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Real Identity: Drahcir "Kcid" Nosyarg
Affiliations: Bizarro Titans and Teen Titans
Appearances: Robin Backwards and Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By: Scott Menville

Nibor is the Bizarro World's version of Robin. He lacks Robin's intelligence, leadership and athletic ability. Nibor prefers to eat junk food and sleep over training. The Bizarro Titans got irritated with Nibor's lack of structure and kicked him off the team. Nibor found Jump City again and declared he would protect it. He started off by throwing people out of a building not on fire. The Teen Titans were soon alerted to Nibor's actions and took him back to the tower for observation. Nibor's laziness soon appealed to the Titans that they elected him the new leader. Feeling dejected, Robin went to Bizarro World and joined the Bizarro Titans. They mistook his compliments for insults and fought with the other Titans over Nibor. Nibor was touched his old team cared about him so he rejoined them. Nibor, Grobyc and Boy Beast were one of the trios who got a time machine and attempted to free Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy from the Brain's prison cell only to get caught, too.