Dr. Polaris

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Task Force X
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, and Chapter Twelve)
Powers/Skills: Magnetism
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Dr. Polaris is not a real doctor but a criminal who is a powerful manipulator of magnetic fields. He is also an enormous drug addict, which prevents him from what he can do. Polaris eventually ended up in Belle Reve Penitentiary. The prison's addiction medical specialist was at the end of his rope trying to figure out how Polaris didn't dry out and competely go through withdrawal. He continued to be strung out and hardly slept if at all. Waller wanted to use him for awhile and decided to recruit him for the Amaurex Key mission. After getting Captain Boomerang, Ms. Clay, and Coyote, Waller went to his cell next. Before she could finish offering him a sentence reduction, Polaris asked for drugs. He bargained for Percodan or Oxycontin to her surprise. Bane, Chimera, and Harley Quinn were recruited after Polaris. Waller left them in a training yard and gave them three days to shape up for the mission or heads would get blown off.

In bound to the Recovery naval hospital ship, Waller reminded the squad to keep Scandal Savage, Knockout, and any medical crew or staff alive. Polaris looked out of the helicopter at the many boats of assassins heading to the Recovery and asked if anyone had some valium. Waller assigned Polaris to keep all enemy fire away from the squad. Polaris was insulted after the assassins shot at him. He used his powers to stop the bullets and fired them back. He declared to Waller she wouldn't stop him. Waller pointed out she used non-ferrous alloy rounds. He laughed. Polaris neared the patient rooms and ripped the door off. He went inside and called for Scandal Savage but found the ship's drug supply. He relapsed. Polaris came outside some time later sick from mixing prescriptions. He asked for somebody to pump his stomach. Back in New Orleans, Polaris abandoned the team in a battle against Rougarou to get drugs off a dealer.

About six hours later, Polaris told Captain Boomerang that it felt like a lifetime in "drug time" since he last doped up. The squad quickly fell to Gentleman Ghost in the Granary Burial Grounds but Ms. Clay came up with a plan and knocked the possessed Bane towards the iron fence at the front of the grounds. Polaris wrapped the iron around Bane but Gentleman Ghost left and possessed him next. He threw Captain Boomerang's weapons into Chimera's back then prepared to shoot Waller's Nth Metal Jacket Bullets into Jason Blood. Deadman, Blood's guide for the meeting, finally arrived and decked Polaris. Gentleman Ghost vacated but was decked and forced to leave the grounds, swearing retribution. During the flight to Paris, Polaris remembered Deadman's murder during his trapeze stunt and asked if he was stuck on Earth because his soul was not at rest. Deadman explained it was because of the intervention of a goddess named Rama Kushna and he was assigned to carry out justice. In Paris, Polaris could sense the Eiffel Tower and all its iron as the squad walked along the Seine.

They explored Vandal Savage's catacombs and searched for the Amaurex Key in his temple room but were beseiged by undead warriors. Waller ordered them to keep Scandal Savage safe. Polaris added himself to the order, citing there wasn't any metal around. To his relief, their swords had metal and used it against them. As they went through a secret passage, Polaris blocked the way with a metal gong. At the end of the aqueducts, he lowered the prison bars to lock the zombies out but Deadman tried to warn they would be stuck in the room with a giant, ancient aquatic creature. It ate Chimera then went back to sleep. Harley yelled out for someone to save Chimera. Polaris invited her to go in first. She did not. They discovered the key's host in Louisiana's Maurepas Swamp, Solomon Grundy. Polaris steeled his nerves with some pills. Polaris knelt to the ground and tried to feel around for metal in vain. Waller didn't understand and told him to get in the game. With no other choice, Polaris lifted up Waller's jet.

Despite straining to control it, Polaris crashed the jet into Grundy. Harley was impressed and invited someone to give him some drugs. Grundy emerged from the wreck stating he was already dead. Deadshot came up with a new plan. Ms. Clay got close and decked Grundy then Savage emerged from her body and slashed his chest. Polaris could then sense the key and drew it out. The act created a tear in the physical world and afterlife - a limbo. To Polaris, it felt like the high he was chasing all along. It was temporary and the tear closed. Jason Blood's machinations were revealed but Ms. Clay tricked him with a fake key made with her clay. Etrigan was amused. Savage decided to keep the key until Knockout was healed. Harley consoled Waller that she and Knockout just had to live and she'd get what she wanted. Polaris offered his extra painkillers.