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Real Identity: Kara Zor-El
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Party Animal, Keeping Up With the Kryptonians, and Unleashed
Appearances (Webisodes): The Goddess Must Be Crazy
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Vision, Flight, Invulnerability, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Joanne Spracklen

Supergirl is a member of the Justice League and Superman's older cousin from Krypton. She also grew up in Smallville with the Kents. Supergirl's pet cat Streaky, also from Krypton, developed similar super powers. She attended Green Arrow's Christmas party on Christmas Eve. Wonder Woman and Supergirl sparred on Themyscira, both with shield and sword. Supergirl kicked Wonder Woman in the gut but she flew up and charged with her shield out front. Supergirl was knocked down below and bounced off a horse statue, leaving a hole in it. She apologized but Wonder Woman brushed it off. Supergirl recalled she heard what happened with Superman and Batman's last visit. Wonder Woman mentioned her mother, Queen Hippolyta, initiated certain steps to ensure no man would ever set foot on the island again. They flew off and started round two of their sparring. Felix Faust manifested and possessed Supergirl to bypass the anti-man spell. Faust sucker punched Wonder Woman, revealed his presence, threw her into a building, then took out the columns. As Faust gloated, Wonder Woman snagged Supergirl with the Lasso of Truth and grounded her. The anti-man spell ejected Faust then launched him into the ocean.

Superman and Supergirl responded to powerful twisters in Smallville. They flew counter and dissipated a few then smelled Ma Kent's blueberry pie. She stopped to return a displaced cow to the Henderson dairy then met up with Superman at the farm. After they ate their fill of pie, Supergirl asked him if their lives would be different if they weren't raised in Smallville. Mr. Mxyzptlk was intrigued with their discussion of nature vs. nuture and manifested an old television set on the porch then narrated. Superman couldn't believe he was back. Mxyzptlk reset reality so that Superman grew up in Kasnia and Supergirl grew up in Hollywood. He disguised himself as Kara Zor-El's high powered Hollywood agent, Morty. She became an entertainment mogul, producing and starring in TV's most watched reality series "That's So Kara", marketing a skin care line, and was also a selfie queen and often voted Woman of the Year. Kara Zor-El attended her latest red carpet premiere but a woman in the crowd pleaded for her help. She felt an urge to help.

Morty reminded her helping people didn't give her anything in return. Zor-El snapped out of it and declared the moment belonged to her. The Kasnian People's Republic moved through Metropolis and ruined the festivities, much to Mxyzptlk's delight. She gave Morty her trenchcoat and earrings then flew off to face Superman and teach him to stay out of her spotlight. Superman finished draping Kasnian banners over the Daily Planet. Supergirl nailed him with heat vision then he used super breath and charged. She clotheslined him then twirled him into the pavement with a pole. He grabbed hold and swung her into the pavement then hit her with a flying punch. She rose up through the pavement with him in tow. Booster Gold arrived from the Vanishing Point outside the space-time continuum and was bewildered at the new timeline. Booster tossed his apple core and hit Mxyzptlk. He was smitten with the imp but Mxyzptlk could care less who he was. Supergirl sliced a thrown car in half with heat vision then Superman fired his own.

Booster made a force sphere between them and asked why they were fighting each other. Superman threw her into a car. Booster pointed out she was his cousin. Superman was surprised. Booster continued and explained they were from Krypton by way of Kansas. He realized it was all just a trick caused by Mxyzptlk and saw through his disguise despite Supergirl not. Mxyzptlk admitted Booster outsmarted him, revealed his true form, then dropped the Daily Planet globe on top of Booster. Zor-El was appalled and finally realized it was all wrong. Just before he could reset reality again, Superman tricked him with a fake Kasnian phrase. Mxyzptlk understood the language but didn't understand one word: Kltpzyxm. He realized he was tricked into saying his name backwards and was banished back to the Fifth Dimension. Reality was restored back to normal but they remembered it all. They hugged. Booster killed the moment and pointed out he was just fine. Superman noticed he ate the rest of their pie. Booster pretended to get an urgent time call and teleported.

Supergirl asked again if he ever thought their lives would be different if they were raised somewhere else. Superman quickly replied "nope." Supergirl was one of the Leaguers who boomed out of the Watchtower to stop the Red Lanterns from invading Earth. She admitted she loved a big outing, even if it was work-related.