse. Chronos generated a Time Portal and went through. Batman and Beetle followed. Some time later, they returned to the present and turned him over to the Gotham police. Batman, in a rare move, told Beetle he did a good job, surprising Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman and Superman were aided by Big Barda after a squadron of Parademons arrived on Earth. After Barda asked, Batman denied they kept count of how many enemies each combatant took down. Superman announced he took out 59 Parademons. The perpetrator Steppenwolf made his presence known and shot at Superman. He quickly opened a Boom Tube and tackled Superman through.

Batman and Barda boomed to Apokolips. Barda believed Steppenwolf's compilation of starscape maps would clue them in one which planet he chose to fight Superman on. They made their way to Darkseid's citadel. A Demon Dog detected them and charged. Instead of letting Barda fight it, Batman activated sonic emitter on the left side of his belt. The dog rolled over and heeled. Batman leaned in and said, "Boo." The Demon Dog ran off. Batman declared that was one for him and fired his grapple gun. They were near Steppenwolf's war room but Batman told Barda to wait. A patrol of two Parademons rounded the corner. They took out one each. As they looked through the maps, they were greeted by Virman Vunderbar, another of Darkseid's inner circle. Batman quickly figured out Virman's shield was designed to repel kinetic force and advised Barda to use steady pressure. She trapped Virman into an alley then placed a giant stone face of Darkseid on Virman. Batman asked again where Steppenwolf was. Virman gave up and promised to tell them everything as long they didn't let him squish. They boomed to the planet but Superman already defeated Steppenwolf.

Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman responded to a break-in at the Watchtower and fought off an army of deadly toys. Cyborg was caught gaming instead of guarding the tower. Toyman revealed himself and took them out with Kryptonite and sleeping gas then forced them to participate in his version of the popular "Blvd Brawlers" video game. Toyman chose Batman for Cyborg to play. Together, they charged his Super Meter and won the match against Superman with the Kryptonite Ring Punch Super Move. Toyman, however, won the second match with Wonder Woman. In defeat, Batman declared Robin was better. In a Halloween story that may or may not have happened, Batman went with Dr. Fate, Zatanna, and Constantine to check up on the House of Mystery in case any unwitting mortals got stuck inside. They were turned into amnesiac 10 year olds by Klarion, who wanted the Helmet of Fate, and manipulated into entering the House of Mystery under the guise stolen loot was being stored inside.

Eventually, they realized who they really were thanks to a Mirror of Truth and fought back against Klarion and his monsters. Batman implored Zatanna to figure out how to cast spells with her braces on. Batman clobbered a vampire that pinned Dr. Fate to a wall. Now free, Fate put his Helmet back on and commanded the House to eject them outside. The House vanished with Klarion and Teekl trapped inside. They returned to adults with their memories restored. Batman denied he said "bajeepers" and walked away. Batman and Zatanna responded to an attack on Gotham City Hall by Harley Quinn. Zatanna took her out with a simple magic shield. They immediately deduced Brother Night supplied her with magic powers and fought their way into his nightclub. Night was impressed Batman defeated his bodyguards with no mystical abilities. Batman stated a criminal is a criminal, monster or man, they both fall the same then asked if he was smart enough to stop turning criminals into sorcerors. Night insisted he didn't take sides and provided power to those who craved it.

Night offered to turn him into a true agent of vengeance but Batman declined. Night promised not to touch another soul. After Batman and Zatanna left, Night hexed a weapon he left behind. It flew into the Batmobile and transformed it into a demonic creature bent of destroying Batman. Before Zatanna could undo the curse, a parachute wrapped her up and she was stored in the Batmobile's trunk. Batman escaped from the Batmobile by triggering fire protocols with his blow torch. With the Batmobile in pursuit, he made his way to Jason Blood's home and demanded Etrigan's help. Batman hung onto the car after Etrigan was tossed out in a park. The Batmobile made its way up to a fixed rail station and jumped onto the tracks to Uptown. Etrigan returned in a transformed ice cream truck and pushed it out of the way of an incoming train. A final showdown transpired on the street below but Batman ripped the trunk open and freed Zatanna. She teleported everyone into Night's club. Annoyed with her audacity, Night teleported himself and his crew away. Zatanna removed the curse but the Batmobile fell apart. Batman rescinded his answer and asked for chocolate ice cream.

Transformed mannequins started rampaging through the Gotham Fashion area. Batman summoned Jason Blood to help him and Zatanna. During the battle, Batman saw Felix Faust in an ethereal form steal Zatanna's hat but he disappeared before Batman's batarang landed. Zatanna's Bunny Positioning System paid off and Etrigan called Merlin forth to teleport them to the Hebrides Island. Batman and Etrigan ran after the demon Ghast and leaped onto its back. With a town in the path of Ghast's feeding, Batman tried to destroy it with exploding Batarangs. Etrigan followed suit with flame breath but both attacks failed to harm Ghast. It continued on. Batman leaped off Ghast to save a boy that tripped and fell behind as the townspeople evacuated. Batman was hit by debris and was pulled towards Ghast. At the last second, Etrigan grabbed Batman. As Zatanna's backwards hex pulled Ghast back to where it came from, they leaped onto a tower and joined up her on the castle grounds.

Superman and Batman landed on Themyscira and discovered Wonder Woman was trapped in a pair of giant hands made of earth. Batman warned Superman the Amazons were "prickly." Superman punched a dent into a hand then Batman threw a exploding Batarang into it. Hippolyta was surprised to see her daughter was friends with two men. Wonder Woman insisted they were her sidekicks. Wonder Woman quickly explained the Fallen Realm, Circe, and the villains' query, the Oculus of the Argo. Batman dispensed with formality and asked Hippolyta directly if she could make a portal to the realm without her staff. Hippolyta did not take to being addressed directly by them then performed a ceremony to open a portal to the Fallen Realm. Superman and Batman were speechless when Wonder Woman slapped a giant serpent chasing the latter and it ran off like a scared dog. Circe decided to turn the heroes into trees as a warning to those who dared to oppose them. Despite their predicament, Batman and Superman got Wonder Woman her lasso.

Superman then blasted Circe away with his heat vision. Wonder Woman used her lasso to force Luthor to admit he was going to betray Circe all along. Circe removed the Oculus from Luthor and zapped him in the butt repeatedly. Once she was done, Circe released the heroes. Superman immediately apprehended Luthor. Wonder Woman snagged Circe with her lasso before Batman could use his Batarang. She didn't want the boys to have all the fun. Hippolyta gave Superman and Batman the Amazons' most sincere thanks then quickly told them to get off her island. Batman wasn't surprised and reminded Superman he told him the Amazons were "prickly." Batman took part in the mission to stop Brainiac from stealing Metropolis and blowing up the planet. Batman was focused on studying the newly acquired Spider Gauntlet artifact at the Watchtower and noted dealing with an ordinary meteor was a simple feat for someone else like Superman, Wonder Woman, or Cyborg. Much to his chagrin, the meteor changed course for the Watchtower and was revealed to be Lobo and his Spacehog.

The League was unable to verify Lobo stole several Red Lantern Rings but Batman still suspected him of something. As the League and Red Lanterns were pitted against each other, Batman unleashed his exploding Batarangs on Zilius Zox and electrocuted Dex-Starr with another. Lobo activated the Spider Gauntlet in the chaos and proceeded to destroy the League and Lanterns. Batman pulled Dex-Starr from the debris and woke him up. As the others fell, Batman dived to Lobo and threw a line on Lobo's arm - making him punch himself. Dex-Starr followed up with a powerful mouth blast and took Lobo down. After the Red Lanterns departed, Batman remarked the incident was an example of why he worked alone. He followed up with a "sometimes" and walked away. In the middle of July, Batman tracked subzero readings to a warehouse in Gotham. He found Mr. Freeze but was blasted from behind by Killer Frost. Freeze kicked Batman into the sewers underground through an opening in the floor. Batman was carried to the end of the line and faced a very long fall.

Batman activated a heating mechanism in his gauntlet and broke free in time. He fired a grapnel line and summoned the Batjet. As he returned to the city, he encountered Firestorm. Batman provided air cover while he infiltrated Freeze's airship and disabled the freeze ray. Batman fired two missiles at the airship. Instead of detonating, they clamped onto the ship's force field and emitted an electromagnetic pulse. With the field down, Batman ejected and propelled through the pilot window. Batman kicked Freeze across the room and asked if he missed him. While the two fought, Firestorm discovered Freeze was using Frost as a living battery and freed her. As the ship plummeted towards Gotham, Batman bound Freeze with a bola and tasered him. He ran to the pilot's seat and tried to steer in vain. Firestorm and Frost helped provide a relatively soft landing at the docks.

Batman engaged Luthor first during a break-in at S.T.A.R. Labs. Batman threw an exploding Batarang at him but Luthor simply picked it off his armor and let it explode in his hand. Luthor was disappointed someone more challenging hadn't come. He opened fire on Batman but Wonder Woman arrived. Luthor blasted the ceiling and escaped while she held up a large piece of debris. Batman took to the Batjet and found Luthor. Superman was infected with nanites and fell onto the Batjet after he lost consciousness. Once the Atom made his assessment, Batman stated they had to destory the nanobots and their queen to save Superman. Atom, Batman, and Wonder Woman shrunk down and entered Superman's bloodstream. They soon found the machine sucking up Superman's solar energy but had to battle a nanobot swarm. After Wonder Woman punched the machine, Batman noticed Superman's vitals started ticking up. As they discarded parts of the nanobots into the bloodstream for Superman's immune system to dissolve, they noticed more nanobots coming.

The nanobot queen's location was discovered. It attempted to escape and find a safer nesting ground but they pursued with only five minutes left. Batman picked up an alert the Watchtower was breached and checked the camera feed, confirming Luthor was attacking Superman. The Atom exited Superman's mouth and distracted him while Batman and Wonder Woman fought the queen. Their battle spilled into the lungs. With Wonder Woman caught in its mandibles, Batman discovered first hand the immune system was now targeting them. He activated rocket boosters and broke freee then threw a Batarang at the queen. Wonder Woman lifted it up and Batman bound its legs with bolas. Wonder Woman ripped the mandibles off and sliced it up then tossed it into to the immune system to dissolve. However, they didn't have enough time to return. Batman threw out several explosive charges to make Superman sneeze them out. They exited just as Luthor was about to blast Atom and landed on him.

Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Arrow engaged H.I.V.E. soldiers after learning the group was planning something big. Wonder Woman lassoed one of the soliders but he only revealed their plan involved destroying Metropolis with a Cobalt Fusion Bomb. H.I.V.E. Master activated a sleeping gas agent on his armor and knocked him out. Back at the Watchtower, Batman deduced they needed to search for a large radioactive signature but Athena paid an unannounced visit. Batman informed Green Arrow she was the goddess of wisdom, strategy, victory, and half a dozen other things. He returned to a computer while Wonder Woman asked indirectly what the reason for her visit was. Athena announced the gods were making her the goddess of truth. Bound by her Amazon duty, she accepted. Batman continued with trying to find the bomb but Athena's owl Bubo landed and started tapping the keyboard. Batman asked it to stop but it managed to find the location of the secret base.

Batman piloted Wonder Woman's spacecraft to H.I.V.E.'s hideout but Athena started to get on his nerves. He strongly considered hitting the eject button but instead suggested she fly alongside the craft since it was crowded inside. Athena revealed she couldn't fly like certain superheroes. As they neared the docks, H.I.V.E. Master hailed them on comms and H.I.V.E.'s defenses opened fire on them. Batman activated the craft's laser cannons but a missile fired at them split into multiple bogeys. The rear was hit by the last and left wing were hit by laser fire. Batman hit the eject button and glided over to save Athena after her parachute was shot. She didn't appreciate the rough landing. Batman promised to let her swim next time then tossed out a Batarang at the last cannon without looking. They entered the warehouse but Batman's geiger counter only picked up trace amounts of cobalt. Athena clued them onto a secret passage that went underground. Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Athena entered the base and battled H.I.V.E. soldiers.

The H.I.V.E. Master proved a challenge in his bee robot. Green Arrow was doused in a sticky honey-like substance, Batman was buried under debris created from the robot's laser cannon and Athena was blasted by a detachable leg. Wonder Woman used the Master's sense of self-preservation against him to deactivate the bomb. Batman captured Two-Face and learned Penguin put out a hit on him that Deadshot took up. Interested in finally capturing Deadshot after years of failed attempts, Batman called in Firestorm and Plastic Man. Batman had Plastic Man pose as Two-Face and use him as bait to draw in Deadshot. To make sure Deadshot made a move, Batman put word on the streets that he was personally driving Two-Face to Arkham Asylum. From the roof of a hotel, Deadshot fired his rocket launcher at the Batmobile but Batman used a device to immediately replace the burst tire. Deadshot tried crashing a big rig truck into them but Batman fired two grapnel lines and swung the Batmobile out of the way into a hydrant. They retreated into an alley.

Deadshot threw a grenade into the alley and the blast propelled the duo through some wood planks. They headed into a warehouse. Deadshot perched overhead in the rafter. Batman threw out three Batarangs that were quickly shot down. Deadshot taunted Batman with getting slow and old. Batman knocked out a light fixture next. While Deadshot was distracted, Batman made his way up and kicked him down. Deadshot pulled his guns, but Batman disarmed and uppercut him. Deadshot countered with a taser and kicked him to the ground level. Deadshot tried to tranquilize Two-Face but realized he was a decoy. He jumped through a window and left an explosive charge behind. Batman grabbed Plastic Man and jumped to the roof across. He told Plastic Man he should taken the dart but Plastic Man contended he hated darts and that would have left Batman alone. Batman confirmed as much and hailed Firestorm on comms. Firestorm rambled and led Batman to conclude he lost Two-Face. Batman and Plastic Man went to the train station where Two-Face hid the half million he stole from Penguin.

Batman swung in and kicked Deadshot across the floor after he tranquilized Two-Face then bound him to a wall. Deadshot was able to reach for his rocket launcher and fired but Plastic Man took the brunt of the explosion. Deadshot shot his way free and opened fire on Batman. Batman took refuge behind a column then circled around as Deadshot closed in then punched him and threw him into a hot dog cart. Deadshot recovered and shot down a light fixture on top of Batman. Deadshot relished his victory and fired his gun but it turned out to be Plastic Man and was completely wrapped up. As the police loaded up Deadshot and Two-Face, Batman admitted to Plastic Man he found him fairly effective on the mission. Plastic Man asked if that meant they would work together again. Batman stated if he needed a shape changer and Martian Manhunter was busy, he would call. After Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn unleashed plant bombs on the city, Batman sequestered himself in the Batcave to quickly synthesize an antidote. Batman sent Superman and Firestorm to back up Vixen in curbing the plants.

After Poison Ivy sent out a broadcast around the city declaring her intent to turn Gotham into a post-modern Garden of Eden, Batman traced her hideout to a greenhouse on top of the Kanaghier Building on Sheldon. He informed Vixen and Superman. With little time to spare, Batman finished the antidote but only enough to fill one vial. On route, his Batmobile was grabbed by a vine monster. Firestorm came to his aid. Batman departed to Ivy's and advised Firestorm to improvise since he couldn't transmutate living matter. Batman entered Ivy's greenhouse but was grabbed by vines almost immediately. Ivy noticed his antidote but was more interested in her wedding with Swamp Thing, who was under her control. Firestorm suddenly crashed in aboard the Batmobile, now a flying pruner. After the vial of antidote bounced off Superman's head, Batman kicked it over Ivy and signaled Superman. Superman used his heat vision to shatter the vial, covering Ivy in purple gunk that neutralized her abilities. Batman declared the city would return to normal and was about to take Ivy back to Arkham Asylum. He admitted he liked what Firestorm did with the Batmobile.

Batman and Cyborg went after the Space Train after it was hijacked by Kanjar Ro and his cohorts. Batman donned a Force Field Generator belt and infiltrated the train. He found Kanjar in the engine room at the front. Batman threw a Batarang but Kanjar cloaked himself and dodged it. He sneaked up behind Batman and knocked him down then threw him into space. Batman activated his force field and waited for Cyborg to pick him up in Justice 1. Unable to catch up to the train at its current speed, they looked for any allies near it. Batman hailed Space Cabbie but was he was more interested in eating his lunch than stopping the Space Train until Cyborg offered to quadruple his fare. Cabbie was hesitant to jump onto a moving train. Batman tried to instill a sense of civic duty in him but Cyborg cut in and offered a 20% tip. Once onboard, Cabbie wasn't happy to see the individual who hijacked the train was Kanjar Ro. Batman instructed him to go to cargo and find container #722. He explained Jonah Hex was one of the most dangerous men in the universe and told him to thaw him out of the ice block.

Jonah Hex naturally wanted answers about why he was in space. Over the comm, Batman explained they found him frozen in the Rocky Mountains. Hex recalled he was chasing horse thieves but fell into a crevice. Batman noted a "very bad man" took over train, to his delight. Once Kanjar was defeated and the train landed, Batman and Cyborg caught up to them. Batman thanked Cabbie for his help but he wouldn't take all the credit. Hex arrived atop a local animal. Batman informed he couldn't take it back with them. Hex was uninterested and opted to stay on the desert planet even though Batman revealed the League had several ways to return him back to his proper time. Batman was targeted for death once again. Deadshot took up the contract but Batman deduced his strategy. As soon as Deadshot fired, Batman dodged the shots and zeroed in on his location of a roof. He had Superman with him on the mission to take his counterattack instead. Deadshot was taken to the Watchtower for interrogation. Batman decided to honor Superman's request to be bad cop.

Superman tried to scare Deadshot with physical threats but kept apologizing. Batman creepily offered him the good coffee and smiled through his teeth. Deadshot was creeped out. He was further freaked out when Batman offered him a doughnut. Batman insisted it was chocolate but Deadshot thought it was poisoned. He caved and promised to tell them everything. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Booster Gold went on a mission to intercept H.I.V.E. before they made a successful recruitment drive from a youth center. Booster was bored and pestered Batman with questions, even asking him if he could touch his nose with his tongue. Batman had enough and yelled at him to be quiet or leave. H.I.V.E. opened fire on them. After six hours, the battle reached its end. Surrounded by soldiers controlled by a hive mind frequency, Batman signaled Booster Gold to take out the H.I.V.E. Master's device. Booster was momentarily distracted by the sudden disappearance of a fire hydrant and got netted. Batman armed a Batarang and threw it at the Master's robot. It shorted out and the soldiers ran away.

Batman was fed up with Booster's poor field performance and excuses. Batman confronted Booster and told him he kept claiming it was never his fault then pointed out how he was lazy, unprofessional, and unfocused. Booster looked up from his phone and promised he would do better next time. Batman declared Booster was the worst crime fighter he ever knew. Booster was deflated but noticed a time fissure ripple around him. Since Batman happened to be within 10 feet of Booster's temporal bubble, he was spared from the fissure, too. Booster told Batman about time fissures then remembered the hydrant. He explained to Batman that deleted objects were often a sign of the timestream trying to repair damage. Batman asked if he should be worried. Booster admitted the epicenter was bigger than usual. They were soon attacked by a swarm of time's antibodies and forced to defend themselves. Booster reminded Batman to stay within 10 feet of him or else he would vanish and be whipped back to the moment before the fissure with no memory of their discussion.

After another swarm appeared, Booster took Batman to his headquarters, the Vanishing Point, overlooking space and time. Batman was temporarily disoriented by chronal nausea. Booster held him up and took a photo. Batman was surprised Booster built his own sophisticated base and routinely saved the time stream from various threats. Batman admitted he assumed Booster was off playing foosball and goofing off. Booster offered to play him a round but took it back and stated all they had to do was remove the Chronovore's crystal from its belly and the fissure would be fixed. Booster armed him with two devices to place over his knuckles to allow contact with the Chronovore without being aged centuries. They teleported six hours into the past but Booster quickly shoved Batman to the ground behind some bushes. He pointed to their past selves walking past and warned they could never meet or else they would create a paradox. Batman asked him why never told anyone about what he really does. Booster admitted he never saw the big deal and explained someone had to do it.

As soon as their past selves were frozen in time, they encountered the Chronovore. Batman fell from a light pole and was nearly deleted by an antibody but he recovered his charged knuckles and punched it off. He threw out two exploding Batarangs and freed Booster from the Chronovore's grip. Batman landed, caught Booster, and tossed him to his feet. Booster returned to normal and thanked him. Batman blew up a truck the Chronovore grabbed but it hardly did any damage. Out of his depth, Batman asked Booster what they should do next. Booster was surprised but decided they had to fight in unision and make it a street fight. They joined arms and swung each other around. Batman was hurled towards the Chronovore and landed two strikes but it wasn't enough. Batman prompted Booster to remember his past encounters with the species and figure out what was different this time. Booster realized Batman's presence was a drain on his power and he was fighting at full strength. He decided to the only way to save the timestream was to push Batman out of it.

Batman reminded him he wouldn't remember the event if that happened. Booster told him it was okay and he would. Batman admitted to being wrong about Booster and he was a better person than anybody gave him credit for. He mused one day, he would find that out again. Batman vanished. Booster fought his way into the Chronovore's belly and retrieved the crystal. Booster found himself back to the moment when Batman chewed him out. Booster was about to counter but he decided to hold his tongue and told Batman he was always right. As Batman walked away, Wonder Woman joined him and asked if he was being to harsh. Batman insisted Booster needed to hear it. Batman and Superman were the first to respond to Gorilla Grodd's attack on the United Nations Building. Stargirl was brought along to observe. He instructed her to evaluate the active threat with specific observations. As they approached, Batman reminded her to remember her training and neutralize her foes with efficiency and ruthlessness. Stargirl hit one of the gorilla soldiers but was grabbed from behind. Batman jump kicked the gorilla and reminded her to have situational awareness.

Grodd didn't take kindly to the battle being referred to as a "routine situation" by Superman. Batman called it a light morning workout with no cardio. He prompted Superman to execute "Caged Heat" then threw smoke balls into Grodd's open mouth. While Grodd gagged, Batman tossed him atop a pile of his soldiers. Superman threw down flagpoles around them and used his heat vision to super heat it. Mr. Mxyzptlk suddenly appeared in protest of the battle's quick end. Stargirl had no clue who he was. Batman recalled giving her Justice League dossiers to memorize. Stargirl admitted she thought his name was a typo. Batman summarized Mxyzptlk to her but he disagreed about having a pathological desire to create chaos. He emphasized mischief then released the gorillas. Stargirl then "inspired" him to mix their minds and bodies up. Batman's mind was in Stargirl's body and Superman was in Batman's body. Unlike the other two, Batman only relied on skill and quickly mastered Stargirl's body. Superman kept hurting himself trying to use Batman's gadgets or throwing a basic punch.

Batman, however, was vulnerable to the volatile emotions of a teenage girl. Superman wanted to shift focus on dealing with Mxyzptlk. Stargirl suggested calling back up then specifically named Firestorm. Batman believed she deduced Firestorm's dual personality would be a key to defeating Mxyzptlk. He radioed the Justice League and requested Bravo Squad to be sent to his location then emphasized they bring Firestorm. Grodd kicked him towards the others and his soldiers surrounded them. Bravo Squad arrived and Mxyzptlk mixed up their minds, too. Superman thought it was a disaster but Batman directed him to observe. Mxyzptlk soon realized Professor Stein was stuck in his head. Agitated by Stein's constant psychoanalysis, Mxyzptlk accidentally said his name backwards and was banished back to the Fifth Dimension. The League was restored to normal and defeated Grodd. Batman commended Stargirl for her quick thinking and left. She confided in Superman she just wanted to meet Firestorm.

Batman took on Ivy when her giant Venus Fly Trap and Ivy League attacked Gotham. He was wrapped up by the plant. Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman spent the battle convincing him to commit to hanging out and bonding. Batman stated he would tell Afred to make sandwiches. They had someplace else in mind. Superman directed Star Sapphire's laser into the base of the plant. Batman got free and landed on top of his head. Ivy brandished a spear and charged. Batman dodged her and hit her with a leg sweep. Batman leaped down with Ivy and inquired what they meant by "interactive." The League went bowling. After Superman threw his bowling ball through a lane into several cars outside, Batman suggested they not do it again and walked away. Batman and Stargirl fought off several thugs in a warehouse but Stargirl was watching the time closely. At 7:25 pm, Batman asked if she was texting. Stargirl revealed she had a babysitting gig that night. Batman offered to finish things up alone. Stargirl took up his offer and flew off.

After Klarion disrupted things, Stargirl contacted Batman for help. Unaware of what she meant, Batman told her he didn't do babysitting problems. She uploaded a photo of Klarion to him. Batman brought Constantine with him to the Anderson home. Eventually, Constantine took down Klarion's magic barrier but he opened a portal. A beast reached through and grabbed Batman. Batman sliced its tentacle but it shot more through and grabbed him again then Constantine. Stargirl secured the grimoire and floated it to Constantine. Batman threw several Bat Bombs into the beast's mouth and forced their release. Klarion blasted Batman and demanded the grimoire back. Constantine complied then punched him. The beast grabbed Klarion next. Constantine closed the portal. The beast took Klarion and Teekl with it. After Constantine cleaned up the study with a spell, Batman gave Timmy a smartphone. He offered Stargirl and Constantine a ride in the Batmobile but they both declined.

After an undisclosed mission on New Genesis, Batman called Space Cabbie for a ride back to Earth. Cabbie charged $38,000 but also offered to waive it if Batman agreed to a selfie. Batman went upstairs to get his wallet. As Batman handed him the cash, Cabbie took a selfie. Batman noticed Booster failed to show up for his latest shift on monitor duty and traced the last signal from his comm to an area that Green Arrow happened to be flying to for a retreat. Batman hailed him on comm and asked him to search for Booster. Batman took part in a mission to find a hidden H.I.V.E. jungle base. He deployed in Justice-3 and took out a tower but came under attack by the H.I.V.E. Master in his robot. A missile knocked Justice-3 into a ditch. Before the Master could finish Batman off, Plastic Man rammed the robot in Justice-4. Batman pulled the Master from the wreckage. Batman attended a meeting at the Watchtower only to learn Wonder Woman ran into Bizarro and an android named Amazo was sent to destroy the League.

Amazo copied Green Lantern's ring and placed Batman in a vice construct. He deduced Amazo had the ability to mimic powers. Amazo explained his origins but Batman asked to make it quick. Amazo declined his request but Batman was talking to Superman, who punched him down several floors. Amazo recovered, copied Superman's powers then defeated him with mind control. Amazo placed the Leaguers in their own prison cell. Batman warned Amazo he wouldn't win with just brute force. Amazo revealed he also copied the way people thought, too, then admitted he realized Batman's intellect made him the most formidable. Amazo suspected something was up when Batman uninvited him from the weekly Justice League poker night. Wonder Woman tried to sneak up on Amazo but she was captured, too. Amazo's plans were interrupted by the arrival of Bizarro and Space Cabbie. While Bizarro and Amazo fought, Batman instructed Cabbie to go downstairs to the lab and turn off the switch for the energy circuit in order to stop Amazo's transmission from recalling the other Leaguers.

Ultimately, Amazo sealed his own fate by scanning Bizarro's powers. His backwards logic eventually overloaded his circuitry. Wonder Woman and Superman leaned towards offering Bizarro membership in the League. Batman zeroed on Bizarro's backwards nature and came up with a simple solution. He asked Bizarro if he could stay right where he was while they inducted him. Bizarro replied with a 'no way', held out his hand to shake then left the Watchtower promising not to go anywhere. Batman declared the problem was solved. Batman responded to a robbery at Gotham City Hall but discovered Toyman was controlling Cyborg against his will. Cyborg was then forced to fire his arm cannon at Batman. Batman dodged and tried to counter with Batarangs. Toyman fired capsules from Cyborg's shoulder launchers and captured them. Toyman continued and took off for the docks. Batman summoned the Batmobile and tried to lasso Cyborg but he was dragged along. Batman fired a boot jack at one of Cyborg's feet next and immobilized him.

Toyman left Cyborg and jumped onto Plastic Man, waiting in the form of a boat. Batman ejected himself from the Batmobile and fired a grapnel line at the rear. Toyman shifted Plastic Man into a plane and took off. Batman used his claws to climb on and turned on his signal jammer. Toyman swerved but Batman leaped off a wing onto Plastic Man's head. He affixed the jammer onto the helmet and scrambled Toyman's tech. Batman switched his cape into a parachute and safely landed on a barren island. Plastic Man 'landed', turned into a basket, and grabbed Toyman. Batman, Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman met at the Watchtower to discuss Joker breaking Luthor out of Stryker's Island Penitentiary. Flash and Batman got into semantics about hanging out and working until Wonder Woman pointed out Joker's intentions were hardly ever innocent. Batman zoomed in Joker's list from an amusement park photo and the North Pole was next. They went to the Fortress of Solitude and found the doors had been defaced. Superman's pet dog Krypto already chased them away.

Batman deduced the Watchtower would be vulnerable and left his pet dog Ace the Bathound behind as a precaution. Ace chased Joker and Luthor away. Upon their return, Ace presented a piece of Joker's pants. Batman congratulated him with a 'well done' and Ace responded with a nod and tail wag. Batman issued an alert to everyone in the Justice League to be on the look out for Joker and Luthor. Eventually, the League converged on one of Luthor's secret hideouts as Joker planned for. He activated Luthor's Bomb of Ultimate Destruction and planned to take everyone with him to punctuate the end of a perfect day. Upon entering the hideout, Batman was bound in Joker's trick confetti paper. He tried to cut it away with a Batarang in vain. Joker kicked him off the side of the bomb with 48 second left in the countdown. Luthor knocked Joker out and stopped the countdown with a second left. He turned over a case of Kryptonite to Batman.

Batman and Superman stopped a robbery at the Metropolis Mercantile Bank. It was far from routine. The robbers were armed with alien weaponry. Batman suspected they originated from Apokolips and took one back to the Watchtower for analysis. He later contacted Superman, who was at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent and confirmed the weapon was definitely from Apokolips. After a skirmish, Superman set off for Apokolips to rescue a co-worker named Sid Sharp. Batman informed him the Justice League's scanners confirmed the Boom Tube that appeared in the Planet originated from Darkseid's throne room. Superman mused getting there would be easy, but leaving would be tricky. Batman inquired if Sharp was a friend of his. Superman merely stated he was someone that needed his help. Batman tasked the League's satellites with tracing the unique signature of Luthor's mutated Kryptonite after Superman and Wonder Woman were split into a red and blue duplicate each.

Batman and Arrow departed for one of Luthor's abandoned labs and engaged Superman and Wonder Woman Red in battle. Batman captured Superman Red in bolas but he used his heat vision to free Wonder Woman then blew Batman into a column. Wonder Woman Red used the emitter and split Batman. The two Batmen reached a stalemate until the red one called a truce. Batman Blue fell for it and was knocked out. Batman Red found his comrades' thinking too small and proposed they connect the emitter to the Watchtower and beam the signal through the League satellites around the world, splitting everyone at once, including the entire League. He envisioned the reds would conquer the blues and then take control of the world. Arrow slapped Batman Blue to wake him up then they took the Batjet back to the Watchtower. Batman Red discovered the power on the emitter was low and they had one shot for their plan. Batman Blue was aghast by the mess and blurted out, ruining the element of surprise. Arrow tried to run off with the emitter but Superman tripped him.

The emitter went off and split Luthor in his cell. Batman Red stopped Superman Red from blasting Green Arrow, too, because of the even lower reserve. Luthor Red offered his assistance and fooled the other reds into trusting him. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman were soon restored to normal. Batman deduced the blue duplicate was a person's true nature while the red duplicate was an aberration. Luthor Red was a good version of the villain. He confirmed it and re-merged himself despite Arrow's case for a good Luthor. Batman lost his memory like the other Leaguers after Felix Faust cast a spell on them. Firestorm brought Bruce Wayne to the Watchtower along with Clark Kent and Diana Prince. Wayne introduced himself as a billionaire to Prince but she rebuffed him. He didn't believe Firestorm's claim he was Batman and wanted to call his lawyer. Kent proved the truth by falling into the ocean then ran back up to them unharmed. Wayne and Prince exchanged looks.

Going off Stein's idea, Firestorm changed their outfits into their costumes. Batman thought the cape was completely impractical. Firestorm tried to teach him the proper "Batman voice" but he wasn't getting it. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman took a cab to the Metropolis Jewlery Exchange and joined Firestorm against Felix Faust and his Golems even though they had no idea what to do. Batman forgot what Firestorm told him to do and ran away from a Golem. He finally found a Batarang and threw it but it sailed past the Golem. Firestorm came to the rescue and changed it into a car. Later in the battle, Batman started emptying out his belt but a Golem charged. He leaped over him just in time and some explosives fell out by accident then blew up the Golem. Batman addressed Faust and demanded the orb that held their memories. Three more Golems attacked. Batman planted a Batarang on the car roof then goaded a Golem to come and get him. He leaped away and the Golem was blown up. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman cornered Faust and she procured the orb. They noticed Firestorm talking to himself in a reflection, unaware of Professor Stein, and decided it was time to get their memories back. Wonder Woman tossed the orb and shattered it on the pavement.

After the Brain, Calculator, and Lex Luthor were kidnapped in a span of 24 hours by a robot, Batman brought Mr. Terrific into the investigation. Batman was not amused with Terrific's joke that Darkseid needed help with a really touch Sudoku puzzle and wondered if a newly published world's smartest list was accurate or not. Mr. Terrific, the supposed third smartest, reiterated conjecture without data was just a guess and admitted he didn't put much stock in those lists. The same robot teleported into the Watchtower and demanded they come with it. Terrific then Batman were teleported to an alien world where Luthor, Calculator, and the Brain were already stranded. Mr. Mind, disguised as a construct behind giant flaming sunglasses and revealed they were all selected to compete in the "Brain Games", a series of challenges designed to test their intellectual limitations and determine who was truly the smartest. The first round was a simple race. Batman was wedged between the Brain and Calculator until he did a hard brake.

Batman interpreted the rules differently and fired a grapnel into the back of Terrific's car. He finished in second place. In the second round, Batman realized the floating pads were changing to red in a pattern. Calculator attacked Batman and blasted him off a pad. Batman hung off the side of a pad and countered with a flying kick. Calculator was deemed the loser and teleported into a containment cube. Batman landed on one of the two red pads but watched as Terrific disqualified himself by shooting at Mind. Batman and Luthor were teleported to the final round, a giant chess match. Batman deduced Terrific had a plan and toyed with Luthor, allowing him to win. Luthor blasted one of Batman's pieces and declared checkmate. Batman was imprisoned. Mr. Mind revealed himself and tried to transfer his brain into Luthor's. Terrific hacked his prison with a T-Sphere that acted as his mask. He freed himself and Batman. Terrific interrupted the transfer and secured Mind while Batman took out his robot with an electrified bola.

Batman and Stargirl discovered Toyman broke into the Watchtower and weaponized Cyborg's personal collection of Bot Bots. To make matters worse, he rigged one to explode and take out the Watchtower. Cyborg, however, wouldn't let them destroy any of his figures and even shot down Batman's Batarangs. After Cyborg appealed to Toyman's shared love of the Bot Bots, Batman decided to leave and pretend nothing happened. Batman was kidnapped by the Joker and mounted him to a wall like a prize animal. The League had until dawn to find him. The Riddler, newly reformed, was angry the Joker stole his gimmick about leaving clues around the city and offered his detective services to Green Arrow and Wonder Woman. They followed Joker's clues to the Gotham City Institute of Arts where a huge pop exhibit was being held. The Joker turned on the lights and presented Batman, all wrapped up, and dangling upside down in front the a statue of Justice. Several triggers were in place that would manipulate Justice's sword arm to swing and end Batman.

Wonder Woman landed on a giant can rigged as a pressure trigger. She had to stay on top. Joker taunted Riddler to solve his last riddle that was tied to a voice activator trigger. If he said the right answer, it would swing Justice's arm. Riddler tried to hold back in vain and blurted out Mississippi. Arrow fired an arrow and cut the rope holding Batman and Wonder Woman caught him. In the aftermath, Batman hauled Joker away in handcuffs. Batman returned to the Watchtower and discovered Booster Gold overslept and neglected monitor duty. He discovered a temporary rift opened near the Sun and Zod escaped from the Phantom Zone. He called in Superman and Wonder Woman. After Batman woke Booster up, the trio headed to S.T.A.R. Labs to stop Zod from stealing the Kryptonian Prism. Batman tried to blast Zod with the mobile Phantom Zone Projector but he held out the prism. They were unaware Zod was turned intangible nor they were all affected. They returned to the Watchtower with the prism. They soon went out of phase.

Batman discovered they had just enough tangibility to affect tiny changes in the visible world. He attempted to manipulate a console to flash Morse Code but Booster thought it was time to replace the bulb. Booster went to the locker room, put on a Batsuit, and repeatedly said, "I'm Batman." Batman was annoyed and stated he didn't sound like that. Superman and Wonder Woman smiled behind his back. Batman came up with another plan and turned the hot water tap in the bathroom. He wrote a message on a mirror but Booster wiped it and picked food out of his teeth. Wonder Woman got an idea and led Booster to the Phantom Zone Projector with a trail of Jaw Destroyer gumballs. Batman placed a dollar bill on top of it. Booster fell for it and snatched the bill, triggering the projector, but Zod flew in front of them at the last second. Batman communicated a plan to Booster through the prism. He begged Zod to be sent to the Phantom Zone so he could be with his friends. Zod fell for it. Booster held out the prism and restored Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to normal.

Wonder Woman threw Batman to Zod. He threw out a gas pellet and made a play for the projector. Zod held on and fired his heat vision. Batman let go and dropped but Zod grabbed his leg and threw him into Wonder Woman. After she and Superman sent Zod, Faora and Quex-Ul back to the zone, Batman picked up the prism and checked on Booster. Booster was touched he cared but to his dismay they held off on freeing him. Batman went to the Silver Dust Lounge and Casino to recruit Mister Miracle, a master escape artist, on a mission to Apokolips where he was from originally. Batman found his act impressive and spoke to him backstage. Miracle mistook him for a Batman-themed magician and warned him of the Shazam-themed magician at the Desert Empress. Batman declared he was coming with him to Apokolips. Miracle feigned ignorance and thought he said Albuquerque. Batman grabbed him by the collar and repeated Apokolips. Miracle tried to dissuade him from the destination. Batman didn't have to argue. Miracle agreed as he had to go across town to open for Zatanna.

Batman lassoed Miracle. Miracle thought it was a rookie move and easily escaped. He rolled up the cable and dropped it then tried to walk away. Batman simply stepped on his cape and Miracle fell on his butt. Miracle was astonished and cited there was a "cape cod" to be honored. Batman stood him up in an arm lock and walked him. Miracle sensed some hostility and suggested yoga then vanished. Miracle departed for his next show. Batman followed the tracer he slipped on him and tackled him back stage in a theater. Batman cuffed Miracle but soon found the cuffs on him. He declared no one could catch him. Granny Goodness made her presence known as well as Bernadeth and Lashina. Batman insisted he had the situation handled. The battle spilled out onto the front stage. Batman and Miracle were knocked into a piano. Batman was wrapped up in Lashina's steel band and pulled forward but he counter spun and stopped short of Bernadeth's tandem attack. He used her strokes to free himself. He threw out a Batarang and the chandelier fell on Granny.

Miracle prompted Batman to follow him into a trunk. While Bernadeth and Lashina attacked it, they reappeared in a giant present box across the stage. Miracle eventually threw out a smoke bomb and hid back stage in a dressing room trash bin. Batman quickly found him. Miracle was impressed by Batman and offered him to join him on stage every night for a 80-20 split. Batman didn't answer. Miracle changed the offer to 70-30. Batman didn't want to play games anymore and stated Darkseid had a hostage and had to bring him in. Miracle revealed Darkseid was after the last piece of the Anti-Life Equation he stole and explained the endgame he prevented. Batman revealed the hostage was Big Barda and learned she was Miracle's girlfriend. Batman contacted Darkseid to confirm he had Miracle then they boomed to Apokolips. Batman was surprised to learn Miracle was Darkseid's son. Miracle clarified he was adopted and it was a long story. Miracle tricked Darkseid and boomed him away with his own Mother Box then freed Barda. Batman wanted to destroy the Life-Void Machine.

Granny, Lashina, and Bernadeth interrupted and attacked. Batman dodged Bernadeth's throwing knives then fired his grapnel at Miracle's orb that held the last piece of the equation. He tried to reel in the line but Granny stomped it and Batman glided down, stopped short, jumped over her, and threw exploding Batarangs behind himself at her. He threw exploding Batarangs at Bernadeth then clocked her forehead with the orb, leaped off her back, and caught the orb. Granny bashed her Mega Rod on the arena ground. Batman dropped the orb but Miracle grabbed it. Darkseid recovered it and sent Parademons after them. Batman ordered Miracle to open a Boom Tube and they escaped along with Barda. Back at the Watchtower, Miracle expressed regret he left the equation behind. Batman revealed he had the orb and noted he also knew a little sleight of hand. Batman decided it would remain under guard at the Watchtower. Darkseid discovered Batman switched the orb with one containing Miracle's laser light show.

Poison Ivy used her new mind control spores on Batman and was freed from her prison cell at the Watchtower. Luckily, Plastic Man arrived on time to relieve Batman and gave chase. Batman returned to normal after Plastic Man doused him and Ivy with water from the harbor. Batman picked up a utility belt distress signal broadcast by his robot duplicate from a pocket dimension used by Darkseid. He opened up a Boom Tube and directed a Justice League of robots inside. Batman mused the test data they destroyed could have led to the real League's destruction. After Wonder Woman suggested relocating them to a planet in need of heroes, the robot Booster Gold started to sing. Booster didn't think he sounded like that but Batman thought it was spot on. A charity event organized by Bruce Wayne took place at Metropolis' Centennial Park. The highlight of the event was a race between Superman and the Flash for the title of "Fastest Man Alive." During Lois Lane's live report, she spotted Bruce Wayne who smiled and waved at the camera.

Wayne became concerned when Lex Luthor caught up to Superman and Flash at super speed. He slipped away, changed into Batman and followed an energy signal sent by Superman and Flash's Hero Tracker GPS devices. He arrived at one of Luthor's hideouts and discovered an elderly Chronos. Batman studied the tech and realized what happened. He took Chronos with him and flew back to Metropolis in the Batjet. He briefed Flash and Superman then finished creating a new program on a laptop. He took out the thumb drive and instructed Superman to insert it into his Hero Tracker. The Tracker was reprogrammed to send its energy signal to Flash's. As a result, Batman believed Flash would have the power needed to vibrate his molecules through Luthor's time-wall. Superman ran and Flash made it through. After he defeated Luthor, the time-wall faded and everyone returned to normal. Chronos remarked all his anger suddenly vanished. Batman advised him to wait until the court set his bail.

Batman pursued Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the Batjet after they stole Justice-1 from the Watchtower. Harley fired the jet's missiles and took out the Batjet's left wing. Batman fired a grapnel line into the rear of Justice-1 and used climber's claws to attach to the jet. Ivy disengaged Justice-2 with him on top but he fired a grapnel into the underside and clung. Harley dumped Justice-4 but Batman activated its thrusters and stayed in the air. She dumped Justice-3 and 5 next. He leaped onto Justice-5 as 4 and 3 collided then flew to the front of Justice-1. Batman abandoned it and went to the roof. Ivy and Harley were distracted with watching for Justice-5. He tore a hole in the roof and leaped down. He advised them not to do it the hard way but they attacked him. Ivy accidentally took out the guidance system. She implored him to pull one of his last minute saves. Instead, he sat down in the passenger seat and buckled up. Superman, Shazam, and Martian Manhunter caught Justice-1 at the last second of its free fall, which also sent Harley and Ivy into the windshield.

Green Arrow planned to use his Christmas party to get in with Batman and become friends outside of work. He mistook every little sound for Batman and even made croutons shaped like bat signals. Wonder Woman and Zatanna felt bad Arrow was going to so much effort for nothing. Flash was clueless. They revealed Batman stayed in the Batcave every Christmas and acted like a Grinch. Flash remarked he just thought of the easiest Christmas present and ran off. He returned with Batman in his arms with a red bow on his chest. Batman grimly told Flash to put him down. Flash complied and quickly removed the bow. Arrow dropped a tray in shock and walked over but Batman held him back. Flash declared it was a Christmas miracle. Plastic Man surprised everyone by bringing a heavily tranquilized Solomon Grundy with him. Arrow asked what that ghoul was doing at the party. Plastic Man joked he didn't think Batman was coming either. Batman glared. He warned Plastic Man to keep him subdued or he would. Soon enough, Grundy escaped.

Batman slipped away from the party and pursued him into Centennial Park. He threw a bola at Grundy's legs and rammed him but was swatted away. Batman fired a grapnel line and dodged Grundy in time, who fell through the ice into the lake. He erupted from below Batman and sent him flying into a tree then snow fell on top of him. Grundy ran off as the other Leaguers caught up. Batman tackled Plastic Man over the hill and told him to turn into a sled. Plastic Man noticed they were nearing the street and asked if it was time to slow down. Batman remarked sleds didn't talk. He rammed into Grundy's legs then jumped on his back only to get backhanded. He dodged Grundy's overhead strike and wrestled him to the ground in a headlock. To Batman's shock, Arrow aimed his tranquilizer arrow at him and ordered him to let Grundy be. He watched as Grundy apologized to a six year old named Keely Miller and gave her his teddy bear present from Superman. While Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Flash, Zatanna, and Plastic Man walked Grundy to S.T.A.R. Labs, Batman told Arrow to be sure to invite him next year then departed in the Batjet. Arrow was happy and exclaimed he did it.

Plastic Man and Batman just started patrol in Metropolis when Mr. Freeze robbed a jewelry store. Batman arrived mid-heist and fired a net gun, pinning Freeze to a wall. Batman reckoned he had enough ice. Freeze wasn't amused by the pun and sliced free. Batman leaped behind the counters and couldn't warn Plastic Man in time. Freeze immediately blasted Plastic Man outside into the streets and froze him against a building then froze Batman and the counter. Freeze took off in his snow ski. Batman turned on a torch and freed himsef. Plastic Man did, as well, and skated after Freeze. Batman hopped onto the Batcycle and followed. Freeze blasted Plastic Man and he crashed into the Batcycle. Batman emerged from a pile of snow and grabbed Plastic Man's periscope eye then asked if he wanted to help. They caught up again with Plastic Man acting as the Batcycle's replacement tires. Batman fired his grapnel line. He wrangled Freeze then yanked him off. With Freeze tied up, they continued their patrol instead of stopping at jail and a tire shop. Plastic Man pointed out he couldn't talk when he was driving. Batman agreed and drove.

The Joker and Batman fought atop the clock tower in Gotham. Batman remarked his jokes were old and never funny then punched him. Joker retorted they were classics and teased him about brand management then tossed two exploding marbles. Joker tried to fly off with his jet pack but Batman already donned his rebreather mask and threw out a Batarang. Joker's right thruster was crippled by the Batarang and he lost control. Batman watched as Joker randomly dove down into the city. Booster Gold reported for watch duty at the Watchtower but Batman noted he never reported in ever for his shifts. Booster claimed he really did take his League duties seriously. Batman stated he would see him in six hours and left the monitor room. Booster proceeded with his obviously negligent and unlicensed tour business, Justice League Watchtower Guided Celebrity Tour and Souvenir Emporium. Things went downhill. The tourists that showed up were really Toyman, Granny Goodness, and the Joker.

Eventually, Booster decided to call Batman for help and asked Joker for his phone. Joker told him Batman's number was in his favorites. Booster only got Batman's voicemail. He recruited 31 versions of himself from alternate timelines to destroy the second wave of security drones sent to destroy them. After the last Booster left, they realized Batman was in the room the whole time. Booster claimed his tour was a ruse to trap the villains and prevent the Watchtower's destruction, except Joker who really came for the tour. Batman didn't believe him. Booster stated he wasn't the only one who could keep a bunch of plates spinning, manage the details, and stay one step ahead. After a big battle in space between Green Lantern and Kanjar Ro's gang, Batman rounded up the criminals in Justice-1. He finally made contact with Lantern who didn't want to sound like a lightweight in front of him. Lantern went to a Robo-Gas station to refresh himself but lost his ring. Luckily, he was wearing a Life Support Belt under his costume. It was something Batman insisted he wear.

Jordan suspected Lobo and attacked him but he didn't have the ring. Without admitting what was going on, Jordan tipped off Batman about Lobo. Batman rounded him up and verified he was wanted for multiple offenses. Eventually, Lobo informed Batman of the missing ring. Once Jordan got his ring back, he departed for the Watchtower and informed Batman. Batman brought up the missing ring but Jordan pretended there was interference and signed off. Batman, Red Tornado, and Wonder Woman joined Shazam in Metropolis to fight an ancient army conjured by Faust. After Wonder Woman's veiled comment went over Billy Batson's Uncle Dudley's head, Batman bluntly stated she included Dudley as a civilian that should stay out of harm's way. Dudley clarified he was Shazam's helper and a relative. Mxyzptlk targeted Dudley for his latest joke and gave him super powers after posing as the Wizard. Batman listened to his description of the Wizard and deduced it was Mxyzptlk with a fake beard on.

Mr. Mxyzptlk unleashed a giant kitten loose to coax Dudley into using his powers and causing more harm. After Shazam and Wonder Woman failed to stop it, Batman neutralized the threat by simply using his laser pointer. Dudley managed to trick Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards and was sent back to his home dimension. Batman congratulated Dudley then presented the kitten, now back to normal size. Batman was one of the Leaguers who boomed out of the Watchtower to stop the Red Lanterns from invading Earth. He pointed out the Watchtower defense protocols technically outranked Plastic Man. Batman wasn't impressed to learn the Red Lanterns sent Dex-Starr to infiltrate the Watchtower. Booster Gold lured a lot of people to an "All That Glitters" book signing at Gotham Books by making a fake promise that Batman would make a special guest appearance. Booster tried summoning him with a code 10 emergency but got no response. On a Sunday, Booster Gold told Batman, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman about his book signing at Gotham Books ruined by a supervillain they never heard of, Red Velvet.

An intruder alert was set off. Red Velvet appeared then referred to Booster Gold as "MJ" and he knew the truth. She was his fiancee. She used time travel to go back in time and blasted through the Earth's crust so that at that exact moment, the volcano where the Watchtower was built on would erupt. Batman and Arrow got to Justice-1 thanks to Wonder Woman and activated the thrusters but the Watchtower was destroyed. Booster told his story and Batman suspected everything transpired because he didn't go through with his wedding. He believed the only choice was for Booster to marry her in the future and reset the timeline. Batman and Booster went back to the future to the day of the wedding. He presented Batman as a celebrity bridesmaid. Before the Ministron 3000 could pronounce them husband and wife, Batman realized they couldn't go through with it and objected. Red Velvet appeared and confirmed the marriage drove her mad. He noticed Velvet wore the same golden ruby marriage band that Booster put on Margo Montgomery's finer.

Batman tagged Red Velvet with a mini-Batarang and electrocuted her. Montgomery called off the wedding and the timeline was reset. Back in the present, they explained it to Wonder Woman and Green Arrow at the tower. Batman confirmed there was no record of Velvet in the present or future anymore. Batman attempted to console Booster Gold but he almost immediately asked for Giganta's phone number. Batman walked away. Booster pointed out he wasn't going to call it since he was always a bridesmaid.