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Big Barda

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Real Identity: Big Barda
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Under a Red Sun and It'll Take a Miracle!
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Unarmed Combat, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Laura Post

Big Barda was raised on the planet Apokolips and molded into a fierce warrior. A common practice was for all to vy to see who could down the most enemies. Ultimately, Barda turned to the side of good and fought the forces of Apokolips. At some point, Barda encountered Space Cabbie. She agreed to take a photo with him for his collection. She traced a squadron of Parademons' energy signature after they were deployed to Earth. Batman and Superman were aided by Barda. After Barda asked, Batman denied they kept count of how many enemies each combatant took down. Superman announced he took out 59 Parademons. They began to speculate who came with the Parademons but Barda reiterated Darkseid's inner circle was numerous. The perpetrator Steppenwolf made his presence known and shot at Superman. He quickly opened a Boom Tube and tackled Superman through. Batman and Barda boomed to Apokolips. Barda believed Steppenwolf's compilation of starscape maps would clue them in one which planet he chose to fight Superman on. They made their way to Darkseid's citadel. A Demon Dog detected them and charged.

Instead of letting Barda fight it, Batman activated sonic emitter on the left side of his belt. The dog rolled over and heeled. Batman leaned in and said, "Boo." The Demon Dog ran off. Batman declared that was one for him and fired his grapple gun. Barda was not amused. They were near Steppenwolf's war room but Batman told Barda to wait. A patrol of two Parademons rounded the corner. They took out one each. As they looked through the maps, they were greeted by Virman Vunderbar, another of Darkseid's inner circle. Batman threw out his Batarang before Barda could inform him how short Virman was. Barda attacked but was repelled by Virman's Kinetic Force Shield. Batman quickly figured out Virman's shield was designed to repel kinetic force and advised Barda to use steady pressure. She gently placed her Mega Rod on the side of the shield and launched Virman into an alley then barricaded it with debris and placed a giant stone face of Darkseid on Virman. Batman asked again where Steppenwolf was. Virman caved in.

Virman gave up and promised to tell them everything as long they didn't let him squish. Barda refused to let Batman take the point and cited she did the heavy lifting. They boomed to the planet but Superman already defeated Steppenwolf. Barda took custody of Steppenwolf and informed she was tied with Batman 2 to 2. Superman revealed he got 3. Barda was amazed Superman spent half a day under a red sun and still beat them both. Barda was later kidnapped by Darkseid. He issued an ultimatum to Batman. He had to recover the last piece of the Anti-Life Equation or she would die. Batman tracked down the current owner of the last piece, Mr. Miracle, who also happened to be Barda's estranged boyfriend. Upon Miracle's return to Apokolips, Barda turned away from him. Miracle swiped Darkseid's Mother Box when he leaned in for a hug and boomed him away then freed Barda from her restraints. Barda pointed out he could have just boomed them off the planet. He didn't see the "razzle-dazzle" in that.

Big Barda fought Lashina. She purposefully wound herself up in Lashina's steel band then tossed her into a pillar. Bernadeth attempted to kill Miracle but Barda grabbed her arm and decked her into a pillar. On Batman's order, Miracle boomed them back to Earth. Back at the Watchtower, Miracle told Barda he came back to Apokolips as soon as he learned she was in trouble. Barda noted he was gone a long time. Miracle wooed her and stated she was the only trap he could never escape from. Barda kissed him, scooped him up, and twirled him around.