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The New 52 Animated Movies Timeline

The Past - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017

New 52 Animated Movies Timeline

Listed in order of earliest to future dates:

The Past

16th Century

  • 500 Years Ago: Ra's Al Ghul achieves immortality.
  • Source: In Son of Batman, Deathstroke declares 500 years is enough for Ra's Al Ghul.

  • A man of science goes insane. He forges the Dreamstone with his soul and dark magic then renames himself Destiny. He starts feeding off the torment of his victims with the Dreamstone.

  • For 500 Years: Merlin and seven Knights of the Round Table take on Destiny. Jason Blood is fatally wounded. Merlin summons Etrigan to defeat Destiny. Etrigan chips the Dreamstone. Merlin finishes off Destiny with white magic. Jason Blood and Etrigan are bounded into one being by Merlin.
  • Source: In Justice League Dark, after the card game, Jason Blood tells Constantine he was bound to Etrigan for 500 years.

    17th Century

  • 1635: Gotham City is founded.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, during the News 52 clip of Commissioner Gordon's comments on Batman's disappearance, the seal of Gotham City has the date 1635 on it.

    19th Century

  • 1800s: A section of sewers in Gotham City is closed down.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, Batman tells Alfred Pennyworth over the radio that the section he was in was closed in the 1800s.

    Middle 20th Century

  • Alfred Pennyworth is born.
  • Source: James Tucker approximates Alfred Pennyworth as being in his early 60s so he would have been born in the 1950s.

    Late 20th Century

  • At age 23, Mr. Draco kills Big Frankie and takes control of all crime families in the East End of Gotham City.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, Draco tells his crew he was 23 when the event occurs.

  • At age 30, Mr. Draco takes control of half of Gotham City's organized crime.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, Draco tells his crew he was 30 when the event occurs.

  • Thomas Wayne recites the Court of Owls nursery rhyme to Bruce Wayne before tucking him in with Martha Wayne. He promises to always protect Bruce.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, the flashback occurs.

  • A 10 year old Bruce Wayne watches helplessly as his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered.
  • Source: In Justice League: War, Batman reveals this event to Green Lantern - stating he was 10 at the time.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, the flashback occurs.

  • Bruce Wayne investigates the Court of Owls and attempts to link them to his parents' murder. He searches the Harbor House and finds nothing. He breaks down while reporting his failure to Alfred Pennyworth. Pennyworth comforts Wayne.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, the flashback occurs.

  • Princess Koriand'r is born.
  • Source: James Tucker approximates Starfire as being 18 to 19 years old in Justice League vs. Teen Titans. Based on this, she was born in 1997 or 1998. Placement in timeline is conjecture.

  • Bruce Wayne stays at a school located in Nanda Parbat, a monastery in the Himalayas.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, Batman tells Robin he stayed there years ago when he was a boy.

  • All these Years: Dr. Stephen Shin starts his search for proof on the existence of Atlantis.
  • Source: Stephen Shin

  • Atlanna meets and falls in love with Thomas Curry. Their union results in the birth of Arthur Curry, half human and half Atlantean. Atlanna is forced to leave them and return to Atlantis to rule alongside her king to whom she is promised to.

    The Present


  • Note: In Batman: Bad Blood, The Heretic remarks to Lucius Fox it is the 21st century. Years listed from here and on are unofficial and are conjecture.

  • Young Arthur Curry encounters Atlanna underwater near the Curry Lighthouse. Thomas Curry pulls him above water and doesn't believe his story.

  • Jaime Reyes is born.
  • Source: James Tucker approximates Blue Beetle as being 15 to 16 years old in Justice League vs. Teen Titans.


  • Ra's Al Ghul chooses Deathstroke to be his successor.
  • Source: In Son of Batman, Deathstroke and Talia refer to the event. Placement in timeline is conjecture.

  • Garfield Logan is born.
  • Source: In Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Starfire states Beast Boy was 11 years old when his powers activated.
  • Note: James Tucker approximates Beast Boy as being 12 to 13 years old in Justice League vs. Teen Titans. This has been disproved in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. The cold open flashback is "Five Years Ago" which is about 2012.


  • A young woman joins a Satanic cult and takes part in an ancient ceremony. Trigon appears. She is impregnated. The woman is saved by people from Azarath.

  • 14 Years Ago: Raven is born.
  • Source: In Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Starfire states to Robin that Raven is 14 years old.


  • 12 Years Ago: Winslow Schott is sentenced to 12 years in prison by the testimony of his son and primary victim, Anton Schott.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, Batman tells Robin Winslow Schott was sent to prison 12 years ago.

  • 12th Birthday: Katherine and her twin sister Elizabeth Kane are kidnapped and held for ransom on their 12th birthday along with their mother Gabrielle. Colonel Kane leads the rescue mission. Elizabeth and Gabrielle are killed during the rescue.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, in the file on Batwoman, Batman states they were kidnapped on Kate's 12th birthday. Placement in timeline is conjecture.


  • Deathstroke is driven out of the League of Assassins after Ra's Al Ghul becomes aware of Batman.
  • Source: In Son of Batman, Deathstroke and Talia refer to the event. Placement in timeline is conjecture.

  • 12 Years Ago: Talia Al Ghul meets Batman.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, Talia states she Batman was in her thoughts for the last 12 years.

  • Talia Al Ghul drugs Batman and is impregnated.
  • Source: In Son of Batman, Talia and Batman refer to the event.


  • 10 Years Ago: Damian Wayne is born.
  • Source: James Tucker posits Damian Wayne was 10 years old when he started as Robin like Dick Grayson.

  • 10:15 PM: A father and son duo of thieves breaks into a residence. The robbery is botched and the son drops the stolen items.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, the father's pocket watch is at 10:15. Placement in timeline is conjecture.

  • 12:20 AM: The father beats his son in their apartment.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, the father's pocket watch is at 12:20. Placement in timeline is conjecture.

  • 12:45 PM: The son calls the police from a telephone booth. A SWAT team confronts the father and shoots him after he pulls a gun.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, the father's pocket watch is at 12:45. Placement in timeline is conjecture.

  • The son is recruited by Mr. Vanaver of the Court of Owls.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, Talon tells Robin it was "not long after that" and Samantha Vanaver later reminds Talon her father recruited him. Placement in timeline is conjecture.


  • At age four, Damian Wayne climbs the mountains of Interlaken. He broke a wrist but makes it to the top anyway.
  • Source: In Son of Batman, Damian tells Batman on the Batplane.

  • Katherine Kane follows in her father's footsteps and is enrolled at West Point.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, in the file on Batwoman, Batman states the event. Assumed to be around six years after the kidnapping or the late 2000s.

  • Constantine is involved in a supernatural incident at Newcastle. Constantine's failure costs a soul to be lost.
  • Source: In Justice League Dark, Zatanna brings up Newcastle. Placement in timeline is conjecture.


  • Luke Fox enlists in the U.S. armed forces. He serves in Afghanistan.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, Lucius mentions never thinking Luke would end up in Afghanistan. It is assumed Luke served in the First War in Afghanistan which lasted from 2001 to 2014. In the Sneak Peek found in Justice League: Gods and Monsters' special features, a recording session with Gaius Charles states Luke served three tours of duty.

  • Katherine Kane is expelled from West Point. She binges on drugs, sex and techno music in Gotham City. While trying to fend off four assailants, Kane is saved by Batman. She vows to never need help from anyone ever again.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, in the file on Batwoman, Batman states the event. Batwoman later tells Dick Grayson about meeting Batman for the first time.

  • Zatanna and Constantine get involved in an incident in Sumatra after she takes pity on caged monkeys.
  • Source: In Justice League Dark, Constantine brings up the incident after he reviews the nightmare crisis. Placement in timeline is conjecture.


  • At age six, Damian Wayne hacks NORAD.
  • Source: In Son of Batman, Damian tells Bruce Wayne.


  • Two Years Later: Katherine Kane debuts as Batwoman in Gotham City.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, in the file on Batwoman, Batman states the event was two years later. Assumed to be the early 2010s.

  • Three Years Ago: The town of Ichabod is wiped out by floods.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, Batman tells Robin the flood happened three years ago.

  • At Age Eleven: Garfield Logan's shapeshifting powers and green skin manifest.
  • Source: In Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Starfire states Beast Boy was 11 years old when his powers activated.

  • A coup displaces Starfire from her homeworld.
  • Source: In Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Starfire clarifies a coup took place and she wasn't exiled. Robin remarks she was on Earth long enough. Placement is conjecture.

  • Almost Five Years Ago, Weekend: Boston Brand is assassinated by a gunman with a hook for hand during his trapeze act. The goddess Rama Kusha takes pity on him and gives him the power to possess the living in order to bring his killer and others to justice.
  • Source: In Justice League Dark, Zatanna tells Batman Boston Brand was killed about five years ago during a weekend show. The event either happened in late 2012 or early 2013 if Justice League Dark took place in early 2017.


  • Six Months Ago: Hal Jordan becomes Green Lantern.
  • Source: In Justice League: War's "Deconstructing War" feature, Jay Oliva notes he felt it's been Hal's first 6 months as a Green Lantern.

  • Raven accidentally brings Trigon to Azarath. He quickly destroys it then takes Raven back to his realm. She traps him in a crystal and flees to Earth.
  • Note: Placement in timeline is conjecture. Event should take place after Starfire lived on Earth a few years.

  • Gotham City is plagued with mysterious kidnappings.
  • Source: In Justice League: War - News Report

  • Days Ago: The Flash defeats a Parademon. He gives the corpse and its Mother Box to S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis.
  • Source: In Justice League: War, Silas Stone states Flash gave it to them days ago.

    Justice League: War

  • Note: The difference between Central and Eastern Standard Time is one hour, indicating Daylight Savings Time is ended and the event takes place between early November to middle March. High school football state finals usually take place in late November.

  • Gotham City 5:21 CST: Green Lantern saves a woman kidnapped by a Parademon.
  • Source: Timestamp

  • Green Lantern meets Batman for the first time. They chase the Parademon throughout Gotham City and eventually take its Mother Box.

  • S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis 6:37 EST: Dr. Silas Stone's team continues studying a Mother Box.
  • Source: Timestamp

  • Central City 5:38 PM CST: Barry Allen, as the Flash, calls up Dr. Silas Stone to see what progress he's made.
  • Source: Timestamp

  • Metropolis 6:45 PM EST: Billy Batson sneaks into the high school football state finals and watches Victor Stone make a winning pass.
  • Source: Timestamp

  • Washington D.C. 8:45 PM EST: Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman are taken to the White House to meet the President.
  • Source: Timestamp

  • While avoiding security, Billy Batson meets Victor Stone in a locker room.

  • Metropolis 9:03 PM EST: Green Lantern and Batman land in Metropolis and battle Superman.
  • Source: Timestamp

  • On Apokolips, DeSaad is given permission from Darkseid to move up the timetable for the invasion of Earth.

  • Victor Stone arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis and gets into an argument with his father, Dr. Silas Stone.

  • In Metropolis, Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman trade notes about the kidnappings, Parademons, and Mother Boxes.

  • At S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis, the Mother Box activates but Victor Stone is caught in radiation backwash.

  • In Metropolis, Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman battle waves of Parademons emerging from the Mother Box's Boom Tube.

  • At S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis, Dr. Stone, Dr. Morrow, and Sarah Charles take Victor Stone to the Red Room and try to save his life.

  • In Washington D.C., Wonder Woman grows bored and leaves the White House only to experience ice cream for the first time.

  • In S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis, Victor Stone is still alive but the radiation begins assimilating the iron lung around him.

  • In Washingston D.C., Steve Trevor admonishes Wonder Woman but she leaves to battle Parademons exiting the White House.

  • In S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis, Victor Stone awakens as a cyborg and battles Parademons. The Flash arrives to lend a hand.

  • In Metropolis, Superman hears Air Force One is in trouble and leaves Batman and Green Lantern to fight the Parademons. Billy Batson sneaks home, where his step siblings Freddy Freeman and Darla Dudley are waiting. Batson turns into Shazam to deal with a Parademon.

  • Wonder Woman saves the President and First Lady aboard Air Force One. Superman helps land the plane.

  • In S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis, Victor Stone learns about Darkseid's plans and shuts down the Boom Tube.

  • In Metropolis, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Shazam meet each other in downtown just as Darkseid arrives. Superman is kidnapped. Batman goes after him while Green Lantern tries to rally the others.

  • Batman is taken to Apokolips by a Parademon.

  • Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Shazam elect to blind Darkseid.

  • Batman confronts DeSaad but Superman breaks free in a rage and kills DeSaad. He goes after Batman.

  • Cyborg opens Boom Tubes around the planet and forces Parademons through them. Batman and Superman return to help the others force Darkseid back to Apokolips. Shazam lends his power to Cyborg to close Darkseid's Boom Tube. Cyborg uses his Mother Box one last time to return all the planet's kidnapped humans to Metropolis.

  • Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Shazam are honored in Washington D.C. for their heroics.

  • Orm declares the death of his king an act of war.


    Before Son of Batman

  • A Few Weeks Back Deathstroke activates a dormant oil rig, owned by Ra's Al Ghul through a shell company, 50 miles off the coast of the Outer Hebrides.
  • Source: In Son of Batman, Nightwing reveals it was activated a few weeks back.

  • Killer Croc robs half of the biotech firms in Gotham City.

  • Ra's Al Ghul recruits Kirk Langstrom for Operation Airstrike.

  • Ra's Al Ghul initiates a program that puts Damian Wayne's DNA through a process of accelerated growth. Most of the prototype super soldiers die quickly.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, The Heretic states the event to Robin. Placement in timeline is conjecture.

  • Last Week Jelenic sees Carlin in Metropolis.
  • Source: In Son of Batman, one of the Wayne Enterprises officers states the event.

    Son of Batman

  • Deathstroke stages a coup. Domo and Ra's Al Ghul are killed. Damian Wayne manages to stab Deathstroke's right eye.

  • Batman confronts Killer Croc in a biotech firm in Gotham City. He is saved by Talia.

  • Batman discovers he is a father and meets his son Damian. Talia leaves him in Batman's custody.

  • Deathstroke takes the Langstrom family hostage. Kirk Langstrom is taken to the Gotham Coliseum. Francine and Rebecca Langstrom are taken to Interlaken.

  • Batman returns to the Batcave with Damian.

  • The Next Morning, 5:00 AM: Damian trains outside Wayne Manor.
  • Source: Alfred Pennyworth mentions Damian started training since 5 AM.

  • Bruce Wayne goes to Wayne Enterprises. He finds Damian in his office. He sends Damian home with Alfred Pennyworth.

  • Talia leads a raid a compound in Interlaken. She is taken prisoner and tortured by Deathstroke.

  • Commissioner Gordon and Batman interrogate Killer Croc at Arkham Asylum for his benefactor's location.

  • Batman searches Kirk Langstrom's warehouse and is attacked by a test subject only to narrowly avoid a drone strike on the building.

  • Damian confronts Ubu alone. Nightwing intervenes and defeats Damian.

  • Back at the Batcave, Alfred Pennyworth tends to Nightwing while Batman puts his foot down. Damian becomes the next Robin.

  • Batman and Robin meet with Commissioner Gordon. Gordon tips them off about the Gotham Coliseum.

  • Batman and Robin infiltrate the Gotham Coliseum and find Kirk Langstrom. Robin creates a ruckus. They flee the Coliseum after Man-Bat Ninjas chase them.

  • Kirk Langstrom is taken to the Batcave. He reveals his connection to Ra's Al Ghul.

  • Deathstroke goes over security footage from the Gotham Coliseum and realizes Damian is Talia and Batman's son.

  • Batman and Robin find Francine and Rebecca Langstrom in the Interlaken compound. Robin is secretly given a recorded ultimatum from Deathstroke.

  • Bruce and Damian Wayne stay at the Wayne Tower in London. Kirk Langstrom and Nightwing work on Man-Bat antidotes in the Batcave.

  • The Next Morning: Damian goes on his own to an oil rig 50 miles off the coast of the Outer Hebrides. The Batplane drops Batman off at the rig. Robin finds Deathstroke. Talia takes a bullet for Robin. Batman arrives and dispatches the Man-Bat Ninjas with a sonar frequency. The complex begins to collapse.

  • Nightwing and Kirk Langstrom inoculates the Man-Bat Ninjas and returns them to normal. Robin defeats Deathstroke in one on one combat. Batman revives Talia with a Lazarus Pit. Batman, Robin, and Talia escape to the surface and are saved by Nightwing.

  • Damian stays with Batman while Talia sets off to rebuild the League of Assassins.

    Before Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

  • Last Week: The Super Seven is renamed the Justice League after testing is conducted.
  • Source: In Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Steve Trevor states it happened last week.

  • This Week: Thomas Curry's funeral and burial is held.
  • Source: In Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Arthur Curry tells a lobster his father's funeral was this week.

    Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

    Nightwing and Robin

  • Note: In Out of the Blue Ep. 52, 36:27 mark, writer Heath Corson states Justice League: Throne of Atlantis takes place a couple weeks after Justice League: War.

  • Night 1: The S.S. California investigates an SOS beacon in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. They are attacked by four squadrons of Atlantean soldiers. The submarine's crew is murdered and its missiles are stolen.

  • Colonel Steve Trevor goes to Justice League headquarters at S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis to assign missile salvage of the S.S. California. Cyborg awakens after an operation giving him environmental upgrades in place of his last working lung.

  • In Athens, Wonder Woman and Superman reflect on their loneliness among humans. Superman offers a way to deal with it.

  • Arthur Curry drowns his sorrows at a bar in Mercy Reef. He drunkenly picks a fight over a lobster. Mera secretly watches Arthur. Dr. Stephen Shin and David watch the bar fight from their car outside. Arthur releases the lobster into the ocean.

  • Cyborg investigates the scuttled S.S. California and is attacked by three Atlantean soldiers.

  • Arthur Curry returns home to Curry Lighthouse and stares at a frame of his parents.

  • Cyborg calls for a meeting but only Shazam and Flash appear. Flash gets Green Lantern in person at the Ferris Air Base. Cyborg and Shazam look for Superman and Wonder Woman.

  • Clark Kent and Diana Prince go out on a date at a Greek cafe in Metropolis but Lois Lane intrudes. Cyborg and Shazam boom outside the cafe.

  • Green Lantern flies from Metropolis to Gotham City in search of Batman and ends up ruining a case involving Scarecrow and a threat against city hall.

  • Batman assigns Nightwing and Robin to complete his case. They track down the Scarecrow in a warehouse and defeat him. Talon observes the fight from the rooftop skylight.

  • The Justice League goes over the S.S. California and begin to suspect the involvement of Atlantis.

  • Queen Atlanna holds an audience with Prince Orm and his advisor Black Manta. She refuses to declare war and orders Mera to bring Arthur Curry to rule by her side.

  • Day 2: Dr. Stephen Shin speaks to David on the phone and leaves his office to meet with Arthur Curry.

  • Black Manta, who is David, disguises his submarine as the S.S. California and strikes the outskirts of Atlantis with the stolen missiles.

  • Dr. Stephen Shin is murdered by the team of Atlantean soldiers codenamed Drift One. The Curry Lighthouse is destroyed in the process but Mera rescues Arthur Curry.

  • Night 2: Batman and Superman investigate Dr. Stephen Shin's office. They discover the existence of Arthur Curry.

  • Queen Atlanna invokes emergency protocols, orders Black Manta to arrange a meeting with the Justice League to broker a peace, and sends a message across Atlantis reassuring them they are still safe.

  • Mera shows Arthur Curry around ancient Atlantean ruins, dresses him in the king's royal garbs and reveals the truth behind his origins.

  • Cyborg digitally cross references every known mention of Atlantis while Flash and Green Lantern consult a globe of Earth to determine Atlantis' location. Batman and Superman sends them coordinates to Mercy Reef to find Arthur Curry.

  • Day 3: Arthur Curry and Mera are attacked by Trenchers. The Justice League comes to their aid. They set off for Atlantis.

  • Prince Orm murders Queen Atlanna and takes the throne.

  • Cyborg, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, Arthur Curry, and Mera arrive at Atlantis. They are attacked by King Orm and left to die in the dark trench.

  • King Orm leads the Atlantean army to Metropolis.

  • Flash, Shazam, and Batman observe a tidal wave warning for the eastern seaboard of the United States of America.

  • Arthur Curry frees himself and Superman. Superman battles a trench monster while Arthur gets the others to safety.

  • Night 3: The U.S. Army, led by General Sam Lane, greets the Atlantean army and exchanges fire. The Justice League arrives soon after. During the invasion, Superman rescues a construction worker named John Henry Irons. Wonder Woman saves Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Arthur Curry summons a Great White Shark to eat Black Manta. Arthur challenges King Orm. Batman revives Cyborg and as him playback Orm's admission to murdering Atlanna. Arthur defeats Orm and convinces the army to stand down.

  • Day 4: Cyborg is patched up at S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis. He sets a date with Dr. Sarah Charles for that night.

  • Night 4: Arthur Curry is formally crowned the king of Atlantis. The Justice League agrees to solidify their team. Arthur accepts membership and is given the codename Aquaman.

  • King Arthur and Mera battle a contingent of Trenchers at the edge of Atlantis' royal city.

  • Lex Luthor visits Orm at his cell in Belle Reve Prison and offers him a proposition.

    Between Son of Batman and Batman vs. Robin

  • The Mad Hatter brings The Heretic to full consciousness.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, The Heretic states the event to Robin. Placement in timeline is conjecture.

  • Ten Months Ago: The Heretic begins to quietly forge dangerous alliances.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, Colonel Kane tells Batwoman this event happened in the last 10 months.

  • Last Year: Superman defeats Atomic Skull.
  • Source: In Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Atomic Skull mentions he and Superman had quite a tumble last year.

  • Three Months Ago: Bruce Wayne and Samantha Vanaver begin dating.
  • Source: In Batman vs Robin, Samantha Vanaver recalls she and Bruce were dating for three months.

    Batman vs. Robin

  • Note: After Batman finds Dollmaker's body, he tells Robin he's been training him "after all these months". The passage of time is also implied by snow falling in Ichabod.

  • Night 1: Robin investigates Schott Toys in Ichabod. He encounters the Dollmaker. Robin spares Dollmaker's life after pursuing him outside. Talon rips Dollmaker's heart out and advises Robin to trust his instincts. Batman assumes Robin killed Dollmaker and finds a feather under the body.

  • 7:36 PM: Bruce Wayne and Samantha Vanaver finish dinner at Wayne Manor. Wayne shows Vanaver a model of his revitalization project. Damian Wayne wakes up and meets Vanaver. Wayne casts him as his ward. Vanaver is called away on a board meeting. Bruce and Damian Wayne watch the 1948 "Oliver Twist" movie.
  • Source: It is 7:36 on the grandfather clock.

  • Robin attempts and fails to sneak out of Wayne Manor. Bruce Wayne and Robin have words.

  • Night 2: Bruce Wayne welds an arm piece for the Bat Armor in the Batcave. Damian Wayne enters the cave and closes the Dollmaker case. He apologizes to Bruce.

  • While Nightwing and Robin spar in the Batcave, Batman investigates the feather from Ichabod and links it to the Hall of Owls in the Gotham Museum of Natural History. He is attacked by three Talons and barely survives.

  • Batman activates the distress beacon on his utility belt and passes out. Alfred Pennyworth contacts Dick Grayson, who was talking to Koriand'r on the phone, for help. Robin saves a couple from two criminals. Talon makes Robin an offer to join his cause.

  • Robin is caught trying to sneak back into his bedroom. Bruce Wayne threatens to send him to a boarding school in Switzerland. Hearing his venting outside, Robin runs away again.

  • Night 3: Bruce Wayne is kidnapped by Owls while on his way to a dinner date with Samantha Vanaver. Wayne is offered membership to the Court of Owls.
  • Source: Talon tells Robin Batman came between them three nights in a row. First night assumed to be Dollmaker case. Second night assumed to be when Robin stops two thugs.

  • The Grandmaster, Lieutenants, and Talon observe the progress scientists make on resurrecting dead Talons.

  • Talon and Robin attack mob boss Mr. Draco at The Garden. Robin does not kill him. Batman finds them. Robin blocks Batman from chasing Talon and fights him. Robin does not kill Batman but refuses to return home with him.

  • 12:45 AM: Talon and Samantha Vanaver have sex at her penthouse.
  • Source: It is 12:45 on Talon's pocket watch.

  • Batman investigates a section of sewers closed down since the 1800s. He discovers the Court of Owls' headquarters but succumbs to exposure to psychotropic gas. He is dropped into the Labyrinth where he hallucinates a nightmarish future about Damian Wayne, now Batman, consumed with rage. Nightwing traces Batman's location through his last transmission.

  • Seven Hours Later: Batman regains consciousness. Nightwing and Alfred Pennyworth keep him restrained in a strait jacket.
  • Source: Nightwing tells Batman it's been seven hours since he was out.

  • Talon presents Robin to the Court of Owls. As a show of loyalty, Robin reveals his identity. The Grandmaster, Samantha Vanaver, recognizes him and realizes Bruce Wayne is Batman. She orders Talon to kill Robin but Talon instead kills every Owl present. Talon knocks Robin out and places him into a chamber to undergo the ritual of resurrection. Talon then resurrects all dead Talons.

  • Night 4: The army of Talons storms Wayne Manor. Alfred Pennyworth reaches the Batcave and activates the Panic Room Protocol. He begins work on finishing the Bat Armor while Batman and Nightwing hold off the Talons.

  • 11:55 PM: Robin radios Alfred Pennyworth and tells him about the Talon's weakness to extreme cold. Batman sends a wounded Nightwing to the Batcave through the passage behind the grandfather clock. Batman and Talon fight. Batman gains the upper hand and enters the tool shed outside, taking an elevator to the Batcave.
  • Source: It is 11:55 on the grandfather clock.

  • The Talons invade the Batcave. Robin enters Wayne Manor and retrieves his sai. Batman activates the Bat Armor and clears the cave. He and Alfred Pennyworth head down to a lower sub-level to the Utility Core. The Talons are frozen. Talon drives the Batmobile, shoots at the Bat Armor, and pins it into the ground.

  • 12:45 AM: Batman and Talon fight again. Talon wins but Robin arrives and defeats him. Talon forces Robin to kill him with the sai. Batman and Robin comes to terms with each other. Damian Wayne leaves Wayne Manor to figure out how to be the son Bruce needs him to be.
  • Source: It is 12:45 on the pocket watch when Talon kills himself.

  • Day 5: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Alfred Pennyworth pack up books. Wayne reports Gotham City Police Department was collecting evidence at the Court of Owls and S.T.A.R. Labs would have the results of an analysis on the Talons' remains within the week. He is confident Damian Wayne will return on his own terms when he wants to.

  • Damian Wayne sees Nanda Parbat and continues hiking.

    After Batman vs. Robin

  • Constantine and Ritchie Simpson investigate a case. Simpson is infected with a supernatural form of cancer. He begins looking all around the world for a cure.
  • Source: In Justice League Dark, Ritchie Simpson reminds Constantine about the event. Placement in timeline is conjecture.


    Before Batman: Bad Blood

  • Weeks Ago: Nightwing visits Starfire.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, Starfire states it's been weeks.

  • Weeks Ago: Kate Kane visits with her father Colonel Kane.
  • Source: In Batman: Bad Blood, Colonel Kane states it's been weeks since he saw her last.

  • The Heretic instigates a turf war with the mob, including Black Mask.
  • Source: At the start of Batman: Bad Blood, the reporter states the event.

    Batman: Bad Blood

  • Note: In interviews, director Jay Oliva has stated the movie takes place a few months to half a year after Batman vs. Robin.

  • Day One, Earlier Today: Chuckie Sol is kidnapped at gunpoint by The Heretic's gang.
  • Source: At the start of the movie, the reporter states Sol was kidnapped earlier today.

  • Night One: Tusk and Electrocutioner interrogate Chuckie Sol about information regarding one of Black Mask's upcoming weapons shipments. Batwoman intervenes but is saved by Batman. They encounter The Heretic and Onyx. Batman swings Batman to safety into the bay as The Heretic blows up the property.

  • Damian Wayne concludes cleaning duties in the Nanda Parbat temple and retires to his room. He watches a News 52 clip of Commissioner Gordon addressing Batman's prolonged disappearance. Damian packs his things and leaves the monastery.

  • Night Fourteen: The Batsignal is turned off after one hour passes without a response by Batman.
  • Source: Alfred Pennyworth states the Batsignal was on for one hour.

  • Night Fourteen: Nightwing battles Blockbuster in Bludhaven on his way to visit Starfire. He receives a distress alert from Alfred Pennyworth.

  • Day Fifteen, Afternoon: Alfred Pennyworth poses as Bruce Wayne with technology in the Batcave and conducts a video conference with the Board of Trustees at Wayne Enterprises. Luke Fox waits outside the board room.
  • Source: Alfred Pennyworth states it has been 2 weeks, 1 day and 15 hours since Batman's disappearance.

  • Day Fifteen, Afternoon: Nightwing sneaks up on Alfred Pennyworth in the Batcave. Pennyworth briefs him on the current situation.

  • Day Fifteen, Afternoon: Lucius Fox brushes off Ms. Bannister and talks with his son Luke. He cancels lunch.

  • Night Fifteen: Kate Kane meets with her father Colonel Kane for dinner at a cafe. She asks to help finding information about the villain she fought with Batman. She sees the Batmobile.

  • Night Fifteen: Batman confronts Black Mask and his gang during their unloading of a weapons shipment. Robin interferes. He deduces Dick Grayson is posing as Batman. They later confront Batwoman. She goes over the battle with The Heretic's gang with them and refuses to work with them. Alfred Pennyworth plays Batman's file on Batwoman to them.

  • Night Sixteen: Colonel Kane meets with Batwoman in a park and shares what he could find on The Heretic.

  • Night Sixteen: Luke Fox goes to Wayne Enterprises and confronts Lucius Fox on his connection to Batman. The Heretic's gang breaks in and forces Fox to give them access to "The Vault." They take a single case. Batman and Robin intervene. In the skirmish, Electrocutioner is killed by The Heretic after ignoring orders to spare Robin.

  • Night Sixteen: At Talia al Ghul's base in the Sisters of Perpetual Grace convent, Mad Hunter continues with breaking down Bruce Wayne's mind and brainwashing him. Talia orders him to dig deeper past his trauma.

  • Day Seventeen: Dick Grayson visits Lucius Fox in the hospital. Grayson turns down Luke Fox's demand to join in the fight against The Heretic.
  • Source: Luke Fox states he saw the weapons he could use last night.

  • Night Seventeen: Kate Kane has laugh with Detective Renee Montoya but is summoned by Batman. Dick Grayson reveals his secret identity to Batwoman.

  • Night Seventeen: Alfred Pennyworth tends to Damian Wayne in his bedroom at Wayne Manor despite his objections.

  • Night Seventeen: Batman, Dick Grayson, and Batwoman share pieces of their past with each other atop Wayne Enterprises.

  • Night Seventeen: Robin is ambushed by The Heretic in the Batcave and kidnapped.

  • Night Seventeen: Luke Fox returns to "The Vault" at Wayne Enterprises and puts on the Batwing armor. Alfred Pennyworth alerts Dick Grayson about Damian's disappearance.

  • Night Seventeen: Robin regains consciousness at the Sisters of Perpetual Grace convent. The Heretic reveals he is an adult force grown clone of Damian and wants to steal his mind. Talia al Ghul is infuriated and kills The Heretic. Batman and Batwoman storm the convent. Batwing comes to their aid. Talia decides to abandon the base and leaves with Mad Hatter, Calculator, and Tusk. Robin frees Bruce Wayne. Batwing saves Robin, Batman, and Wayne as the convent collapses.

  • Night Twenty Four: Bruce Wayne reasserts his role as the leader to Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, and Alfred Pennyworth.
  • Source: Bruce Wayne states it's been a week.

  • Day Twenty Five, Minutes Ago: Bruce Wayne arrives at the World Tech Summit.
  • Source: The News 52 reporter states Bruce Wayne arrived minutes ago.
  • Source: Dick Grayson states the summit is tomorrow.
  • Source: During the board meeting, Alfred Pennyworth states the summit isn't for another week.

  • Day Twenty Five: Dick Grayson tells Kate Kane about Bruce Wayne not accepting her into the Bat-Family. Colonel Kane's brainwashing is triggered and he tries to kill her. She manages to knock him out with a frying pan.
  • Source: Luke Fox states he saw the weapons he could use last night.

  • Day Twenty Five: Bruce Wayne delivers his keynote speech at the World Tech Summit. He introduces prototype translators and the Watchtower Initiative. Mad Hatter, Calculator, and Tusk take the control room.

  • Day Twenty Five: Batwoman meets with Nightwing and Robin. Batwing arrives with findings from a drive recovered from the convent. They realize Talia al Ghul is targeting the World Tech Summit.

  • Day Twenty Five: Mad Hatter begins brainwashing heads of state attending the World Tech Summit. Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman, and Batwing infiltrate the summit but are detected by Firefly. In the battle, Firefly accidentally destroys a thruster. Batwing requests Robin to transfer power to the remaining two thrusters as the Watchtower Initiative flies over Gotham City. Batman breaks free of his brainwashing. Talia al Ghul escapes aboard her transport but is attacked by Onyx to avenge The Heretic.

  • Day Twenty Six: Kate Kane tells Colonel Kane the brainwashing is broken up. Detective Renee Montoya arrives.

  • Day Twenty Six: Batwing checks in on Lucius Fox at the hospital.

  • Day Twenty Six: Dick Grayson leaves Wayne Manor for the Titans Tower. Bruce Wayne has a heart-to-heart with Damian Wayne.

  • About 4-8 Weeks Later: Nightwing, Batwoman, and Batwing meet up with Batman and Robin at the Batsignal atop Gotham City Police Department Headquarters. They join in a police pursuit of the Penguin. Elsewhere, Batgirl starts her first night.
  • Source: It is assumed Nightwing's shoulder is healed and typically takes between four to eight weeks depending on extent of injury.

    Before Justice League vs. Teen Titans

  • The Justice League encounters Circes.
  • Source: During the Justice League meeting, Wonder Woman states they faced Circes, Trigon, and Felix Faust. It is conjecture she listed encounter by chronology.

    Justice League vs. Teen Titans

  • Last Night: Raven has a vision of Trigon.
  • Source: Beast Boy tells Raven he heard her having a nightmare last night.

  • Night One: The unveiling of the Justice League's new headquarters, dubbed the Hall of Justice on social media, in Metropolis is disrupted by the Legion of Doom.

  • Night One, 6:32 P.M.: Weather Wizard attempts to run away. He comes across one of Trigon's Corruptors and is possessed. Robin abandons his post and flies the Batplane into Weather Wizard. Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth expels the Corruptor.
  • Source: On the lower right corner of the footage Batman watches is the timestamp that starts at 06:32:01:12.

  • Day Two: Nightwing drives Robin to the Titans Tower while the Teen Titans complete their daily training.

  • Night Two: Clark Kent and Diana Prince talk over the phone. They agree on going out to see a movie. Kent is ambushed in his apartment's laundry room by a Corruptor.

  • Day Three, Morning: Robin trains for an hour and half straight alone. Blue Beetle has enough of his disrespect and they fight. The Scarab nearly kills Robin. Raven heals him.
  • Source: Blue Beetle states Robin had been at it for an hour and a half. Damian Wayne later acknowledges it was a mistake to challenge Blue Beetle that morning.

  • Night Three: Cyborg finds Batman in the Hall of Justice. They find footage of a Corruptor mimicking a shadow.

  • Night Three: Diana Prince and Clark Kent exit a theater taking part in the Metropolis Film Festival. Kent starts to lose control to the Corruptor and runs into an alley.

  • Night Three: Damian Wayne practices swordsmanship in his room at the Titans Tower. He sees Raven outside and goes out to thank her for healing him. They converse about seeing into each other's minds but Raven becomes defensive and leaves through a portal. Wayne returns inside and "apologizes" to Jaime Reyes.

  • Night Three: The Corruptor-possessed Superman nearly kills Atomic Skull. Batman and Wonder Woman intervene. Batman attempts to poison him with Kryptonite but fails. He issues a cryptic statement and flies away.

  • Night Three: Starfire catches Damian Wayne searching her laptop for information on Raven. She airs her frustrations during a video chat with Dick Grayson. He inadvertently gives her an idea.

  • Night Three: Batman returns to the Hall of Justice. Cyborg searches for sightings of Cyborg and reports of recent supernatural events.

  • Day Four: The Corruptor-possessed Superman arrives in the Middle East, 60 miles north of Kahndaq City, and begins excavating the Infernal Shrine.

  • Night Three: The Teen Titans go to a carnival for a night of mandatory fun. Jaime Reyes loses an dance off game to Garfield Logan. Damian Wayne defeats Logan. Raven is contacted by the Corruptors. She refuses to help Trigon cross over. The battle between Raven and the Corruptors erupts onto the carnival.

  • Night Three: Raven teleports the Teen Titans to Azarath and shares her origins with them.

  • Day Four: The Teen Titans return to the Titans Tower. Robin insists Raven should stay and they fight Trigon together. The Justice League arrives and asks Raven to come with them for questioning. Corruptors possess the League. Batman injects himself with a nerve toxin. The Titans are beaten. Raven agrees to go with the Corruptors to spare the Titans' lives.

  • Night Four: Raven and the Corruptors arrive at the Infernal Shrine. She powers it online.

  • Day Five: Cyborg comes back online. Robin locates Raven in the Middle East. He has a plan to take on Superman.
  • Source: Robin states Cyborg was out for 24 hours.

  • Night Five: A Boom Tube to the Middle East is opened. Cyborg, Starfire, and Blue Beetle draw Superman to them. Robin stabs him with Kryptonite. Superman recovers and exorcises the Flash and Wonder Woman. Trigon arrives and walks toward Kahndaq City. The Titans and Cyborg to Trigon's realm. The Justice League fails to slow Trigon down. The Titans and Cyborg are attacked by demon spawn. Beast Boy takes on a new form from the surroundings. Three Corruptors merge into a monster. A Corruptor poses as Ra's al Ghul and shatters the crystal. Robin refuses to kill Raven for him and they fight.

  • Night Five: Trigon tells Raven he will make her pathetic friends suffer and the souls of Earth will soon be his. Raven casts a spell and uses her soul self to trap Trigon in a shard of the crystal. Robin convinces Raven to come home with them.

  • Day Fifteen: The Justice League notifies the Teen Titans there is no more signs of the Corruptors. They congratulate the Titans. Cyborg booms to the Titans Tower with pizza.
  • Source: Batman states it was 10 days since their encounter with Trigon.

  • Night Fifteen: The Teen Titans and Cyborg continue to party unaware of a girl on a flying rock approaching the Titans Tower.

    Between Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Justice League Dark

  • The Justice League encounters Felix Faust.
  • Source: During the Justice League meeting, Wonder Woman states they faced Circes, Trigon, and Felix Faust. It is conjecture she listed encounter by chronology.

  • Hawkman joins the Justice League.

  • Martian Manhunter joins the Justice League.


    Before Justice League Dark

  • Destiny secetly casts a spell to begin drawing power from the torment of people around the planet.

  • Green Lantern John Stewart fills in for Hal Jordan on Earth.
  • Source: During the Justice League meeting, John Stewart notes it was the one week he filled in for Hal Jordan.

    Justice League Dark

  • Night One: The Demons Three, John Constantine, and Jason Blood play a game of poker at the Lucky Devil Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Constantine raises with the House of Mystery and all its contents. Abnegazar calls with a chipped Dreamstone, a working Soul Catcher, Algid's Ice Spiker, and the Ghaurrazzi. They both cheat and a fight breaks out. Constantine forces Blood to change into Etrigan. He confiscates the Demons' relics.
  • Source: The timestamp is "five days ago" after the opening title sequence.

  • Night Six: A businesswoman in Washington D.C. has a nightmare vision and rams several citizens with her car until Wonder Woman lifts her.

  • Night Six: Superman aids the Metropolis Police Departmeny with a stand-off. A man named Steve holds his family at gunpoint. Superman disarms him but Steve keeps claiming monsters took his wife Gloria, two children, and his neighbors. Steve directs them to a shed. Several wrapped bodies are discovered.

  • Night Six: Batman saves an infant in Gotham City but its mother jumps off a church to her death.

  • Night Six: The Justice League holds a meeting at the Hall of Justice about the spike in homicides attributed to the nightmare visions. Wonder Woman suggests a paranormal element. Batman disagrees.

  • Night Six: Bruce Wayne cuts himself while shaving and discovers the word "Constantine" written all over his bedroom at Wayne Manor.

  • Night Six: Zatanna performs at Gotham Square Garden. Batman asks her about the location of Constantine. Deadman possesses Batman and asks her to help set up a meeting. On the drive, she tells Batman about Deadman's afterlife. Destiny sends a demonic tornado after the Batmobile. They flee into the House of Mystery. Orchid analyzes them. Constantine agrees to look into the nightmare visions. Deadman insists they work together as a team.

  • Night Six: Constantine leads his "team" to Ritchie Simpson's house in Washington D.C. and encounter Shrouds. He realizes Simpson is dying. Simpson becomes upset he didn't come to apologize and slugs him. Batman gets him to reconsider. Simpson lends him the Keshanti Key.

  • Night Six: The "team" goes to the Metropolis Health Center and sees Steve. Constantine uses the Keshanti Key to open a portal into Steve's mind. Destiny conjures a Golem. Constantine finds a memory of man with a ring.

  • Night Six: The "team" returns to Washington D.C. and finds Shrouds and Jason Blood at Ritchie Simpson's house. Batman revives Simpson. Blood admits he was searching for a way into the House of Mystery to steal the Dreamstone then reveals his own origins.

  • Night Six: Ritchie Simpson frams Felix Faust as the owner of the ring. Constantine fails to divine his location. He orders Orchid to help Simpson in any way she can.

  • Night Six: The "team" encounters Swamp Thing. Zatanna convinces him to help locate Felix Faust. He transports them near Faust's warded Observatory of the Cosmos but declines to aid them any further. Etrigan leads the assault on Faust. Zatanna loses control and nearly kills Faust. They realize Faust is innocent of the nightmare visions and Simpson was the real threat all along.

  • Night Six: Ritchie Simpson secures the Dreamstone and takes control of the House of Mystery. He ignores Constantine's pleas. Destiny takes control of Simpson's body and rematerializes. He blows up the House of Mystery.

  • Night Six: Zatanna shields the "team" but uses too much magic and loses consciousness. Destiny draws more power from Washington D.C. citizens. Green Lantern answers Batman's alert first but goes mad. He targets Batman. Deadman then Etrigan take on Destiny. Destiny breaks Merlin's spell and splits Etrigan from Jason Blood. Zatanna immobilizes Wonder Woman and Superman. Constantine tricks Swamp Thing into attacking Destiny. Destiny removes Alec Holland's corpse from Swamp Thing and orders him back to the Green. Constantine uses himself as a Trojan Horse and insults Destiny to get into his force shield. Deadman flies out of Constantine's body and possesses Destiny. With his guard lowered, Destiny is impaled through the chest by Blood. Batman blows up the Dreamstone. Constantine finishes off Destiny with pyromancy. Shrouds drag Ritchie Simpson's soul to Hell. Jason Blood's fatal wound returns and he passes on.

  • Batman invites Zatanna to join the Justice League. She visits the Hall of Justice and starts to consider the offer. Batman extends the invitation to Constantine. Zatanna is skeptical of his reaction.

  • A Few Days Later: Jason Blood is buried near where he was born. Etrigan bids farewell to him. Zatanna and Constantine talk about joining the Justice League over a drink in the House of Mystery. Orchid invites Deadman inside.
  • Source: Zatanna tells Constantine she visited the Hall of Justice a few days ago.