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Swamp Thing

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Real Identity: Alec Holland
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Abate and Switch), Zombie King, Garden of Evil, and The Fatal Fare
Appearances (Webisodes): Missing the Mark
Powers/Skills: Plant Manipulation and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Mark Hamill

Swamp Thing is a super hero with the power to manipulate plant life and is a member of the Justice League. Supposedly, someone nicknamed him Swamp Thing and it stuck. He was summoned to the House of Mystery by Constantine after he got a distress call from Batman. In Green Arrow's plan to throw off Nyorlath's power stripping spell, Swamp Thing posed as Plastic Man. In the rematch, Swamp Thing made the first move and smashed Abnegazar into a wall then together with Green Arrow, uppercut Nyorlath. However, Black Adam emerged from the reopened volcanic fissure the Brothers targeted and turned them into monsters. Swamp Thing used Plastic Man as a slingshot and launched Rath. Constantine moved his portal in Rath's path. Swamp Thing helped immobilize Adam so that Shazam and Superman could knock him out together. On the night of Crimson Moon, Swamp Thing detected an intrusion in a New Orleans swamp. He found Solomon Grundy with several zombies. Grundy threw him into an angel statue then jammed a boulder on him.

Swamp Thing retrieved his comm and sent out a distress call. Batman picked up the call at the Watchtower but was unable to secure back up from Constantine and Zatanna, who were busy fighting Brother Night. Swamp Thing followed Grundy's zombies to New Orleans and saved a band, mother, and her infant in an alley dead end. The infant saw him and began crying. Swamp Thing remarked he didn't miss humanity. He made his way to the City of the Dead cemetery and yanked away Grundy's zombies from the immobilized Batman. Batman threw out borrowed tech and froze them. Swamp Thing caught up to Grundy and wrapped him up. Grundy offered to share power with him if he helped destroy the humans. Swamp Thing thought himself a more life affirming creature and passed. Grundy broke free and clocked him into a mausoleum. Zombies rose up and grabbed at him. The energy of the Star of the Dead was unleashed and Batman and Zatanna were immediately transformed into zombies. Swamp Thing formed one of his big toes into a tendril and extended it across to the statue.

Swamp Thing removed the Star from it. All transformed zombies returned to normal and all zombies disappeared. Grundy demanded the Star back but Swamp Thing destroyed it. Grundy punched Swamp Thing repeatedly but it was no use. His body oozed back into shape. As Grundy tired himself out, Swamp Thing slyly grabbed a boulder behind him and decked him. Before Grundy could resume his assault, Batman froze him. Zatanna was disappointed and stated she could have turned him into a bunny. Batman, Zatanna, and Swamp Thing observed the festivities in New Orleans. Swamp Thing didn't think they were saints. Zatanna countered they were more human than they'd care to admit. Swamp Thing saw the infant he saved and replied maybe. A jester sitting on the shoulders of another jester walked by and kissed Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing went on a blind date but realized it was a ruse set up by Poison Ivy. She used her plant powers to take control of him and force him to marry her. The next day, Ivy went ahead with her plan to turn Gotham City into a post-modern Garden of Eden with plant bombs. Swamp Thing emerged from the ground and slammed Superman to the ground. He struggled against Ivy but managed to tell them the basics of his dilemmia. Firestorm severely weakened him with nuclear dehydration. Swamp Thing agreed with the strategy and insisted it was very effective in stopping him and weakening Ivy's control. Harley Quinn, Ivy's accomplice, located them and punched out Firestorm then tossed several plant bombs on Swamp Thing. He was immediately revitalized, grew larger than normal, and even grew more foliage on his body. He was impressed but remembered what was going on. Ivy retook control of him. Harley passed along a request from Ivy telling Swamp Thing to return to her hideout to help plan the wedding.

Swamp Thing was insistent he wasn't marrying anybody but Ivy took control and he returned to her greenhouse on top of the Kanaghier Building. Swamp Thing rose up from the floor and attacked Superman after he ordered Ivy to turn herself in. Superman was knocked around the greenhouse and was eventually captured. Against his will, Swamp Thing formed a bow tie on his chest and grinned. Firestorm broke up the festivities and mowed through several plants in his transmutated Batmobile. Swamp Thing extracted him from it but refused to destroy the League. Batman and Superman, despite being restrained, managed to douse Ivy in an antidote that neutralized her powers. The Justice League picked up Space Cabbie's signal and Swamp Thing set up an ambush. Once Cabbie landed on Earth, what Kanto was led to believe was a deserted jungle planet, Swamp Thing pulled Cabbie away with some vines. Kanto thought they were part of some reputed carnivorous plants. Swamp Thing grabbed Kanto and wrapped him up. Swamp Thing elected to go to the Third Moon of Graxos IV with Hawkman and Cabbie.

Swamp Thing threw out several spores at Darkseid's feet and he was entangled in vines. Desaad blasted Swamp Thing with a heat gun and reduced him to a husk. Luckily, the battleship had tanks of waters in the level below. Swamp Thing extended his fingertips down below and replenished himself. He wrapped up Desaad, grew huge, and turned his attention to taking out the Parademons with Hawkman. Cabbie freed Superman who took care of Darkseid by booming him. At the battle's end, Swamp Thing dragged Desaad and a Parademon onto Justice 1. Swamp Thing manifested in a park in Gotham City to stop Joker's car and rescue kidnapped celebrity Mark Hamill. Several vines hoisted the car in mid-air. Swamp Thing peeled the roof apart and captured Joker and Trickster. He congratulated Hamill on using his voice acting talents to trick the villains into driving onto grass where he could take care of things.