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Real Identity: Jason Blood and Etrigan
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Speed Demon, Hat Trick, and Party Animal
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Pyrokinesis, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Patrick Seitz

Etrigan is a powerful rhymer demon affiliated with the wizard Merlin who shares a body with Jason Blood. When Blood recites the phrase, "Gone, Gone The Form of Man, Rise The Demon Etrigan," Blood vanishes and Etrigan takes his place. In the present, Blood maintains a residence in Gotham City. One night, Blood was reading a book when Batman suddenly burst through his skylight. Batman demanded he change into Etrigan. Blood declined and continued reading. Batman informed him the Batmobile almost killed him. Blood suggested a mechanic. Batman revealed it was possessed by Brother Night. Blood finally took notice and started summoning Etrigan but the Batmobile landed on top of him. Etrigan knocked the Batmobile on its roof but it flipped over and charged them. They jumped out a window. Etrigan was about to melt the car with his fire breath but Batman told him Zatanna was being held captive inside it. Etrigan improvised and set up some planks, directing the Batmobile into a building but it emerged from an alley unharmed.

Batman and Etrigan leaped on the hood. After a mail bin nailed him, Etrigan had enough and ripped part of the driver roof open. He landed in the driver's seat and took the wheel. Brother Night came up on screen and offered him a chance to join forces. Etrigan called him a dope. Night bashed his viewing screen and jolted Etrigan. The Batmobile reached a park. Etrigan barely missed an ice cream truck and some citizens. He was ejected and tumbled through mud into a tree. The Batmobile swerved and covered Etrigan in mud. He concluded he needed an animated vehicle of his own to end the strange ordeal. He summoned Merlin to enchant a police car but the Batmobile rammed it. Etrigan gloated after the car safely landed on its wheels but then it blew up. Etrigan instead chose the ice cream truck.

Etrigan caught up to Batman and the Batmobile in a fixed rail tunnel. He forced the Batmobile up the walls of the tunnel to avoid the incoming train then they dropped to the streets below. As Etrigan, in his ice cream truck, and the Batmobile proceeded to ram into each other, Zatanna teleported everyone into Night's club. Annoyed with Zatanna's spell, Night in turn teleported himself and his gang away. Zatanna raised a shield as they crashed then removed the hex from the Batmobile. She advised Batman to never leave personal things behind with magic users. Etrigan celebrated with ice cream and gave Zatanna a cone with sprinkles. Batman was more interested in checking his car but it fell apart. He asked for chocolate.

Jason Blood was summoned by Batman to the Gotham Fashion area. Instead of a sale on capes, it was another supernatural incident. Mannequins were animated, transformed, and attacking everyone. As the battle went on, Blood called upon Etrigan after Zatanna put in the request. He started melting mannequins with his flame breath. Felix Faust saw an opening and stole Zatanna's hat. Etrigan deduced this attack was a ruse to draw her out. Once Zatanna found her rabbits' location in the Hebrides Island, Etrigan called out to Merlin to teleport them there in an instant. They arrived too late and Faust succeeded in bringing forth Ghast. It restored Faust's youth and flew towards a town to feed. Batman and Etrigan leaped off a tower onto Ghast's back. Batman's exploding Batarangs and Etrigan's flame breath failed to damage Ghast at all. Etrigan slid onto Ghast's mouth flap and grabbed Batman after he was hit by debris while saving a boy. Etrigan inquired if there was an opening for a new Boy Wonder. They leaped off Ghast onto a tower as Zatanna's reverse hex pulled it back to where it came from.

Jason Blood attended Green Arrow's Christmas party on Christmas Eve.