Santa Claus

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Real Identity: Saint Nicholas
Affiliations: Teen Titans
Appearances: The True Meaning of Christmas, The Teen Titans Go! Easter Holiday Classic, Who's Laughing Now, Halloween v Christmas, Teen Titans Save Christmas, The Streak: Pt 2, and Easter Creeps
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Robert Morse

Santa Claus is Christmas personified, a jolly old fat man with a white beard and red suit who brings presents to children every year on Christmas Eve. He weighs 700 pounds and has the occasional ups and downs with his wife, Mrs. Claus. The Teen Titans ended up his naughty list. Despite being nice all year, singing songs togther, and mailing their address information, the Titans remained on the list. After three years of no presents, they decided to infiltrate Santa's workshop on Christmas Eve and take their names off the list. Robin found the list but was unable to get rid of their names on account of Christmas magic. Santa and his pet dog caught Robin. The Elf Security Guards brought the other Titans to them. The Titans admitted their problem and Santa tried to tell them the true meaning of Christmas wasn't presents but spending time with family and friends, forget one's troubles, and be nice to each other. They disagreed.

Robin pointed out the toy factory outside. Santa claimed it was just for fun and meaningless to the holiday. Robin blew up the factory. Santa did not relent and used it as an opportunity to prove his point. They sat down by the fire place. The mood became awkward. Santa realized he was wrong and presents mattered. He thanked the Titans for helping him realize presents were the true meaning of Christmas. He lamented he acted like a monster deciding who and who doesn't get presents. Raven used her magic to return the factory. Santa declared it a Christmas miracle and toys were made for all children of the world, even the garbage ones. The Titans accompanied Santa on his sleigh and distributed presents, even to villains like Killer Moth, Dr. Light, and H.I.V.E. though he still thought they were terrible.

One year, Santa hatched a scheme to take over the entire holiday calendar year by kidnapping every known representative. He wanted it all - Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, President's Day, Arbor Day, Hanukkah, Cinco de Mayo, Purim, Groundhog Day, and Halloween. On Easter Sunday, the Titans visited Santa about any information he would have on Santa. Santa played along and told them of a rumor the Easter Bunny went insane. Santa professed concern for the disappointed children and volunteered to deliver the Easter eggs. As the Titans celebrated their egg hunt, Robin realized Santa was the culprit all along. They returned to the North Pole and found Santa's makeshift prison. Santa admitted the truth. He tapped his nose and assembled a super suit around himself.

Raven released George Washington, Leprechaun, Cupid, and Turkey to do battle. Santa fired a Rudolph laser but Washington blocked it with a Freedom Shield. Turkey was nailed with a projectile Elf while Cupid was frozen by Santa's breath. Leprechaun came from behind and bashed him in the head with a cane. Washington followed with a Patriot Punch to the face, an America Kick to the chest, and a Constitutional Crunch to destroy the suit. As Santa went flying, Robin caught him in a grapnel line. He declared Santa would pay for his crimes. Santa reiterated he was Santa Claus and he both knew when they slept and when they were awake. Robin told him to save it for the judge. On Halloween night, Santa and his elves dressed as mummies and posed as trick or treaters to steal everything. They approached the Titans outside the Halloween Store. The Titans noticed they didn't say "Trick or Treat" and their sacks were christmas stockings. Robin realized he was and Santa and frantically ordered everyone to retreat to the car.

Santa and his elves pursued the Titans in his sleigh. On Santa's order, Rudolph fired nose laser blasts at their T-Car. The Titans managed to make it back to the Titans Tower and it went into lockdown. Santa demanded Beast Boy's bag of Halloween candy. Robin deduced it was the last remnant of Halloween spirit and Santa wanted to control the holiday since it was the only one people looked forward to as much as Christmas. Once Halloween was gone, the other holidays would bow before Santa. Santa tried to offer them Christmas presents - a signed The Night Begins to Shine vinyl, tofu, a Butterbean's Pegasus Ranch playset, and live kitten cat - then blasted the Tower with Christmas carols. The Titans opened negotiations with Santa and tried to offer him a compromise: George Washington, Leprechaun, and Cupid. Santa rejected the offer and had his elves open fire. They retreated back into the tower and conjured Halloween Spirit. Halloween Spirit was not pleased to hear Santa wanted Halloween and summoned some Creatures of the Night - Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and Dracula. Santa defeated Halloween Spirit in a sword fight and demanded the candy. Robin complied but instead gave him a bag of dynamite. Cyborg remotely detonated it. He was launched back to the North Pole.

Santa came up with another plan to steal all the holidays. He pretended to quit Christmas. If the world missed even one Christmas, they would become desperate to have Santa back. Santa would only return if they gave him all the holidays. On Christmas Eve, he broke into the Titans Tower and placed presents full of coal under their tree. The Titans were stoked they got coal. Santa berated them, drank a gallon of milk and announced he quit Christmas because he couldn't get all the holidays. He broke another section of glass then jumped out onto Rudolph and flew off. That night, Santa learned the Titans were trying to take his place. He manned his sleigh with Rudolph and rammed the Titan Sleigh. The Titans attempted to flee but Santa activated a giant rocket. Raven and Starfire operated the Titan Sleigh's battle stations and opened fire. They detonated the rocket but the explosion crippled both sleighs and they crashed. Santa grabbed his bazooka and destroyed the Titan Sleigh and bag of presents. As he declared victory, Sticky Joe arrived in a dumpster sleigh and dumped a ton of garbage bags on him then supplied the Titans with a giant bag of canned beans.

During Crime Season, Beast Boy recruited Santa Claus to join the Teen Titans after Kid Flash pinched Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven for his own team. After Robin remarked none of Beast Boy's recruits were superheroes, Santa asked if he knew anyone else who carries all the toys in the world while dealing with a nagging wife and eight frisky reindeer. Santa insisted he was eager to be a Titan because he would do anything to get away from Mrs. Claus, whom he referred to as a real lump of coal. After Kid Flash stole a win from them, Robin became crestfallen. Santa told him he was the team because as the leader, he was the only one who mattered because he made the others do things together then sang a song about it. Robin was inspired and realized he could win Crime Season. Santa plotted to steal Easter but Robin anticipated this. The Titans lay in wait in a dumpster and pounced as soon as the Easter Bunny bumped into Santa. He conjured a giant Christmas present that fired missiles but Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg took it out. Raven punched him through a portal back to the North Pole.