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Real Identity: Zatanna
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Zombie King, Trick or Threat, and Speed Demon
Powers/Skills: Mastery of Magic
Voiced By: Lacey Chabert and Dayci Brookshire (Kid Zatanna)

Zatanna is a seasoned magic user but is a stage performer at heart. She is known to cast her magic spells backwards as a method of focus. At some point, Zatanna encountered Space Cabbie. She agreed to take a photo with him for his collection. On the night of a Crimson Moon, Constantine and Zatanna were busy fighting Brother Night and his ghouls. They were unable to immediately provide back up to Batman. Zatanna informed him of the nature of the Crimson Moon, a mystic eclipse that takes place every hundred years, while spinning the ghouls and detonating a card deck against them. Batman asked them to help identify a crystal Grundy had in his possession. Zatanna immediately recognized his description as the Star of the Dead. Constantine warned Batman not to let Grundy take it to the City of the Dead cemetery. Zatanna promised they could come when they could and wished him luck. While Constantine finished off Brother Night, Zatanna teleported to the City and saved Batman in time from being turned by zombies. He figured she would make an entrance. Zatanna began casting a spell to make the zombies disappear but she was too late.

The Crimson Moon shined on the Star as it rested in the palms of an angelic statue. The Star's energy was released and threatened to spread across the planet and turn every human into a zombie. Batman and Zatanna were the first to be. Swamp Thing managed to remove the Star and destroy it. They returned to normal. Batman ended the crisis by freezing Grundy. Zatanna was bummed out since she could have turned him into a rabbit. They went to New Orleans and observed the festivities. Swamp Thing remarked they weren't exactly saints. Zatanna asked if he was more human than he'd care to admit. After seeing an infant he saved earlier, he replied maybe. In a Halloween tale that may or may not have happened, Zatanna went with Dr. Fate, Batman, and Constantine to check on the House of Mystery after it surfaced in a small neighborhood. They were turned into amnesiac 10 year olds by Klarion, who sought the Helmet of Fate to take over the world.

Eventually, they found a Mirror of Truth. Dr. Fate and Zatanna vaguely remembered it showed them how things really were. They finally remembered they were part of the Justice League. Zatanna lacked the confidence to cast a spell because she had braces. As the battle continued, Zatanna found a toothbrush among their trick or treating bags then turned a wooden chair into a cage for Klarion's cat, Teekl. Dr. Fate ordered the House of Mystery to release them. Klarion and Teekl ran for the front door but Zatanna cast another spell and shut the front door on them. The House vanished and they were restored to normal. Batman and Zatanna teamed up to stop a newly empowered Harley Quinn at Gotham City Hall. Zatanna cast a magic shield around her. When she tried to fight her way out, Harley was zapped and bounced off the roof. She "landed" near them. They deduced Brother Night was supplying criminals with magic powers and fought their way into his nightclub. Zatanna extinguished Ember's fire breath before she could use it.

Zatanna told Night to stop playing fairy godfather to Gotham sleaze. He promised not to touch another soul. After they left, Night hexed a weapon left behind by Batman. It flew into the Batmobile outside and turned it into a demonic creature bent on destroying Batman. Before Zatanna could undo the curse, she was wrapped up in a parachute and pulled into the Batmobile's trunk. The Batmobile pursued Batman throughout the city but he reached Jason Blood's home and Etrigan joined the battle. Eventually, Batman pried the trunk open and freed Zatanna. As Etrigan, in his ice cream truck, and the Batmobile proceeded to ram into each other, Zatanna teleported everyone into Night's club. Annoyed with Zatanna's spell, Night in turn teleported himself and his gang away. Zatanna raised a shield as they crashed then removed the hex from the Batmobile. She advised Batman to never leave personal things behind with magic users. Etrigan celebrated with ice cream and gave Zatanna a cone with sprinkles.