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Booster Gold

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Real Identity: Michael Jon Carter
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Night of the Bat) and Time Out
Appearances (Webisodes): Lasso of Lies
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Invulnerability, Teleportation, Flight, Time Travel, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Diedrich Bader

Booster Gold is a time travelling super hero from the future who looks up to Batman. Booster built a citadel overlooking space and time and named it the Vanishing Point. Somehow, he became a member of the Justice League and Batman tried to teach him what it took to be a true hero. Weekly sparring sessions were held in the Hall of Justice's training area. Each session was very short as Batman knocked him out with one punch usually. Between League missions, Booster would return to the Vanishing Point. While it started out as a hobby, Booster started to actively protect time and monitored for any threats or disruptions like the time eating Chronovores. One night, Uthool possessed Batman and went to the Hall where he planned to overload the power core, causing an explosion to restore Earth's primitive glory. Booster Gold, unaware of the possession, grabbed Batman and pulled him into the training area for their sparring session. Uthool was fixated on getting to the power core and tried to leave the boxing ring.

To Booster's surprise, he flipped Batman. Batman pounded him mercilessly. During Superman and Uthool's fight, Booster awoke. Something was bothering him so he accessed his files and rewatched sparring sessions from 30, 18, and 8 days ago. In all of them, Batman took him out with one hit. Wonder Woman, still tied up in her Lasso of Truth, told him this time it took Batman more than a punch to win. Booster finally noticed Wonder Woman. She heavily suggested he untie her so she could pulverize the fake Batman. Booster was buried under rubble after the Hall collapsed due. He emerged last, still oblivious of what happened. He wondered who broke the Hall but quickly followed up where they were going to sleep. He proposed the Batcave. Booster Gold's time suit stopped working at some point. Over the course of a few months, he would pretend to travel in time but in reality, he was going to ice cream shops eating sundaes pretending they were paste like the glob he ate in second grade. He carelessly parked his Booster Card in a junkyard.

In need of a new car, Booster stole the Lasso of Truth to make sure he was getting a good deal. He asked Plastic Man to stand-in as the lasso in the meantime. Wonder Woman discovered Plastic Man before Booster returned. She caught him red-handed after he teleported into the alley where she had Deadshot captive. Booster tried to run but Wonder Woman got him with the Lasso and forced him to confess the truth. Booster was impressed with the Lasso and exclaimed he felt amazing. Deadshot caved and revealed Lex Luthor hired him to take out Wonder Woman. Booster proposed ice cream for all. Booster Gold went on a mission with Batman and Wonder Woman to prevent H.I.V.E.'s recruitment drive at a youth center. After H.I.V.E. Master took control of his soldiers with a hive mind signal, Batman prompted Booster to take out the device.

Booster flew towards them but he was distracted when a fire hydrant suddenly vanished. H.I.V.E. Master launched a net and captured him. Batman took out his robot instead. Booster wouldn't admit it was his fault. Batman had enough and pointed out he always said it wasn't his fault like in the past with Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, or Guy Gardner getting stuck in the elevator. Booster tried to make light of what happened to Gardner but Batman reiterated being a crime fighter wasn't a game and mistakes could get people hurt. Booster tried to play if off as no big deal but Batman stated it was a repeated pattern of behavior of being lazy, unprofessional, and unfocused. Booster posted the conversation through his phone using hash tag "Bat Time" then promised he would do better next time. Batman declared Booster was the worst crime fighter he ever knew. Booster grimmaced but noticed a distortion caused by a time fissure. He checked his gauntlet to confirm it and told Batman it was a disruption in the normal flow of time.

Batman asked why they weren't frozen in time and Booster revealed he had a temporal bubble around him of a 10 foot range at all times. Batman happened to be in it when the causality broke. Booster remembered the fire hydrant and flew to where it used to be. He explained to Batman that deleted objects were a sign of the time stream trying to repair itself. Booster stated it normally wasn't something to be worried about but he noticed the epicenter was too big. Batman noticed a swarm of creatures flying towards them. Booster realized they were time's antibodies. They fought off the antibodies while trying to stay within 10 feet of each other. A second swarm erupted from a manhole. Booster opted to open a portal and went through with Batman. They arrived at Booster's headquarters, the Vanishing Point. Batman was surprised he built a secret base and routinely saved the time stream. Booster identified the threat as a really big Chronovore. He declared all they had to do was remove a crystal from the Chronovore's belly then gave Batman two devices worn over the knuckles that allowed for contact with the beast without being rapidly aged.

They went six hours into the past. Booster quickly shoved Batman to the ground behind some bushes to avoid creating a paradox from meeting their past selves. Batman inquired why Booster never told anyhone what he does with his time. It wasn't a big deal to him. Booster pointed out how no one ever sets out to be a rat exterminator but somebody had to do it. He likened himself as "time's rat guy". They watched as H.I.V.E. opened fire on their past selves then time froze. They soon ran into the Chronovore. Booster reminded Batman he could go 10 seconds outside his temporal bubble. Anything more and he would become untethered and shunted to the point before the fissure with no memory of what happened. Booster flew around and punched the Chronovore but he was swatted into a building. He emerged and was grabbed. The Chronovore aged him 100 years but Batman severed its tentacles with exploding Batarangs. Batman landed, caught Booster, and tossed him to his feet. Booster stretched and returned to normal.

Explosives failed to damage to Chronovore. Batman deferred to Booster to his surprise. Batman pointed out he was a little out of his depth and Booster was the expert for once. Booster proposed they get in close, back to back, and make it a street fight. They joined arms and swung each other around. Batman was hurled and he decked the Chronovore. Booster recognized their efforts weren't enough. Booster knew the beast was bigger than any he encountered before but Batman prodded him to figure out what else was different. Booster realized he was operating at half strength since Batman was also present. It was twice the drain on his suit's power cells. Booster adjusted his temporal bubble to push Batman outside the timestream. Batman pointed out he wouldn't remember anything. Booster replied it was okay and he would. Batman admitted to being wrong about him and stated he was a better person than anybody gave him credit for. He mused he would find that out again someday then he vanished.

Booster fought his way past the antibodies and flew into the Chronovore's belly. As he swam around, Booster aged again but he sighted the crystal, the repository of the stolen time energy. He strained and grabbed it. Overcome with a surge of energy, Booster found himself back when Batman was yelling at him about being the worst crime fighter. Booster was about to say something but he stopped himself and told Batman he was right. Batman believed he needed to hear his harsh words. Alone, Booster looked at the photo he took with Batman at Vanishing Point.