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Red Tornado

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Real Identity: Red Tornado
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Inside Job, Party Animal, and Captain Bamboozle
Powers/Skills: Aerokinesis
Voiced By: Jason J Lewis

Red Tornado is a sophisticated robot with the power to generate and manipulate air. He chose to be a superhero and joined the Justice League. After Superman was infected with nanites by Lex Luthor, his health took a turn for the worst. Red Tornado monitored him in the Watchtower. As the Atom conducted an assessment, Tornado reported Superman remained unconscious and his vitals were dropping. The League had to shrink down and go inside Superman to take down the nanobots. Atom apologized to Red Tornado for not being able to take him along because his tech didn't work well on robots yet. Tornado retorted that was the story of his life. He monitored their progress in Superman's body. Luthor eventually figured out the Atom was trying to save Superman and breached the Watchtower. Tornado defended the tower and blasted Luthor but he fired grapnel lines and affixed himself to the dome breach he created. Tornado fired off another torando but Luthor countered with a powerful electrical blast. Tornado was electrocuted and fell to the floor below.

Red Tornado attended Green Arrow's Christmas party on Christmas Eve. Red Tornado, Batman, and Wonder Woman joined Shazam in Metropolis to fight Felix Faust's ancient army. Tornado generated a vortex and sucked several knights into it. Mxyzptlk chose Billy Batson's Uncle Dudley to be his latest pawn and gave him powers. To coax him to cause more harm than good, he let a giant kitten loose on the city. Tornado cast a pest control van it was using as a toy onto a roof.