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Real Identity: Jed Coombs
Affiliations: Triton and Task Force X
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, and Chapter Ten)
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Survival Underwater, Marine Telepathy, and Shape Shifting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jed Coombs was a diver who worked on the United States undersea base Triton. After he suffered a critical injury, Coombs was experimented on by a deranged scientist named Dr. Orson and turned into a monstrosity with shape shifting powers and the many abilities of sea life and upper-level meta-strength that Aquaman possesses. He was also known as the Creature King. Aquaman and Chimera fought at least once, in Boston, at the waterfront and tore it up. Eventually, he was housed in Belle Reve Penitentiary. The crew assigned to Chimera claimed he made progress at interacting with the staff. Amanda Waller speculated it was ploy to eat them. Though unsure of Chimera, she recruited him for the Amaurex Key mission. Bane was surprised of the existence of the room Chimera was kept in. Ms. Clay was at a loss at the sight of Chimera. Rather than the usual offer to remove 10 years off his sentence, Waller only stipulated it would be time out of his tank. He accepted and told her to put her bomb safeguard in his brain.

Captain Boomerang pointed out he only accepted for the chance to run away. Waller reiterated she believed that was the case for anyone she recruited. Waller implanted many microbombs all over Chimera's body instead of just one in the brain. She anticipated he would try to run away and let his regenerative cells restore his head to normal. As the squad neared the Recovery, Waller ordered Chimera to take out as many of the assassins' boats as he could before the rest landed. As she predicted, Chimera proclaimed "Death to mammals!" and tried to swim away. Waller hailed him on comms and revealed the presence of the microbombs. She implored him to feel out the small dispersion field put out by each one to get an idea of how many she implanted then ordered him to get back to the surface then fulfill his orders. Chimera complied and broke up the boats then summoned sharks. He picked off the reinforcements, even forming giant pinchers.

Waller hailed him on comms and directed him to help bring Bane back to the boat and deal with Giganta. Chimera took one look at Giganta and stated he needed to go deep. A shark swam to Bane's side and took him back to Recovery. Coyote climbed back aboard in an agitated state. He saw Chimera and complained about the sharks. Chimera keyed on the fact he ate some to survive. Coyote threatened to eat him, too. Chimera turned to him and ate him. He successfully summoned a giant squid to the surface and wrapped its tentacles around Giganta's arms and throat. Waller ordered him to only put her to sleep and not to kill her. She then gave him the signal. He ordered the squid to release. It let the unconscious Giganta go and she fell on top of several zealots. At the end of the mission, Waller noticed Coyote was missing and checked his tracker. She realized it was inside Chimera. He burped. Waller concluded the team was too big anyway. Back in New Orleans, Chimera came to Harley's rescue and impaled a Rougarou through the chest with his head. He began consuming the corpses.

The next day, Waller stressed the squad keep a low profile as they made their way through Boston. Despite his reservations, Chimera shapeshifted his appearance to resemble Coombs, who he perceived as weak. During the meeting at Granary Burial Grounds, Chimera revealed he could hear the ghosts but could not see them with Jason Blood's Spectral Lens. The ghosts reached into Chimera and kept him neutralized. Gentleman Ghost took possession of Dr. Polaris then launched Captain Boomerang's arsenal into Chimera's back. One went right through his chest. In Paris, the squad explored Vandal Savage's catacombs but the path to the 36th chamber was blocked. While they tried to figure out the counter-spell, Chimera changed back to his true form then entered the aqueducts and raised the wall from the other side by pushing down a lever. While in the temple room, Chimera began to sense something. A horde of undead warriors attacked them. Chimera dove into the aqueduct and fought the undead coming out from the water.

Chimera discovered he was not attacking zombies but only slicing off parts of the same arm all the way to the end of the aqueduct system. He emerged from the arm and tried to warn the rest of the squad but it was too late. The arm belonged to a giant, ancient aquatic creature that Vandal Savage was feeding human sacrifices to. Chimera mistakenly believed he could control it with his marine telepathy and commanded it to obey. Savage tried to warn him it maybe an older form of creature than he was used to commanding but he kept trying. The creature shot out its tongue, grabbed Chimera, and ate him. It was appeased and returned to sleep in its pool. Harley yelled out for somebody to go after Chimera. Dr. Polaris invited her to go first. She did not.