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Real Identity: Tora Olafsdotter
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances: Initiation, Return,Greatest Story Never Told, Ultimatum, Dark Heart, Doomsday Sanction, The Balance, Clash, Hunter's Moon, Panic in the Sky, Divided We Fall, I am Legion, Flash and Substance, the Great Brain Robbery and Destroyer
Powers: Generate and control ice

Tora Olafsdotter, daughter of the king of the Ice people who secretly lived in Norway. An engineer named Rod Schoendienst accidentally discovered the Ice people and in an odd turn of events made a pact with the king to take Tora to explore the outside world. Taking the name Ice, she met and became a close friend to Fire. Together, the duo supposedly asked J'onn Jonzz repeated times before he allowed them entry into the newly formed League. Ice can project ice or snow from her body, but usually she generates it from her hands.