Captain Boomerang

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Real Identity: Digger Harkness
Affiliations: Task Force X
Appearances (Movies): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, and Chapter Eight)
Powers/Skills: Marksmanship
Voiced By: Liam McIntyre

Captain Boomerang is a costumed criminal known as one of the Flash's rogues. He eventually ended up in Belle Reve Penitentiary and was recruited to Task Force X (or informally, the Suicide Squad) by Amanda Waller in exchange for 10 years off his prison sentence for each completed mission. Waller observed that despite how poorly socialized Boomerang was, he functioned well within a team dynamic and also had the intangible quality of being lucky. She found him too untrustworthy for a point position in the squad. He also talks in his sleep. Boomerang was at odds with teammate Deadshot. He was chuffed to learn that Deadshot finished enough missions to be freed from Belle Reve. The day after a session with Jason Blood, Waller returned to Belle Reve to form a new squad. Knowing the next mission would be unusual, she decided to form a very different team that she usually did and went a little heavy on power. With Deadshot no longer at her disposal, Captain Boomerang was now her top marksman.

A guard threw water into Captain Boomerang's cell to wake him up. Boomerang threatened the guard's life but realized Waller was present. He accepted Waller's offer, another mission for another 10 years. Boomerang inquired about how Deadshot was doing. Waller revealed she was thinking of having the squad kill him. Boomerang was content with that idea. They continued on and Waller recruited Ms. Clay and Coyote next. Boomerang was bewildered by the strung out Dr. Polaris and wondered if he ever slept. Bane and Chimera were next. Boomerang pointed out to Waller that Chimera only accepted for the chance to escape during the mission. Waller reiterated she believed everyone she recruited did. They got Harley last then Waller left the squad in the training yard to familiarize themselves with each other for the mission in three days. En route to the mission on the Recovery naval hospital ship, couldn't believe they had to save Scandal Savage and asked Waller why. He ignored Coyote smelling him. Waller explained she was the heir to Vandal Savage's empire and their access to his long hidden caches.

Despite his apprehension, Boomerang used aluminum boomerangs against the assassins so he wouldn't be rendered useless by Dr. Polaris. After Polaris relapsed on drugs aboard the ship, the assassins switched back to guns. Boomerang was forced to run. Boomerang, Clay, and Harley were pinned down in the starboard. He was down to his last boomerang. Waller ordered Clay to take on Scandal Savage's appearance and act as bait while Boomerang and Harley climbed down the grapple lines into the enemy boat below to salvage guns and ammo. Boomerang was surprised to see Bane ride a shark to them. Bane asked for the .50 caliber. After a giant squid grabbed Giganta, they got into a shoot out with several zealots. Waller had Chimera order the squid to release the unconscious Giganta. She fell on top of the zealots and ended the mission.

Back in New Orleans, Captain Boomerang pried open the door for Waller with one of his boomerangs after they discovered Jason Blood and Madame Xanadu left. Harley, Boomerang, and Waller entered and saw a note. Harley wanted to light the candle but Boomerang believed it would set off a bomb. Instead, it conjured a message left by Blood. Some of Blood's enemies, the Rougarou, attacked outside. Boomerang sliced the fingertips off one and called out for Dr. Polaris. He suggested Polaris used his powers to wrap a light pole around the Rougarou but Ms. Clay pointed out the obvious. Polaris left them to get drugs off a dealer. The next day, a jet holding Waller and the squad landed just outside of Boston. The pilot announced touchdown and referred to them as a chain gang. Boomerang demanded respect. Waller retorted that was the proper amount considering how many pilots and drivers he got killed. Boomerang noticed Bane's Venom tube wasn't repaired yet. Bane simply replied he didn't need it. Ms. Clay revealed it was just a prop made by Waller's crew to intimidate Savage's men.

Polaris chimed in that he was off drugs, too. Boomerang did some math and guessed Polaris last doped up six hours ago. Polaris replied that was a lifetime ago in "drug time." Waller and the squad met with Jason Blood and searched for the ghost of a blacksmith in the Granary Burial Grounds. Gentleman Ghost intervened and sent ghosts loyal to him to kill everyone. He then possessed Bane, disarmed Waller, and punched her. Boomerang stated he would say when the time for a mutiny was and jumped for Waller's gun, loaded with Nth Metal Jacket Bullets. Bane stomped his arm and threw him. Now in Dr. Polaris, Gentleman Ghost took Boomerang's weapons away then launched them into Chimera's back. After Deadman took care of Gentleman Ghost and the ghost of the 13th Blacksmith was found and questioned, Boomerang was sent back to Belle Reve's prison hospital to recover.