George Washington

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Real Identity: George Washington
Appearances: Money Grandma, The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic, Halloween v Christmas, Easter Creeps, and Career Day
Powers/Skills: Leadership, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Scott Menville and Khary Payton (The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic)

George Washington is a famous general in the American General who became a Founding Father of the United States of America and its first President. Raven used a time machine to bring Washington from 1776 to 2014 in order to teach Robin what true leadership was about. Washington tried to advise Robin on leading a team but Robin suspected he was running against him in the team leader election. Washington was so offended, he did. He ran traditionally and baked a cherry pie, put up posters, and kissed babies but Robin sabotaged him at every turn. During a debate, Washington promised to create a perfect team through discipline but Robin made him admit to lying about farting in a room. In the end, the election ended in a draw. To resolve the stalemate, Robin and Washington fought each other one on one. Washington fought with his trusty axe and generated a Freedom Shield. His trusty eagle also helped fly him around. Washington later resorted to piloting the Statue of Liberty to the Titans Tower and smashed Robin to a pulp. Washington won the right to be leader but Robin took his place in history.

Washington was rounded up by Robin as one of the Easter Bunny's known holiday associates. Raven and Starfire interrogated him but he didn't know anything. Starfire wasn't buying it. Role playing as bad cop, she slammed his face on the desk and demanded to know where the Easter Bunny was. Washington had no information and was let go, only to be kidnapped by Santa Claus, who wanted to take over the entire holiday calendar. Washington was one of the holiday representatives released by Raven to battle Santa. Washington conjured a Freedom Shield to defend everyone from a laser blast. After the Leprechaun bashed Santa over the head with his cane, Washington punched Santa with a Patriot Punch, nailed him in the chest with an America Kick, and destroyed his super suit with a Constitutional Crunch. On Halloween, the Titans tried to offer Washington and Presidents' Day to Santa instead of Halloween. Santa declined.

Washington teamed up with Thanksgiving Turkey, Halloween Spirit, and Cupid Baby to steal the Easter holiday from the Easter Bunny. They surrounded the Teen Titans after Raven punched Santa through a portal back to the North Pole. Raven quickly formed a fist and punched Washington out. Washington went to Raven's general dentistry practice and had his wooden teeth removed.