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Real Identity: Task Force X
Appearances (Movies): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, and Chapter Twelve)
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

Amanda Waller began to acquire inmates for Belle Reve Penitentiary to participate in Task Force X, a squad of operatives sent on secret government missions with the lowest of success and highest of danger rates. In exchange, the criminal was usually offered 10 years off his or her prison sentence. If accepted, they were injected with an implant into their brain which would allow Waller to remotely blow up an operative at will. Over the years, not many returned from their missions. Waller came to believe she was a glutton for punishment everytime she recruited Harley for a Task Force X mission or maybe believed in luck too much. Either way, Waller recognized that Harley's bumbling around indulging herself led to a mission success. Waller also theorized she was a mathematically perfect variable of chaos that destroys any plan it encounters. Deadshot is one known inmate to finish enough missions to eliminate his sentence and gain his freedom.

The day after a session with occult expert Jason Blood, Waller returned to Belle Reve to form a new squad to find the Amaurex Key to keep the Sceptre at bay due to her terminal condition. For the unusual mission, she assembled a very different team that she usually did and went heavy on the power. With Deadshot no longer at her disposal, Captain Boomerang was now Waller's top marksman. A guard threw water into Captain Boomerang's cell to wake him up. Boomerang threatened the guard's life but realized Waller was present. He accepted Waller's offer, another mission for another 10 years. Boomerang asked about Deadshot. He was delighted when Waller revealed she was thinking about sending the squad to kill him. They walked to the "plexiglass wing" where the guard entered a passcode required for entry. Ms. Clay pretended to be a guard trapped in her cell. Waller wasn't fooled and punched her after ordering the guard to open the door. Clay accepted the 10 year offer.

They went to Coyote next. The guard tasered him after he complained about his living conditions and lunged. Waller offered Coyote the chance to run around and have better food on missions. He accepted. They went to Dr. Polaris next. Instead of accepting a reduction of his sentence, Polaris quickly asked for drugs like Percodan or Oxycontin. They went to Bane next. He agreed to another mission that would allow him to kill people. They went to Chimera's holding tank next. Waller didn't make the standard offer but pointed out it would be time out of the tank. Chimera accepted. Lastly, they went to Harley Quinn. She was eager and asked if she was in charge. Waller stated she never would. Trying something different, Waller took the squad to the training yard so they would have a sense of who they were going into battle with. Harley asked for a whistle so everyone could respond to her orders. Waller refused. Mid-speech, Waller saw the Spectre. She gave the squad three days to shape up or heads would explode. Harley joked she loved them.

Amanda Waller gave her Suicide Squad a mission to save Scandal Savage, Knockout, and any medical crew or staff board the Recovery hospital ship. In a rare instance, Waller came along on the mission. Waller secretly left a message with Vandal Savage's followers, giving away Scandal's location. Scandal Savage would be manipulated into taking Waller up on her offer after the squad came to save her and Knockout. She also hired Deadshot to kill a national leader in a way that would implicate the squad and serve as an alibi for the mission. Dr. Polaris was charged with keeping all assassins' bullets off her team and Chimera was charged with sinking as much of the assassins' boats as possible before they landed. As Waller anticipated, Chimera attempted to escape. He soon learned Waller planted many microbombs all over his body instead of just one in his brain. The rest of the Squad landed on Recovery and started killing the assassins. It was assumed Scandal Savage would be on the top level but she lay in wait down below and killed an assassin. To her surprise, Waller saved her from another behind her.

The Squad made progress and neared the patient rooms but Dr. Polaris discovered the ship's drug supply and relapsed. The assassins sent Giganta after the Squad and turned the tide. Bane and Coyote were both sent into the ocean by her and had to fend off sharks summoned by Chimera. Boomerang was forced to run after the assassins switched back to guns. Clay was being pulled apart. Harley hailed Waller on comms and asked for help. Waller couldn't believe the Squad was in trouble but discovered Polaris. She called for a pick up but watched as Giganta grabbed the tail of the helicopter and forced it down. With the mission gone sideways, Waller took evasive measures. She hailed Chimera on comms and redirected him to help Bane get back to Recovery quickly and to deal with Giganta then called out for the rest. Harley informed her she, Boomerang, and Ms. Clay were pinned down on the starboard. Waller ordered Clay to take on Scandal Savage's appearance and run for it then told Harley and Boomerang to climb down to an enemy boat and raid the guns and ammo amid the dead bodies.

Scandal Savage returned from the rear and asked Waller what next. Waller assured her the rest of the squad would be back then fired several shots at Giganta to draw her attention. Giganta took the bait and was surprised by a giant squid summoned by Chimera. Waller saw she could make use of Giganta on a future mission and forbid Chimera from killing her. Once Giganta lost consciousness, Waller had Chimera tell the squid to release her. She fell on top of the last of the zealots. Savage raced to check on Knockout. No one breached her room. Knockout woke up and weakly asked her to keep the noise down. Waller informed Savage she called in another transport and again offered sanctuary at a safer facility. Savage accepted and thanked her. A zealot recognized Waller's voice as the anonymous source. She shot him dead. At mission's end, Waller gave the squad a "not bad" but noticed Coyote was missing. She followed his tracker signal to Chimera. He burped. She concluded to the team was too big anyway. She looked out and warned them they better be gelled because the next mission would make Recovery look like a cakewalk.

Waller and the squad returned to New Orleans in search of Jason Blood but they found Madame Xanadu's parlor cleared out. An elderly homeowner claimed there never was an occult shop or Madame Xanadu ever. Waller ordered Captain Boomerang force the door open with one of his boomerangs. They found a note that read "Light Me" near a candle. Waller complied and a spell was activated. A "recording" of Jason Blood told Waller that they had to leave because some old enemies found their location and he didn't want to risk Etrigan burning down the French Quarter since it was sacred. Blood revealed he had starting point for Waller's search but had to convey it in person. He instructed her to meet him at the Granary Burying Grounds in Boston the next day at twilight, where he would also secure her a guide - a spirit. Blood's old enemies revealed themselves, several Rougarou. The squad battled them while Waller continued listening to Blood's message but Dr. Polaris abandoned them to get drugs off a nearby dealer and Chimera started eating the dead Rougarou. The Spectre interrupted Blood's message and told Waller her time was coming. Harley re-entered the parolor to brief Waller but found her curled up on the floor.

The next day, Waller and the squad landed at an airport just outside of Boston. They moved through a park. Harley Quinn wanted to ride the swan boat then spotted a duck statue. She recalled they were from her favorite book, "Outta The Way Fools, Ducklings Up in this, Yo!" She sat on the mother duck statue and asked Waller to take a picture. Waller reminded her not to say her name in public and they continued on. Following Jason Blood's instructions, they went to the Granary Burial Grounds at twilight. Blood cast a few repelling spells to drive off sightseers to ensure the grounds would be clear for the meeting then found them. Blood explained twilight was a transition time in graveyards and years ago, the headstones were rearranged in rows with no consideration of where the respective bodies lay. As a result, the grounds were a spiritually chaotic locale. He gave everyone Spectral Lens and stated he needed their eyes. Blood explained that all entities connected to the grounds were visible despite their wishes, for half an hour, in a disoriented state and cut off from the greater spirit world.

They looked ground for the ghost of a blacksmith while they waited for Deadman, the guide Blood arranged for. Harley Quinn sighted the smith and gave chase but she was surprisingly struck by a spirit. The spirit turned out to be Gentleman Ghost. He warned them what they wanted wasn't for the living and promised to rectify it by killing them. Gentleman Ghost sent ghosts loyal to him after Waller, Blood, and the squad. Waller tested her Nth Metal Jacket Bullets and confirmed they were effective against ghosts. She ordered the squad to run past the gate but Blood instructed her to shoot Gentleman Ghost. It was too late, he possessed Bane and punched Waller then knocked Harley off her feet. Blood tried to fool Gentleman Ghost with an illusion of Etrigan but he saw through the ruse and had several ghosts tear it away. Several reached their arms into Chimera and neutralized him. Ms. Clay got an idea and decked Bane towards the iron fence. Dr. Polaris wrapped several bars around him but Gentleman Ghost simply vacated his body and possessed Polaris.

Gentleman Ghost marveled at his ability and took Captain Boomerang's arsenal then launched them into Chimera's back, one going through his chest. Three ghosts neutralized Clay next. Gentleman Ghost took Waller's gun and aimed it at Blood. Deadman finally arrived and possessed Clay on the sly. He punched out the ghosts, disarmed Gentleman Ghost then slugged Polaris. Gentleman Ghost left Polaris but got decked. As he disappeared, he swore retribution. Deadman wasn't too worried about the threat. The ghosts began to return to their obsessions without his control. Harley saw the Blacksmith returning to his grave. Deadman reached in and pulled him back out. The Blacksmith willingly told them his role in finishing the Amaurex Key for Vandal Savage overseas then being slain back home in Boston to safeguard any knowledge of the key. Waller found the story useless but Blood believed he told them everything they needed to know to find Savage's chamber. Deadman possessed Bane and accompanied Waller and the squad to Paris.

They walked along the Seine and eventually encountered Scandal Savage. She opened the entrance to her late father's catacombs. Waller gave a head-cam to Harley and sent them down with Savage while she guarded the entrance. A wall blocked their path to the 36th chamber, where occult ceremonies took place. Chimera dove into the aqueduct and raised the wall from the other side by pushing down a lever. Savage and the squad found the temple room but were unaware of the undead warriors animated by their intrusion. Savage found some scrolls about how the key was bound to a reanimated defender then used a crystal ball to find their location back in the South of the United States. However, it also revealed Waller's deception to her. The squad was forced to fight their way past the undead, with no clear exit. Deadshot found Waller and put a gun to the back of her head. Luckily, Deadman surfaced to brief Waller and possessed Deadshot. Waller wired $15 million into Deadshot's account then asked him to extract the Squad alive, especially Savage.

Savage remembered a secret passage and led the squad. At Clay's behest, Polaris blocked the path behind them with a gong. Bane found the retreat to be cowardly. Harley insisted it wasn't and claimed the zombies weren't worthy of his dope fight moves. Savage had contempt for their pride and tried to remember which path to take at the fork. Harley chose right without much thought. They ignored Deadman's warning after he possessed Bane. They found a pool at the end of the aqueduct system and Clay spotted a gate on the other side but a mass of zombies emerged and attacked them. Chimera emerged from the mass and revealed it as an arm. A giant and ancient aquatic creature who Vandal Savage was feeding human sacrifices to revealed itself. Chimera tried to control it with its telepathy but it was much older and resisted then ate him. Harley yelled out for someone to save him but no one budged. The creature went back to its sleep.

More zombies blocked the gate but Deadshot arrived and blew their heads off with the last of his ammo. Waller, Savage, Deadman, and the Squad took a jet to Maurepas Swamp in Louisiana to find the host of the Amaurex Key. Just as Harley wondered what was so special about the host, Savage found him. It was Solomon Grundy. To make matters worse, Gentlemen Ghost beat them to Grundy and warned of their intent. Grundy vowed to kill them all. Clay exclaimed no one said they would be fighting him. Harley pointed out they had moxie. Waller sent a message to Blood then told Gentleman Ghost her mission didn't concern him or Grundy. Gentleman Ghost disagreed and revealed he was bound by a pledge he made in life to guard the key for Savage. Deadman released his hold on Bane but he got immediately punched. On Deadshot's cue, anyone with guns opened fire on Grundy. He was unharmed. Scandal Savage and Ms. Clay attacked but the latter had an arm torn off. Bane tried a choke hold but Waller pointed out Grundy didn't breathe.

Bane boasted he beat the greatest warriors and broke Batman, prompting Grundy to break Bane's back over his knee. With no other metal around, Dr. Polaris lifted Waller's jet and sent it crashing into Grundy. Grundy emerged unharmed. Deadman continued punching Gentleman Ghost. Deadshot thought about Gentleman Ghost's words about the key being forged and realized they had everyone needed to stop Grundy. Waller agreed with his plan and gave him the greenlight. However, Spectre appeared and declared her time was up. Harley corrected Grundy that they were the Suicide Squad, not heroes, then Deadshot got his attention with several shots. He implored the others to join in at anytime. Ms. Clay uppercut Grundy then got her arms ripped off. Scandal Savage emerged from Clay's body and slashed his chest. Dr. Polaris sensed the Amaurex Key and drew it out. Waller tripped and realized the Spectre was an illusion. Removing the key created a temporary tear between the physical world and afterlife.

Everyone floated around in a ghost-like state and could now see Deadman and Gentleman Ghost. Deadman likened it to the Astral Plane but it didn't feel the same. Jason Blood appeared and estimated things would return to normal shortly. Deadman pointed out he could have helped at any time prior. Grundy faded away then Gentleman Ghost did as well, no longer bound to the physical world. Deadman was summoned for his next mission and bid the squad goodbye. Waller tried to make contact and warn them about Blood.

Blood was insistent on finding the key so he could prepare it for Waller. Savage sighted it but Clay stopped her and passed a fake, made from her clay, onto Blood. He admitted he manipulated Waller into finding the key so Etrigan wouldn't know of his plans. He intended to use the key to break his curse and get rid of Etrigan once and for all. He transformed and realized he was tricked. Etrigan was amused and told Ms. Clay he was indebted to her then teleported away. Scandal Savage declared she was keeping the real key until Knockout made a full recovery and, in the meantime, set out to take over her late father's empire. She thanked Waller for helping her figure out her path in life. Harley looked at the bright side of things and Waller would get what she wanted if Knockout pulled through and she lived long enough. Ms. Clay felt surviving was a win. Deadshot agreed but felt like something else was still out there waiting. They were all unaware they were being observed by the real Spectre.

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