Tooth Fairy

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Real Identity: Tooth Fairy
Affiliations: Teen Titans
Appearances: Dignity of Teeth, The Streak: Pt 2, Easter Creeps, Career Day, and The Academy
Powers/Skills: Flight and Magic
Voiced By: Khary Payton

The Tooth Fairy is a supernatural being known for giving money to those who place their loose teeth under their pillows overnight. One of her other quirks was saying "Ta-ta-ra-ta-ta" with most of her sentences. Unknown to anyone, she ate the teeth. She thought it was what everyone did. Raven thought the fairy was a creep and refused to give any of her teeth. As a result, the Tooth Fairy coveted her teeth even more. Beast Boy, however, did and became overcome with greed. The other Titans followed in suit despite Raven's warning that teeth is the source of a person's dignity. In due time, the Titans sold all their teeth and tried to take Raven's. She had enough and teleported them to the Tooth Fairy's lair - a large tooth modified into a house - somewhere in a rundown part of Jump City. The Tooth Fairy refused to give the Titans' teeth back for nothing and proposed a trade - theirs for Raven's. Raven naturally refused.

Tooth Fairy proposed a game. If she won, she got Raven's teeth. If Raven won, she got the Titans' teeth back. Raven accepted. Tooth Fairy chose a tooth eating competition. Thinking of her friends, Raven ate a tooth and discovered it was really good. Tooth Fairy was shocked at how fast Raven was eating teeth. At the end, she was too full and lost to Raven. Raven apologized to Tooth Fairy for misjudging her as a creep. Tooth Fairy understood and gave the teeth back but admitted to Raven she already ate one of Beast Boy's. Raven was pretty sure he wouldn't miss it. During Crime Season, Beast Boy recruited the Tooth Fairy to join the Teen Titans after Kid Flash pinched Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven for his own team. She admitted would do it for teeth and she was looking under Robin's pillow the previous night. In a battle against Dr. Light, Robin got creamed and lost teeth. Tooth Fairy couldn't resist and started eating them.

The Tooth Fairy realized the Easter Bunny wasn't leaving chocolate eggs for Easter anymore so no one was losing their teeth. She consulted her recipe book and made her own chocolate eggs with extra sugar. Robin was suspicious of the delivery at first but the Titans gorged on the eggs and lost their teeth. The Tooth Fairy soon arrived to collect. The Titans were unable to fight back. She threw molars, incisors, and canines at them then left in the elevator. The Titans tried to train the Easter Bunny but opted to give him a makeover that made him look tough. He ordered the Tooth Fairy to step off. They soon became attracted to each other and fell in love. They shared the holiday and spreed Easter cheer throughout the city then decided to start a family. Junior hatched from one of the Easter Bunny's eggs. Tooth Fairy went to Raven's general dentistry practice for a teeth cleaning. Sticky Joe and the Tooth Fairy were presents for "Best Dishwasher" at the first annual Teen Titan Awards.