J'onn J'onzz

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Real Identity: J'onn J'onzz
Affiliation(s): Justice League/Unlimited
Appearances (JL/U): Secret Origins Part One, Part Two, Part Three, In Blackest Night Part One, Part Two, Enemy Below Part One, Part Two, Paradise Lost Part One, Part Two, Injustice For All Part One, Part Two, War World Part One, Part Two, Brave and the Bold Part Two, Fury Part One, Part Two, Legends Part One, Part Two, Knight of Shadows Part One, Part Two, Metamorphosis Part One, Part Two, Savage Time Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Twilight Part One, Part Two, Tabula Rasa Part One, Part Two, Only a Dream Part One, Part Two, Maid of Honor Part Two, Hearts and Minds Part One, Part Two, A Better World Part One, Part Two, Eclipsed Part Two, Secret Society Part One, Part Two, Hereafter Part One, Part Two, Comfort and Joy, Starcrossed Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Initiation, Hawk and Dove, Fearful Symmetry, the Return, Greatest Story Never Told, Ultimatum, Dark Heart, Cat and the Canary, Ties that Bind, Doomsday Sanction, Task Force X, The Balance, Double Date, Clash, Hunter's Moon, Flashpoint, Panic in the Sky, Divided We Fall, To Another Shore and Destroyer
Appearances (SS): A League of Their Own Part One and Part Two
Voiced By: Carl Lumbly

J'onn Jonzz is a telepath who can use his uncanny shape-shifting abilities to adapt and blend into any situation. By altering his physical density, he can also become immaterial and pass through solid objects. Because he comes from a cold barren planet, exposure to intense heat can weaken him. He can also fly and is gifted with super strength.

Jonzz comes from the planet Mars and was married to My'ria'h. Together, they started a family with two children. In the 10th century, the Martians were wiped out by an alien race led by the Imperium for their telepathic energy. Jonzz and some other Martians tried to subdue the aliens with strong knockout gas made from an alien plant. When the battle with the aliens ended, he was the last on standing and kept the aliens locked up for hundreds of years, until a human expedition to Mars unleashed the aliens. Jonzz awoke and traveled to Earth and warn its government of an impending invasion. When Jonzz arrived, he was captured by the Imperium's advance agents and kept in stasis. He managed to generate a telepathic call to six superheroes: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, and the Flash. Together, they destroyed the Imperium and routed out all remaining invasion forces around the planet. With the offer of kinship and a second family to call his own, Jonzz agreed to help form and join the Justice League.

Codenamed Martian Manhunter by the media, Jonzz rarely shows his emotion and speaks very wisely, showing his age and experience. He is also has a vast knowledge of the sciences and is a formidable force with his telepathy and range of powers. As an observer of Earth culture, J'onzz is fascinated by contradictions of the human race. When he secretly walks among us, he is overwhelmed by the conflict between intellect and emotion he senses within every one of us. Often, it is too much for his alien mind to absorb, so he retreats to the orbiting Justice League Watchtower, where he spends most of his time. Although he is the heart of the Justice League, no one in the universe is more alone than J'onn J'onzz.

The Justice League, in essence, became Jonzz' new life. He focused on it at every turn. So much so, he began to distance himself from coming to truly understand and treasure human life. When the Justice League expanded, he took on the role of the League's coordinator. He further became isolated. After, the JLU prevented the theft of the Viking Prince's corpse, Jonzz realized that unless he connected with the humans, he was destined to live out the same bitter end that the Prince endured. Jonzz resigned from the League and decided to live among the humans on Earth as his John Jones persona.