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Green Arrow

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Real Identity: Oliver Queen
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Night of the Bat and Abate and Switch), The Trouble with Truth, Booster's Gold, Best Day Ever, Superman Red vs. Superman Blue, E. Nigma, Consulting Detective, Party Animal, and She Wore Red Velvet
Appearances (Webisodes): Super Stakeout
Powers/Skills: Archery and Marksmanship
Voiced By: Chris Diamantopoulos

Outfitting himself with arrows that shoot tear gas, smoke, nets, and more, Green Arrow has a trick shot for every obstacle. Stranded on an island, he was forced to survive on his own and in turn taught himself how to be a hero.

Superman was concerned about Batman pursuing Uthool of the Brothers Djinn alone so he sent Green Arrow to provide back up. He landed on the hood of the Batmobile and fired a net trick arrow that pinned Uthool to a wall. Batman braked and sent Arrow into some trash cans. He sprang up and boasted he had the agility of a cat. Uthool broke free, dodged their Batarangs and Boxing Glove trick arrow, and scaled the building to the roof. Arrow managed to wrap up his legs with a bola trick arrow and he fell off a rooftop into a dumpster. Batman caught to him first and ended up possessed. On the ride back to the Hall, Green Arrow kept going on about scuffing the car so "Batman" ejected him into the river. Arrow eventually made his way back to the Hall and confronted "Batman" in the power core room. He easily dodged his arrows and back handed Arrow. Superman arrived, prompting Uthool to reveal himself. Green Arrow took Cyborg, who was still reeling from a high voltage overload, to safety. They reached the lobby the same time as Superman and Uthool. Arrow quickly opted to try another floor and closed the elevator.

Green Arrow was summoned to the House of Mystery by Constantine after he got a distress call from Batman. To counter the Brothers Djinn's power nullifying spell, Arrow suggested they switch costumes and looks. Batman didn't like the plan and left to get back up. Arrow posed as Superman and vice-versa. Somehow, the plan worked and together with Swamp Thing, Arrow uppercut Nyorlath. However, Black Adam emerged from the reopened volcanic fissure the Brothers targeted and turned them into monsters. Green Arrow was pursued by Abnegazar to the top of the volcano. With Batman's help, they forced him to fall into the lava below but it had no affect so Batman froze him with some freezing pellets. They jumped on Abnegazar and dislodged him then he fell into Constantine's portal. Once all the Brothers and Black Adam were defeated, Arrow professed he thought Shazam would fit right in with the Justice League.

Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Arrow went after H.I.V.E. after they learned the organization planned to destroy Metropolis. Wonder Woman used her Lasso of Truth on a soldier and he admitted to a Cobalt Fusion Bomb but H.I.V.E. Master remotely activated sleeping gas and rendered him unconscious. They returned to the Watchtower and track down the bomb but Athena suddenly arrived. Batman clued Arrow in that she was the Greek goddess of wisdom, strategy, victory and half a dozen other things. He complimented the intelligence of Bubo, her owl, and asked if there were any other job openings that could make use of his bow and arrow. Athena informed him Artemis had that job already. On the flight to H.I.V.E.'s base, Arrow could tell Athena was getting on Batman's nerves as well as Wonder Woman's sadness about leaving the League. He suggested to her she shouldn't leave but she had to obey the gods' wishes. H.I.V.E. opened fire on their jet and forced Batman to eject everyone. Arrow destroyed one of the cannons as he descended.

They made their way to the bomb. Arrow took out soldiers with his boxing glove arrows but Athena was unimpressed. She fired her arrow and took out many with a bolt of energy. Just as Arrow inquired where the H.I.V.E. Master was, he dropped into the room inside of a giant bee robot. He started off by dousing Arrow in a sticky honey-like goop. Wonder Woman saved the city by tricking the Master into saving his own life. Before Athena could leave, Arrow asked if he could be the god of love. Athena seemed partial to it but informed him he would have to wear a diaper. Arrow took back the offer and backed away. Feeling a little unfocused, Arrow decided to fly a plane back to the island he was once stranded on and gather himself. Arrow received a call from Batman amid a typhoon in the Bermuda Triangle. Batman asked Arrow to look for the missing Booster Gold, whose last known signal came from the same area. After the plane was struck by lightning, Arrow decided to land as soon as he could. He sighted an island and made his descent.

To Green Arrow's surprise, he encountered a pterosaur. Naturally, he was amazed and found it both beautiful and majestic... until it turned and attacked the plane. It breached the windshield with its beak and tried to chomp Arrow. He dodged as he flew the plane through a canyon then ascended until it slid off the plane. Arrow opted to follow it but the plane was torn in half by a plesiosaur. Arrow fired a grapnel arrow onto a tree and towed himself to shore but was attacked by four velociraptors. He dodged one, fired a bola arrow at another, dodged two more, jumped off one's snout then fired a boxing glove arrow into its mouth. He ran into the jungle with one in pursuit. Unable to hit it, Arrow went up into the trees but the raptor cut him off at the end of the trees. Arrow fired his last arrow, a rope variant, into the cliff face across and dodged the raptor. It plummeted into the canyon below while Arrow climbed to the top. He couldn't believe the sight of dinosaurs of various species down below.

Green Arrow realized the presence of dinosaurs wasn't natural and didn't doubt a complete simpleton with no thought of consequences or personal responsibility never considered the catastrophic impact on the modern ecosystem. He realized it was Booster Gold. Booster found Arrow and offered him a free tour at first then changed it to a 8 percent Justice League discount. He encapsulated Arrow with his Legion Flight Ring and took off for the park. Booster told Arrow about how he got his idea from a movie where scientists used DNA to make dinosaurs for a theme park. He called his park "Booster World" and named the island "Dinosaur Island". Arrow became concerned and but Booster admitted he never saw the ending of the movie on account of super-short attention spans of people in the future. The dinosaurs escaped their terribly built pens and chased after them. He shoved Booster off a cliff then jumped. They landed in a lake and swam to the deep end to thwart four velociraptors Arrow encountered earlier but they were swallowed by the plesiosaur in the lake.

The safeguard in Booster's suit's time-travel circuits activated since his life was in danger. They emerged from a wormhole and jumped thousands of years into the future. The dinosaurs developed a flourishing utopian city evidenced by advanced floating cities above the island. Arrow found it incredible. A humanoid dinosaur boy accidentally hit Arrow in the back of the head with a beach ball. Arrow tried to calm him down but he was scared and ran off. The dinosaur police force converged on them in flying cars and fired. They ran to the edge of the island and discovered it was encased in a force field. Luckily, Booster's wormhole activated and they avoided certain death. They found themselves in the past outside Booster's home right before he saw the dinosaur movie. Booster asked Green Arrow if he ever thought of shortening his name. He thought Booster meant "Arrow" and didn't think it would fly. Booster revealed he meant just "Green".

Green Arrow came up with an idea to sabotage Booster's electrical panel and trigger a blackout so he never saw the movie and never got the idea for his scheme. He instructed Booster to use his power blaster. Arrow looked in the house and hesistated. He wondered if they had the right to prevent the dinosaur utopia from happening but Booster wasn't paying attention to him and blasted the panel. The timeline reset and Booster had no memory of Dinosaur Island. He asked Arrow what he was doing at his house or his past self for that matter. Arrow sighed and declared he needed a vacation. Green Arrow attacked Joker and Luthor in an art museum. He fired an arrow and pinned Joker's paint brush. He fired a net arrow but they boomed away. The arrow knocked a vase over. Green Arrow later joined other Leaguers in raiding one of Luthor's secret hideouts. Joker boomed right on top of Arrow and blasted him with Mother Box.

Green Arrow was weirded out by Luthor's latest invention, a Kryptonite Radiation Emitter, that split Superman and Wonder Woman into red and blue duplicates, one good and one bad with half of the original's powers each. He was speechless with them bringing Luthor a spare blanket and pillow then heating up Flash's turkey meat loaf left-overs for their "guest". Arrow suggested they go check in with Batman. Batman traced the emitter's mutated Kryptonite to one of Luthor's abandoned labs. He and Arrow set off in the Batjet. Arrow implored Superman and Wonder Woman to keep cheering in the meantime. Arrow and Batman engaged the reds. After dodging Superman Red's heat vision, Arrow fired gas arrows at them then pinned the Wonder Woman to a wall with a net arrow. After Batman captured Superman with bolas. Arrow aimed then narrowly avoided Superman's heat vision. The reds incited a partial collapse and Arrow was pinned by a slab. He freed himself with some rope pulley arrows then slapped the Batman Blue awake.

They returned to the Watchtower but Batman Blue was aghast by the mess and ruined Arrow's element of surprise. He fired an arrow at the Kryptonite Radiation Emitter. A claw grabbed it then Arrow yanked the emitter into his hands. He tried to run but Superman Red grabbed his leg and he tripped. He accidentally fired on Luthor in his cell. Luckily, the red Luthor was the good duplicate and tricked the other reds into trusting him. Luthor Red restored the Leaguers to normal then prepared to do the same to himself. Arrow objected and believed a good Luthor would be great for the world. Luthor Red stated it wasn't meant to be and re-merged himself. Green Arrow and Wonder Woman shook down every criminal they could find for any information on the Joker's location after Batman was kidnapped. After several hours, they had no leads. The Riddler emerged from an alley and offered his services as a consulting detective. Arrow was skeptical but Wonder Woman remembered he was released from Arkham Asylum with a clean bill of health.

Arrow was still skeptical. Riddler presented Joker's first clue - a rebus puzzle. Arrow sounded out the clue as they entered Arkham Asylum and finally got it when they stopped at Solomon Grundy's room. At the Iceberg Lounge, Arrow warmed up to clue hunt and was eager to find the next one. He thought it was a penguin statue but Riddler tossed him the pink umbrella from the club soda clue. Riddler opened Penguin's umbrella and the clue was pasted on the inside. Wonder Woman figured out the first part was "pop" and Arrow figured out the second was "art." He quickly remembered the Gotham City Institute of Arts had a huge pop art exhibit. He admitted the hunt was kind of fun. The Joker quickly immobilized Arrow and Wonder Woman with his trick streamers then fought Riddler. Arrow grabbed an arrow with his mouth and started cutting the streamers away. He got free just in time just as Riddler set off a voice activated trigger. Arrow shot the rope hanging Batman then Wonder Woman jumped and caught Batman. They learned Joker's plan was predicated by Riddler stealing his donut once. Arrow was underwhelmed and congratulated Riddler on doing some good.

On Batman's behalf, Green Arrow searched Gotham for the Penguin. The Penguin holed himself in a warehouse near the docks by the time Arrow caught up. He elected to start a stakeout and wait for Penguin to appear but Plastic Man arrived as a whoopee cushion and tried to help. He kept yelling despite Arrow telling him to be quiet. Arrow tied a line around his left arm and fired Plastic Man into the ocean, insisting stakeouts weren't for him. Plastic Man went on his own and tried to prove he could blend in. Penguin ran for his boat but he tripped over a cable. Plastic Man caught up and saw the cable reeled into a potted plant. Green Arrow revealed himself and reiterated that's what he meant by blending in. On Christmas Even, Arrow and Plastic Man chased after Solomon Grundy in Centennial Park. He tricked Grundy into swatting one down and it detonated. Grundy was angered to find himself in a giant teddy bear. Arrow fired four tranquilizer arrows into his butt and neutralized him. Arrow told Plastic Man to drop him off at S.T.A.R. Labs then pick up ice for his Christmas party that started at 7:30.

Arrow changed his mind and decided he would go get the right kind of ice. Plastic Man didn't know there was a right kind. Arrow managed to reserve a banquet hall insured for meta-humans and went all out. He hoped to use the party as an in to become Batman's friend outside of work, fulfilling his imaginary bromance. He prepared lavish appetizers like gambo croquettes with saffron aioli and pumpkin carrot soup shooters with bat signal croutons. He mistook every little sound for Batman's arrival. Wonder Woman and Zatanna felt bad for him since Batman spent every Christmas holed up in his Batcave acting like a Grinch. Flash got an idea and ran off. He returned with Batman in his arms with a bow on his chest. Arrow dropped his tray in shock and walked over but Batman held him back. Arrow was about to start reading Twas the Night Before Christmas but became irate after Plastic Man arrived with Grundy, who started eating everything. Arrow was annoyed S.T.A.R. Labs scheduled their party for the same night as his.

Before he could read Plastic Man the riot act, he had to check on his three dozen cinnamon pecan roundies in the oven. He brought out sweet rich coca just in time for the Secret Santa gift exchange. He tried to talk to Batman but Grundy ran through a wall and knocked his Christmas tree down. As some of the League caught up to Batman and Grundy, Superman noticed Wonder Woman had the same kind of teddy bear he gave to Grundy. Arrow realized Grundy was looking for the girl he scared earlier. He told Flash to find Keely Miller as soon as possible. Just as Batman got Grundy in a headlock, Arrow aimed his tranquilizer arrow at him instead and ordered him to let Grundy go. He signaled Flash to bring Miller closer. Grundy apologized to Miller and gave her his teddy bear. Batman told him to invite him next year. Arrow was overjoyed. He ran off to Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Flash, Zatanna, and Plastic Man who were walking Grundy to the S.T.A.R. Labs party and told them he had the hall until midnight and there was going to be a disco ball.

On a Sunday, at the Watchtower, Booster Gold told Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow about his ruined book signing but they had no idea who Red Velvet was. Arrow suspected he scammed her. Soon enough, an intruder alert was triggered to Arrow's chagrin. Red Velvet's tampering triggered a volcanic eruption that destroyed the Watchtower. Wonder Woman flew to Justice-1 and made sure it was saved. Batman and Green Arrow jumped down into it and made it to the cockpit. They activated thrusters, circled and scooped up Wonder Woman, then flew outside. While Booster's time suit recharged, he told them about his fiancee Margo Montgomery. Arrow quickly and angrily explained Velvet wanted revenge. Booster asked him to repeat himself one more time. Red Velvet found them and opened fire. She blasted the left wing and port engines took heavy damage. Booster's time suit was done and he jumped to the future with Batman. Arrow inititated the autopilot and realized he was left behind with Wonder Woman until the timeline was reset. In the new timeline, Batman and Booster told them what happened. Arrow brought up how he recommended a hundred times they should have built the Watchtower in space.