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The Flash

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Real Identity: To Be Determined
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Galaxy Jest
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed
Voiced By: Charlie Schlatter

The Flash is the Fastest Man Alive. He has the ability to run and move extremely fast with superhuman reflexes. He defies the law of physics he can run up the side of a building and even outrun a speeding train!

The Flash was unreachable for help with the attack on the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant. Batman called the Flash in to Gotham City to help with locating the Joker's Gutbuster bomb before it went off at midnight and flooded the city with Super Laughing Gas. The Flash checked everywhere, even stopping by Commissioner Gordon, and rechecked over a hundred times. Batman orderd him to check again. At 11:55 pm, Batman realized the bomb was in a clock tower but couldn't disable it. The Flash, on a roof near the tower, spun his arms around and generated tornadoes to blow the gas back towards the tower. Superman flew in and inhaled all the gas then flew into Mongul's space cruiser and exhaled it.