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Real Identity: Mari Jiwe McCabe
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances: Initiation, Dark Heart, Wake the Dead, Doomsday Sanction, Hunter's Moon, Flashpoint, Divided We Fall, Shadow of the Hawk, Flash and Substance, Grudge Match, Ancient History and Destroyer
Powers: Mystical totem that grants animal attributes
Voiced By: Gina Torres

Mari McCabe grew up in Africa with her father, Reverend Richard Jiwe. Her father inherited a magical totem. In legend, the hero Tantu received this totem from Anasi the Spider. Jiwe's half-brother General Maksai tried to kill Jiwe and take the totem for himself. But Mari fled to the U.S. with the totem where she became a super model. As Vixen, Mari uses the totem to give her the abilities of one animal of her choosing at a time.

Recently, Vixen and Green Lantern started a romantic relationship. Despite knowing that Green Lantern still has feelings for Shayera Hol, Vixen openly told Shayera that she plans on dating him until the end. While marooned on an alien planet by a Thanagarian unit, Vixen revealed she had fought in the Thanagarian invasion and occupation of Earth. When not an active member of the JLU or off on the runway as a super model, Vixen resides in her loft in Chelsea, New York or in Detroit with John Stewart.