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Real Identity: Mari McCabe
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Plastic Man Saves the World, Garden of Evil, The Ringer (Hallucination), and Party Animal
Powers/Skills: Animal Mimicry
Voiced By: Jasika Nicole

Vixen is a superhero with the power to call on various animals and their abilities through a magical totem and is a member of the Justice League. Vixen, Batman, and Cyborg responded first to Brainiac's arrival over Metropolis. Vixen wasn't intimidated by Brainiac's declaration of adding the city to his collection and goaded him to bring it on. Brainiac unleashed a torrent of orbs. Vixen summoned the bear and punched the orbs. The orbs analyzed her and generated an electric shock upon further contact as a counter measure. She tried in vain to do crowd control and get people to safety. In the aftermath of the battle, Vixen helped secure Brainiac for transport on Justice-1. Vixen responded to the plant crisis in Gotham City. Superman provided back up and suspected Poison Ivy was involved. Swamp Thing suddenly appeared and attacked Superman to their surprise. Vixen was knocked aside but used the rhino to bounce off a tree and hit the ground.

Batman traced Ivy's broadcast to the Kanaghier Building and informed Vixen and Superman. Superman asked Vixen to head there and he would meet her there. She noticed Harley Quinn leaving the greenhouse on the roof and was armed with plant bombs. Vixen summoned the armadillo and landed on Harley's head. Harley slid down a vine, ditched her springs and tossed a bomb at Vixen. Vixen was wrapped up in vines but broke free by using the puffer fish. She then switched to the flying squirrel and pursued Harley to the Gotham Zoo. Harley released her pet laughing hyenas Bud and Lou from their cage. Vixen knew hyenas were afraid of lions in the wild and summoned one. Bud and Lou were frightened and ran back in their cage. Harley joined them. The Gotham City Police Department later took Harley into custody. She blew a raspberry at Vixen as she was loaded up. Vixen attended Green Arrow's Christmas party on Christmas Eve.