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Dr. Fate

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Real Identity: Kent Nelson
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Trick or Threat and Party Animal
Powers/Skills: Mastery of Magic
Voiced By: Erica Luttrell (Kid Dr. Fate)

Dr. Fate is a strong practitioner of magic and wears the Helmet of Fate, one of the most powerful magical objects in all creation. In a Halloween tale that may or may not have really happened, Fate sensed the appearance of the House of Mystery in a small neighborhood. Along with his fellow Justice Leaguers Batman, Zatanna, and Constantine, they checked things out to make sure no witless mortals got stuck inside before it vanished at midnight. Klarion the Witch Boy, desiring the Helmet of Fate for himself, attacked them and turned them into 10 year old children with no memory of who they were. They played into Klarion's manipulations and went to check out an old house, unaware it was the House of Mystery. They eventually came upon a Mirror Truth. Not knowing how, Zatanna and Fate knew it showed things as they really are. They all realized there were part of the Justice League.

Eventually, Fate got back his Helmet of Fate and used its power to banish Klarion's monsters through several portals. Dr. Fate told the House to obey the will of Fate and release them. The House sent them outside just as midnight struck. Zatanna cut off Klarion and Teekl's escape through the front door and the House vanished. They turned back to adults with memories intact. Fate attended Green Arrow's Christmas party on Christmas Eve.