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The Flash

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Real Identity: To Be Determined
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Galaxy Jest, Mxy's Mix-Up, Booray for Bizarro, Best Day Ever, The Ringer (Hallucination), It'll Take a Miracle! (Scenario), Race Against Crime, Party Animal, and Unleashed
Appearances (Webisodes): Beep Beep and Quality Time
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed
Voiced By: Charlie Schlatter

The Flash is the Fastest Man Alive. He has the ability to run and move extremely fast with superhuman reflexes. He defies the law of physics he can run up the side of a building and even outrun a speeding train!

The Flash gained his speed powers from the Speed Force, an energy field found between dimensions. He later became a member of the Justice League. Flash was unreachable for help with the attack on the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant. Batman called the Flash in to Gotham City to help with locating the Joker's Gutbuster bomb before it went off at midnight and flooded the city with Super Laughing Gas. The Flash checked everywhere, even stopping by Commissioner Gordon, and rechecked over a hundred times. Batman orderd him to check again. At 11:55 pm, Batman realized the bomb was in a clock tower but couldn't disable it. The Flash, on a roof near the tower, spun his arms around and generated tornadoes to blow the gas back towards the tower. Superman flew in and inhaled all the gas then flew into Mongul's space cruiser and exhaled it.

A $100,000,000 bounty was placed on the Flash. Lobo attempted to collect on it and devised a plan. He lured Superman and Flash to a deserted planetoid with a fake distress signal. The Flash offered to run around the planetoid to get a lay of the land first but Lobo attacked Superman with a Kryptonite Ray Gun and imprisoned him inside a Kryptonite cage. The Flash ran off. Lobo first tried to get the slip on the Flash by pouring some of Booster Gold's Old Fashion Hair Grease on a path. The Flash seemingly ran right over it with no ill effect and continued on. Lobo tested it and slipped into red cacti that beat him up. Lobo tried to fool Flash into running into a cloaked boulder but he simply phased through it. Lobo angrily fired at Flash but forgot about the boulder. The blast was deflected and Lobo was knocked into the same cacti. The Flash found a burger on a cliff and stopped to eat it. Lobo walked over to see why his explosive didn't go off. It went off when he stood over it.

To Lobo's annoyance, the now separated ledge levitated in mid-air. Lobo plummeted to the ground below citing the laws of physics. Flash hopped to terra firma and remarked he never studied law. The ledge fell on top of Lobo. He hopped through a series of floating rocks and exclaimed "Meep meep!" Flash was part of the Bravo Squad sent to the United Nations Building to back up Batman, Superman, and Stargirl against Gorilla Grodd. Mr. Mxyzptlk stole their minds and switched them around. Flash was in Zatanna's body and vice versa. Flash tried to run around Grodd in normal speed and was smacked to the ground. Zatanna's hat fell off and she ran after her rabbits in Flash's body. She ran into Cyborg and knocked out. During a battle in Gotham between the Justice League and Ivy League, Flash chased after Cheetah. Cheetah eventually grabbed a pole, swung and kicked Flash into a big rig truck. Ember appeared and fired at him. Wonder Woman came to his defense. They both appealed to Batman to try someplace new for League socials.

Flash hinted they were considering someplace more interactive than the Batcave. He tackled Cheetah and taunted her for being too slow. At the battle's end, Wonder Woman promised to Batman he would like the idea. Flash gave the thumb's up. Batman didn't like the bowling alley. Flash attended a meeting at the Watchtower but those present learned Wonder Woman was stalled by a chance encounter with Bizarro. Flash quickly explained his origins to Martian Manhunter then joked at how easy it was to take Wonder Woman on a date. The League was suddenly attacked by an android named Amazo who was sent to destroy them. Flash ran up the side of a wall, leaped to the android, and punched him rapidly. Amazo copied Flash's super speed and punched him repeatedly in return then tossed him into Green Lantern. The League ended up getting saved by Bizarro. As a courtesy, Flash conducted nightly check-ins at Stryker's Island Penitentiary to make sure all the prisoners were "behaving" themselves.

On one such visit to Stryker's, the Joker boomed in and took a selfie with the Flash. Before the Flash could finish his sentence, Joker boomed again. Flash ordered a guard to initiate a lockdown and began searching for Joker. Flash found him inside Lex Luthor's cell and ordered him to stop. The Joker boomed himself and Luthor out of the penitentiary. Flash met with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman at the Watchtower to discuss Joker and Luthor. They intercepted a log flume photo from an amusement park. Flash thought they were just hanging out and not doing anything wrong. Batman reminded him Joker broke Luthor out of prison. Flash pointed out they were hanging out. Batman countered they were working. Wonder Woman shifted the conversation to what Joker's real plan could be. After they saw the doors of the Fortress of Solitude defaced, Flash worried about the Watchtower but Ace the Bathound chased Joker and Luthor away. Flash participated on the raid on one of Luthor's hideouts. The Flash made turkey meat loaf for a League pot-luck.

The Flash agreed to race Superman for title of "Fastest Man Alive" at a charity event hosted by Bruce Wayne in Metropolis, starting at Centennial Park. Lois Lane interviewed Flash first before the race but it was clear who she favored as the winner. Flash and Superman took off but were unaware the Hero Tracker GPS devices they wore so audiences could monitor their real-time progress were rigged. The energy generated by their Speed Force was being transferred into Chronos and Luthor's Time Suit. Halfway through the race, they were still neck and neck. They crossed the Rockies and passed the starting line but Luthor suddenly caught up to them at super speed. Flash told Superman about the Speed Force and suspected Luthor somehow tapped into it. Luthor demonstrated more of his suit's power and raised a time-wall at the shore. Not knowing any better, Superman ran right into it despite Flash's warning. He was knocked flat on his back. Luthor advised Flash to tell the rest of the League to stay away from him.

Flash went on comms and updated everyone on what was going on. Once Superman recovered, they raced to S.T.A.R. Labs but found Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman were frozen in time, Cyborg was an old man, and another time-wall surrounded S.T.A.R. Labs. Superman used his X-Ray vision to confirm Luthor stopped time inside, too. He found Luthor using a computer to take control of S.T.A.R.'s satellites. Flash speculated he was going to use them to get into other satellite systems like defense satellites so he could piggyback into every missile system in the world, starting with the U.S. government's. Superman was curious why he thought so. Flash stated that was just about every supervillain's plan in every action movie ever made. He tried to vibrate his molecules through the wall but he didn't have enough power. Batman arrived with a solve. He figured out a way to reprogram Superman's Hero Tracker. He instructed Superman to take his thumb drive, insert it into his Tracker, then run.

Superman's energy signal was directed into Flash's Hero Tracker and he gained the added power of Superman's Speed Force. Flash was able to vibrate through the time-wall and found Luthor after he activated a 15 second countdown. Flash taunted him the same way he did to them earlier. He dodged Luthor's time blast and they traded shots across the room. Flash was pinned to a console but he vibrated his right hand free and pushed a red button that cancelled the countdown. He decked Luthor with an uppercut then his suit went offline. Flash declared to Luthor he was overdue for a time-out and predicted 10 to 15 at Stryker's Island Penitentiary. Superman entered the room and promised to have him there in 15 seconds. Flash believed he could do it in two. Superman proposed another race. Flash accepted. Superman hoisted Luthor in mid-air with one hand the whole time as they ran on water to Stryker's.

Flash attended Green Arrow's Christmas party. When Arrow emerged from the kitchen with a tray of gambo croquettes with saffron aioli, Flash asked if he had any little hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough. Wonder Woman gave him a "gentle" kick to the heel. Flash recoiled, remarked they looked terrific, and ate all the croquettes. Flash was clueless about who Wonder Woman and Zatanna were alluding to not coming. Wonder Woman replied they were speaking of Batman. Flash didn't understand and asked who cared. He observed Arrow come out with pumpkin carrot soup shooters then scold himself for forgetting the bat signal croutons. Wonder Woman revealed Arrow always imagined a bromance thing with Batman and wanted to be friends with him outside of work so the party was his way in. Zatanna remarked Batman didn't care and spent every Christmas holed up in his Batcave. Flash got an idea. He ran off and returned with Batman in his arms, with a big red bow on his chest. Batman grimly told Flash to put him down. He complied and removed the bow promptly.

Once Arrow announced it was time for the Secret Santa Exchange, Flash remembered he didn't buy anything. He lied his was in his car and ran off. He returned with a little teddy bear and tried to give it to Zatanna but Superman stated he was her Secret Santa. Flash turned to Superman and told him he was his Secret Santa then gave him the bear. Wonder Woman turned to Plastic Man and bet it was from a gas station clearance bin at best. She was unaware Plastic Man was hiding the same kind of bear behind his back. Superman later noticed Wonder Woman with it. Green Arrow realized something and told Flash to find a girl named Keely Miller as fast as possible. He brought her to the confrontation with Grundy. Grundy apologized to Miller for scaring her and gave him the teddy bear Superman gave him. Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Flash, Zatanna, and Plastic Man walked Grundy to S.T.A.R. Labs, mostly to join their Christmas party. Flash was one of the Leaguers who boomed out of the Watchtower to stop the Red Lanterns from invading Earth.