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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: Legendary Sandwich, Pie Bros, Driver's Ed, Dog Hand, Double Trouble, The Date, Dude Relax, Laundry Day, Ghost Boy, La Larva De Amor, Hey Pizza!, Gorilla, Girl's Night Out, You're Fired, Super Robin, Tower Power, Parasite, Star Liar, Meatball Party, Staff Meeting, Terra-ized, Artful Dodgers, Burger vs. Burrito, Matched, Colors of Raven, The Left Leg, Books, Lazy Sunday, Starfire the Terrible, Power Moves, Staring at the Future, No Power, Sidekick, Caged Tiger, Second Christmas, Nose Mouth, Legs, Breakfast Cheese, Waffles, Be Mine, Opposites, Birds, Brain Power, In and Out, Little Buddies, Missing, Uncle Jokes, Mas y Menos, Dreams, Grandma Voice, Real Magic, Puppets Whaaaaat?, Mr. Butt, Man Person, Pirates, Money Grandma, I See You, Brian, Nature, Salty Codgers, Knowledge, Slumber Party, Love Monsters, Baby Hands, Caramel Apples, Sandwich Thief, Friendship, Vegetables, The Mask, Serious Business, Halloween, Boys vs. Girls, Body Adventure, Road Trip, Thanksgiving, The Best Robin, Mouth Hole, Hot Garbage, Robin Backwards, Crazy Day, Smile Bones, Real Boy Adventures, Hose Water, Let's Get Serious, Tamaranian Vacation, Rocks and Water, Multiple Trick Pony, Truth, Justice and What?, Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp, Oil Drums, Video Game References, Cool School, Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt, Head Fruit, Yearbook Madness, Beast Man, Operation Tin Man, Nean, Campfire Stories, And The Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob, The H.I.V.E. Five, The Return of Slade, More of the Same, Some of Their Parts, A Cat's Fancy, Leg Day, Dignity of Teeth, Croissant, Spice Game, I'm The Sauce, Hey You, Don't Neglect Me in Your Memory, Accept the Next Proposition You Hear, The Fourth Wall, 40%, 40%, 20%, Grube's Fairytales, A Farce, Scary Figure Dance, Animals: It's Just a Word!, BBBDay!, Black Friday, Two Parter: Part One, Two Parter: Part Two, The True Meaning of Christmas, Squash & Stretch, Garage Sale, Secret Garden, The Cruel Giggling Ghoul, How 'Bout Some Effort?, Pyramid Scheme, Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and it's Bad, The Teen Titans Go! Easter Holiday Classic, Batman V Teen Titans: Dark Injustice, Bottle Episode, Finally a Lesson, Arms Race with Legs, Obinray, Wally T, Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes, Operation Dude Rescue: Part One, Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two, History Lesson, The Art of Ninjutsu, Think About Your Future, TTG v PPG, Coconut Cream Pie, Pure Protein, Open Door Policy, Crazy Desire Island, The Titans Show, Booty Scooty, Who's Laughing Now, Oregon Trail, Snuggle Time, Oh Yeah!, Riding the Dragon, The Overbite, The Cape, Shrimps and Prime Rib, Halloween v Christmas, Booby Trap House, Fish Water, TV Knight, Teen Titans Save Christmas, BBSFBDAY, The Streak: Pt 1, The Streak: Pt 2, The Inner Beauty of a Cactus, Movie Night, BBRAE: Pt 1, BBRAE: Pt 2, Permanent Record, Titan Saving Time, The Gold Standard, Master Detective, Easter Creeps, Hand Zombie, Employee of the Month: Redux, The Avogodo, Orangins, Jinxed, Brain Percentages, BL4Z3, Hot Salad Water, Chapter One: I Saw You Dance, Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes, Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get, Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine, Lication, Labor Day, Classic Titans, Ones and Zeroes, Career Day, TV Knight 2, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 2, The Academy, Costume Contest, Throne of Bones, Demon Prom, Thanksgetting, The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 1, The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 2, BBCYFSHIPBDAY, Beast Girl, Flashback: Pt 1, Flashback: Pt 2, Bro-Pocalypse, Mo' Money Mo' Problems, TV Knight 3, The Scoop!, Chicken In The Cradle, Kabooms: Pt. 1, Kabooms: Pt. 2, Tower Renovation, My Name is Jose, The Power of Shrimps, Monster Squad, Real Orangins, Quantum Fun, The Fight, The Groover, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 1, and Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 2, How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 1, How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 2, BBRBDAY, Slapping Butts And Celebrating For No Reason, Nostalgia Is Not A Substitute For An Actual Story, Business Ethics Wink Wink, Genie President, Tall Titan Tales, I Used To Be A Peoples, The Metric System Vs Freedom, and The Chaff
Appearances (Special): Team Building
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Teen Titans is a super hero team based in Jump City. It was founded by Robin on the principle the team would stand for truth and justice. However, he couldn't get any recruits. Going on the advice of a popular superhero team, Robin began advertising with pizza, too. Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven joined the team. In another version, Robin realized he couldn't fight crime in Jump City on his own and wanted to assemble a superteam of superteens like himself and bring peace to the city while bringing out the best in each other. He came up with the name, Teen Titans. He found Kid Flash in Banes Gym but he didn't seem that excited about it. Robin promised the try outs would be a formality for him. He ran into a regular boy named Victor but told him the try outs were just for superheroes. He gave flyers to Aqualad, Speedy, Bumblebee, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy. After Beast Boy, Robin finally snapped and allowed Victor to try out, too.

The next day, Robin presented challenges that required speed and skill and combat and teamwork. The winners would be full-fledged members of the Teen Titans and live in the Titans Tower. Beast Boy again asked for lunch even though Robin told him there wasn't any and he printed the disclaimer on the flyers. In the speed challenge, Kid Flash easily passed. Victor puked and fainted soon after starting. Raven punched Robin repeatedly instead of the combat dummy. Robin lastly tested everyone with a 100 piece Justice League puzzle to see who could work together as a team. Raven assaulted Beast Boy for taking her pieces and Starfire shot up the tower thinking it was the combat challenge again. Robin snapped and hit them with a table then kicked them into the elevator. Kid Flash proposed a vote and Robin allowed it. Kid Flash pointed out his temper and suggested a vote to oust Robin. It passed and he was ejected. Kid Flash took over as the leader.

Starfire, Robin, Raven, Victor, and Beast Boy ran into each other in an alley. They realized if Robin was always worked up, he wouldn't be such a pushover. Victor and Beast Boy realized they were all rejects and outsiders. Robin wasn't interested because they brought out the worst in him. Cyborg believed the five of them could take the tower back. Raven teleported everyone into the living room of the tower. They insisted to Kid Flash that Robin wasn't going to be a pushover anymore. Kid Flash perceived a challenge was coming. They specified the winners kept the tower and the losers would leave the city for good. Robin still was a wimp though. They wound him up by repeatedly pointing out how Kid Flash stole everything and how Speedy clogged the toilet with Wet Wipes. Robin snapped and declared there was no such thing as flushable Wet Wipes. And they were the real Teen Titans. Kid Flash presented challenges based on the ones from try outs, combat and problem solving, and if needed, a tie breaker based on the speed challenge.

Kid Flash's Combat Dummy was unbeatable. Soon, only Victor was left. Robin inspired him to try and he was badly beaten. Doctors replaced his broken body with robot parts and Cyborg was born. Two hours later, they returned and Cyborg quickly vaporized the dummy. Kid Flash presented a puzzle but Beast Boy caught it and tried. It blew up in his face. Robin and Kid Flash lined up for a race around the world. As soon as Kid Flash left, Robin signaled the others to run into the tower. They boarded up the elevator doors but Kid Flash was already inside. Robin introduced his new self and broke Kid Flash's left leg with his staff. The others threw him through the glass window. Kid Flash, Aqualad, Bumblebee, and Speedy relocated to the East Coast.

In another version of the Titans' origin, Robin claimed his last case with Batman was helping capture Joker but he realized he needed to make a name for himself away from Gotham in order to escape Batman's shadow, literally and figuratively. He chose Jump City and began looking for sidekicks after he realized it was a cesspool. He formed a team that needed a converted villain, muscle, comic relief, and a love interest. He approached Cyborg at Detroit High School, Beast Boy in Africa's Upper Lamumba, Raven in a Demon Dimension, and Starfire in the Vega System. Robin returned alone to Jump City and confronted a gang of criminals robbing Jump City Bank. Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire arrived to back him up. As they waited for his command, Robin thought of "Titans, go!". The Titans didn't believe anyone would believe that was their true origin story.

After some time, the Titans took notice that Beast Boy wasn't acting very heroic and fired him. They held try-outs to find a new member while Cyborg and Beast Boy tried to sneak him back in. They saw Vixen, B'Wana Beast, and Detective Chimp before settling on Jayna of the Wonder Twins. In order for Jayna to have access to her powers, the Titans hired Zan as a receptionist. Eventually, Zan quit and Jayna left the team. Beast Boy was inducted once more. When Raven gave Robin super powers, he solved the world's problems in three seconds making the team useless. The Teen Titans officially disbanded. 47 years later, Robin admitted the others were right about superpowers. The others suddenly appeared and gloated just as Robin passed on.

In an attempt to re-teach Robin what it meant to be a good leader, George Washington was brought to the present by a time machine. Robin mistook him as competition for the team leader election and ran a dirty campaign against him. Since no on else voted, the election ended up a draw so Robin and Washington fought one-on-one for leadership. Washington resorted to using the Statue of Liberty to defeat Robin and became the new leader of the Teen Titans. Some time later, Nibor briefly served as leader because his desire to only eat junk food and sleep appealed greatly to everyone but Robin.

After Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm) told off Robin about how the Teen Titans were a disgrace to the real superheroes and a mockery to what the world held sacred of heroes, the Teen Titans agreed to try and take it seriously. They became conflicted and emotionally complex rather quickly. The next day, the President alerted them to H.I.V.E.'s launch of the Murder Satellite. Together, they took down H.I.V.E. and destroyed the satellite before it could destroy the planet. The Team arrived and were impressed but Aqualad pointed out they were too serious. As a result, the team fractured and went their separate ways. But soon reunited and went back to their old ways. Kid Flash wanted to try out for the Titans but Robin was insistent he was a one trick pony and made a wager. Kid Flash won the foot race and became the team's new leader. Robin regained his confidence and challenged Kid Flash to a beatbox battle. He lost so another foot race was proposed. Robin based Kid Flash's knees just as the race started and won - taking back the Titans.

Control Freak got tired of watching the Titans do the same thing over and over. While they partied on their Titan Yacht, Control Freak stole the boat, wiped the Titans' memories, placed them on a fake island inside a giant viewing arena and suppressed their powers. The Titans' other enemies were intrigued and went to the arena to watch the Island Adventures unfold. The Titans managed to build a pretty exact replica of the Titans Tower with just bamboo, leaves, and coconuts. Attempts to escape with a bamboo rocket failed due to the only fuel source being unstable. Robin attempted to teach them of survival in a series of challenges but the others were more interesting in cruising island style and befriended an alien hunter summoned to hunt them. They soon got tired of coconuts and went to the unexplored part of the island where they found potatoes and dinosaurs. They tried to make the dinosaurs their pets and trained them to fight each other to see who had the best but the dinosaurs revolted and beat them up.

Robin then tried to teach them to learn to value what they have by granting them wishes but it backfired. The Titans, except Robin, tried to escape again but kept failing. They eventually discovered the island was fake and found the hatch to the viewing arena. Control Freak admitted his part in the farce and revealed the other villains. A big battle ensued. Robin called in the Island Extras - dinosaurs, an alien hunter, sports equipment with faces on them, a Starfire cat, and the Millionaire and his Wife - to help defeat them all. Control Freak attempted to run away but Robin and Beast Boy destroyed his hover chair with Birdarangs. Just as the Titans declared the summer event to be over, Control Freak revealed more villains had arrived - Penguin, General Zod, Mr. Freeze, the Joker, Darkseid, Two-Face, Riddler, Gorilla Grodd, Poison Ivy, Bane, Solomon Grundy, Harley Quinn, Sinestro, and Slade.

Robin was eager to continue his three year streak of winning Crime Season, a competition dedicated to superhero teams trying to stop 52 crimes first. The other Titans didn't care about the streak and were tired, after winning the last Crime Season two weeks prior. Kid Flash wanted to get back at Robin and see him lose so he tried to win Crime Season and poached Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire to his team with a party bus. Beast Boy recruited Sticky Joe, Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus to join the Titans. Robin was skeptical since they weren't superheroes but inducted them. Santa taught him only he mattered because he was the leader and the leader could get the team to do things together. Robin realized Santa fit Cyborg's role, Joe Starfire's role, and Tooth Fairy Raven's role. Robin broke Kid Flash's other knee and the new Titans destroyed Killer Moth's giant mutant to win Crime Season.

Overcome by the Blahs one day, the Titans asked Cyborg take them back to the dimension based on "The Night Begins to Shine". They rode around in their sweet vehicles and marveled at how rad the dimension was. However, a dragon suddenly blew up their vehicles. He demanded the song, claiming it was his. Cyborg refused to give it away and the Titans battled the dragon. It eventually formed a portal from the tops of its wings and sent the others back to the Titans Tower. Cyborg was trapped in the dimension with the dragon. Unable to return, the Titans tried to recruit CeeLo Green then Fall Out Boy to perform the song but were met with skepticism and denied. The wolf came to Cyborg's aid but the dragon caught up to them and swallowed Cyborg whole. The Titans tried to meditate and listen to the universe. They failed to see all the clues that surfaced about locating B.E.R. then Beast Boy started to break down. He took off in the T-Car to go find himself. Cyborg sent the golden bird to Earth to help his friends.

The gold bird transformed into a pigeon and dove into the T-Car's windshield. Beast Boy crashed and he was saved by a tow truck driver named Billy. The dragon told Cyborg the story about how B.E.R. changed his kingdom and sealed away their song then revealed his plan was to use the song to take back what was his. The bird started knocking over important items from Billy's past but Beast Boy wasn't catching on. Billy blurted out he was William J Regan, the sweet sweet 20% of B.E.R. then Beast Boy convinced him it was their responsbility to help the Titans save Cyborg. Beast Boy returned to the Tower with Regan. Despite Regan's apprehension, Raven easily found Burnett and Enea using the Internet then texted them invites to the tower. Unwilling to sing the song until the prophecy was fulfilled, they tried to create a new song. As the Titans fretted about Cyborg being trapped forever, Regan summoned the band's intruments. They created "Forever Mine" and were transported back to the dimension but were ambushed by the dragon's forces.

The dragon tapped into B.E.R.'s harmonic aura then extracted the song from Cyborg. He began to change the lands then sentenced B.E.R. and the Titans to righteous termination. Cyborg reminded B.E.R. they believed in the power of music then sent a blue pulse into the sky. It reached Fall Out Boy and CeeLo Green. They suddenly began to sing "The Night Begins to Shine" and were pulled into portals. They were transformed and destroyed the Dragon's army with their new powers but he pulled the song from them, too. B.E.R. resisted surrender and played "Rise Again". As the prophecy foretold, Sweet rose up from the ground and laid waste to the Dragon. She looked down at Cyborg and pointed at him. He leaped onto the pegasus as it exited her forehead. The bird dropped a hilt to him and an energy axe appeared. The dragon vowed Cyborg hadn't seen the last of him. He struck the dragon in the head and it faded away. B.E.R. and Sweet restored beauty to the world with "The Night Begins to Shine." B.E.R. thanked the Titans for teaching them music was a responsibility. They stayed behind to make more music and keep the world strong. On Cyborg's word, the Titans, CeeLo, and Fall Out Boy returned home.

The Titans were enjoying all day marathon of the "Babies vs. Dogs" cartoon but were interrupted by Control Freak, eager to ruin their fun and point out the show's flaws. They soon disagreed about whether the old or new superhero cartoons were better. Control Freak used his remote to trap the Titans in the first episode of the Teen Titans cartoon from the 1970s. The Titans realized their appearance, movement, and speech were altered. Their heads were proportional to their bodies, Cyborg kept saying weird gadget phrases, and they could barely move due to the cartoon's low budget. Beast Boy realized he could only turn into a donkey. Control Freak refused to release them until they learned to appreciate the quality of the classic cartoon. The tower was attacked by robot pteradactyls. Robin scared them off with stun Birdarangs. They went to the T-Jet and followed them to a mysterious island in uncharted waters. Along the way, they overheard a narrator explaining things to the audience.

Cyborg thought that was lazy storytelling. Starfire added every writer knew they were supposed to do the showing and not the telling. The Narrator asked how they could show something with a limited budget and stated he wasn't the problem. He declared he was the glue holding everything together. Things got tense but the T-Jet landed on the island. Robin used a dinosaur-tracking Birdarang to find the robots. Raven was amazed at how everything was really convenient. The Narrator would stop talking and caused an alarm to trip. A prison cage fell on top of the Titans. They met the robots' creator, Dr. Otto von Death. He repeatedly denied being one-dimensional and revealed his plans to wipe out the human race by launching his robot dinosaur army around the world in his dinosaur rocket. Raven still thought it was one-dimensional. Beast Boy made him tell his backstory. Everyone except Raven was moved by it. She told him to get over his crummy life. Von Death thought she was starting to sound like his wife and activated the shark death trap.

While the Titans were lowered to the sharks, von Death left to prepare his rocket. Control Freak appeared on a screen and mocked them. To his dismay, Starfire quickly melted the bars off with her Starbolts. He recalled the heroes always escaped the death trap in the cartoon. Von Death unleashed a robot Tyrannosaurus Rex. Control Freak sensed an epic climax but the low budget animation reared its ugly head again. He admitted the show was hard to watch but took delight in watching the Titans get destroyed. Raven opened a portal and summoned Baby Jack and Growler from the show they were watching. They made short work of von Death, the robot Rex, his rocket, and lair with some time bombs. The Titans, Baby, and Growler ran out of the lair and watched it explode. Control Freak freed the Titans and admitted not everything old was good and not everything new was bad. Robin brushed him off and switched the TV back to the all day marathon of "Babies vs. Dogs".

The Titans sat around on the couch with oddly nothing happening. Beast Boy went to the kitchen but nothing was there but a blank space. They soon discovered other parts of the Titans Tower where blank white spaces. With no other choice, they ran forward and tumbled out of a laptop at Warner Ranch. They met Peter and the crew of Teen Titans Go!, a cartoon they were from. After a brief existential crisis, they set out to have their world restored. Peter told them they had no script from Michael and Aaron. The Titans headed to the recording studio and met the actors who did their voices. They had no idea where Michael and Aaron but Robin was suspicious they knew more they were letting on. Hynden didn't like being called a liar. The two sides had a screaming match until Greg called security. The Titans were thrown over the Warner Ranch gate. Robin uncovered more information about Michael and Aaron. They went to San Pedro and met Michael's father Albert. When Albert asked how Aaron's name came first in the credits, Raven suggested he did more work.

Albert thought she was saying Michael was lazy and whistled. Albert's three dogs Puno, Tutu, and Louis, cat Zoli, and pigeon attacked them. Albert tried to tell them to come back so he could make shrimp and prime ribs for them. The Titans found Aaron's house but his son answered the door. He used the power of make-believe to turn into a gramasaur and beat the Titans up in a game of pretend. The Titans went in search of a last meal before they faded and found Michael and Aaron inside Hum-Drum's Diner. They weren't interested in helping so the Titans decided to make their own episode about Michael and Aaron writing the episode so they could continue to exist. They went with Raven's idea about Michael and Aaron eating too much vegetables and every time they got idea, they farted. They held a recording session with Michael and Aaron but kept telling them to go louder until their throats hurt a lot. They worked with a character designer and made Michael and Aaron with big heads and overbites. Peter was concerned their script was unproducible.

The Titans approved the storyboards and they were sent to Canada by carrier pigeon for animation. The finished reel was delivery by moose, checked by a member of the crew and deemed good enough. The episode was terrible and the Titans continued to fade. Peter refused to redo it and called security. The Titans tried to make another plea with Michael and Aaron citing they were as much a part of them as they were a part of them. Michael wasn't eager to return to the nonstop schedule. Aaron believed they would only do it if they could put themselves and their families in the episode but they both thought it was too self-indulgent. Defeated, the Titans returned to their couch and waited for the end. After they faded away for good, there were fart sounds and they returned. They realized Michael and Aaron returned to work and realized they were forever interconnected.

The Titans were an early favorite to win the Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition but the odds changed when H.I.V.E. was allowed to compete. The Titans cried foul and knew they would cheat on account of them being rotten to the core. H.I.V.E. claimed the Titans would cheat and showed some recordings of past face-offs. Despite Raven showing them a future where they lost and nothing changed at all, the Titans worried about not winning. To their shock, H.I.V.E. performed some of their hit songs like Booty Scooty, Mummy Money, and the Go song. Robin and Cyborg tried to do "The Lift" from Dirty Dancing but Robin's legs gave way. Luckily, Dummy Robin gave them the green and they could continue on a technicality. See-More performed Mummy Money which forced Beast Boy to sing a rendition of Happy Birthday on the spot. Coincidentally, it was Wonder Woman's birthday. The Titans decided to just perform their "Go" song rather than let Starfire sing her special song, fearing she was the "Ringo" of their team.

H.I.V.E. performed "Go" first. They had one last option left, to cheat. Robin tasked Beast Boy with switching the envelope declaring the winner of the competition. Starfire preferring to lose as a "Ringo" than win as a cheat. She went to the stage and performed her song, which surprisingly delighted the Justice League and audience. The Titans were declared the winners but Beast Boy openly admitted to cheating when Robin only gave credit to Starfire. Birdarang, the host, demanded the real envelope and dug it out of Beast Boy's kangaroo pouch. The Titans were still the winner but disqualified for cheating, leaving H.I.V.E. the winner. The future they tried to prevent happened but despite their fears, everything felt the same.

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