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Real Identity: John Constantine
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Abate and Switch), Zombie King, and Trick or Threat
Powers/Skills: Mastery of Magic
Voiced By: Damian O'Hare and Paula Rhodes (Kid Constantine)

Constantine is a seasoned magic user and member of the Justice League. In a battle against a warlock, Constantine was hit with an accent-exaggerator spell that left him with a thick English accent. The next week, he responded to Batman's distress call. He summoned Plastic Man, Green Arrow, and Swamp Thing then opened a portal to bring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to his base of operations, the House of Mystery. Arrow came up with a plan for everyone to change costumes and looks with each other in order to render Nyorlath's super power nullifying spell useless. Once the Brothers were taken care of, Constantine knocked their heads together. He opened a portal that the League used to banish the Brothers and Black Adam but due to his accent, the others had no idea where they were sent. On the night of a Crimson Moon, Constantine and Zatanna battled Brother Night and his ghouls. They were contacted by Batman who wanted back up against Solomon Grundy.

Constantine informed him the Star of the Dead could raise a zombie army and it couldn't be allowed to be taken to the City of the Dead cemetery. Some time later in the battle, Zatanna left to help Batman and Swamp Thing while Constantine stayed behind to finish off Brother Night. In a Halloween tale that may or may not have happened, Constantine went with Batman, Dr. Fate, and Zatanna to check on the House of Mystery after it appeared in a new neighborhood but they were turned into amnesiac 10 year olds by Klarion. They were tricked into entering the House where Klarion tried to steal the Helmet of Fate. Constantine used some red hot cinnamon balls from trick or treating and enchanted them to super heat the Helmet. Constantine and Fate made a play for the Helmet. Fate got the House to release them and it vanished, with Klarion and Teekl trapped inside. They returned to adults. Constantine found the key to the House among the grass and added it to his key ring.