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Real Identity: Floyd Lawton
Affiliations: Task Force X
Appearances (Movies): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Six, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, and Chapter Twelve)
Powers/Skills: Marksmanship
Voiced By: Christian Slater

Deadshot is a top marksman for hire who has carried out numerous assassinations. He became estranged from his daughter Zoe and eventually ended up incarcerated at Belle Reve Penitentiary in Louisiana. Amanda Waller recruited him into Task Force X, a black ops team of criminals who carry out government missions deemed suicidal for time off their sentence. Deadshot double crossed Waller on his last mission for the "Suicide Squad" and let Bronze Tiger hold the coveted Get Out of Hell Free Card upon his death. Tiger supposedly went to Heaven automatically thanks to the card. Deadshot gave the card to Waller and left Belle Reve a free man. Waller went to see Jason Blood to verify the card and learned it was used. She considered sending the squad to kill him. She instead contracted Deadshot for a $9.5 million hit on a national leader but stipulated he do it in three days and do it in a way that would suggest he died by the hands of the Suicide Squad. Deadshot ignored the requirements and took a shot at the target while he was in a parade.

Deadshot perched on a roof five miles away and started making a recording for Zoe in case he died. He admitted he didn't want her to follow in his footsteps but knew it was a possibility. He started by always asking to be paid in advance after getting a good reputation. Then talked about the target. National leaders were always the highest-paying contracts and their secret service and police only locked down a perimeter of three miles. Using a video scope, he fired a very expensive bullet designed for maximum wind resistance, with an extra propulsion burst, and a uranium tip to penetrate shielding. He instructed to track along with your moving target, taken into account the trajectory, the fall of your round over distance and exhale as you fire. Deadshot activated an extra function built into his rifle. It launched to the other side of the city to draw attention away from himself. Deadshot also set it with fake clues designed to implicate a Russian hitman named Killshot, just because the name was too close to his.

Deadshot returned to his sportscycle and hoped Zoe wouldn't choose his life then noted she wouldn't need to work again because he set up a bank account for her. Deadshot suddenly got an alert from the secured account and discovered it was empty. Deadshot called the phone of Waller's driver. He demanded to know where his money went. Waller took the phone and told him he didn't follow her instructions. Deadshot realized she didn't even care about the hit and it was really an alibi designed to look like a squad mission while they did something off-the-books. He asked if she was looking for another card but Waller hung up. Deadshot tracked Waller to Paris and put a gun to her head while she was distracted giving the squad orders as they battled Savage's undead warriors underground in the Catacombs. He proclaimed her days of orders and broken promises were over. Waller insisted it wasn't the time and the Squad was being swarmed. Deadshot pointed out the KGB would be after him for the rest of his life.

Deadshot was possessed by Deadman, who came to the surface to report he was going to lead the Squad to an alternate exit. Waller wired $15 million into Deadshot's account and implored him to check it. He noticed it was more. Waller informed it was for him to go into the Catacombs and extract the Squad alive, especially Scandal Savage. She promised not to take the money away. Deadshot felt he should change his password anyway, just in case. He descended and found them just as he blew off the heads of several zombies with the last of his ammo. He accompanied them to Maurepas Swamp. Upon learning Solomon Grundy was the host of the Amaurex Key, Deadshot wished he had some Nth Metal rounds or anything magic. After Bane was punched, Deadshot cued anyone with a gun to open fire. Grundy was unharmed. As they avoided a tree, Deadshot asked Harley to repeat what Gentleman Ghost said. Harley recalled he said he promised Savage to guard the key because of some ghost rules. He was annoyed Polaris almost killed them all with Waller's jet but he realized they had everyone they needed to take Grundy down and shared his plan.

Waller agreed and gave the greenlight. Deadshot fired at Grundy to get his attention then implored the others to jump in anytime. Ms. Clay decked Grundy then Savage emerged from her and flashed his chest. Polaris pulled the Amaurex Key from Grundy. Jason Blood's deception was revealed. Deadshot took aim but assumed he shouldn't fire when Blood was holding the key. Ms. Clay revealed it was a fake she created. Etrigan was amused and teleported away. Clay deduced just surviving the mission was a win. Deadshot confirmed but felt like they wrapped up one problem but something was still out there waiting. Unbeknowst to everyone, the real Spectre was observing them.