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Real Identity: Katar Hol
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Follow That Space Cab! and Repulse!
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Flight, Survival in Space, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Troy Baker

Hawkman is a stoic winged warrior from Thanagar and member of the Justice League. Hawkman responded to Superman's distress call in space and knocked Lobo off his Spacehog. Superman knew Lobo would lure him into a trap and asked Space Cabbie to follow them to the nearby Abandoned Anthracite Mine. While Superman recharged himself off a yellow sun, Lobo ambushed Hawkman and cut him off from his battle mace. Just as Lobo fired his blaster, Superman landed in front of Hawkman and took the blast. They continued to battle against Lobo until he accidentally stepped on his bounty, Mister Mind, and squashed him into two pieces. Superman, Hawkman, and Cabbie eventually found their way to the Watchtower and placed Mister Mind's remains in a prison dome, anticipating his regeneration. In order to pay Space Cabbie, Superman crushed a piece of anthracite Hawkman found in his wings and turned it into a diamond. Cabbie accepted and took a photo with them.

Hawkman joined Superman and Wonder Woman in Metropolis to combat a new menace calling himself Repulse. Armed with a repulsive electromagnetic charge, he was able to deflect all direct attacks. Superman cut a hole under Repulse with his heat vision and pursued him in the sewers only to discover it was really Lex Luthor all along. Hawkman was put off by Superman and Wonder Woman's public display of affection but the Repulse suddenly enveloped Superman. Wonder Woman and Hawkman went to Stryker's Island Penitentiary to question Luthor but he wasn't forthcoming. Hawkman pulled off a part of the prison door and Wonder Woman tied up Luthor in her Lasso of Truth. He told them what the Repulse was and thought of way to beat it. With a black hole. Hawkman took the helm of Justice-1. He and Wonder Woman watched Superman start to use Black Hole XT-357 to drain the Repulse's energy but Luthor tried to blast him into it. Ultimately, Superman was able to rid himself of the Repulse. Hawkman scanned Superman to verify it was gone.