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Mr. Terrific

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Real Identity: Dr. Michael Holt
Affiliations: Justice League and New Metropolis University
Appearances: The Cube Root
Powers/Skills: Genius, Olympic-Level Athletics, Mastery of Martial Arts, and Knowledge of Engineering, Physics, Law, Psychology, Chemistry, and Mathematics
Voiced By: Hannibal Buress

Michael Holt was a young prodigy. By the time he was 14 years old, Holt attended college. He was roommates with a graduate student named Martin Stein. Holt found himself being routinely put down by Stein, reportedly the smartest student on campus. He soon started to counter Stein by talking big. Stein was at odds with Holt over dirty dishes, bringing cats into the dorm, burping, firecrackers, and lack of bathroom etiquette. They both developed a similar project concept independently. Holt came up with T-Spheres and Stein, with S-Cubes. Stein thought it was more than a coincidence and accused Holt of stealing his idea. Dr. Holt went on to earn doctorates in engineering, physics, law, psychology, chemistry, and mathematics, an Olympic-level athlete, and a master of martial arts. Holt later became the super hero Mr. Terrific and incorporated one of his inventions, the T-Spheres. Terrific joined the Justice League.

In the present, Dr. Holt joined the faculty of the New Metropolis University and they renamed the Science Building into the Mr. Terrific Research Center in his honor. Firestorm attended the ceremony. Professor Stein's was disgusted to learn Holt was the guest of honor. Stein's other half, Ronnie Raymond recognized him as the one Justice Leaguer he never worked with yet. Raymond was delighted with Terrific and his accolades but Stein was oddly cold towards him. Stein revealed he and Terrific were roommates in college. Stein was a graduate student and Holt was a 14 year old prodigy who was charming and conniving. Mr. Terrific announced the Research Center would to serve as the new home for his T-Spheres and as a place for young minds to revolutionize science like he did a few years ago. He concluded his speech by promising it meant a whole new world for everyone. Calculator revealed himself in the back of the crowd and hacked the T-Spheres.

Mr. Terrific jumped behind the podium then swung it into the lead sphere but watched as the rest ascended, blasted the Research Center logo then burrowed into the building. Terrific got two youths to a safe distance but another slab fell towards them. Firestorm intervened and changed it into marshmallows. Terrific tried to throw a punch at Calculator but a T-Sphere came to his defense. The other spheres gathered around Calculator and flew him back to his base. Firestorm tried to cut off his escape but failed. Mr. Terrific caught up and complimented him on his hustle. He inquired about Stein. Stein stated he still had the hives from the cats that weren't supposed to be in their dorm. Firestorm lied and told Terrific that Stein said it was lovely to see him. Mr. Terrific tried to use S.T.A.R. Labs' resources to track down the T-Spheres but they were already cloaked. Stein brought up his S-Cubes to Terrific's annoyance. Ronnie Raymond was brought up to speed on Stein and Holt's history. Calculator used the spheres to trigger a city-wide blackout.

Terrific and Firestorm made their way to the power grid and found several T-Spheres connected. They were soon discovered. To everyone's surprise, the T-Spheres hacked Firestorm and split him back to Raymond and Stein. The spheres retreated and took Raymond with them. Stein admitted he was impressed. Terrific figured he should get that admission in writing but noticed how old Stein had gotten. Stein assembled his S-Cubes into a giant cube and traced the spheres' tachyon emissions to Calculator's hideout. Mr. Terrific found it pretty slick for an old guy. He assimilated one of the cubes to his control and claimed to have added a couple upgrades, his "Terrific" Touch. Stein was disgusted with his ego. Terrific retorted he had to talk big because he was being constantly put down by the smartest person on campus. The T-Spheres arrived and opened fire. Terrific volunteered to keep them busy while Stein went on ahead.

Terrific assimilated a few more cubes and fought the spheres off. He leaped from sphere to sphere, tricking them to shoot each other, after he lost his first cube. He returned to the cubes, that grouped into a line, then jumped . The remaining spheres shot each other. Terrific masked his last S-Cube as a T-Sphere then joined the other battle against Calculator. Stein interrupted Calculator by throwing a small piece of debris at his head. Terrific pretended to be chased by a T-Sphere until he was "cornered". Calculator issued the command to blast Terrific but nothing happened to his surprise. Terrific revealed the ruse then threw the cube at Calculator. In the meantime, Firestorm was reunited. Calculator tried to sneak off but backed into Terrific, who punched him out. Terrific predicted 15-20 at Stryker's Island Penitentiary. He severed Calculator's control over the T-Spheres while the police secured the villain. He invited Stein to help him change the spheres' programming so they couldn't be hacked again.

Professor Stein admitted he finally realized the T-Spheres' schematic was completely original and not a rip off of his S-Cubes. Firestorm relayed to Terrific that Stein was sorry for being a bonehead. Terrific assured Raymond he could relate since Stein was a terrible roommate. Stein was set off and started listing off all the terrible things Holt did in their dorm.