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Real Identity: Kal-El
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Power Outage, Night of the Bat, and Abate and Switch), Follow That Space Cab!, Nuclear Family Values, Galaxy Jest, Time Share, Under a Red Sun, Play Date, Repulse!, Luthor in Paradise, Plastic Man Saves the World, Field Trip, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Inside Job, The Trouble with Truth, Battle for the Bottled City, Garden of Evil, The Fatal Fare, Mxy's Mix-Up, Booray for Bizarro, Best Day Ever, Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp, Superman Red vs. Superman Blue, The Ringer, Forget Me Not, Harley Goes Ape!, Phased and Confused, It'll Take a Miracle! (Scenario), System Error, Race Against Crime, Party Animal, Keeping Up With the Kryptonians, and Unleashed
Appearances (Webisodes): Beep Beep, Good Cop, Bat Cop, It's a Trap!, Quality Time, True Colors, Plastic Man of Steel, and Skyjacked
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Vision, Flight, Invulnerability, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Jason J. Lewis

Superman has super-everything: strength, speed, flight, invulnerability as well as his renowned X-ray vision and heat vision. Superman derives his super powers from the yellow sun but exposure to a red sun in turn depletes him. When he's not a superhero, he changes to his alter ego Clark Kent and works at the Daily Planet as a reporter. Jimmy Olsen was privy to the fact that Kent and Superman were friends, and the latter often gave him tips about stories as they broke. At some point, during an encounter with Mr. Mxyzptlk, an prankish yet powerful imp from the Fifth Dimension, Superman temporarily had a chicken head.

Superman responded to a distress call at the Stryker's Island Penitentiary and learned Parasite was absorbing roaches to get his strength back. Parasite attacked Superman but he exhaled and used his super breath to knock him into the railing outside his cell. Wonder Woman lassoed him and bashed him into the ceiling. Jimmy Olsen arrived to take some b-roll footage but Superman insisted he let the police do their job. Suddenly, Calythos crashed into the police van and integrated Parasite into his body. Superman grabbed the officers and shielded them from harm. While he helped restabilize the prison, Wonder Woman went after Calythos. Superman joined the battle in Mid-City Park and decked the djinn. Calythos absorbed his flight ability and disabled a Metropolis 6 News helicopter. Superman caught the copter before it crashed into a crowd at a live concert and safely placed it on a nearby roof. With no other options, Superman used his heat vision on Calythos but he stole the ability as well and blasted him back.

In the end, Superman was so weak he barely had enough strength to leap a building in a single bound. He made his way to Wonder Woman on the roof of the Daily Planet. Jimmy Olsen informed them Calythos was using Parasite's power. Superman and Wonder Woman came up with a strategy to bait Calythos into absorbing Martian Manhunter's powers and weakness to fire. In essence, Calythos would defeat himself as he tried to finish activating his volcano. The plan worked and the djinn released Parasite. Superman held Calythos' flaming schimitar and forced Parasite to immediately surrender. Once his powers returned, Superman used his freeze breath to neutralize Calythos' volcano. Superman, recalling the difficulty with Calythos, sent Green Arrow to back up Batman in his pursuit of another Djinn, Uthool. Superman and Wonder Woman suspected something was wrong when Batman contradicted himself then smiled creepily. Superman punched the power core room's steel door into Batman but didn't harm him. Uthool revealed himself and transformed.

Superman ordered Green Arrow to get the injured Cyborg to safety while he dealt with Uthool. The two juggernauts traded blow after blow and rocked the Hall of Justice. Eventually, the Hall collapsed as their battle took to the skies. Wonder Woman intervened and threw the Hall's power core into Uthool. The explosion freed Batman. Uthool declared he could not be beaten but Superman suddenly stomped him and silenced him finally. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman chased the last three of the Djinn as they flew towards Calythos' second volcano. Nyorlath cast a spell that took Superman and Wonder Woman's powers away temporarily. Batman turned his cape into a glider and made a hard landing with them. With no other choice, he activated the distress signal on his belt. Constantine answered the call and opened a portal. They found themselves in Constantine's House of Mystery. Batman explained the situation and stressed they needed to stop the Brothers from reopening Calythos' fissure. He didn't care for Green Arrow's plan and went through a portal to go get back up.

Superman pretended to be Green Arrow and vice-versa. Green Arrow's plan worked and the Brothers were defeated. However, Black Adam came out of the fissure stronger than ever. Once Batman and Shazam arrived, Adam transformed the Brothers into monsters. Superman tried to help Shazam against Black Adam while the others took care of the Brothers. The League banded together and locked Adam in place, allowing Shazam and Superman to clock Adam together and he went flying into Constantine's portal. Superman attended Mister Mind's trial at the Galactic Court. The villain was found guilty and remanded to Superman's custody. He was serve out his sentence at the Justice League's headquarters but two bounty hunters Lobo and Jonas attacked Superman in space. Superman took a hit from Lobo's Red Sun Energy Blaster and was drained of his powers. Luckily, he crashed into the back seat of a Space Cab. Superman used the cab's CB radio to send out a distress call to the Justice League and requested back up.

Hawkman responded but Superman suspected Lobo would lure him into a trap and asked Cabbie to follow them to the nearby Abandoned Anthracite Mine. Superman recharged himself off a yellow sun and joined the battle against Lobo. Superman, Hawkman, and Cabbie eventually found their way to the Watchtower and placed Mister Mind's remains in a prison dome, anticipating his regeneration. In order to pay Space Cabbie, Superman crushed a piece of anthracite Hawkman found in his wings and turned it into a diamond. Cabbie accepted and took a photo with them. During the attack on the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant, Superman was a couple galaxies away and told Batman it would take him several hours to get back to Earth. At the conclusion of the incident, Firestorm spared the Nuclear Family but made sure they weren't a threat anymore by placing them in a glass dome that simulated their dream home. Superman invited Firestorm to become a candidate for Justice League membership.

Superman and Wonder Woman flew into space to extract the Joker from Mongul's cruiser while Batman searched Gotham City for his Gutbuster bomb before it went off at midnight. Superman intercepted Mongul at an airlock and blasted him with heat vision before he could throw the Joker out for humiliating him with a joy buzzer. Superman alerted Wonder Woman he had the Joker but Mongul tore through a floor and attacked. The battle made its way to an arena. Superman quickly used his X-Ray vision to locate the cruiser's engine room. He dodged Mongul's mace, lasered it off its hilt, then tossed it at him then decked him into the rear of the ship, setting off a chain of explosions. Superman returned to Gotham City and inhaled the 50,000 tons of Super Laughing Gas. He flew back to the cruiser and exhaled all of it. Mongul and his warriors couldn't stop laughing. He returned to Earth and only told Batman he gave the gas to someone who needed a good laugh.

Superman and Wonder Woman were on-scene when Chronos was arrested by the Gotham City Police Department. Superman didn't believe it at first when he heard Batman tell Blue Beetle he did a good job. Superman shook Blue Beetle's hand and told him it was nice to have him in the Justice League. He assumed Beetle must have really impressed Batman. Superman, Batman, and Big Barda fought a squadron of Parademons in a warehouse. Superman announced he took down 59 of them. Steppenwolf fired a shot at Superman who pinned him to the ceiling, crushed his gun, then tossed him to the floor. Superman questioned Steppenwolf's motives. Steppenwolf held out his Mother Box and tackled him through a Boom Tube. They arrived on a planet orbiting a red sun. Superman's powers began to dwindle. Steppenwolf attacked and encouraged Superman to burn off the last reserves of his power. He proclaimed he would forever be the warrior who bested Superman and imagined even Darkseid would be impressed. Superman ran behind a pillar. Steppenwolf fired on it but Superman leaned into it, sending towards him.

Superman fled into the canyon and used the local flora to make a bola, rope, and to rig some boulders. Superman chided Steppenwolf for bringing two Parademons with him. He threw his bola at one Parademon, sending it plummeting into the forest then set off one of his boulders, crushing the other Parademon. Steppenwolf, on his Astro Harness, blasted Superman in the back. Superman swung into a cavern but Steppenwolf saw a tripwire. He shot it and a boulder fell on the cavern entrance. Steppenwolf was enraged and blasted the boulder then sent a drone inside. Superman was discovered as he climbed to a hole in the ceiling. Steppenwolf detonated the drone but the explosion only sent Superman up through the opening. He ran and jumped off, landing on top of Steppenwolf. As they struggled, the Astro Harness spiraled out of control. They encountered a giant Sand Worm then fell down to the lake below. Superman hurt his right leg in the fall. Steppenwolf emerged from the lake and readied his axe. Superman saw a piece of the Astro Harness and threw it into the lake.

Steppenwolf was electrocuted and fainted. Superman used his cape to wrap his leg and used a stick as a cane. He gathered some vines and tied up Steppenwolf. Batman and Barda arrived. She was surprised Superman defeated Steppenwolf in half a day's time under a red sun. Superman asked what the final tally was. Barda replied she and Batman were tied 2 to 2. Superman won, citing his 3. Barda couldn't believe he beat them. Superman answered that's why they called him Superman. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman responded to a break-in at the Watchtower and fought off an army of deadly toys. Superman correctly suspected his old enemy Toyman but was wrapped up in a super putty version of Kryptonite. They were forced to fight each other in Toyman's take on the popular "Blvd Brawlers" video game. Toyman called dibs on Superman. He flew past the Daily Planet and landed on the Moon near the American flag then proclaimed, "Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Cyborg and Batman knocked him out and won the match with the latter's Super Move, a Kryptonite Ring Punch. Superman was dismayed that Batman kept some in his belt. Cyborg eventually got everyone free by using one of Toyman's toys against him. As Toyman tried to flee, Superman took out his mech suit's right leg with a heat vision blast. Superman agreed to go on a dinner date with Wonder Woman in Metropolis in their respective civilian alter-egos. She admitted Steve Trevor was only in love with Wonder Woman while Diana Prince was as invisible to him as her jet. Clark Kent admitted Lois Lane saw right through him. Dessert and a kiss were interrupted by the appearance of a new menace calling himself Repulse who could repel any attack. It turned out to be Lex Luthor who lured Superman into battle to infect him with his Repulse nanobots. Now posing a danger to the world, Superman flew to space. The nanobots continued to feed on his body's solar radiation and replicating. The millions of nanobots produced an ever geometrically increasing repulsive electromagnetic charge. The power of a black hole was decided on to drain the nanobot's power. Superman flew near Black Hole XT-357 and resisted its pull. It worked and the Repulse energy was starting to drain but Luthor attempted to blast Superman all the way into black hole.

Luthor, himself, fell in after a meteor collision. Superman went after him and pulled him into the Repulse's field. They observed the center of the black hole thanks to the protection of the Repulse but it would expire soon enough. To make matters worse, Superman was unable to fly out. Wonder Woman threw her lasso inside and pulled them out. As they emerged, the last of the Repulse was drained. Hawkman scanned him and confirmed he was free of Repulse. Once their date resumed, Diana declined to kiss him after smelling the garlic risotto on him. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman chased Luthor across the planet. Superman and Batman landed on Themyscira and discovered Wonder Woman was trapped in a pair of giant hands made of earth. Superman punched a dent into a hand then Batman threw a exploding Batarang into it. Hippolyta was surprised to see her daughter was friends with two men. Wonder Woman insisted they were her sidekicks. Superman apologized to Hippolyta for the intrusion and explained they were in search of Luthor.

Hippolyta did not take to being addressed directly by them then performed a ceremony to open a portal to the Fallen Realm. Superman and Batman were speechless when Wonder Woman slapped a giant serpent and it ran off like a scared dog. Superman wasn't impressed with Luthor's newfound godhood after he took on Zeus' powers with the Oculus of the Argo. He recalled having taken on an immortal or two before. Luthor decked him twice then hit him with a lightning bolt. Circe decided to turn the heroes into trees as a warning to those who dared to oppose them. Despite their predicament, Batman and Superman got Wonder Woman her lasso. Superman then blasted Circe away with his heat vision. Wonder Woman used her lasso to force Luthor to admit he was going to betray Circe all along. Circe removed the Oculus from Luthor and zapped him in the butt repeatedly. Once she was done, Circe released the heroes. Superman immediately apprehended Luthor. Hippolyta gave Superman and Batman the Amazons' most sincere thanks then quickly told them to get off her island. Batman wasn't surprised.

Superman provided back up to Batman, Cyborg, and Vixen against Brainiac. Superman took out several Brainiac Orbs at once but Brainiac had his ship fire a Kryptonite laser at him. Superman emerged from a cafe as Batman landed. Batman pointed out they needed someone to slip into the ship undetected and take it out. Plastic Man tried to volunteer but Batman wasn't having any of it. Superman tried to let him down easy and stated they needed someone who took the mission more seriously. Superman went after Brainiac but he couldn't make a dent in his force shield. He shoved Brainiac into the street and charged. Superman was happy to see Plastic Man survived after fatally sabotaging the ship. More so when Plastic Man revealed he brought the 9,999 stolen cities with him. Superman congratulated Plastic Man. Superman and Batman were the first to respond to Gorilla Grodd's attack on the United Nations Building. Stargirl was brought along to mostly observe. While Batman was stern, Superman reminded her every Leaguer had their first day and it was important to enjoy the work, too.

Superman plucked several gorilla soldiers off the face of the United Nations Building and threw them on top of Grodd. Grodd didn't take kindly to the battle being referred to as a "routine situation" by Superman. Batman prompted Superman to execute "Caged Heat" then threw smoke balls into Grodd's open mouth. While Grodd gagged, Batman tossed him atop a pile of his soldiers. Superman threw down flagpoles around them and used his heat vision to super heat it. Mr. Mxyzptlk suddenly appeared in protest of the battle's quick end. Mxyzptlk didn't like that Stargirl had no idea who he was nor Batman's assessment of his perchance to chaos. He emphasized mischief then released the gorillas. Stargirl then "inspired" him to mix their minds and bodies up. Stargirl's mind was in Superman's body and Superman was in Batman's body. Superman kept hurting himself trying to use Batman's gadgets or throwing a punch. Superman tried to fly after Stargirl after she hit the United Nations Building but he fell on the ground. He noticed Batman's boots were too tight.

Superman accidentally fired the grapnel gun and crashed into a balcony then hurt himself punching a gorilla. Stargirl came to his rescue but she accidentally fired heat vision. Superman instructed her to think cold thoughts to shut it off. He tried to use a Bat Bomb but covered himself in soot. Afterwards, Batman warned him of the hair trigger. He noticed Batman was used to fighting multiple foes in any body but he was not ready for the volatile emotions of a teenage girl. He tried to throw a Batarang at Grodd but missed. He sifted through the belt pounches for something else but the Batarang returned and hit him in the forehead. Superman wanted to shift focus on dealing with Mxyzptlk. Stargirl suggested calling back up then specifically named Firestorm. Batman believed she deduced Firestorm's dual personality would be a key to defeating Mxyzptlk. He radioed the Justice league and requested Bravo Squad to be sent to his location then emphasized they bring Firestorm.

Grodd had his soldiers surrounded them and prepare to fire. Bravo Squad arrived and Mxyzptlk mixed up their minds, too. Superman thought it was a disaster but Batman directed him to observe. Mxyzptlk soon realized Professor Stein was stuck in his head. Agitated by Stein's constant psychoanalysis, Mxyzptlk accidentally said his name backwards and was banished back to the Fifth Dimension. The League was restored to normal and defeated Grodd. Batman commended Stargirl for her quick thinking and left. Superman knew something was up and that wasn't her plan. She confided in Superman she just wanted to meet Firestorm. Superman promised to keep her secret then flew away. Superman started giving tours of his Fortress of Solitude to Leaguers after it was selected as the League's secondary headquarters. While showing Firestorm, Blue Beetle, and Stargirl the Phantom Zone Projector, Superman was pulled into the Phantom Zone by accident after an alien kitten jumped on the console.

Firestorm and Professor Stein fixed the Projector after Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul were recaptured. Superman was liberated. Zod became annoyed with Firestorm's recap. Superman indulged him and sent them back into the Phantom Zone then asked his allies to proceed with cleaning up after the battle in the Fortress, starting with the giant alien kitten. Superman was present at the Watchtower during the Spider Gauntlet incident involving Lobo and the Red Lanterns. Knowing the Red Lanterns were "touchy," Superman showed restraint and civility with Atrocitus, their leader. Superman waited in the skies for Lex Luthor after he broke into S.T.A.R. Labs. Luthor was annoyed Superman thought it was over and launched what he stole. A green gas threatened to blanket the city. Superman inhaled all of it and flew into space to expel it. However, in the process, Superman was infected with nanites programmed to drain him of the solar energy stored in his cells. He returned to the battle but soon lost consciousness and fell on top of the Batjet.

Red Tornado and the Atom studied Superman back at the Watchtower. The Atom, Wonder Woman, and Batman shrunk down and went into his body as a surgical team. Luthor deduced the Atom was helping and breached the Watchtower to expedite Superman's death. After electrocuting Red Tornado into submission, Luthor fired Kryptonite rays at Superman as he lay helpless. The Atom exited Superman's mouth and distracted Luthor while Wonder Woman and Batman took down the queen nanobot. They didn't have enough time to escape so Batman forced Superman to sneeze them out with explosive charges. They landed right on top of Luthor. Superman came to and had no idea what happened. He demanded to know what was going on. Atom told him Gesundheit and handed him a handkerchief. While H.I.V.E. threatened to destroy Metropolis with a Cobalt Fusion Bomb, Superman was preoccupied with a mission on New Genesis. He was concerned with the news but watched as Athena arrived with news Wonder Woman was to be the goddess of truth. They departed with Athena, leaving Superman alone on comms.

Superman was excited for his first trip into the Bottle City of Kandor. With just enough Kryptonite to weaken him, Atom then used his white dwarf tech to shrink Superman successfully. Atom reminded him to bring back the requested tissue samples to test for molecular stability and he would be powerless under Kandor's artifical red sun. Superman flew down to Kandor and was greeted by Chancellor Al-On. They embraced and Al-On proclaimed to the Kandorians that a son of Krypton had returned. They watched in shock as Brainiac appeared outside and stole the bottle. Superman activated his rocket pack and flew to the top and punched the cork in vain. After some effort, Atom was able to open the bottle. Superman emerged, ditched his rockets and bathed in the Sun's yellow rays. He fired his heat vision at the B-3 robot holding Kandor, flew under the bottle and safely landed it on the ground the punched the robot into submission. After Brainiac flicked Atom away, he was turned and found himself face to face with the still tiny Superman. Superman punched him around then lifted his left arm up and tossed him. Superman retrieved the cork and resecured the bottle then used his heat vision to restore Kandor's standard weather. He joked if you don't like the weather in Kandor, just wait five minutes.

Superman provided back up during an outbreak of giant plants in Gotham. While Vixen was talking to Batman on comms, Superman arrived and destroyed a vine monster with heat vision. Superman speculated Poison Ivy was behind it. Suddenly, Swamp Thing slammed Superman to the ground. He confirmed it was Ivy and struggled to tell them Ivy was controlling him since he was a plant. Batman hailed Vixen and Superman on comms and informed them Ivy was hiding out at the Kanaghier Building on Sheldon. Superman told Vixen he would meet her there then flew off to aid a tactical team being attacked by giant cacti. He flew in front of an officer at the last second and was covered in needles. After dealing with them, Superman flew to the hideout and ordered Ivy to turn herself in. She held out her wrists in mockery then Swamp Thing surfaced and attacked him. Swamp Thing eventually grabbed hold of him. On Batman's signal, Superman fired his heat vision at a vial and spilled the antidote all over Ivy. It neutralized her powers and ended the crisis.

Superman provided back up to Batman on a mission to capture Deadshot in Gotham. He arrived and took the brunt of Deadshot's arm mounted blasters as Batman predicted he would use upon being attacked. Deadshot was taken back to the Watchtower for interrogation. Superman asked Batman if he could be the bad cop for once. Batman agreed to switch roles. Superman demanded a name and slammed the door so hard, it cracked the observation glass. He apologized to Batman but caught himself and told Deadshot that was nothing compared to what he was going to do to him. Deadshot was confused. Superman asked Batman to step outside then shined the ceiling light in Deadshot's face. After Deadshot squirmed, Superman apologized and asked if it was too bright. Batman stared at him. Superman stated it was nothing compared to his heat vision. Batman creepily offered coffee. Superman stated he would need it after he was done with him. Batman offered him a doughnut. Deadshot had enough and promised to tell them everything.

Superman received a message from Lex Luthor who kidnapped a woman named Brie Gruyere. Superman realized that was two types of cheese put together and suspected Luthor set a trap for him. He played along with the ruse and took an electric shock after triggering a floor panel. He tackled Luthor into another building and asked where Gruyere was again. Luthor was pinned under a girder and still refused. Superman tossed the girder through the hole in the ceiling he created and asked again. Luthor directed him to his victim. Superman walked over but it was a dressed mannequin. It sprayed Kryptonite gas on him. Superman kept him talking under the hole and questioned the specificity of Luthor's plan. Just as Luthor prepared to beat him with a Kryptonite-modified baseball bat, the girder fell back down on top of Luthor.

The Justice League learned from informants that Darkseid was planning to invade Earth with a massive Boom Tube. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman traced the armada's location but they were already beginning to boom. Superman refused to let Earth get invaded and flew into the lead ship, venting out several Parademons in the process. He punched his way into the cabin, tossed Desaad, then planted Atom into the Mother Box. Kanto blasted Superman with a Kryptonite ray but Atom managed to take out the Boom Tube network and the armanda was stranded on the Third Moon of Graxos IV. Superman was placed in a containment tube and tortured with a field of energy generated by Kryptonite. Superman refused to give up the way to restore the Boom Tubes. Space Cabbie was drawn into the conflict when Darkseid became his latest fare. Cabbie discovered what was really going on and used his wits to trick Kanto into taking a ride to Earth where the Justice League ambushed him.

Cabbie returned to the moon with Swamp Thing and Hawkman. While they fought the Apokoliptian forces, Cabbie used Jack to extract the Kryptonite source. Superman shattered the glass enclosure. Not back to full strength, Superman was unaffected by Darkseid's Omega Effect and tackled him into a wall. Superman tossed Darkseid to the ground then landed on him and signaled Atom to reveal himself. The Boom Tube generator went back online. Superman revealed a standard Mother Box and opened a tube. He kicked Darkseid in and sent him to the acid lake planet Schlough. Superman thanked Cabbie for his help and offered him a lift but Cabbie declined as Jack was hard at work on the Space Cab. Superman battled Star Sapphire during a conflict between the Justice League and Ivy League in Gotham. She dodged his heat vision, drew up a shield then hit him with a mace construct. He was pursued by a construct of a whale-like creature. He dispersed it with a punch then forced Sapphire to fire her laser into Poison Ivy's giant Venus Fly Trap. The heroes went bowling. Superman, however, wrecked the back of an alley and several cars outside with a bowling ball.

Superman made it to the Watchtower for the monthly meeting and decked Amazo down several floors. Batman tried to warn Superman about Amazo's duplication ability but he was too late. Amazo scanned Superman. Superman was hit with heat vision and countered with a punch but Amazo rendered himself intangible. Amazo countered with mind control he copied from Martian Manhunter and neutralized Superman. Amazo placed the Leaguers in a prison cell designed to damper super powers. Superman tried in vain to ram the bars. Wonder Woman tried to get the jump on Amazo but he phased through the Lasso of Truth and tied her up with it. Superman was dismayed by Bizarro's sudden arrival and did a face palm. However, Bizarro ended up saving the League by Amazo overloading on his backwards logic. Wonder Woman didn't see any other choice but to offer him membership. Superman agreed his heart was in the right place even though he was a little backwards. Batman got an idea and asked Bizarro if he could stay right where he was while they inducted him. Bizarro flew away.

Superman captured Luthor before he could use his Bomb of Ultimate Destruction but was unaware it was only a prototype. Batman, Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman met at the Watchtower to discuss Joker breaking Luthor out of Stryker's. Flash and Batman got into semantics about handing out and working. Superman brought up how they talk about going bowling. Batman zoomed in on Joker's to-do list and the North Pole was next. Superman realized they were headed to the Fortress of Solitude. They arrived and saw 'Supernerd' spray painted all over the front door. Superman whistled and Krypto the Superdog came out the doggie door. He put down a piece of Joker's yellow pants and sat. Superman congratulated him with a 'good buy' then rubbed his belly. Superman and other Leaguers raided one of Luthor's secret hideouts. He used heat vision to pierce the glass dome and entered with Wonder Woman. Joker used his Mother Box to blast Superman into Cyborg. Luthor attempted to assemble his war suit but Superman caught on and destroyed his left arm pieces before they could connect.

Luthor fired a blast of Kryptonite from his chest at Superman after he didn't believe his plea of innocence. Luthor entered a password on an invisible keypad and brought up a case. He brought out a canister of Kryptonite and Superman dropped to the ground. Luthor tricked Joker and knocked him out. He put the Kryptonite away and gave it to Batman then gave Joker's Mother Box to Superman. Superman and Batman broke up a robbery at the Metropolis Mercantile Bank. They were naturally suspicious of low level gangsters armed with alien weaponry. At around 11, a reporter from the Daily Planet named Sid Sharp arrived on scene. He accused Clark Kent of poaching his story but Kent clarified he was around for the past 20 minutes. Sharp was perplexed as he came as soon as he heard about it on the wire. Kent implied he had his sources and wished him luck for next time. Sharp grumbled an empty threat about a boot but Kent asked if he said anything. Sharp denied it and told him to get his hearing checked the next time he went to get new glasses.

Kent slipped away into an alley and met up with Batman. Batman suspected it wasn't just a robbery and speculated Apokolips was behind something. Kent returned to his cubicle at the Planet. Batman later contacted him with confirmation the weapon was definitely from Apokolips. Kent went to the janitor closet to change but Sharp was inside trying to change. A Boom Tube suddenly appeared in the hallway outside. A Parademon set off a Kryptonite Bomb. The pulse threw Kent and Sharp into a bookcase and knocked them out. Two Parademons found them. They discountered Kent of behind Superman because he wore glasses and saw Sharp, still dressed in a costume based on Superman's. They took him instead. Batman informed Superman the Boom Tube originated from Darkseid's throne room. Superman went it alone and found Sharp imprisoned in a cage. Sharp tried to warn him it was trap but it was too late. Kanto, Kalibak, Desaad, and Granny Goodness emerged from their hiding places and weakened him with several Kryptonite blasts.

Superman collapsed and told Sharp he needed some time to recover. Sharp ran his mouth and fermented suspicion between Darkseid's elites. Darkseid eventually boomed back into the throne room and demanded Superman. Granny and Kalibak brought him forth. Darkseid was almost disappointed with how easily Superman was defeated. Sharp chimed in he was, too. Superman played along and apologized. Sharp was open to him making up for it somehow. Superman punched Darkseid across the room. He dodged blasts from Kanto and Granny then decked Granny into a wall. He dove down into floor, tunneled, and tossed Kanto into mid-air then emerged and punched him into another wall. Desaad meekly surrendered but Darkseid unleashed his Omega Effect on Superman in a rage. Superman outflew the Omega Effect and let it lay waste to the room. He fired his heat vision and snagged Sharp's cage from its stand then flew outside. Sharp informed him Desaad's remote was their way back home.

Superman dove back down, grabbed Desaad and set him down. Desaad immediately opened a Boom Tube to summon Parademons but Superman quickly shoved him through and kept the remote then boomed himself and Sharp back to Earth. The Omega Effect devastated the throne room and it sank. Sharp prepared an article about the battle then told his fellow reporters all about it. He presented the article to Perry White but Kent already did. After White left to stop the presses, Kent recalled he took Sharp's advice and got his hearing checked the day before. He announced there was no need to worry then slipped his article into Sharp's hands and left. Sharp understood and smiled. The early edition read "Superman: Sid Sharp Saved My Life!" and featured a photo of Superman posing with him.

Superman found Lex Luthor above the city after he raided S.T.A.R. Labs. Luthor fired his Kryptonite Radiation Emitter but nothing happened at first. The Emitter's piece of Kryptonite started pulsing from green to red to blue. Superman suddenly split into two versions of himself, a red one and a blue one. The Supermen ordered Luthor to surrender but he laughed and flew away. They jumped to another roof and fired their heat vision into Luthor's rocket boots. Superman Blue told Superman Red to calm down and they could stop Luthor without being mean. Superman Blue called Red an imposter and threw him into a building. He leaped and landed on top of Luthor. Superman Blue kept persisting about talking it out and took multiple kicks and punches over and over. Superman and Wonder Woman Red leaped away with Luthor's emitter. Superman and Wonder Woman Blue politely took custody of Luthor and he was jailed at the Watchtower.

Superman and Wonder Woman Blue took being good to whole new levels. They brought a spare blanket and pillow to Luthor. Superman Blue even thought of heating up some of Flash's left over turkey meat loaf from a League pot-luck. Green Arrow was weirded out even more after they started cheering Batman for tracking down their red counterparts to one of Luthor's abandoned labs. They took Arrow's suggestion and kept cheering while he and Batman searched the lab. Superman Red anticipated Batman would be informed. He used his heat vision repeatedly in the battle, to free Wonder Woman of Arrow's net arrow then to bring the lab down on them. He exhaled and blew Batman into a column. Wonder Woman Red used the emitter and split him into two. The reds took over the Watchtower and planned to use the League satellite to liberate all reds at once and take control. Green Arrow stole the emitter but before he could get away, Superman Red grabbed his leg. Arrow accidentally fired the emitter on Luthor and split him into two.

Luthor Red tricked the others into thinking he was on their side and solved the emitter's battery issue by wiring it into the Watchtower's power core. He activated it and blasted them, restoring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman back to normal. Luthor Red restored himself back to normal last. Luthor was naturally angry about being beaten and betrayed by himself. Superman was happy to be validated about his theory there was a good side to Luthor but admitted he didn't think it was his smartest side, too. Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Atom came to Green Lantern's aid in a losing battle with Sinestro. Superman and Wonder Woman, in Justice-2, attacked Sinestro to distract him long enough for Lantern to recharge his ring. Sinestro raised a shield to block Superman's punch and recognized him. He admitted it would be an honor to destroy him. Superman charged several constructs then threw another punch in vain. Sinestro was disappointed by their tactics then drew up a giant robot construct then punched him.

Superman landed a punch on the construct but was immediately punched back then blasted. Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman made a final push after Despotellis reported he destroyed Atom. Sinestro made a giant multi-armed construct of himself. Superman used his heat vision but the construct counter-attacked with a mouth blast of yellow energy. After Atom changed Despotellis' chemical make-up and Sinestro was rammed into an asteroid, the heroes took turns examining Despotellis under a microscope. Superman thought it looked more like a squid pickle. Superman lost his memory like the other Leaguers after Felix Faust cast a spell on them. Clark Kent settled in his office and started typing but was startled by Firestorm outside. He phased inside and realized Kent had no memory he was Superman. Kent insisted he was just a mild mannered reporter. He demonstrated by saying hello to Lois Lane as she walked past. She didn't acknowledge him at all. Kent mused if he were Superman, she would notice him right away.

Firestorm ripped his shirt next but there was no costume underneath. Kent was upset he ruined a nice shirt. He repaired the shirt with his powers then showed Clark what he looks like without glasses on. Kent admitted there was a passing resemblance but stated Superman was super strong and could fly. Firestorm got another idea and flew Kent outside above the city and dropped him. Instead of flying, Kent hit the pavement. Kent, to his surprise, stood up from the crater unharmed. Firestorm took Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Diana Prince to the Watchtower. Wayne and Prince didn't believe Firestorm's claims they were Batman and Wonder Woman. Kent proved Firestorm was right by falling into the ocean then ran back up to them unharmed. Wet but unharmed. Wayne and Prince exchanged looks. Going off Stein's idea, Firestorm changed their outfits into their costumes. Superman thought his costume was a bit "snug". Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman took a cab to the Metropolis Jewlery Exchange and joined Firestorm against Felix Faust and his Golems even though they had no idea what to do.

Superman tried to fly but he fell on the pavement. Superman somehow found himself clinging to the forehead of a Golem and tried to ask to be let down. It rammed itself into another Golem instead. Later in the battle, Superman jumped off a building and used his momentum to smash a Golem. Batman addressed Faust and demanded the orb that held their memories. Three more Golems attacked. Superman charged and started to fly. He destroyed one of the Golems with his rediscovered superpower. Superman found Faust and lifted his segway off the ground. Faust soon realized he wasn't moving and fell off. Wonder Woman snatched the orb but they noticed Firestorm talking to himself in a reflection, unaware of Professor Stein. They decided it was time to get their memories back. Wonder Woman tossed the orb and shattered it on the pavement. Metallo broke out of Stryker's Island Penitentiary and soon got into a fight with Superman. Metallo was decked into a bus but he opened his chest receptacle and exposed Superman to his Green Kryptonite.

Superman was powerless and fell to his knees. Firestorm arrived and tried to turn Metallo's Kryptonite into lead. However, he couldn't remember despite sitting through a boring and very long lecture about it in the morning. He turned it into Red Kryptonite. Superman went into a rage and tackled Metallo into the bus, setting off a small explosion. He tried again but it turned Gold. Superman was stricken with amnesia. Metallo nailed him with a right hook then jabbed but Superman ducked. Firestorm tried again but turned it Black. Superman was split in two. The evil black suited Superman tackled the good white suited Superman just as Metallo lunged at them. He fell on his face. Firestorm tried again but it turned Pink. Superman turned into a Superwoman. It was something he could work with then punched Metallo several times then piledrived a car into him. Firestorm remembered he wrote the formula on his right wrist and successfully changed the Kryptonite into lead. Metallo went offline and dropped. Superman put him over his shoulder and prepared to return him to his cell at Stryker's Island Penitentiary. He asked Firestorm not to tell Batman about what happened but he already sent to text. Superman frowned.

Superman confronted Gorilla Grodd and Titano in Metropolis but he was blasted by its Kryptonite vision. Stargirl used her Cosmic Staff to carry him to safety. Superman came up with a solution against the beams and asked her to keep the civilians out of danger until he came back. Superman returned in his lead suit and scooped up Harley Quinn after Titano threw her towards a building. He tried to explain lead could protect him from the Kryptonite but Harley already lost interest. Superman asked Stargirl to watch her then engaged Titano again. He started to gain the upper hand and tried to breach Grodd's globe. He bragged it was virtually indestructible. Superman flew out of the city, past the Kent farm in Smallville, to the Fortress of Solitude. He flew in a straight line back to the city right into the globe and fractured it. Grodd remarked it was practically virtually. Superman tossed Titano over his shoulder. Titano landed in a Lexcorp Construction worksite. He threw a bulldozer at Superman. He fell to the ground and was pinned by three construction vehicles.

Superman still managed to lift them and tossed them aside but his suit was torn up. Titano blasted him with Kryptonite again. Stargirl was able to dislodge Grodd from the globe and Titano gained control of himself but police helicopters arrived and spooked him. Superman recovered and flew to Daily Planet and stood in the path of the helicopter's shots. The pilots were stunned and ceased fire. Stargirl calmed Titano down with a giant teddy bear and Harley's special song. Harley tried to sneak away but walked into Superman and fell. The stolen diamonds spilled out of her purse. She suggested they call it even. She was put in a paddy wagon with Grodd. Batman discovered a temporary rift opened near the Sun and Zod escaped from the Phantom Zone. He called in Superman and Wonder Woman. After Batman woke Booster up, the trio headed to S.T.A.R. Labs to stop Zod from stealing the Kryptonian Prism.

Superman promised Zod he would be reunited with Faora and Quex-Ul soon enough. Zod stomped the ground and threw a chunk of the floor at Superman then blasted a ceiling, raining debris on top of him. They were unaware the mobile Phantom Zone Projector's interaction with the Kryptonian Prism made Zod intangible nor they were all affected. They returned to the Watchtower with the prism. They soon went out of phase. Batman discovered they had just enough tangibility to affect tiny changes in the visible world. Booster went to the locker room, put on a Batsuit then a Supersuit. Superman was annoyed with Booster's imitation and corrected him that he was faster than speeding bullet not a locomotive. He turned to Batman and Wonder Woman and nervously said he never said that anyway. Superman soon realized Booster had a knack for always doing the wrong thing. Wonder Woman got an idea and led Booster to the Phantom Zone Projector with a trail of Jaw Destroyer gumballs.

Booster unknowingly triggered the projector, but Zod flew in front of them at the last second. Batman communicated a plan to Booster through the prism. He begged Zod to be sent to the Phantom Zone so he could be with his friends. Zod fell for it. Booster held out the prism and restored Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to normal. Superman fought Faora but she got him in a hold. Zod tried to blast him but Superman dodged. Faora and Quex-Ul punched Superman to the ground. Wonder Woman whipped a Jaw Destroyer at Zod's head. Superman grabbed a panel and deflected the projector's beam at Zod, Faora and Quex-Ul back to the zone. Batman picked up the prism and checked on Booster. Superman commended him on being brave enough to face Zod alone but to Booster's dismay they held off on freeing him. Superman recruited Plastic Man to help him trick Lois Lane into dismissing her theory he was Superman. Plastic Man hung from Superman as a monkey as he flew back to Metropolis.

Plastic Man inquired how Lane found out. Superman pointed out she had the reporter's instinct but Plastic Man contended he had a terrible disguise, glasses. Superman reminded him he could still drop him. They sneaked into the janitor's closet. Plastic Man offered to snazz up Kent's wardrobe but Superman told him to stick to the plan. Plastic Man emerged from the closet as Clark Kent and tried to talked to two co-workers. Lane found him and led him up to the roof then hopped off. Superman was waiting and carried her back up. The plan was working but Lex Luthor appeared and blasted Superman with red sun radiation. He swung Superman around, hit "Kent" and tossed them into the giant globe. Superman still needed to recover and asked Plastic Man to take over. He assumed Superman's form and proved to be a good distraction while Lane pressed the off button on the back ot Luthor's suit. Superman thanked a Justice League of robot duplicates for destroying Darkseid's test data and remarked what they did was incredibly human.

Superman agreed to race the Flash for the title of "Fastest Man Alive" as part of a charity event organized by Bruce Wayne. Lois Lane interviewed them before the race but it was clear who she favored as the winner. Superman greeted Lane, stating she was lovely as ever and asked if she did something to her hair. Lane was smitten and asked if she should congratulate him now or later. Superman chided Lane and told her Flash would give him a run for his money, money for charity. The crowd cheered. Flash and Superman took off but were unaware the Hero Tracker GPS devices they wore so audiences could monitor their real-time progress were rigged. The energy generated by their Speed Force was being transferred into Chronos and Luthor's Time Suit. Halfway through the race, they were still neck and neck. They crossed the Rockies and passed the starting line but Luthor suddenly caught up to them at super speed. Flash told Superman about the Speed Force and suspected Luthor somehow tapped into it.

Luthor demonstrated more of his suit's power and raised a time-wall at the shore. Not knowing any better, Superman ran right into it. He was knocked flat on his back. Once Superman recovered, they raced to S.T.A.R. Labs but found Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman were frozen in time, Cyborg was an old man, and another time-wall surrounded S.T.A.R. Labs. Superman used his X-Ray vision to confirm Luthor stopped time inside, too. He found Luthor using a computer to take control of S.T.A.R.'s satellites. Flash tried to vibrate his molecules through the wall but he didn't have enough power. Batman arrived with a solve. He figured out a way to reprogram Superman's Hero Tracker. He instructed Superman to take his thumb drive, insert it into his Tracker, then run. Superman's energy signal was directed into Flash's Hero Tracker and gained the added power of Superman's Speed Force. Flash was able to vibrate through the time-wall and defeated Luthor.

Superman entered and promised he'd have Luthor back at Stryker's in 15 seconds. Flash stated he could do it in two. Superman proposed another race. Flash accepted. Superman hoisted Luthor in mid-air with one hand the whole time. A short time after Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn stole Justice-1, it went into a free fall. Superman, Shazam, and Martian Manhunter caught it at the last second. Superman attended Green Arrow's Christmas party on Christmas Eve. He used his x-ray vision on the presents for Secret Santa. He saw socks, jelly beans, a really nice watch, and more socks. Plastic Man brought a tranquilized Solomon Grundy with him. Arrow tried to tell to stop eating everything and ducked just in time. Superman was swatted away instead. Flash remembered he didn't buy a gift for Secret Santa and ran off and came back with a teddy bear. He tried to give it to Zatanna but Superman stated he was Zatanna's Secret Santa. Flash told Superman he was his Secret Santa and gave him the bear. Superman gave the bear to Grundy and told him no one should be without a present on Christmas.

Grundy remembered the little girl he scared and ran off to find her at Centennial Park. Most of the League took off after him. Superman noticed Wonder Woman had the same teddy bear he just gave to Grundy. Green Arrow realized what was going on and asked Flash to quickly find the girl, Keely Miller. After Grundy gave the bear to Miller, Superman joined the others to head to S.T.A.R. Labs' Christmas party.

Superman and Supergirl responded to powerful twisters in Smallville. They flew counter and dissipated a few then smelled Ma Kent's blueberry pie. She stopped to return a displaced cow to the Henderson dairy then met up with Superman at the farm. After they ate their fill of pie, Supergirl asked him if their lives would be different if they weren't raised in Smallville. Mr. Mxyzptlk was intrigued with their discussion of nature vs. nuture and manifested an old television set on the porch then narrated. Superman couldn't believe he was back. Mxyzptlk reset reality so that Superman grew up in Kasnia and Supergirl grew up in Hollywood. Superman became Kasnia's mysterious new weapon and fueled their invasion of the United States of America. They crossed west to Smallville. Superman defaced the welcome sign and used his heat vision to write "Kasnia" over "Kansas."

Kara Zor-El, a famous entertainment mogul, arrived at her latest red carpet premiere. The Kasnian People's Republic moved through Metropolis and ruined the festivities, much to Mxyzptlk's delight. Superman planted Kasnian flag poles everywhere then flew off. She gave Morty her trenchcoat and earrings then flew off to face Superman and teach him to stay out of her spotlight. Superman finished draping Kasnian banners over the Daily Planet. Supergirl nailed him with heat vision then he used super breath and charged. She clotheslined him then twirled him into the pavement with a pole. He grabbed hold and swung her into the pavement then hit her with a flying punch. She rose up through the pavement with him in tow. Booster Gold arrived from the Vanishing Point outside the space-time continuum and was bewildered at the new timeline. Booster tossed his apple core and hit Mxyzptlk. He was smitten with the imp but Mxyzptlk could care less who he was. Supergirl sliced a thrown car in half with heat vision then Superman fired his own.

Booster made a force sphere between them and asked why they were fighting each other. Superman threw her into a car. Booster pointed out she was his cousin. Superman was surprised. Booster continued and explained they were from Krypton by way of Kansas. He realized it was all just a trick caused by Mxyzptlk and saw through his disguise despite Supergirl not. Mxyzptlk admitted Booster outsmarted him, revealed his true form, then dropped the Daily Planet globe on top of Booster. Zor-El was appalled and finally realized it was all wrong. Just before he could reset reality again, Superman tricked him with a fake Kasnian phrase. Mxyzptlk understood the language but didn't understand one word: Kltpzyxm. He realized he was tricked into saying his name backwards and was banished back to the Fifth Dimension. Reality was restored back to normal but they remembered it all. They hugged. Booster killed the moment and pointed out he was just fine. Superman noticed he ate the rest of their pie.

Booster pretended to get an urgent time call and teleported. Supergirl asked again if he ever thought their lives would be different if they were raised somewhere else. Superman quickly replied "nope." Superman was one of the Leaguers who boomed out of the Watchtower to stop the Red Lanterns from invading Earth. He gave Plastic Man a very important job, dog sit Krypto.