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Real Identity: Garth
Affiliations: Teen Titans and Teen Titans East
Appearances: Star Liar, Missing, Pirates, Rocks and Water, Yearbook Madness, Black Friday, Snuggle Time, Shrimps and Prime Rib, The Streak: Pt 1, TV Knight 2, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1, Costume Contest, Flashback: Pt 1, and Flashback: Pt 2
Powers/Skills: Animal Telepathy, Hydrokinesis, Survival Underwater, Enhanced Strength, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Wil Wheaton

Garth was the son of an exiled pacifist, abandoned in the sea. However, he was found and adopted by Aquaman, King of Atlantis. As Aqualad, Garth established himself as a great warrior and patrolled the ocean in service of the kingdom. He later tried out for the Teen Titans and was a founding member of the Teen Titans East after Kid Flash was defeated by Robin. He also moonlights as a DJ. During an annual Titans East Dance Party, Beast Boy nailed Aqualad with a disco ball by accident.

Aqualad was fooled into bringing an army of shrimp to help the Teen Titans, who grilled them up for a beach party. While talking to Beast Boy, Aqualad realized Raven was a girl and asked her out on a date. Beast Boy was apalled but Cyborg insisted Aqualad was not trustworthy because he was a pirate. Despite not agreeing to a date, Raven showed up at 8 pm. Aqualad encapsulated them in a bubble and descended down below. He presented the circle of life to her - a bunch of sea animals attacked by sharks. Raven was smitten with Aqualad. The next morning, Aqualad wanted to take her out to the piranha grounds but Beast Boy instigated a fight. Raven declared it would be a fight to the death. Aqualad refused to fight and was mutilated by Beast Boy. After recovering in a hospital, Aqualad arose as a vengeful pirate.

Aqualad and Terra began dating. Out of regret, Beast Boy and Raven teamed up to make their exes jealous and break them up. Along with Starfire and Robin, they went on a triple date. Aqualad and Terra were stunned at Beast Boy and Raven's chemistry. Aqualad was appalled when he realized the calamari Terra was eating was Mr. Belvadere, the squid who raised him. They made up and left. Raven and Beast Boy continued to sabotage their relationship by framing the other. During an underwater orchestra, they crushed an octopus in the band with a boulder. They switched Aqualad's portrait of Terra with a fish. The next day, they finally broke up but realized Beast Boy and Raven were behind it. They argued about destroying Beast Boy and Raven with a boulder or a shark and realized they only had hatred in common with each other. They agreed to summon both then part ways. Beast Boy turned into gorilla and punched them off their rides then they fell through a trash hole opened by Raven.

Bumblebee teamed up with Aqualad to take out the Brain's generator before he took over the world. She flew Aqualad into Brain's fortress and dropped Aqualad who took out the generator with his dolphin. Aqualad landed and held out his arms. The dolphin dropped into his arms, unscathed. Aqualad participated in the Justice League's annual competition to add a new member. He served as assistant in Speedy's audition by standing still with an apple on top of his head. Speedy fired an arrow into his right foot instead. During his audition, Aqualad juggled several marlin but one stabbed him in the right foot. He was rejected. Aqualad was captured by H.I.V.E. and kept in a prison cell in their tower. On Halloween, Aqualad was incredibly weak but heard the Titans. He reached an arm out and grabbed Robin's shoulder but the Titans thought it was just an animatronic prisoner's arm.