Beast Boy

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Real Identity: Garfield Mark Logan
Affiliations: Teen Titans and League of Legs
Appearances: Legendary Sandwich, Pie Bros, Driver's Ed, Dog Hand, Double Trouble, The Date, Dude Relax, Laundry Day, Ghost Boy, La Larva De Amor, Hey Pizza!, Gorilla, Girl's Night Out, You're Fired, Super Robin, Tower Power, Parasite, Star Liar, Meatball Party, Staff Meeting, Terra-ized, Artful Dodgers, Burger vs. Burrito, Matched, Colors of Raven, The Left Leg, Books, Lazy Sunday, Starfire the Terrible, Power Moves, Staring at the Future, No Power, Sidekick, Caged Tiger, Second Christmas, Nose Mouth, Legs, Breakfast Cheese, Waffles, Be Mine, Opposites, Birds, Brain Power, In and Out, Little Buddies, Missing, Uncle Jokes, Mas y Menos, Dreams, Grandma Voice, Real Magic, Puppets Whaaaaat?, Mr. Butt, Man Person, Pirates, Money Grandma, I See You, Brian, Nature, Salty Codgers, Knowledge, Slumber Party, Love Monsters, Baby Hands, Caramel Apples, Sandwich Thief, Friendship, Vegetables, The Mask, Serious Business, Halloween, Boys vs. Girls, Body Adventure, Road Trip, Thanksgiving, The Best Robin, Mouth Hole, Hot Garbage, Robin Backwards, Crazy Day, Smile Bones, Real Boy Adventures, Hose Water, Let's Get Serious, Tamaranian Vacation, Rocks and Water, Multiple Trick Pony, Truth, Justice and What?, Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp, Oil Drums, Video Game References, Cool School, Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt, Head Fruit, Yearbook Madness, Beast Man, Operation Tin Man, Nean, Campfire Stories, And The Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob, The H.I.V.E. Five, The Return of Slade, More of the Same, Some of Their Parts, A Cat's Fancy, Leg Day, Dignity of Teeth, Croissant, Spice Game, I'm The Sauce, Hey You, Don't Neglect Me in Your Memory, Accept the Next Proposition You Hear, The Fourth Wall, 40%, 40%, 20%, Grube's Fairytales, A Farce, Scary Figure Dance, Animals: It's Just a Word!, BBBDay!, Black Friday, Two Parter: Part One, Two Parter: Part Two, The True Meaning of Christmas, Squash & Stretch, Garage Sale, Secret Garden, The Cruel Giggling Ghoul, How 'Bout Some Effort?, Pyramid Scheme, Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and it's Bad, The Teen Titans Go! Easter Holiday Classic, Batman V Teen Titans: Dark Injustice, Bottle Episode, Finally a Lesson, Arms Race with Legs, Obinray, Wally T, Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes, Operation Dude Rescue: Part One, Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two, History Lesson, The Art of Ninjutsu, Think About Your Future, TTG v PPG, Coconut Cream Pie, Pure Protein, Open Door Policy, Crazy Desire Island, The Titans Show, Booty Scooty, Who's Laughing Now, Oregon Trail, Snuggle Time, Oh Yeah!, Riding the Dragon, The Overbite, The Cape, Shrimps and Prime Rib, Halloween v Christmas, Booby Trap House, Fish Water, TV Knight, Teen Titans Save Christmas, BBSFBDAY, The Streak: Pt 1, The Streak: Pt 2, The Inner Beauty of a Cactus, Movie Night, BBRAE: Pt 1, BBRAE: Pt 2, Permanent Record, Titan Saving Time, The Gold Standard, Master Detective, Easter Creeps, Hand Zombie, Employee of the Month: Redux, The Avogodo, Orangins, Jinxed, Brain Percentages, BL4Z3, Hot Salad Water, Chapter One: I Saw You Dance, Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes, Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get, Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine, Lication, Labor Day, Classic Titans, Ones and Zeroes, Career Day, TV Knight 2Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 2, The Academy, Costume Contest, Throne of Bones, Demon Prom, Thanksgetting, The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 1, The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 2, BBCYFSHIPBDAY, Beast Girl, Flashback: Pt 1, Flashback: Pt 2, Bro-Pocalypse, Mo' Money Mo' Problems, TV Knight 3, The Scoop!, Chicken In The Cradle, Kabooms: Pt. 1, Kabooms: Pt. 2, Tower Renovation, My Name is Jose, The Power of Shrimps, Monster Squad, Real Orangins, Quantum Fun, The Fight, The Groover, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 2, How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 1, How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 2, BBRBDAY, Slapping Butts And Celebrating For No Reason, Nostalgia Is Not A Substitute For An Actual Story, Business Ethics Wink Wink, Genie President, Tall Titan Tales, I Used To Be A Peoples, The Metric System Vs Freedom, The Chaff, Them Soviet Boys, Little Elvis, Booty Eggs, TV Knight 4, Lil' Dimples, Don't Be An Icarus, Stockton, CA!, and What's Opera Titans
Appearances (Special): Team Building
Powers/Skills: Shape Shifting and Animal Mimicry
Voiced By: Greg Cipes and Trevor Devall (The Fourth Wall)

Beast Boy is Cyborg's best bud - a slightly dim but loveable loafer who transforms into all sorts of animals when he's not eating burritos and watching TV. He's mostly a vegetarian but respects a balanced diet. Beast Boy was born in a jungle, to parents who were scientists, but he got bit by a crazy green monkey. He got really sick but his parents saved with a green serum. He turned green and developed the power to turn into any animal. In Robin's version of the Teen Titans' origin story, he went to Upper Lamumba in Africa second to recruit Beast Boy after he researched stories of vigilante attacks on poachers. Beast Boy took the form of a rhino and chased off poachers targeting elephants only to be saved by Robin himself. He asked if the team would have women on it and noted he liked a 50:50 split. Robin contended whoever joined the team would stand for truth and justice and emphasized it was a chance to make a real difference.

Lacking any redeemable qualities, Beast Boy still attempted to romance Raven when Cyborg revealed they were compatible according to his glitched love matching program. He later fought with Starfire over a scratching post. Beast Boy fell in love with the villainous Terra and was ignorant of her intention to destroy the Teen Titans. Beast Boy was sure there was good in Terra despite her utter hatred for him. Upon learning Terra was banished in a dimension reserved for the Titans' trash, he tricked Raven into opening a portal and threw down a rope for Terra. After freeing her from banishment to another dimension, helping break into a restricted warehouse, and serenading her, Beast Boy appeared to have gotten through to her but Raven dumped her into the same dimension with Beast Boy in tow. Beast Boy later attempted to make himself smarter but when that failed, he turned to Raven's book of spells but failed at that, making Silkie super smart and the other Titans dumb. He later posed as the supervillain Beast Bob to join H.I.V.E. and get some pizza.

During a battle against Cinderblock, Beast Boy suffered a horrifying injury. One of Cinderblock's fists was lodged in his face. Robin managed to remove the fist but Beast Boy was scarred. His head was bandaged up for six weeks then another six weeks. The Titans discovered Beast Boy had a scar through one of his eyes. Cyborg tried to assure him the scar made him look tough. Beast Boy bought into it but took it too far. In a battle against Dr. Light, Beast Boy purposefully raised his left hand into a light beam and let it get blown off. Cyborg attached a robotic implant while he tried to figure out how to reattach the hand, kept alive by Beast Boy's animal powers. Beast Boy declared he was a man and took the name "Scar Man." The next day, Scar Man replaced all but his head with robot parts. He refused to go back to normal but realized the error of his ways when Cyborg replaced several of his body parts with Beast Boy's.

During a battle against the Walker Monster, Beast Boy realized he couldn't transform anymore. The comforts of modern society had stripped him of the animal instinct needed to use his ability. Beast Boy went off to get back in touch with nature. However, the wild animals and elements were brutal. After three weeks, he was starving and at wit's end. While chasing a rabbit, he met Mother Nature. While having a debate about the circle of life, Beast Boy won by mentioning tacos. He convinced her to transform part of the forest into a city for nature to live in and have tacos. After Beast Boy ate a taco, his powers returned. But while in the form of a butterfly, Robin ate him for pure protein.

Robin tried to teach the other Titans how to respect money but Beast Boy believed it was the root of all evil. He tore up Robin's $1 leading Robin to decline paying everyone. Beast Boy decided to use bees as currency and became an overnight sensation. He ignored all the bee stings along the way. Robin eventually came around and asked Beast Boy for a loan. He obliged Robin but asked for an embarrassing dance first. Beast Boy became power hungry and went into a tirade. He was stung multiple times and suffered an allergic reaction. Robin thought it was evil swelling in him and beat him repeatedly with his bo staff. Beast Boy recovered in the hospital.

During a game of Random Animal Rally, Beast Boy misinterpreted Cyborg and transformed into a man. Even he was surprised he could do that but Robin mused technically man is an animal. The Titans soon came up with a scheme to use Beast Boy to help them get into the mature rated Death Toilet 3 movie at Jump City Cinemas 12. Beast Boy then took them to eat a ton of pizza on credit, rent an exotic car, and get tattoos at the Tat Cat Tattoo parlor. After the Titans returned to the tower to turn in, Beast Boy decided to go back out and party alone. He fell prey to the mind control of The Man. The next morning, he ordered the Titans to finish their chores before he came back from work. The Titans followed him and tried to get him fired with a bad cartoon drawing of The Man but being fired was a literal punishment. When the Titans overloaded The Man with annoying teenage antics like inane conversations, loud music and teen magazines. Beast Boy was back to normal.

After a victorious battle against Slade, the Titans decided to throw a party and celebrate. Beast Boy and Cyborg remembered their childhood and recalled how clowns were so cool. They ignored Robin and Raven's warnings. The clown that came to entertain, Honk, wasn't cool at all to them. Cyborg and Beast Boy took it upon themselves to make him cool with science. After dunking Honk in their Xtreme-ification Chamber, they considered it a success but instead they just created a supervillain. While going through his room, Beast Boy found a trunk of mementos he collected from missions over the years. One was a shard of the Mysterious Prism. Keen on splitting Raven up and making out with her passionate side, Beast Boy tried to use the shard but Robin got his own idea. He used the shard to split the other Titans into their core five personalities and recruited the best one to join his elite team. All the Beast Boys were essentially the same so Robin and Soldier Cyborg elected to use one as a human shield.

During the brief stint of the League of Legs, Beast Boy went by The Calf. Beast Boy was stoked to celebrate his birthday but the other Titans didn't want to throw a party. And Raven forgot. Beast Boy thought they were going to surprise him then thought their responses were a roast in his honor. He even thought a crime alert about a herd of murderous elephants was a cover. Beast Boy waited the whole day and night at the Tower while the Titans waged a brutal battle. He retreated to his room and set up his own party with whatever dolls and food were around. When Cyborg, Starfire and Robin inquired what he was doing, Beast Boy vented his frustration. Raven overheard and tried to rectify the situation before midnight and Beast Boy suffered from the cosmic consequences of not being thrown a party. It was too late. Without a time anchor created by the act of the party, the universe couldn't tell how old he was. Beast Boy began to shift in age from an infant to middle aged to a senior citizen.

The Titans took a portal to the center of the universe to complete three birthday rituals of song, cake, and gift to restore him to normal. Beast Boy pretended to be Martian Manhunter despite not knowing who he was at first. He was thrilled with the prospect of hunting him some mens. He stunk up the Invisible Jet's bathroom and informed Raven it was out of invisible toilet paper. Beast Boy worried about not being able to afford buying the really expensive gold tiara that Cyborg apparently wanted for his upcoming birthday. Instead of getting a job and doing honest work, Beast Boy got wrapped up in a pyramid scheme with the Mummy Boss. He collected $100 from people and began spending it all in frivolous ways like getting a gold boat, a gold star, a gold bear in a gold car, a gold fridge filled with gold food and so on. Fooled into thinking he had status in the scheme, Beast Boy believed he was the money sheriff and recruited all but Robin to be his money deputies.

They continued making more money and spending (and eating) it all. The Mummy Boss wanted his cut of the money. When Beast Boy had nothing to show, he took the Titans as slave labor. They were forced to drag blocks to build a pyramid. Robin had Beast Boy endure hard labor as a mother hen. He emptied the egg of the chick and junk poured out. He got a pair of clippers and freed everyone. They dispatched the mummies in the pyramid's saloon. Beast Boy and Mummy Boss were locked in a showdown but Gold Bear came to the rescue and ran the Mummy Boss over. The Titans rode off into the sunset. The Titans became bad guys so they could fun when they wanted. Beast Boy subjected himself to a gamma experiment or something and became Beast Monster. His idea of taking over the world involving The Cyborg and himself walking around with their butts exposed to see.

Beast Boy's wrestling persona was the Wild Man. Clad in a fur boa and leotard, he vowed to go buck wild on any and all fools then howled. Wild Man proved to be the best at trash talk and sounded like a total whack job speaking in crazy metaphors. He was the vegan cream of the crop and promised no one would one would have to worry their pretty little head off over expense because he had a dollar off coupon. Beast Boy wrote Raven a song just for her after his various attempts with unoriginal gifts failed (and caused severe injury to the other Titans) such as roses with bees, a bear cub, and a poem (that was actually an evil spell). The other Titans helped Beast Boy find inspiration for the song. Cyborg tested him to see if he liked Raven more than peaches, a plum, applesauce, smoothie, pizza, and a seven layer cake. Starfire helped with elements for the song like summertime, not the dumpster, toes in the sand, no bathrooms, and carnival rides. Robin helped with a tinge of paranoia. Raven liked it and they kissed.

Despite her strong warnings, Beast Boy fiddled with the song and uploaded it to the Internet. He was happy to hear it made to the #1 spot on the song charts. Raven didn't appreciate Beast Boy taking something special and giving it away to strangers. Beast Boy took her to the city and showed that her song was bringing people together, even Sticky Joe and Sticky Joan. Then he announced he was going on tour and asked her to come along. Raven's anger grew as the tour continued on and Beast Boy ignored her while being showered with love from his fans. She finally had enough and put a curse on the song that could only be cured when Beast Boy learned his lesson. Raven ruined the song like she wanted but was horrified to see it was ruining the world as well. While fleeing angry fans, Beast Boy returned to Jump City on a horse and sang a song about learning his lesson. The curse was lifted but Raven slammed a doghouse on him.

Unable to solve a hidden pictures puzzle in a copy of Hidey-Town, Beast Boy vowed to use 10% of his brain, increasing it from his standard usage of 2%. Beast Boy pulled his brain out through his left ear and subjected it to a work out. It had to bench press books, do push ups while he flipped pages, did boxing against a book, ran up stairs made of books, rowed as Beast Boy yelled out pages, and did a perfect dive into a sea of books. Beast Boy renamed himself Renaissance Boy and tried using 10% of his brain but couldn't find the hidden pictures. He vowed to unlock his true potential. At 50%, he noticed the other Titans' faults and pointed them out but still could find the pictures. He meditated to 80% and could use telekinesis as well as do magic tricks. He teleported 650,000,000 years into the past and touched his finger to a monkey's and took a journey through his own DNA to the beginning of time.

At 95%, he transformed into a computer and pushed to 100%. He used his unlimited brain power to eliminate reality and teleported himself and the Titans into the puzzle to focus only on finding the pictures. He located the rocket ship, beach ball, feather and broccoli but failed to see the dolphin in the palm trees until it came down and slapped him in the face. Beast Boy restored reality and noticed mazes in the book. Some time later, the Titans were stuck in a puzzle maze. Beast Boy didn't really care about the Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star but he went with the flow. He turned into a cow and sprayed milk on Aquaman, Superman, in Batman's mouth, and doused Wonder Woman. He was rejected. One day, Beast Boy was brushing his teeth and got scared of his own reflection, unaware it was his reflection, and ran to the living room. After failing to capture Madame Rouge, Beast Boy answered the elevator and met his double, Beast Girl. Only Beast Boy's mind was blown.

They hung out in Beast Boy's room and compared their similar origins. They played frisbee in the park and turned into dogs. They went bowling. Beast Girl turned into a gorilla and got a strike. Beast Boy turned into an octopus and threw eight balls for a strike. They turned into caterpillars, went into chrysalis, and emerged as butterflies. While skipping through town, they got scared by their reflections again. Beast Boy realized she was the first person in a long time that didn't make him feel like a weirdo. Beast Girl felt the same way. She also realized the other Titans reminded her of her friends. The Titans were still trying to find Madame Rouge. Beast Girl inquired who that was and was scared she was Rouge because she was a girl, too, her astrological horoscope predicted change for her and she loved pierogis. The Titans didn't take stock in the coincidences. Beast Girl believed and turned into a giant snake then ate them. Beast Boy was grabbed in disbelief. Robin stood up inside Beast Girl and told Beast Boy to get through to her.

Beast Boy stated she made him feel normal and there was nothing evil about it. Beast Girl realized she was right and regurgitated the Titans and apologized. Madame Rouge revealed herself, disguised as the couch, and kidnapped the Titans. Beast Girl turned into a mouse and hid but decided to do something. She summoned the other Opposite Titans and they stormed Rouge's headquarters. The Opposite Titans outclassed Madame Rouge at every turn. Beast Girl and Beast Boy reiterated they were glad to have met each other and didn't feel as weird anymore. Beast Girl realized Beast Boy could be Madame Rouge. Beast Boy started to believe and chased him. The Ravens called them weirdos. Beast Boy became reckless with his powers. He turned into a cat and played jazz with his guitar, luring tons of cats. They woke the others up around 3 am. They were fed up and aired their grievances against him like turning into a boxing kangaroo during pipe practice or using everyone's toothbrushes as an alligator.

Robin warned him his responsibilities would catch up to him one day. The next afternoon, Beast Boy turned into a rooster and inexplicably laid an egg. The others realized he was going to become a father. He admitted he wanted to be one some day then vowed to be the greatest. But he remembered he was due to perform with a seahorse jazz band, turned into an octopus, and left the other Titans to babysit. While his egg hatched, Beast Boy won the kangaroo welterweight bouncing championship. The others filled the void and acted as the chick's parents. While it ate seeds for the first time, Beast Boy hung out with cows and made milk shake. He tried to offer it to the chick but it turned away from him. Beast Boy realized he failed his son and wanted to make things right. He settled on a game of catch but his son left an hour ago and hung out with the Bad Eggs. Beast Boy was aghast and searched for him. He caught him spraying graffiti outside. Beast Boy made a passionate plea and used his powers to destroy the three Bad Eggs as a rooster, beaver, and badger.

Beast Boy and son went to the carnival for some family bonding time. He turned into a gorilla and broke the strength tester, dunked himself in water after his son fell off the stool, pecked a carny of the offensive Thwack a Chicken dart game, and rode the ferris wheel. The Titans congratulated him on being a real good chicken daddy while taunting him by eating fried chicken. Meanwhile, his son crowed atop an antenna on the roof. Raven gave into the others' demand for new super powers to teach them a lesson about not taking what they had for granted. Beast Boy was given the powers of Saturn Girl and became an empath. He didn't see the fun in the ability and asked if he could control minds. Raven confirmed he could not. He cried. He tried to think about heating up his burrito but nothing happened. Beast Boy became proficient with it and avoided danger like stepping on a tack, avoiding a falling piano, dodging an out of control car, and leaping away from an alligator that emerged from under the sidewalk.

They managed to defeat Gizmo with their powers but Raven was skeptical there would be another battle uniquely suited to them. Beast Boy detected trouble at an underwater electric eel dance competition and nobody could reach the phone for help. Albert Jelenic opened a food shack at the Jump City docks and named it "Berto's, after himself. Cyborg happily chomped away at the shrimp to Beast Boy's disgust. Jelenic tried to force Beast Boy to eat a shrimp but he refused it on account of being a vegetarian. Jelenic told him not to talk about politics. Cyborg was amused Beast Boy almost ate a shrimp but Jelenic took no credit. He believed the shrimp showed you cared and no one could resist it. Aqualad arrived and was aghast. The cooked shrimp was his basketball team. Beast Boy teased he was mad because Raven didn't want to talk to him anymore. Aqualad stated he was busy protecting the ocean and had no time for dating. Beast Boy laid a sick burn and retorted he was too busy to save his basketball team and he was too fishy for Raven.

Aqualad asked Cyborg why he kept saying "Sick burn." Beast Boy burned him again. Aqualad cuffed Jelenic for crimes against crustaceans. Aqualad realized he could win back Raven with shrimps and prime rib. He arranged for Jelenic to cook the meals for him. The date worked. Jelenic watched from the Aqua Jail and drew a heart on glass with a shrimp. Beast Boy went into a panic and knew he couldn't win her over with a vegetarian dish. On Cyborg's suggestion, he went to look for Albert Jelenic. Aqualad came out of Berto's and taunted him. He was enraged Aqualad already thought of his dirty trick. Beast Boy dressed up and staged the kitchen then served Raven meal of packaged baby carrots, tofu, and crackers but it failed to work. Robin advised him to give up as quickly as possible and pretend to enjoy the solitary life. Beast Boy didn't want to end up like him. Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire broke into the Aqua Lair to free Jelenic and thwart Aqualad's plan.

However, Jelenic slowed them down with a story about the Battle of Krbava Field in 1493. Aqualad caught them in the act and summoned two sharks, a crab, and a turtle to attack. Raven walked in and realized Aqualad tricked her. Jelenic stated what mattered about shrimps and prime rib was the effort put into it. Raven forced Beast Boy and Aqualad to cook shrimps and prime rib for them back at the Titans Tower. Raven remarked she could really taste the love. Jelenic declared it was a sick burn. Beast Boy decided to make his birthday party invitation only and excluded Robin among the Titans. When Robin asked why, Cyborg brought up how Robin reported a noise complaint on them with the Jump City Police Department last year. Beast Boy repeated to Robin he wasn't invited because his parties were for party animals only and not party poopers like him. The next day, Robin declared he was throwing his own birthday party, out of spite, in the living room at the same time as Beast Boy's in the kitchen.

Robin revealed the details about his party, notably two birthday cakes and special guest Bob Uecker. Beast Boy won the other Titans over with the declaration of pony rides. In addition, Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Beatbox, Birdarang, Sticky Joe, and Dave were invited. Pain Bot DJ'ed the party. Robin managed to poach Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire to his party. Beast Boy refused to admit Robin was a party animal and declared his actions made him more of a party pooper. Beast Boy turned into a pony and escorted the Titans back to his party. Robin spliced his DNA with a bear, cheetah, and raccoon in an effort to become the ultimate party animal but he ended up rampaging through Jump City. Out of desperation, Beast Boy called in a noise complaint on Robin. The police surrounded him and declared the party was over. Robin shrank to normal and the three animals split off him. The Titans visited Robin at lock up where he apologized for ruining the party. Beast Boy played it off and promised to invite Robin to all his parties from now on.