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Plastic Man

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Real Identity: Eel O'Brien
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Abate and Switch), Plastic Man Saves the World, Double Cross, Mxy's Mix-Up, and The Ringer (Hallucination)
Appearances (Webisodes): Lasso of Lies, Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!, and Toymano a Mano
Powers/Skills: Elasticity and Shapeshifting
Voiced By: Dana Snyder

Plastic Man is a super hero with the power to stretch himself to impossible lengths and even shapeshift to a degree. He is also a member of the Justice League. He was one of the heroes brought to the House of Mystery by Constantine after he got a distress call from Batman. Plastic Man went off looking for a bathroom but took a wrong turn and was chased around by some monsters. Green Arrow came up with a plan for everyone to switch costumes in order to render Nyorlath's spell useless and prevent him from nullifying everyone's super powers. Plastic Man was not happy to learn he had to pretend to be Wonder Woman. In the rematch, Plastic Man drop kicked Abnegazar. Black Adam emerged from the reopened fissure and changed the Brothers into monsters. Plastic Man had Swamp Thing use him like a slingshot and launched Rath into a portal opened by Constantine. Plastic Man continued to dress like Wonder Woman and started to find her boots comfortable.

Plastic Man tried to volunteer to infiltrate Brainiac's spaceship and take it out but Batman wouldn't even consider it. Superman tried to let him down easy and noted they needed someone who took the situation a little more seriously. Plastic Man morphed into a golfer and swatted one of Brainiac's orbs away but it landed right on Cyborg's head. Superman and Batman returned to the battle. Plastic Man had a brainstorm and decided he would show them he took superheroing seriously by defeating Brainiac and stopping the miniaturization ray. He slingshot himself to the top of the Daily Planet and stretched upward but one of the ship's robot detected him as a threat. Eight cannons surrounded Plastic Man. He made a strategic withdrawal and regrouped. He shapeshifted and hid himself among a flock of geese passing by the ship. The geese were deemed a 0.0% threat. Plastic Man slipped down a grate and reformed with a sore back. He was enamoured with Braniac's collection of bottled shrunken cities but left the room after he shaked one by accident.

Plastic Man entered the control room and shadowed a robot operating the miniaturization cannon. While the robot looked away, Plastic Man pressed a button to retract the cannon. The robot scanned Plastic Man and learned he was a 4.6% threat in Brainiac's database. He returned disguised as a robot with orders from "Steve" to take the ship out of orbit. The robot saw through the ruse and prepared to expunge him from the database permanently. Plastic Man turned into a boxing glove and took the robot out. The other three robots opened fire but Plastic Man took the guise of a bull fighter and tricked them into shooting each other and the controls. He constricted the last robot like a snake then entered the robot. He expanded and forced the robot to break to pieces. The cannon reached full power and Plastic Man found himself locked out of the computer. He hailed the other Leaguers for help. Unable to recall the cannon or fly the ship away, Plastic Man decided to make the ultimate sacrifice. He let the others know it was a real pleasure to work with the Justice League.

Plastic Man entered the cannon and expanded his size to force it to explode. The resulting explosion destroyed Brainiac's ship. The people of Metropolis cheered as the Justice League mourned. While Brainiac was restrained for transport, Plastic Man floated down like a balloon. Superman was happy to see him alive and congratulated him for saving the planet. Plastic Man burped out the 9,999 bottle cities from Brainiac's collection. Brainiac updated his database and assigned Plastic Man an 87% threat level then vowed to destroy him first next time. Plastic Man was ecastic he was an 87 and had an archenemy. He proposed they get sushi to celebrate then gathered everyone in for a selfie. He morphed his head into a cheeseburger then took the photo and posted it. Batman required a shape changer for a case in Gotham and summoned Plastic Man to pose as Two-Face in order to trap Deadshot. Having only learned how to duplicate colors a week ago, Plastic Man's first attempt was "sloppy" and Batman pointed out all the mistakes.

Plastic Man adjusted and departed with Batman in the Batmobile. Batman put out word he was personally transporting Two-Face to Arkham Asylum to make sure Deadshot would make a move that night. Plastic Man said his peace first and told Batman it was a privilege to work with him. Batman reminded him to stay in character. Deadshot soon attacked them with a rocket launcher. They were forced to abandon the Batmobile and take refuge in a warehouse. Deadshot got the upper hand on Batman and fired a tranquilizer dart. Plastic Man's reflexes kicked in and he formed a hole in his chest to avoid being hit. He tried to play it off but Deadshot knew he was a decoy. He shoved Plastic Man away then jumped out the window, leaving a charge behind. Batman grabbed Plastic Man and jumped to the roof across. Plastic Man insisted he hated needles and didn't want to leave Batman alone to face Deadshot. They made their way to the city's main train station, where Two-Face stashed half a million he stole from the Penguin.

Plastic Man took the brunt of a RPG and went flying. He perfectly posed as one of Deadshot's guns and waited for an opportunity to present itself. With Batman pinned under a light fixture, Deadshot grabbed the "gun" and pulled the trigger. Plastic Man couldn't resist and said, "Bang" then completely wrapped himself around Deadshot. He asked Batman how that was for committment to a role. Batman didn't answer. Once police took the two criminals away, Batman told Plastic Man he was fairly effective. Plastic Man asked if that meant they were working together again. Batman stated if he needed a shape changer again and Martian Manhunter was busy, he'd call. Plastic Man was excited and thought he and Batman were tight. Firestorm asked him if his uniform changed, too, because they were unstable atoms. Plastic Man was confused and didn't understand what he meant by "uniform." Firestorm was embarrassed and flew away.

Booster Gold needed the Lasso of Truth to make sure he was getting a good deal on his new Booster Car. He stole it and asked Plastic Man to stand in as the lasso in the meantime. Wonder Woman recognized Plastic Man after she lassoed Deadshot. He pleaded with Wonder Woman not to get mad. She squeezed his face. Booster suddenly appeared and was forced to tell the truth. Plastic Man was part of the Bravo Squad sent to the United Nations Building to back up Batman, Superman, and Stargirl against Gorilla Grodd. Mr. Mxyzptlk stole their minds and switched them around. Plastic Man was in Cyborg's body and Shazam was in his. Cyborg's jet boots activated and Plastic Man took off. Unable to control them, Plastic Man zoomed past Batman, Superman, and Stargirl. Shazam could not control Plastic Man's body and withered into a gooey pile. Plastic Man took part in a mission to find a H.I.V.E. jungle base. He was excited upon learning there were tanks onboard Justice-1. He hit "4" on the user panel and deployed in the Justice-4 submarine instead.

Plastic Man was even more excited to be in a submarine. Out of sheer luck, Justice-4 fell from some vines and struck part of the cloaked base then the cloaking generators went offline. With the base exposed, Wonder Woman and Batman attacked. H.I.V.E. Master took out Justice-3 and prepared to finish off Batman. Plastic Man pushed every button in sight, randomly turning on several thrusters, and rammed the H.I.V.E. Robot into the ditch. Batman pulled H.I.V.E. Master from the wreck. Plastic Man emerged from Justice-4 smitten with the vehicle. Toyman attempted to flee the robbery of Gotham City Hall in Plastic Man, waiting in the form of a boat, who he controlled with his tech. Batman ejected himself from the Batmobile and fired a grapnel line at the rear. Toyman shifted Plastic Man into a plane and took off. Batman used his claws to climb on and turned on his signal jammer. Toyman swerved but Batman leaped off a wing onto Plastic Man's head. He affixed the jammer onto the helmet and scrambled Toyman's tech. Plastic Man 'landed' on a barren island, turned into a basket, and grabbed Toyman.