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Real Identity: Ronald "Ronnie" Raymond and Professor Martin Stein
Appearances: Nuclear Family Values
Powers/Skills: Transmutation, Energy Absorption, Energy Projection, Flight, and Shared Knowledge
Voiced By: P.J. Byrne (Firestorm) and Stephen Tobolowsky (Professor Stein)

Martin Stein was a physics professor specializing in nuclear science. He was present at a nuclear demonstration conducted by Dr. Eric Shanner to show the terrible effect of nuclear warfare. The androids he built to serve as a nuclear family in the demo instead absorbed the blast wave and escaped. Some time after that, Stein built the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant. Just as he brought the plant online, two thieves invaded looking to steal plutonium. They had also taken a hostage, a high school junior named Ronnie Raymond. His class happened to be at the plant on a field trip. Raymond tried to fight back but he was tossed near Stein. The thieves threw out four grenades and ran out of the control room. The explosion didn't kill Raymond and Stein. Instead, they were fused together into a combined physical form with and super powers. They discovered they could fly and rearrange matter on the atomic level. They took the name Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, and became the world's first nuclear powered superhero.

Raymond retains physical control of Firestorm while Stein appears as a disembodied consciousness often offering his advice and calculations during battle. The Justice League kept track of Firestorm in their database. Batman noted he was a teenager who talked to himself a lot. At some point, Firestorm encountered Space Cabbie. He agreed to take a photo with him for his collection. Several years after their escape, the Nuclear Family selected the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant as their new home and planned to detonate it, taking out half the state. They finally be able to live in peace, in a radioactive wasteland. Firestorm arrived at the plant and tried out his new catchphrase, "The heat is on!" Stein steered Firestorm to the problem at hand, the plant was in the final phases of meltdown. He melted a hole in a door and entered the plant. After reminiscing about their origin story, Firestorm saved two workers in hazmat suits from radioactive steam by transmutating it into pine scented air freshener. They warned Firestorm to get out with them.

Firestorm proceeded to the core and met the Nuclear Family, who were already setting up their furniture and appliances. Stein tried to warn Firestorm they were dangerous but he thought they were harmless robots. The Nuclear Family took offense to the label. On Dad's request, Sis taught Firestorm some "manners" and blasted him out of the core and into the toxic waste vault. Unaware of his surroundings, Firestorm powered up and ignited the chemicals. He lost consciousness. Stein showed Firestorm his memory of being at the nuclear test that created the Nuclear Family. Several hours later, Firestorm awoke in a harness connected to the main reactor. Each time he struggled, Firestorm's power would be absorbed. Stein calculated a super charge to the fuel rod pool would free him and suggested using one of the androids. Firestorm transformed a giraffe inflatable in the pool into a squirrel one. Dog fell for the ruse and jumped in.

Firestorm powered up and escaped with Dog safely in his arms but it bit him. Dad admitted he thought their powers made them kin to Firestorm and with some regret had the family attack. Firestorm formed a force field. When Biff said his catchphrase, Firestorm realized it sounded lame. He reached a hand out of the field and began absorbing Biff's thermal pulse then Brat and Dog's fallout. Mom, meanwhile, was ready to unleash an electromagnetic pulse on the core overload override lock. Firestorm fired at a hose near her and turned it into a special harness then locked her up. Dad intervened and clocked Firestorm into the pool. Dad then forced Firestorm down to the bottom of the pool onto the reactor but he powered up further and Dad went flying. Firestorm formed the pool water into two giant arms and grabbed the Family. Firestorm deduced that if their powers made them related, they should hug it out like other families. The Family disappeared in the explosion. Professor Stein asked what happened to the androids.

Firestorm admitted he couldn't bring himself to destroying them. Instead, he miniaturized them and placed them into a glass globe that simulated their dream home. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman revealed themselves. Wonder Woman found him powerful and compassionate. Batman didn't want him to be too soft on criminals. Superman congratulated Firestorm and offered him the chance to become a candidate for Justice League membership. Firestorm was excited but asked Stein what he thought. Stein invoked their catchphrase and declared the heat was on. Firestorm was delighted and proposed a high five but settled for a headbutt with Stein.