Sticky Joe

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Teen Titans
Appearances: Hot Garbage, Oil Drums, Cool School, Dignity of Teeth, A Farce, Secret Garden, Finally a Lesson, History Lesson, Pure Protein, The Titans Show, TV Knight, Teen Titans Save Christmas, The Streak: Pt 2, The Inner Beauty of a Cactus, BBRAE: Pt 1, BBRAE: Pt 2, Easter Creeps, Lication, Career Day, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 2, The Academy, My Name is Jose, How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 1, BBRBDAY, Slapping Butts And Celebrating For No Reason, I Used To Be A Peoples, Little Elvis, Booty Eggs, and TV Knight 4
Powers/Skills: Survival
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Sticky Joe is a homeless man who lives among the garbage in Beast Boy's bedroom. He seems to only say the word "Howdy." While attempting to clean Beast Boy's room, Robin used his staff to chase Joe away but he simply used a spoon to parry Robin's attacks. Robin finally knocked Joe's can of beans down. Joe picked up his can, snarled at Robin and walked away. A short time later, when the garbage world began to collapse, Robin was left behind. Sticky Joe suddenly appeared on motorcycle and threw three possums at the blocked exit. Robin admitted he was wrong about Joe and left. After one last "Howdy," Joe was buried under a pile of garbage. Cyborg later found him under a couch cushion during his search for the TV remote. Sticky Joe was eating near the Taco Trouble truck when Ravager tossed a throwing knife at him. It only impaled his cap. She threw another one but Raven stopped it before it pierced his skull. Joe was unfazed. Joe was later a member of the jury during the trial of the Teen Titans.

While sitting on a park bench in the city, Joe suddenly fell to the ground after Cyborg took it. He needed to recreate Starfire's destroyed secret garden in order to calm her and the other Titans from a stage 4 freak out. The plan worked. As they enjoyed the garden, Joe popped out of the pond. The Titans later bought a rental property in the city. When Beast Boy complained about the lack of a doorman for their rundown building, Robin knocked on a trash can and Sticky Joe popped out. In Beast Boy and Cyborg's lesson about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, the man on the Moon was none other than Sticky Joe. He activated his trash can rocket pack and saved two astronauts before they farted into space from eating too much of the Moon's cheese ocean. Inexplicably, when Robin was reiterating the dangers of the deserted island, Sticky Joe was at the shore on an inflatable chair chilling. Around 3 pm, Joe emerged from one of the piles in Beast Boy's room and brushed his teeth then applied Sticky Spray to the soles of his boots. He went into the city, greeting people, and ran into Sticky Joan. He offered a can of beans with a flower in it. As she leaned into smell it, Joe kissed her. She slapped him and walked off.

After Santa Claus quit Christmas, Robin decided it was up to the Titans to save the holiday. He would be Santa. Beast Boy recommended Sticky Joe since he already had the beard and gut but Robin didn't trust Joe. He shoved Joe into the trash chute. Sticky Joe later came to the Titans' rescue on his dumpster sleigh pulled by a rat and two armadillos. Joe pulled a lever and dumped trash bags on Santa before he could destroy the Titans once and for all. However, the Titans' presents were destroyed by Santa. Joe touched his nose and conjured a giant bag of beans. The Titans were enthralled and delivered cans of beans to every house instead.

During Crime Season, Beast Boy recruited Sticky Joe to join the Teen Titans after Kid Flash pinched Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven for his own team. Starfire and Beast Boy encountered Joe leaving a public men's bathroom at the wharf. Beast Boy determined the bathroom wasn't an element for Raven's song. Beast Boy's song for Raven brought many people together, including Joe and Joan but Raven's curse broke them apart. Cyborg tried to break up their fight but Joe threw a can at his head. Things went back to normal when Beast Boy learned his lesson and sang a new song. Joe rented Robin's bed after he started to make money in the shareconomy. On Career Day, Robin told the other Titans that following their dreams was a one-way ticket to a garbage dump called disappointment. He pulled up a literal dumpster and Sticky Joe greeted them. Joe later went to Raven's general denistry practice. Joe competed in the Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star. Sticky Joe and the Tooth Fairy were presents for "Best Dishwasher" at the first annual Teen Titan Awards.

Sticky Joe was inside the Titans Tower when Robin converted it into a starship and set off on a space adventure. Starfire thought it was the kind with laser swords and magical space knights. Joe greeted them. Robin shot it down and got rid of Joe with a trap door under him. Joe attended the Big Game in Jump City. Sticky Joe was alseep in a dumpster that Beast Boy happened to land in after Robin ordered the Titans to spend the day apart from each other. Beast Boy got an idea and put on Joe's clothes to learn how to be his own person. He started saying "Howdy" to everyone he encountered in the city. He gave a speech at the White House where he only said Joe's "Howdy" and somehow world peace was solved. While he shook hands with a politician, Beast Boy was confronted by Joe. He gave the clothes back sadly then returned to the dumpster unsure of how to be his own person. Joe returned, too, and gave him a rousing speech. Beast Boy realized howdys come from the heart and if they are true, you'll never be sad. Joe happily nodded and gave his cap to Beast Boy then climbed into the dumpster and drove away. He later farted next to Raven on a park bench and got teleported away.

On Easter, the Easter Bunny pooped an egg into Joe's Justice Java cup. During the Titan's egg hunt, Joe popped out of an open manhole with one of their eggs.