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Wonder Woman

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Real Identity: Princess Diana
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Power Outage, Night of the Bat, and Abate and Switch), Nuclear Family Values, Galaxy Jest, Time Share, Play Date, Repulse!, Luthor in Paradise, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Inside Job, The Trouble with Truth, Time Out, The Fatal Fare, Booray for Bizarro, Best Day Ever, Superman Red vs. Superman Blue, The Ringer, Forget Me Not, E. Nigma, Consulting Detective, Phased and Confused, It'll Take a Miracle! (Scenario), System Error, Race Against Crime, Party Animal, Captain Bamboozle, Unleashed, and She Wore Red Velvet
Appearances (Webisodes): Up and Atom, Good Cop, Bat Cop, Lasso of Lies, Quality Time, Selfie Help, Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!, and The Goddess Must Be Crazy
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Swordsmanship, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Rachel Kimsey

Torn between a mission to promote peace and her own warrior upbringing, Wonder Woman fights evil while hoping to unlock the potential of a humanity she doesn't always understand.

During her childhood, Diana encountered a Cyclops. Wonder Woman also responded to a distress call at Stryker's Island Penitentiary. She arrived just as Superman starting fighting Parasite. She caught Parasite in her Lasso of Truth then bashed him into the ceiling to knock him out. Suddenly, Calythos of the Brothers Djinn crashed into the police van holding Parasite. Wonder Woman took Jimmy Olsen to safety. She was surprised to see Superman mourn for Parasite. He reminded her Parasite was a living being but detected a heartbeat. Calythos revealed himself. After rattling the island with a minor quake, Calythos jumped to Metropolis. Wonder Woman followed him to the Mid-City Park and attacked, unaware he was absorbing her power. She managed to get him in the Lasso of Truth and reveal his plan to raise a volcano capable of burying the planet in magma and restore it to its pre-human glory. He yanked the lasso, headbutted her, and drop kicked her into a car. Superman arrived and took a shot at fighting him. Wonder Woman lassoed Calythos' schimitar and threw it into the sea.

Calythos was enraged and hit her so hard she went flying into the side of the Daily Planet's globe. She was nearly drained of her power and could barely stand. Superman admitted as much. Jimmy Olsen informed them he recorded footage of Calythos absorbing Parasite and was using his powers. Wonder Woman and Superman came up with a plan to trick Calythos into stealing Martian Manhunter's powers. The djinn would essentially defeat himself raising the volcano because of the Martian's weakness against fire. Wonder Woman declared a warrior relied on their heart and experience then attacked Calythos with Superman. He easily beat them back then Manhunter stepped in. Calythos took the bait and succombed to the fire around him. Wonder Woman consulted with Mount Olympus and confirmed the Brothers Djinn ruled primordial Earth and wanted to revert back so they could rule again. She shared her findings with Batman and Superman at the Hall of Justice but was weirded out when Batman formed a creepy grin.

Wonder Woman observed the security monitors and saw Batman get flipped by Booster Gold. She knew that wasn't the real Batman and went to the training area. She drew her sword on Batman and attacked. He dodged her every attack. She threw her sword through a punching bag. He threw the sand that spilled out in her face then threw out some smoke bombs. He stole the Lasso and tied her up in it. Powerless, Wonder Woman fell to the ground. Booster Gold eventually regained consciousness and reviewed his old sparring session files. Wonder Woman pointed out Batman took more than one punch this time. Booster wasn't so sure that was the difference and asked her what she was doing. She heavily hinted he should be untying her. After the Hall collapsed, Wonder Woman emerged from the rubble and noticed the base's power core. She lassoed it and flew up up then hurled the core into Uthool. The explosion safely freed Batman. She caught him then lassoed Uthool. Wonder Woman mused a new headquarters would be for the best rather than rebuilding.

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman chased the last three of the Djinn as they flew towards Calythos' second volcano. Nyorlath cast a spell that took Superman and Wonder Woman's powers away temporarily. Batman turned his cape into a glider and made a hard landing with them. With no other choice, he activated the distress signal on his belt. Constantine answered the call and opened a portal. They found themselves in Constantine's House of Mystery. Batman explained the situation and stressed they needed to stop the Brothers from reopening Calythos' fissure. He didn't care for Green Arrow's plan and went through a portal to go get back up. Wonder Woman pretended to be Swamp Thing. Green Arrow's plan worked and the Brothers were defeated. However, Black Adam came out of the fissure stronger than ever. Once Batman and Shazam arrived, Adam transformed the Brothers into monsters. Wonder Woman took on Nyorlath alone. He broke his teeth after trying to bite on Wonder Woman's bracelet then was punched into Constantine's portal. The League banded together and defeated Black Adam. Wonder Woman decided the volcano would serve as the location of their new base, the Watchtower.

Batman and Wonder Woman approached the Atom with an offer of full membership to the League. The Atom was not convinced he was worthy. He didn't see himself as a fighter and was more interested in his research. A Super Parademon boomed into the Watchtower lab and attacked them. Wonder Woman called out to Batman and threw out her Lasso. Batman grabbed the end of it and Wonder Woman hurled him up at the Parademon. Batman's exploding Batarangs failed to damage it. Wonder Woman rushed it with her sword but he dodged several strokes and blocked a strike with one of its wings. It blasted her into a wall with its heat vision. Atom used his ability to shrink the Parademon, punch it out, and trap it in a petri dish. Atom changed his mind and accepted the offer. Before Atom could finish his joke, Batman already left the room. Atom thought he accidentally shrank him but Wonder Woman clarified that's what he does.

During the attack on the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant, Wonder Woman was halfway across the world in the middle of a battle. At the conclusion of the incident, Wonder Woman admired Firestorm for being powerful enough to stop the Nuclear Family but compassionate enough to find a solution that spared their lives. Wonder Woman and Superman went into space to locate the Joker after he was kidnapped by Mongul. She thought it was justice served if Joker became an alien science experiment.

Wonder Woman flew a spacecraft and engaged the cruiser's defenses. Once she secured the perimeter, Wonder Woman boarded the docking bay and thrashed several warriors with ease. She later discovered the Joker aboard her spacecraft trying to figure out the controls. She lassoed his head. Back on Earth, Wonder Woman tossed the Joker into one of the Gotham City Police Department's wagons as he offered his services for the next Justice League holiday party. Superman and Wonder Woman were on-scene when Chronos was arrested by the Gotham City Police Department. Wonder Woman was surprised to hear Batman tell Blue Beetle he did a good job. She admitted she saved Batman's life twice and he never said that to her.

Wonder Woman was Toyman's second choice in "Blvd Brawlers 2 JLA" after he lost to Cyborg with Superman. Wonder Woman petted a dove while on Themyscira then threw off her toga and jumped into the Batcave level with a piece of pillar. She declared, "In a world of ordinary men, I am Wonder Woman!" She kind of liked the catchphrase. Wonder Woman and Batman traded blows as the chibi Batman doll Cyborg interfaced with closed in on Toyman's console. Toyman activated her Super Move, Amazon Rolling Thunder. She lassoed Batman and leaped back to Themyscira then slammed Batman to the ground. Cyborg wanted another character but Toyman declared the game was over. Cyborg protested and called Toyman a big bay. He walked Cyborg over to Wonder Woman. She was about to punch him out but the Batman doll overrode Toyman's controls and freed the heroes. Toyman tried to run away in a mech suit. Wonder Woman lassoed the mech's left and ripped it off.

Wonder Woman agreed to go on a dinner date with Superman in Metropolis in their respective civilian alter-egos. She admitted Steve Trevor was only in love with Wonder Woman while Diana Prince was as invisible to him as her jet. Clark Kent admitted as much with Lois Lane. Dessert and a kiss were interrupted by the appearance of a new menace calling himself Repulse who could repel any attack. It turned out to be Lex Luthor who lured Superman into battle to infect him with his Repulse nanobots. Now posing a danger to the world, Superman flew to space. Wonder Woman and Hawkman questioned Luthor at his cell on Stryker's Island but he wasn't cooperating. Wonder Woman used her Lasso of Truth to force him to reveal what Repulse was and to figure out how to get rid of it. The power of a black hole was decided on. Luthor attempted to blast Superman all the way into Black Hole XT-357 but he, himself, fell in after a meteor collision. Wonder Woman threw her lasso inside and pulled them out. Once their date resumed, Diana declined to kiss him after smelling the garlic risotto on him.

Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman trailed Lex Luthor across the planet. They found him on Themyscira. Wonder Woman landed first and defended Hippolyta just in time from Luthor's suit blaster but she shot out of the temple from behind by Circe. Circe used her Hands of Hercules spell and formed two giant hands to grasp Wonder Woman. She was unable to escape. Luthor demanded Hippolyta's staff, an object capable of leading them to an artifact called the Oculus of the Argo. She refused and flipped Luthor but Circe shot her from behind. Circe picked up the staff and generated a portal to the Fallen Realm. Superman and Batman soon arrived and freed Wonder Woman with a super punch and exploding Batarang combination. Hippolyta was surprised to see her daughter was friends with two men. Wonder Woman insisted they were her sidekicks then told them the Oculus was capable of giving a mortal man the power of Zeus and about the Fallen Realm and Circe. Hippolyta performed a ceremony to open a portal to the Fallen Realm for them.

Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman went through the portal and found themselves in a strange upside down realm. Batman and Superman were speechless when Wonder Woman slapped a giant serpent on the cheek and it ran off like a scared dog. They discovered Luthor already put on the Oculus. Wonder Woman tried to convince Circe in vain that Luthor would betray her. Luthor retaliated with lightning bolts. Circe proceeded to turn them into trees as a warning to their other enemies. Luthor found it creative but wanted them to leave quickly. Superman used his heat vision to blast Circe away then Wonder Woman threw her lasso on him. He was told to reveal his plan. He complied and said they would use the Oculus' power to take over Olympus. Wonder Woman then asked what of Circe. Luthor couldn't resist and quickly admitted he was going to ditch her the minute they took over Olympus. Circe was infuriated and couldn't believe she almost made him her equal. Luthor was amused and announced he was her superior.

Luthor was disarmed and he returned to normal. Circe zapped Luthor in the butt repeatedly then released Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman from her spell when she was done with him. Circe tried to sneak off but Wonder Woman knew her tricks and lassoed her. Back on Themyscira, Wonder Woman turned the staff and Circe over to Hippolyta. At her insistence, Hippolyta addressed Superman and Batman by name and gave the Amazons' most sincere thanks but quickly told them to get off her island. Wonder Woman was present at the Watchtower during the Spider Gauntlet incident involving Lobo and the Red Lanterns. Wonder Woman engaged Luthor second during a break-in at S.T.A.R. Labs and kicked him across the vault room. Luthor readied his shoulder cannon. She wasn't intimidated and implored him to give it his best shot. Luthor indulged her and fired his cannon at the ceiling. While she held up a large section of the ceiling to save several employees, Luthor flew out of the building.

Batman and Wonder Woman surrendered Luthor but Superman fell prey to an infection of nanobots and lost consciousness. The Atom, Wonder Woman, and Batman shrunk down and entered Superman's body. They battled a nanobot swarm. Once Wonder Woman broke through and punched the machine draining Superman of his solar energy, the remaining nanites deactivated. They threw the parts into the bloodstream to be dissolved by Superman's immune system but they noticed more nanobots coming. They followed the source and discovered the nanobot queen. Batman and Wonder Woman continued after it while Atom returned outside to take on Luthor. The queen opened fire on them. Wonder Woman lassoed the mandibles and manuevered herself on its neck but the queen took off. They fell into the lungs. Wonder Woman was trapped in its mandibles while Superman's immune system grabbed Batman. He broke free with his rocket boosters and threw a Batarang at the queen. Wonder Woman lifted it up, allowing Batman to bound its legs with bolas then dropped it.

Wonder Woman used leverage to break off the mandibles then threw them at the queen, slicing up her head and body. She then lifted it by the head and threw it over for the immune system to dissolve. With no time to escape, Batman tossed out explosive charges and forced Superman to sneeze them out. They landed right on Luthor. Wonder Woman smacked in the head then tied him up with the Lasso of Truth.

Wonder Woman, Batman, and Green Arrow went after H.I.V.E. once they learned Metropolis was in imminent danger. She used her Lasso of Truth on a soldier and demanded to know what they were planning. He revealed the H.I.V.E. Master was planning to detonate a Cobalt Fusion Bomb and level the city. A device on his army sprayed him with sleeping gas before he could reveal the bomb's location. They returned to the Watchtower to track down the bomb. Athena made a surprise visit. Wonder Woman inquired what wisdom she wished to impart. Athena misunderstood and suggested she do her hair a little differently, part it on the other side, and throw in some highlights. Athena announced Wonder Woman deeds were observed by the eyes of Olympus. She pulled some strings and Wonder Woman was chosen to become the goddess of Truth. As an Amazon, she could not defy the gods' wishes but wanted to stop H.I.V.E. and do one last good thing in the world before she left it. Athena honored her wishes and joined them on the last mission.

H.I.V.E. detected their approach and opened fire, forcing them to eject from their jet. Wonder Woman saved several shoremen from the jet. She saved a crane operator then shoved the compromised crane into the sea. She asked the workers for their help and warned them about the bomb. She implored them not to panic and asked them to round as many people as they each could and evacuate the area. They cheered her on and helped evacuate. They made their way into the base and found the bomb underground but had to battle many soldiers. In the course of battle, Wonder Woman saved a soldier from an errant turrent blast. She asked if he was all right. He confirmed as much then stuttered and pulled his gun on her. She kicked him. The H.I.V.E. Master attacked them in a bee robot. Wonder Woman eventually landed a punch then crossed bracelets to block its laser. She pushed forward then swung her arms out, flipping the robot. She pounced atop it and removed the H.I.V.E. Master. He quickly activated the bomb's countdown and refused to back down.

Wonder Woman knew he would always sacrifice others but never his own. She stuck him to the bomb with his own robot's secretion then proclaimed they needed to load the soldiers up into the escape vehicle and leave. As she predicted, the Master caved in at three seconds and deactivated the bomb. Athena decided she belonged on Earth having witnessed her strength, resourcefulness, and ability to inspire and admitted heroing was more important than she thought. She declared she was nothing but proud of her. They hugged. Wonder Woman and Firestorm observed Batman and Superman interrogate Deadshot about who hired him. Wonder Woman was part of a mission with Batman and Booster Gold to prevent H.I.V.E. from recruiting new members from a youth center. Once Batman neutralized the Master, Wonder Woman chased after the fleeing soldiers. She returned and observed Batman telling Booster he was the worst crime fighter he ever knew. She asked Batman if he was being too hard on Booster. Batman insisted he needed to hear the truth to become better.

Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Superman followed tips from informants and sighted a fleet of Apokoliptian battleships headed to Earth. Justice 1 was too behind to catch up so Superman went on ahead alone. Wonder Woman and Hawkman watched as the fleet was boomed somewhere else. They later picked up Space Cabbie's signal and followed him back to Earth where Swamp Thing ambushed his fare, Kanto. Wonder Woman elected to catch up to them after she dropped Kanto off at the Belle Reve Prison. Lex Luthor hired Deadshot to take out Wonder Woman. She found herself in a dead-end and leaped to avoid his blasters at the last second. She kicked him to the ground and demanded to know who hired him. He played coy. She engaged him in hand to hand combat. He dodged a few of her attacks but she caught him with a roundhouse then double kicked him into a wall. She reached for her Lasso. Deadshot tried to run but she caught him. Wonder Woman realized the lasso was Plastic Man. He pleaded with her not to get mad. She squeezed his head.

Booster Gold suddenly teleported in with the real Lasso. Caught red-handed, Booster tried to run but Wonder Woman got him. The Lasso forced him to admit he used it to get a good deal on his new Booster Car. He further confessed he accidentally parked his old car in a junkyard because he doesn't care for the things he loved. He went onto admit he ate a glob of paste in second grade when no one was looking then revealed his time suit stopped working a few months ago so he was secretly going to ice cream shops instead of time traveling. Booster was impressed with the lasso's power. Wonder Woman agreed. Realizing the inevitable, Deadshot confessed Luthor hired him. Booster proposed ice cream. Deadshot wanted two scoops of Chocolate Chocolate Chip but Wonder Woman stated he was getting nothing and he was going to like it.

During a battle between the Justice and Ivy Leagues, Wonder Woman came to Flash's defense from Ember's attack as the two tried to convince Batman to go along with trying a nice place for League socials. Ember leapt to the top of a lightpole and fired at Wonder Woman. She dodged then threw her Lasso of Truth. Ember was snagged and slammed onto the street. Wonder Woman chose Parademons to fight in the Watchtower's holographic training simulator. Space Cabbie stumbled upon the session thinking it was a real fight. Cabbie made his way around snapping photos in Parademons' faces. Wonder Woman eventually gained the upper hand, escaped her bonds, and won. She ordered the computer to end the simulation and thanked Cabbie. He insisted he just wanted a selfie with her. Wonder Woman took part in a mission to locate a hidden H.I.V.E. jungle base. After H.I.V.E. attacked with cloaked weapons, Wonder Woman gave the order for everyone to split up. She left in Justice-2 and took out a few cannons. Justice-2 was hit from behind and forced to crash land.

Wonder Woman set off for the Watchtower for a monthly meeting but she ran into Bizarro then somehow ended up on a date with him at a mini golf course. He talked about joining the Justice League but she made a bet. If she won, he would back off the idea. Nevertheless, she planned to ditch him near "Mount Rushmore". They paused play to eat. Wonder Woman couldn't help but smile at Bizarro's 'innocence' as he scarfed away at burgers and fries. She received an alert on her phone about a priority one emergency meeting, unaware it was sent by Amazo as part of a trap. Bizarro wanted to help but Wonder Woman stated the League needed a hero who could think on their feet. After she left, Bizarro thought about how he could help then flew off into space with an idea. Wonder Woman sneaked down to the prison level of the Watchtower and captured Amazo in her Lasso of Truth but he simply phased through and ran around her in super speed. She was wrapped up in the Lasso. Amazo then formed a hand construct and placed in a cell next to the others.

After Bizarro saved the day, Wonder Woman didn't think they had any other choice but to invite Bizarro into the League. Superman sort of agreed. Batman used Bizarro's backwards logic against him and got him to leave by asking him if he could stay right where he was standing. Wonder Woman was surprised to find Joker and Luthor on the shores of Themyscira. She tried to arrest them but Joker threw exploding playing cards at her shield and boomed away with Luthor. She joined Batman, Superman, and Flash at the Watchtower to over what happened. They concluded Joker wanted something Luthor had but were clueless. Wonder Woman found it kind of adorable that both Superman and Batman both had pet dogs who fought crime with them. Wonder Woman and several other Leaguers eventually converged on one of Luthor's secret hideouts. After Luthor blasted Superman with Kryptonite energy from his chest, Wonder Woman charged. She deflected his shots with her sword and slashed his chest armor but Joker boomed behind her and blasted her with a Mother Box.

Wonder Woman lay in wait in an alley after Luthor broke into S.T.A.R. Labs. Sure enough, Luthor ran into the same alley while a Superman Red and Superman Blue fought - an accident of his new Kryptonite Radiation Emitter. Wonder Woman palmed him in the face and shoved him into some trash cans. She didn't back down and took a blast from the emitter. To Luthor's surprise, the emitter's mutated Kryptonite even affected her and also split her into two beings. Wonder Woman Blue chose to dodge her counterpart's attacks but eventually got shoved into a building then thrown towards a parked car. Luthor happened to be in her path and was knocked out. Superman and Wonder Woman Red leaped away with the emitter while the blues politely arrested Luthor and took him back to the Watchtower. They took being good to another level and even brought Luthor an extra blanket and pillow.

Green Arrow was further weirded out when they started cheering on Batman for tracking down the reds. Wonder Woman Red came up with a plan to cause an emergency so big, it would draw the entire Justice League then they would make duplicates of them at the same time. Superman Red suspected Batman was already tipped off. Batman and Arrow made their presence known and a fight broke out. Arrow launched gas arrows at them then pinned Wonder Woman Red to a wall with a net arrow. Superman Red liberated her with heat vision and she slammed the floor then pursued Batman with the emitter. She was finally able to blast him after Superman Red blew him into a column. Batman Red found her plan and thinking too small. He proposed they connect the emitter to the Watchtower and beam the signal through the League's satellites around the world then split everyone at once. They took the tower and proceeded with the plan but Batman Blue and Arrow returned. Arrow accidentally split Luthor. Luthor Red tricked the other reds and re-merged them with their counterparts then himself.

Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Atom came to Green Lantern's aid in a losing battle with Sinestro. Superman and Wonder Woman, in Justice-2, attacked Sinestro to distract him long enough for Lantern to recharge his ring. Wonder Woman made several passes and kept firing on Sinestro. Wonder Woman resorted to firing an implosion torpedo but Sinestro simply cut through it and flew away. Sinestro was disappointed by their tactics then drew up a giant robot construct. Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman made a final push after Despotellis reported he destroyed Atom. Sinestro made a giant multi-armed construct of himself. The construct grabbed Justice-2 and put the squeeze on it. After Atom changed Despotellis' chemical make-up and Sinestro was rammed into an asteroid, the heroes took turns examining Despotellis under a microscope. Wonder Woman thought it looked more lik a moldy pineapple cockroach.

Wonder Woman lost her memory like the other Leaguers after Felix Faust cast a spell on them. Firestorm brought Diana Prince to the Watchtower along with Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Wayne introduced himself to Prince but she rebuffed him. She didn't believe Firestorm's claim she was Wonder Woman and wanted to call a cab. Kent demonstrated by falling into the ocean then ran back up to them unharmed. Wayne and Prince exchanged looks. Going off Stein's idea, Firestorm changed their outfits into their costumes. Prince was insulted and stated he crossed a line. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman took a cab to the Metropolis Jewlery Exchange and joined Firestorm against Felix Faust and his Golems even though they had no idea what to do. Wonder Woman tried using the Lasso but ended up tying herself up by mistake. As the battle progressed. she got loose and tied on end of the Lasso to a pole then waited. As a Golem approached, she pulled the Lasso taut and tripped it.

Wonder Woman rediscovered her super strength and picked up a car then threw it into another Golem. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman cornered Faust after he tried to get away on his segway. Faust pulled the orb where all the stolen memories were kept but Wonder Woman lassoed it away. They observed Firestorm talking to himself in a reflection, unaware of Professor Stein, and decided it was time to get their memories back. Wonder Woman tossed the orb and shattered it on the pavement. Wonder Woman and Green Arrow searched in vain for a lead on the Joker after he kidnapped Batman. Wonder Woman even tried dangling a criminal off the roof of a building. After several hours, the Riddler approached them and offered his services as a consulting detective. Wonder Woman used the Lasso of Truth on him and asked why he wanted to help them. Riddler admitted he was angry the Joker stole his gimmick and wanted to stop him. With little else to act on, she considered it. They followed Joker's clues to Arkham Asylum then the Iceberg Lounge, and the Gotham City Institute of Arts.

Wonder Woman leaped towards Joker but he blasted his trick streamers at her and she landed on a giant soda can armed with a pressure trigger. She was forced to stay on top or it would set off the Lady Justice statue, cutting Batman into two. While Riddler battled Joker, Arrow cut himself loose. Just as Riddler set off a voice activated trigger, Arrow shot the rope hanging Batman then Wonder Woman jumped and caught Batman. They learned Joker's plan was predicated by Riddler stealing his donut once. Batman discovered a temporary rift opened near the Sun and Zod escaped from the Phantom Zone. He called in Superman and Wonder Woman. After Batman woke Booster up, the trio headed to S.T.A.R. Labs to stop Zod from stealing the Kryptonian Prism. Wonder Woman lassoed his left leg but he simply pulled it off, yanked the line, and punched Wonder Woman into a wall. They were unaware the mobile Phantom Zone Projector's interaction with the Kryptonian Prism made Zod intangible nor they were all affected.

They returned to the Watchtower with the prism. They soon went out of phase. Batman discovered they had just enough tangibility to affect tiny changes in the visible world. Booster went to the locker room and played pretend. He put on one of Wonder Woman's suits last and pretended to deflect bullets while stating he was a gorgeous tough Amazonian princess. After Superman declared Booster had a knack for always doing the wrong thing, Wonder Woman got an idea. They went to the kitchen and pushed a glass bowl of Jaw Destroyers off the table. Once Booster started eating, they made a trail to the Phantom Zone Projector. Booster unknowingly triggered the projector, but Zod flew in front of them at the last second. Batman communicated a plan to Booster through the prism. He begged Zod to be sent to the Phantom Zone so he could be with his friends. Zod fell for it. Booster held out the prism and restored Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to normal. Wonder Woman fought Quex-Ul and tossed Batman at Zod.

Zod tossed him into her while Faora and Quex-Ul punched Superman to the ground. Wonder Woman whipped a Jaw Destroyer at Zod's head. Superman grabbed a panel and deflected the projector's beam at Zod, Faora and Quex-Ul back to the zone. Batman picked up the prism and checked on Booster. Wonder Woman commended him on having perfect timing for once but to Booster's dismay they held off on freeing him. Wonder Woman believed Darkseid's robot Justice League could be sent to a planet in need of heroes, after they went beyond their original programming and destroyed his test data on them. Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Cyborg attacked Lex Luthor outside of S.T.A.R. Labs. Luthor used his Time Suit to move at super speed, stole the Lasso of Truth, and tied up Wonder Woman. She tried to kick but Luthor threw her into Hawkman and they crashed into a building. Luthor eventually used his power to freeze Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman in time. After Flash defeated Luthor, they returned to normal and fell to the ground.

Wonder Woman attended Green Arrow's Christmas party but felt bad for him making so much effort for Batman, who wasn't going to come. She and Zatanna clued Flash in that Arrow wanted to be friends with Batman outside of work and was using the party was an in. Flash brought Batman to the party against his will. Wonder Woman was looking forward to Martian Manhunter's banana chocolate pie but Plastic Man's plus one, Solomon Grundy, ate it all. Flash also forgot to buy a Secret Santa gift and ran off. He returned with a little teddy bear and tried to give it to Zatanna but Superman said he was Zatann'a Secret Santa. Flash gave it to Superman instead. Wonder Woman whispered to Plastic Man it was from a gas station clearance bin at best. Plastic Man nervously hid the same kind of bear behind his back. As the League caught up to Batman and Grundy in Centennial Park, Superman noticed Wonder Woman now had the same kind of bear he gave to Grundy. Green Arrow realized Grundy was looking for a girl he scared earlier in the day and had Flash find her. After Grundy apologized to the girl, he was escorted to S.T.A.R. Labs by Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Flash, Zatanna, and Plastic Man.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl sparred on Themyscira, both with shield and sword. Supergirl kicked Wonder Woman in the gut but she flew up and charged with her shield out front. Supergirl was knocked down below and bounced off a horse statue, leaving a hole in it. She apologized but Wonder Woman brushed it off. She alluded to the fact that Themyscira had been through worse. Supergirl recalled she heard what happened with Superman and Batman's last visit. Wonder Woman mentioned her mother, Queen Hippolyta, initiated certain steps to ensure no man would ever set foot on the island again against her objection. They flew off and started round two of their sparring. Felix Faust manifested and possessed Supergirl to bypass the anti-man spell. Faust sucker punched Wonder Woman, revealed his presence, threw her into a building, then took out the columns. As Faust gloated, Wonder Woman snagged Supergirl with the Lasso of Truth and grounded her. The anti-man spell ejected Faust then launched him into the ocean. Wonder Woman realized the spell wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Wonder Woman, Batman, and Red Tornado joined Shazam in Metropolis to fight Felix Faust's ancient army. Wonder Woman sliced them up with her sword but noticed Billy Batson's Uncle Dudley doing crowd control. She came over and informed him they preferred civilians to stay out of harm's way. Not understanding, Dudley informed her he cleared everyone out. Mr. Mxyzptlk gave Dudley super powers for his own amusement and let loose a giant sized kitten to induce him to cause more harm than good. After it chomped on Shazam, Wonder Woman tried lifting it but it muscled itself free. Dudley, meanwhile, tricked Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards - to her amazement. Wonder Woman was one of the Leaguers who boomed out of the Watchtower to stop the Red Lanterns from invading Earth. On a Sunday, at the Watchtower, Booster Gold told Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow about his ruined book signing but they had no idea who Red Velvet was. Red Velvet's tampering triggered a volcanic eruption that destroyed the Watchtower.

Wonder Woman flew to Justice-1 and opened the rear. Booster Gold flew right in. As the platform and bridge collapsed, Wonder Woman held up Justice by the rear. Batman and Green Arrow jumped down into it and made it to the cockpit. They activated thrusters, circled and scooped up Wonder Woman, then flew outside. While Booster's time suit recharged, he told them about his fiancee Margo Montgomery. Red Velvet found them and opened fire. She blasted the left wing and port engines took heavy damage. Booster's time suit was done and he jumped to the future with Batman. Arrow inititated the autopilot and realized he was left behind with Wonder Woman until the timeline was reset. In the new timeline, Batman and Booster told them what happened. Wonder Woman asked how they could know Velvet was gone. Batman ran some searches and confirmed all records of her were erased from the present and future.