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Episode Guide

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Episodes are listed by airdate. Production numbers are listed in individual episode pages when revealed.

Guide Glossary:
Heroes: Characters that are super heroes and/or a member of the Justice League.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Supporting Cast: Any supporting characters that appear.
Beasts: Non-sentient characters that appear.
Objects: Non-characters that appear.
Places: Places visited by characters or mentioned.

Season One

Note: Shazam Slam consists of episodes one to four edited together as one.

1. Classic Rock
Batman thinks he's helping a homeless old man who is being mugged on the street only to discover that the man is a powerful wizard being chased by demons in disguise. It turns out the wizard is on a mission to save Shazam from the clutches of Black Adam.

2. Power Outage
A ghoul known as Calythos possesses the Parasite in order to drain the Justice League of its powers and use that stolen strength to open a massive volcano.

3. Night of the Bat
When Batman gets possessed by an evil Djinn named Uthool, Superman and other members of the Justice League must battle the Dark Knight.

4. Abate and Switch
When the JLA tries to stop the Brothers Djinn, the ghoulish trio are able to direct spells on our heroes by saying their names, forcing the heroes to disguise themselves as each other in order to foil the spells.

5. Follow That Space Cab!
While Superman escorts his prisoner Mr. Mind between planets, he is attacked by Lobo who wants to collect a reward on Mind. Temporarily powered-down, Superman seeks Space Cabbie's help to get away from Lobo.

6. Nuclear Family Values
Firestorm encounters the Nuclear Family, a misguided group of robots who resemble a '50's sitcom family. They intend on blowing up a nuclear power plant in order to create a home where no one can touch them and they hope to use Firestorm's power to help them.

7. Zombie King
When Grundy escapes his Louisiana prison, intent on using a magical crystal to raise an army of the dead from their graves, only Batman and Swamp Thing stand in the way of his growing zombie army.

8. Galaxy Jest
Joker is abducted into space by Mongul to entertain Mongul's troops. Unless the Justice League can re-capture him in time, a Joker gas bomb will go off in Gotham threatening the city.

9. Time Share
Batman and Blue Beetle have to travel back in time to stop Chronos from destroying a young Dark Knight on his very first case.

10. Under a Red Sun
Steppenwolf "boom tubes" Superman to a planet with a red sun in order to make the Man of Steel powerless. Somehow Batman and Big Barda have to locate the planet before Superman is destroyed.

11. Play Date
Toyman takes over the Justice League and turns them into avatars in a diabolical video game.

12. Repulse!
Luthor infects Superman with a magnetic charge that repels everything. As the repulsing charge grows, the Magnetized Man of Steel is fated to spend the rest of his life isolated in space unless the Justice League can figure out a way to free him.

13. Trick or Threat
Four kids in Justice League costumes are trick or treating on Halloween when they investigate a spooky house. As dangers befalls them inside, they come to realize that maybe they're not kids at all, but real Justice Leaguers under a spell.

14. Speed Demon
Batman has to enlist the help of Jason Blood, aka the Demon, when Brother Blood turns the Batmobile into a sentient, demonic entity.

15. Hat Trick
The Justice League must help Zatanna retrieve her magical top hat after it is stolen by the evil wizard Felix Faust.

16. Field Trip
When a group of teenage super heroes are being shown around the Fortress of Solitude, they inadvertently cause the Phantom Zone Projector to release three Kryptonian criminals and trap Superman!

17. Plastic Man Saves the World


Season One Credits that accompany "Shazam Slam" One Hour Special Event on December 16, 2016.