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Real Identity: Various
Appearances (BB): The Call Part One and Part Two
Appearances (JL/U): All 91 Episodes
Appearances (SS): A League of Their Own Part One and Part Two
Powers: Various
Voiced By: Various

J'onn Jonzz traveled to Earth to warn it of the impending invasion of the forces of the Imperium. However, he was caught by sleeper agents. Though heavily restricted by dampening technology, J'onn managed to make telepathic contact with Superman. After Superman and Batman freed J'onn, he telepathically summoned other super heroes that he could reach, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman. The seven managed to defeat the Imperium and drive the remaining fleet away. Batman was still wary of the inevitability of another alien invasion. Secretly through WayneTech Research and Development projects, Batman launched a Watchtower to monitor deep space incursions and serve as a frontline. Superman convinced the others to form an official group that came to be named the Justice League. Batman agreed to join, but only as a part time member.

Despite any formal training together, nor any tactics, the League defeated hordes of aliens, magical menaces and super villains. But after the Thanagarian invasion, the League had to rebuild from scratch. A more pro-active stance was taken for the greater good. A new Watchtower complete with up to date technology such as teleportation pads and a nuclear binary fusion generator. The original six, minus Hawkgirl, expanded the League roster to nearly 60 members. J'onn took on the role of coordinating members with missions that they agreed to take on from government or other ruling bodies. But the League's activities only warranted the suspicion of the United States government and even some of the human population. Cadmus was formed in order to devise and procure defenses against the Justice League in the event a "Justice Lords" scenerio ever happened.

Lex Luthor provided off the books funding for Cadmus, but he secretly stole cutting edge technology that allowed him to hack into Watchtower computers and manipulate a confrontation between the League and Cadmus. In the meantime, Luthor went to work to build a second AMAZO body to which he would transplant his brain to and acheive godhood. He was met by Amanda Waller and the League only to discover a dormant copy of Brainiac was growing inside of him for years. Luthor made a pact and melded with Brainiac using Dark Heart technology and nearly destroyed Earth. The Flash tapped into the Speed Force and using super speed vibrations to destroy Brainiac. Flash nearly faded away permanently into the Force if not for J'onn and the rest of the founders.

Superman acknowledged what had happened and decided to disband the League. However, Green Arrow aired his grievances and ignited the crowd of people and super heroes. Superman obliged and offered to make some changes: an embassy of sorts, nicknamed the Metro Tower (due to its location in Metropolis, most likely former Lexor City) where the League would be closer to the people. Also members of the League could now volunteer extra shifts and rotate guard duty. In all, the Justice League Unlimited won back the confidence of the people and forged on.

Decades later, a new generation of superheroes joined the ranks of the League, Aquagirl, the second Batman, a new Green Lantern, Micron and Warhawk, along with veteran heroes like Big Barda and Static. However, much like his mentor, Batman kept his status with the JLU ambiguous. In the 2050's, Batman's first assignment was to spy on the team and figure out who the traitor was. He succeeded and unraveled a conspiracy that an alien creature named Starro was controlling Superman for years to cultivate offspring in secret. The final showdown took place at the Fortress of Solitude where the Starro invasion was prevented. Rather than destroy all of them, Aquagirl used her telepathy and Barda's Mother Box to boom them back to Starro's home planet. Years later, while most of the JLU was away in Alpha Centauri, Static was kidnapped by Kobra and held for ransom in exchange for their cell leader. Batman led the rescue effort alone but soon found himself teaming up with a younger version of Static who activated a faulty time machine while dismantling it with Batman and Robin.

The Justice League went down in history as the greatest force of good and went on to influence future groups like the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century. John Stewart and Warhawk are two of the more famous heroes, the former was instantly recognized by Bouncing Boy during a mission in the 31st century. Disgusted by another time travel adventure, Stewart warned Bouncing Boy to not tell him anything about his future, immediately. After the Fatal Five was defeated again, Green Lantern and Green Arrow returned to the 21st century without Supergirl. She decided to resign from the JLU and join the Legion of Superheroes.




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