Harley Quinn

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Real Identity: Dr. Harleen Quinzel
Affiliations: Task Force X
Appearances (Movies): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, and Chapter Twelve)
Powers/Skills: Above Average Agility and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Harley Quinn is a costumed sociopath modeled upon the Harlequinn figure after she was drawn to the Joker. She is a gifted acrobat and uses joke-themed weapons like an oversized mallet. Amanda Waller came to believe she was a glutton for punishment everytime she recruited Harley for a Task Force X mission or maybe believed in luck too much. Either way, Waller recognized that Harley's bumbling around indulging herself led to a mission success. Waller also theorized she was a mathematically perfect variable of chaos that destroys any plan it encounters. Waller recruited her last for the Amaurex Key mission. Harley was excited and eager to head out then asked if she was in charge. Waller stated she never would. She took the squad into the training yard for something different. Harley asked for a whistle so everyone could respond to her orders. Waller refused and gave them three days to acclimate with each other or heads would be blown off. Harley joked she loved them.

En route to the Recovery, a former naval hospital ship, Harley told the pilot to go back to the beach. Waller went over the mission one more time and stressed they rescue Scandal Savage, Knockout, and any medical crew or staff. She took a swing with her baseball bat and told Ms. Clay it was all about the follow through. Ms. Clay pretended to be captured by two assassins then stabbed them through. Harley was amused. As Bane broke another assassin, Harley wondered why he hated backs so much then one grabbed her from behind. Coyote killed him. Giganta was sent after the Squad. She pounded Bane then threw Coyote into the ocean. Harley tried swatting her tendon. Ms. Clay ordered Harley to draw Giganta to her but got stepped on instead. Harley hailed Waller and asked for more help. She was ignored. Harley asked again as she ran for it. She watched as Giganta kicked Bane into the ocean then saw Clay being stretched out, Coyote fighting off a shark, and Boomerang running from gunfire. Harley, Boomerang and Clay were pinned down on the starboard.

Waller hailed them on comms for their location. She ordered Clay to assume the form of Scandal Savage and run to draw the zealots away while Boomerang and Harley slipped to the grapple lines over the side of Recovery. Harley assumed they could escape in the zealot's boat. Waller told them to look for guns and ammo under the dead bodies left by Chimera. They complied. Harley gave Bane a million style points for riding a shark back to them. Bane requested the .50 caliber. After a giant squid grabbed Giganta, Harley remarked she ordered a DVD just like it from Japan. Bane, Harley, and Boomerang got into a shoot out with more zealots. On Waller's call, Chimera had the squid release the unconscious Giganta. She fell on all but one of the zealots. Harley whacked the last one with her bat and declared herself the winner. Back in New Orleans, Harley was eager to see Madame Xanadu's parlor but it was cleared out. Waller, Harley, and Boomerang entered the building and saw a message.

Harley wanted to light the candle nearby but Boomerang thought it was a bomb. Waller lit the candle and a message left by Blood manifested. Harley was stoked. Several Rougarou appeared outside in search of Blood. Harley cracked one with her bat after it tore out Bane's Venom tube. It cornered her but Chimera impaled his head through its chest. Harley went back inside to tell Waller Chimera was eating the bodies but found her curled up on the floor. The next day, their jet transport landed outside of Boston. Harley Quinn asked if they were going to get to watch the Red Sox. Waller emphasized they would keep a low profile. In a park, Harley wanted to ride the swan boat then spotted a duck statue. She recalled they were from her favorite book, "Outta The Way Fools, Ducklings Up in this, Yo!" She sat on the mother duck statue and asked Waller to take a picture. Waller reminded her not to say her name in public and they continued on. Following Jason Blood's instructions, they went to the Granary Burial Grounds at twilight.

Blood found them and they preceded to find the ghost of a blacksmith with Spectral Lens. Harley spotted a blacksmith and ran after him. She decided to try and jump over a ghost in her path but he struck her down. He was none other than Gentleman Ghost, who proceeded to kill them. The squad was powerless against them. Harley invoked Waller for help. She fired her Nth Metal Jacket Bullets and took out several but Gentleman Ghost possessed Bane and attacked. Harley ignored Blood's warning and charged, demanding Bane's release. She was knocked off her feet. After Deadman dealt with Gentleman Ghost, Harley put on a Spectral Lens and found the blacksmith again but he he was already descending into his grave. Deadman plucked him up through the surface and he told his story about the Amaurex Key. Harley thought it was a good ghost story. On the flight to Paris, Harley proposed sending a card to Boomerang at the Belle Reve hospital. Waller turned her down.

In Paris, they met with Scandal Savage then headed down into her late father's catacombs. Harley recalled going to a rave in the catacombs when she was in college except she went down a manhole. Waller gave her a head-cam to wear so she could observe them while she guarded the entrance on the surface. They stopped briefly at a statue to which Harley mocked. Once in the temple room, Waller told Harley to move her hair so it wouldn't block the camera. In front of a magic mirror, Harley saw herself before when she was just Harleen Quinzel. The catacombs' security system was triggered and they were forced to fight a legion of undead warriors. During the battle, the head-cam fell off. Harley implored Savage to help them fight off the zombies but she remembered a secret passage. Bane found their retreat cowardly. Harley insisted they weren't and it was just the zombies weren't worthy of Bane's dope fight moves. They came to a fork. Harley chose right and it was naturally the wrong way.

A mass of zombies arose from the pool at the end of the aqueduct system and attacked. Harley declared she had enough of Vandal Savage's "sex dungeon." She was relieved to see Chimera emerge from the mass, but it turned out to be an arm of a giant and ancient aquatic creature who Vandal Savage was feeding human sacrifices to. The creature ate Chimera with ease. Harley yelled out for someone to save him but no one stepped forward. Polaris invited her to go first. She didn't. Deadshot arrived and took out the last of the zombies. They took the jet to the Maurepas Swamp in Louisiana to find the key's host.

Harley pointed out Vandal Savage sure liked to use dead people and asked what was so special about the host. Scandal Savage found him, Solomon Grundy. Gentleman Ghost warned Grundy of their intent and he declared he would kill them all. Harley sensed they were in deep trouble. Ms. Clay exclaimed nobody said anything about fighting Grundy. Harley insisted they had moxie. She admitted Grundy was a pretty good hiding place for the key. As the battle began, she was amused Deadman knocked off Gentleman Ghost's monocle again. As they tried to avoid Grundy's attacks, Deadshot asked Harley to repeat what the ghost said. Harley recalled he promised Vandal Savage to guard the key. Harley was impressed with Dr. Polaris crashing Waller's jet into Grundy and asked anybody to give him more drugs. Grundy emerged from the wreck unharmed. Waller asked if everyone was still alive. Harley pointed out they ran out of jets. Luckily, Deadshot came up with a plan. Harley got Grundy's attention then Deadshot shot at him.

Ms. Clay, Scandal Savage, and Dr. Polaris did their parts and the key was removed. The action, however, created a tear between the physical world and the afterlife but it was temporary. Harley noticed she could see Deadman but got bummed when the tear fixed itself and things returned to normal. Blood got what he thought was the key and admitted to manipulating Waller all along. Harley was impressed. Blood realized he got a fake from Ms. Clay. Etrigan was amused, told Clay he was indebted to her, and teleported away. Harley felt Blood's rhymes were fresher than Etrigan's. Savage decided to hold onto the key until Knockout was healed and able to join her. Harley looked on the bright side and pointed out to Waller that she'd still get what she wanted, granted she lived long enough and Knockout pulled through.