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Real Identity: Zatanna Zatara
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances (BTAS): Zatanna
Appearances (GG): A Little Night Magic and Hold That Tiger
Appearances (JL): Initiation, This Little Piggy, The Balance, Hunter's Moon, Divided We Fall and Destroyer
Powers: Magic
Voiced By: Julie Brown/ Jennifer Hale/ Juliet Landau (The Balance)

Zatana Zatara is the daughter of John Zatara, a famous stage magician and Sindella, a member of the Hidden Ones, a tribe of sorcerers. Unknown at first to Zatanna, she had inherited her mother's magic skills and father's heroism. Sindella soon returned to her people in Turkey, and left Zatanna to her father.

Together, they traveled the world on a magic act. For three months, they trained a young Bruce Wayne. Zatanna became close to Wayne and wanted him to stay. However, Wayne had to complete his promise to his late parents and left for training in Japan. Zatanna soon lost her father but discovered his diary and created a stage persona of her own.

While in Gotham City some 10 years later, she attempted to make the contents of the Gotham Mint disappear. Zatanna's act was sabotaged by the magic debunker, Dr. Montague Kane. Batman broke Zatanna out of police custody and set out to clear her name. Zatanna soon realized her John Smith was Bruce Wayne and that he was also Batman.

Most of her acts are basic magic that anyone of the craft can perform. But to make her performances all the more spectacular, she uses real magic in her final act. As a concentration technique, Zatanna says her spells backwards. Years later, Zatanna was one of many super heroes to be recruited in the newly formed Justice League Unlimited.

While Wonder Woman was transformed into a pig by Circe, Batman went to Zatanna for help outside of League involvement. Zatanna obliged but her attempts were in vain. Her magic paled in comparison to Circe's. After a failed locator spell, Batman decided to incorporate his own methods. After Wonder Woman was restored, she became a good friend of Zatanna's.