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Real Identity: Victor Stone
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Night of the Bat) and Play Date
Powers/Skills: Technopathy and Engineering
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Cyborg is a half-man, half-metal teenage super hero and member of the Justice League. While Batman and Green Arrow pursued Uthool of the Brothers Djinn, Cyborg performed maintenance on the power core in the Hall of Justice. He discovered the power couplers were pulsing out of sync so he rerouted the matrix. Uthool possessed Batman and made his way to the core. While Cyborg had his back on him, Batman took a power coupling and electrocuted Cyborg. On Superman's orders, Green Arrow took Cyborg to safety. By the time they got to the lobby, Superman and Uthool were in mid-battle. Green Arrow opted to go to another floor. Cyborg was in shock the Hall of Justice was reduced to rubble by the fight. He helped with directing Green Lantern, Shazam, and Superman in assembling the Watchtower.

Cyborg was on guard duty at the Watchtower but he was challenged online by Blue Beetle. They spent a lot of time playing the popular fighting game "Blvd Brawlers." Under his watch, Toyman and his toys broke into the Watchtower. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fought the toys off. Towards the end of the battle, Superman was punched through the ceiling into Cyborg's room. He stood in front of the TV screen. Cyborg took off his head phones and realized he made a mistake. They rejoined the others. Cyborg blew up a giant clown as it descended on Batman and Wonder Woman. Cyborg interfaced with a damaged chibi Batman doll to ascertain the identity of the perpetrator but Superman correctly guessed it was Toyman. Toyman wrapped Superman up in Kryptonite putty then knocked out the others with sleeping gas. Cyborg awoke and learned Toyman was forcing them to fight each other in a JLA version of "Blvd Brawlers" for his entertainment. Cyborg commanded the chibi doll to come to them in the training room while he stalled for time.

Cyborg suggested a little friendly competition with Toyman, the self-proclaimed master of Blvd Brawlers. When Toyman suspected a ploy, Cyborg called him out as a trash talker. Toyman had enough and set up Cyborg as the second player. Toyman chose Batman for him. To go up against Superman. Cyborg blurted out Batman didn't have any powers. To Batman's annoyance, Cyborg kept triggering the "I am Batman!" line. Cyborg and Batman bidded time to charge the Super Meter. Cyborg protested Superman using a made up move called S-wrap but the meter finally charged up. Batman countered Superman's Justice Charge with his super move, Kryptonite Ring Punch. Superman was knocked out. Cyborg cheered his and Batman's victory, even earning the praise of Toyman's toys. Toyman selected Wonder Woman next. During the fight, Toyman paused the game and declared it was the most epic match he ever played in and admitted Cyborg was a magnificent challenger. Cyborg admitted Toyman hasn't so bad either. Wonder Woman considered raising the age for new members in the League.

Toyman un-paused and won the match with Wonder Woman's Amazon Rolling Thunder Super Move. Cyborg asked about his next character but Toyman declared the game was over. Cyborg didn't appreciate the rule change and called Toyman a big baby. Toyman retook control of Cyborg and walked him over to Wonder Woman, who was forced to wind up a punch. Cyborg's chibi doll already patched into Toyman's console and overrode the controls. The heroes chased Toyman down and disabled his mech suit. The life-size avian robot picked up Toyman by the shorts. Cyborg congratulated him on a good game and stated "Boo-yah."