Mister Miracle

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Real Identity: Scott Free
Appearances (STAS): Apokolips...Now! Part One and Part Two
Appearances (JL/U): Twilight Part Two and The Ties that Bind
Skills: Escape Artist
Voiced By: Ioan Gruffudd

Mr. Miracle is the son of Highfather, leader of the New Gods on New Genesis. As an infant, he was part of a peace treaty called "The Pact" between Darkseid and Highfather. It involved switching their children. Raised in one of Granny Goodness' orphanages, Goodness named him "Scott Free" in mockery. Free lived up to his namesake and routinely tried to escape. No matter what, Free's spirits were never broken. He fell in love with Big Barda and together they fled Apokolips and later married.

While on Earth, Free started a friendship with an escape artist named Thaddeus Brown whose stage name was Mr. Miracle. When Brown was murdered, Free became Mr. Miracle and brought Brown's killers to justice. Afterwards, when on Earth, Miracle and Barda spend time with the late Brown's manager, Oberon, mostly trying out new death traps. At other times he is on New Genesis with the New Gods.

When Granny Goodness kidnapped Oberon in an attempt to consolidate power on Apokolips, she blackmailed Miracle to extract Kalibak. Miracle had to challenge the refurbished X-Pit prison complex on Apokolips from which he originally escaped from.

Mr. Miracle is an expert fighter, but more renowned as a master escape artist. Free's Mother Box, a sentient computer was incorporated in his costume. He is also armed with Aero Discs with which he uses for flight and cubes that have an array of abilities like firing lasers, emitting sonic vibrations or releasing cable wires.