Big Barda

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Real Identity: Big Barda
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited (Beyond)
Appearanced (STAS): Apokolips...Now! Part Two
Appearances (BB): The Call Part One and Part Two
Appearances (JLU): The Ties that Bind
Powers: Super Strength
Voiced By: Farrah Forke

The child of Apokolips' Big Breeda. As an infant Barda was taken by Darkseid. Raised in the Gestatron labs, Barda was later taken to one of many orphanages headed by Granny Goodness. Barda was one of the few who remained defiant after being beaten. Goodness took Barda under her tutelage and soon excelled in her training. Barda was then selected to an elite battalion known as the Female Furies whom she served as a victorious squad leader. It was during this time that Barda met another one of Granny Goodness' charges, Scott Free. The two fell in love and fled Apokolips and later married.

Barda and Free spend their time on Earth with Free's friend Oberon and on New Genesis among the New Gods, enemies of Apokolips. While on Earth, Scott Free engages in death defying stunts. Granny Goodness took advantage of one such session and kidnapped Oberon. She blackmailed Free into extracting Kalibak from Apokolips' X-Pit, which would guarentee Goodness' ascension to power. Barda and Free went to the Justice League Unlimited for help. They were refused by J'onn Jonzz, who spoke of the greater good in allowing the Apokoliptian civil war to rage on in a stalemate. The cost of Oberon's life infuriated Barda. Without authorization, the Flash offered his aid. The three managed to escape the X-Pit with Kalibak. Flash later convinced J'onn Jonzz to take part and save Oberon.

Some time later, Big Barda joined the League. 50 years later, Barda remains on the JLU as a member, though it was never revealed when she officially joined. She possibly joined out of loyalty and respect for Superman and replenish the population of active veteran heroes. However, Barda still retained her bold attitude and hot temper. She has a close friendship with fellow JLU member, Warhawk. Barda was distrustful of the sudden induction of the Batman, Terry McGinnis. He later proved his worth by helping repell the attempted takeover by Starro and managed to change Barda's opinion of him. but when he proved his valor by helping repell the takeover by Starro, she changed her mind about him.

Barda's primary weapon, the Mega Rod has many applications. She has used it as a short range weapon, a long range blaster and a mode of transportation. Barda also dons aero-discs that give her flight, courtesy of the New Gods. She also possesses super strength and combat training experience.