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Real Identity: Victor Stone
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Night of the Bat), Play Date, Plastic Man Saves the World, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Battle for the Bottled City, All Aboard the Space Train, Mxy's Mix-Up, Best Day Ever, The Ringer (Hallucination), System Error, Race Against Crime, Party Animal, and Unleashed
Appearances (Webisodes): Quality Time, Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!, Toymano a Mano, and Mint Condition
Powers/Skills: Technopathy and Engineering
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Cyborg is a half-man, half-metal teenage super hero and member of the Justice League. He loves and collected Bot Bot action figures since his childhood. The total number is unknown but he owns hundreds. While Batman and Green Arrow pursued Uthool of the Brothers Djinn, Cyborg performed maintenance on the power core in the Hall of Justice. He discovered the power couplers were pulsing out of sync so he rerouted the matrix. Uthool possessed Batman and made his way to the core. While Cyborg had his back on him, Batman took a power coupling and electrocuted Cyborg. On Superman's orders, Green Arrow took Cyborg to safety. By the time they got to the lobby, Superman and Uthool were in mid-battle. Green Arrow opted to go to another floor. Cyborg was in shock the Hall of Justice was reduced to rubble by the fight. He helped with directing Green Lantern, Shazam, and Superman in assembling the Watchtower.

Cyborg was on guard duty at the Watchtower but he was challenged online by Blue Beetle. They spent a lot of time playing the popular fighting game "Blvd Brawlers." Under his watch, Toyman and his toys broke into the Watchtower. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fought the toys off. Towards the end of the battle, Superman was punched through the ceiling into Cyborg's room. He stood in front of the TV screen. Cyborg took off his head phones and realized he made a mistake. They rejoined the others. Cyborg blew up a giant clown as it descended on Batman and Wonder Woman. Cyborg interfaced with a damaged chibi Batman doll to ascertain the identity of the perpetrator but Superman correctly guessed it was Toyman. Toyman wrapped Superman up in Kryptonite putty then knocked out the others with sleeping gas. Cyborg awoke and learned Toyman was forcing them to fight each other in a JLA version of "Blvd Brawlers" for his entertainment. Cyborg commanded the chibi doll to come to them in the training room while he stalled for time.

Cyborg suggested a little friendly competition with Toyman, the self-proclaimed master of Blvd Brawlers. When Toyman suspected a ploy, Cyborg called him out as a trash talker. Toyman had enough and set up Cyborg as the second player. Toyman chose Batman for him. To go up against Superman. Cyborg blurted out Batman didn't have any powers. To Batman's annoyance, Cyborg kept triggering the "I am Batman!" line. Cyborg and Batman bidded time to charge the Super Meter. Cyborg protested Superman using a made up move called S-wrap but the meter finally charged up. Batman countered Superman's Justice Charge with his super move, Kryptonite Ring Punch. Superman was knocked out. Cyborg cheered his and Batman's victory, even earning the praise of Toyman's toys. Toyman selected Wonder Woman next. During the fight, Toyman paused the game and declared it was the most epic match he ever played in and admitted Cyborg was a magnificent challenger. Cyborg admitted Toyman hasn't so bad either. Wonder Woman considered raising the age for new members in the League.

Toyman un-paused and won the match with Wonder Woman's Amazon Rolling Thunder Super Move. Cyborg asked about his next character but Toyman declared the game was over. Cyborg didn't appreciate the rule change and called Toyman a big baby. Toyman retook control of Cyborg and walked him over to Wonder Woman, who was forced to wind up a punch. Cyborg's chibi doll already patched into Toyman's console and overrode the controls. The heroes chased Toyman down and disabled his mech suit. The life-size avian robot picked up Toyman by the shorts. Cyborg congratulated him on a good game and stated "Boo-yah." Cyborg participated in the mission to stop Brainiac from taking Metropolis and blowing up the planet. He was unable to hack into Brainiac's advanced systems. To make matters worse, his orb drones quickly analyzed his attack and fired strategically at him in unison. To add insult to injury, Plastic Man accidentally struck an orb right onto Cyborg's head. After Plastic Man blew up Brainiac's ship, Cyborg and Vixen fitted Brainiac in retraints.

Cyborg was present at the Watchtower during the Spider Gauntlet incident involving Lobo and the Red Lanterns. Cyborg was at the Fortress of Solitude when Superman shrank for the first time to visit Kandor City. He still couldn't fathom it was a real city with real people inside. After Superman went to Kandor, Brainiac infiltrated the Fortress in search of the city. Cyborg wasn't pleased to see a villain invaded the base. He tried to play off Kandor as Cleveland but it wasn't too believable in the least bit. Brainiac materialized a concussive explosive and deployed it at Cyborg. Hit with an advanced form of an electromagnetic pulse, Cyborg was immobilized. Atom went after Brainiac in a Superman Robot while Cyborg performed a reboot. By the time Cyborg recovered and caught up to everyone, the battle was over. He noticed Kandor's bottle looked like a snow globe. Superman joked about Kandor's infamous constantly changing weather and heated it to normal with his heat vision.

Cyborg piloted Justice 1 and recovered crew members, encased in personal force fields, of the Space Train left to drift in space by Kanjar Ro. Batman boarded the train only to be thrown out as well. Cyborg eventually caught up and picked up Batman. Unable to catch up to the train, Cyborg started searching for nearby allies and found Space Cabbie. Batman contacted Cabbie but he was more interested in eating his hoagie than stopping a hijacked train. Cyborg interceded and offered to quadruple his fare. Cabbie accepted and started up his Space Cab. Once Cabbie got there, he was hesitant to jump onto a moving train. Cyborg cut in and offered a 20% tip. Cabbie leaned out the window. Once Cabbie and Jonah Hex stopped Kanjar, Cyborg planned to board the train and land it but the gravity of a nearby star pulled it offcourse. Cabbie took the helm and landed the train on a desert planet. Cyborg escorted Kanjar to his holding cell in Justice 1.

Cyborg was part of the Bravo Squad sent to the United Nations Building to back up Batman, Superman, and Stargirl against Gorilla Grodd. Mr. Mxyzptlk stole their minds and switched them around. Cyborg was in Martian Manhunter's body and Plastic Man was in Cyborg's. Cyborg's jet boots activated and Plastic Man took off. Unable to control them, Plastic Man zoomed past Batman, Superman, and Stargirl. Cyborg took part in a mission to find a hidden H.I.V.E. jungle base. While Batman, Wonder Woman, and Plastic Man deployed, Cyborg remained in Justice-1 to draw enemy fire. Cyborg was in the United Kingdom during the Amazo incident. Toyman kidnapped Cyborg and outfitted him with a helmet that gave him control over his body. Toyman forced him to help rob Gotham City Hall but Batman arrived. Cyborg was then forced to fire his arm cannon at Batman. Batman dodged and tried to counter with Batarangs. Toyman fired capsules from Cyborg's shoulder launchers and captured them. Toyman continued and took off for the docks.

Batman attempted to lasso Cyborg with the Batmobile but he dragged the car along until a boot jack was fired. It locked up one of Cyborg's feet and he was immobilized. Toyman abandoned Cyborg, took the stolen money and made his way to his getaway boat, Plastic Man. Cyborg flew after the Joker and Lex Luthor as they illegally participated in a professional race. Joker threw out sticks of dynamite. Cyborg held off his pursuit and they boomed away. He later joined other Leaguers in raiding one of Luthor's secret hideouts. Cyborg entered with Hawkman but Joker used Mother Box and blasted Superman into Cyborg. Cyborg later fired at Luthor, but his force bubble deflected the shot and knocked him and Superman into a wall.

Cyborg tried to inform Stargirl and Batman about Toyman's latest break-in gently with a round of good news-bad news but Toyman directed the Bot Bots to open fire on them. Cyborg scrambled and took the blasts of the Cosmic Staff and destroyed Batarangs before they could hit any of his Bot Bots. Cyborg instructed them to gently put each one back in their boxes. Toyman revealed he armed one with explosives powerful enough to destroy the Watchtower. Cyborg appealed to his shared love of Bot Bots and pointed out he armed a Generation Three international 1982 Bot Bot, one of five in existence. A true lover of them, Toyman couldn't go through with his plans. Cyborg revealed he also had the playset. Toyman was amazed. They continued to geek out. Stargirl asked if they should arrest him but Batman decided to leave and pretend nothing ever happened.

Cyborg used his arm cannon to simulate fireworks for the opening festivities of a charity race between Flash and Superman. Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Cyborg fought Lex Luthor outside S.T.A.R Labs but his Time Suit was too powerful. Luthor used his power to rapidly age Cyborg into an elderly man. He returned to normal after Flash defeated Luthor. Cyborg attended Green Arrow's Christmas party on Christmas Eve. Cyborg was one of the Leaguers who boomed out of the Watchtower to stop the Red Lanterns from invading Earth.