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Real Identity: Roy Harper
Affiliations: Teen Titans and Teen Titans East
Appearances: The Date, Star Liar, Yearbook Madness, Snuggle Time, The Streak: Pt 1, BBRAE: Pt 2, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1, Costume Contest, Flashback Pt 1, Flashback Pt 2, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 1, Snot and Tears, Campfire!, What We Learned At Camp, The Viewers Decide, We're Off To Get Awards, and Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition Pt. 1
Powers/Skills: Archery
Voiced By: Scott Menville

Speedy is Robin's chief rival. They have been in competition with each other since they were sidekicks to the present as heroes. Both are infamous for having various similarities with each other. Speedy tried out for the Teen Titans but left with Kid Flash to form the Titans East. Speedy clogging the Titans Tower's toilet with Wet Wipes was one of the factors that made Robin snap from an All-American Boy Wonder into a raging control freak. Speedy claimed the package said they were flushable but everyone knows they aren't. They currently battle over the affections of Starfire. Speedy managed to ask Starfire out on a date to the grand opening of Cafe Bear. Not one to be outdone, Robin tied up Speedy and posed him to ruin the date. After 30 minutes, Speedy escaped his restraints and put on Robin's costume. Speedy and Robin battled each other in the Cafe Bear.

Robin emerged the victor and switched costumes again. Beast Boy's song for Raven brought Speedy and Kitten together. Raven's curse broke up their romance. Kitten chased after Speedy and fired his arrows at him. Speedy tried out for the Justice League during their annual competition. He tried to blindly fire an arrow into an apple on Aqualad's head but struck his right foot instead and was rejected. Titans East took part in Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition but lost. Speedy arrived at Super Hero Summer Camp later into the week after Robin sidelined the Titans East with poop inducing yogurt. Under Trigon's control, Speedy was slashed up by Raven's sword aboard the pirate ship. Speedy was up for Best Team Leader at The Superhero Award Show but lost to The Chief. Speedy participated in the Justice League's Next Top Idol Star: Justice League Edition with Titans East. They quit after it was revealed the Justice League was also competing.