Ms. Clay

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Affiliations: Task Force X
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, and Chapter Twelve)
Powers/Skills: Shape Shifting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

An offshoot of Clayface gradually developed a distinct personality and gender and took on the name Ms. Clay. Doctors at Arkham Asylum tried to restore her to the original Clayface but their bodies wouldn't meld. Amanda Waller had her transferred to Belle Reve Penitentiary for observation, a common trick she used on the understaffed asylum. Waller believed Clay showed much promise for covert operations with her ability to not only match identities but successfully mimic enough to fool thumb print and retinal scans. Even the Belle Reve staff had a difficult time getting a psych profile as she adapted her persona to fit the situation. Waller noted she would need a specialized implant, as an explosion would likely not kill her. Waller decided to use her for the Amaurex Key mission. After recruiting Captain Boomerang, he, Waller, and a guard walked to the "plexiglass wing" where the guard entered a passcode required for entry. Ms. Clay pretended to be a guard trapped in her cell.

Waller wasn't fooled and punched her after ordering the guard to open the door. Clay accepted an offer, 10 years off her sentence. She reasoned she would be freed since she was only serving a chunk of Clayface's sentence. Waller stated she did plenty on her own. Coyote, Dr. Polaris, Bane, Chimera, and Harley Quinn were recruited after Clay. Waller left them in a training yard and gave them three days to shape up for the mission or heads would get blown off. During the mission on the Recovery naval hospital ship, Harley Quinn took a swing with her bat and told Ms. Clay it was all in the follow through. Clay pretended to be helpless in the hold of two assassins then stabbed them both through. Harley complimented her move. Ms. Clay extended a finger through the ears of an assassin then announced they were making progress towards the patient rooms. To gain the edge, the assassins sent in Giganta. Clay asked Harley to draw Giganta out but she got stepped on. Two assassins grabbed Clay and stretched her out.

Captain Boomerang, Ms. Clay, and Harley were pinned down on the starboard. Waller hailed them on comms. She reminded Clay of the photos of Scandal Savagae she showed her. Clay recalled. Waller told her to become Savage and run out on her order. Clay realized she was being used as a target. Waller then told Boomerang and Harley to slip away to the grapple lines and climb down to the enemy boat below to salvage guns and ammo. Clay complied and ran for it. The zealots fell for it and opened fire on her. They opted to try and decapitate her and followed her to the lower levels. Back in New Orleans, the squad was attacked by Rougarou looking for Jason Blood. Clay called one rude after it ripped off one of her arms. She covered its head to suffocate it then pointed out to Boomerang that Polaris abandoned them yet again for drugs. In Boston, Clay was impressed with Chimera's shapeshifting ability after he took on the guise of his former self, Jed Coombs. Captain Boomerang later noticed Bane's Venom tubes weren't fixed yet. Clay revealed they were just a prop Waller had built to intimidate Savage's zealots.

The Suicide Squad was no match for Gentleman Ghost and quickly fell. Ms. Clay quickly came up with a plan and decked the possessed Bane towards the iron fence in the front of the Granary Burial Grounds. Dr. Polaris used his ability to wrap up Bane but Gentleman Ghost simply left and possessed Polaris. He commanded three ghosts to neutralize Clay. One reached into her head. She felt cold. Jason Blood's guide, Deadman, finally showed up and possessed Clay slyly. He punched out the ghosts then dispatched Gentleman Ghost. On the flight to Paris, Clay clarified Deadman possessed Bane then wondered if all ghosts could possess people or not. She speculated Bane was tired of ghosts taking over his body. The squad and Deadman went into Vandal Savage's catacombs with Scandal Savage but came across a wall blocking their path. Clay suggested "Open sesame" but Chimera raised it from the other side. In the temple room, Clay saw a crystal ball and asked the obvious. Savage confirmed it could answer a question but would then tell something horrible and previously unknown to whoever used it.

The catacombs' security system was tripped and they were swarmed by undead warriors. Two threw their spears into Clay. Deadman left Bane to search for an exit. Clay quickly explained what was going on. Bane declared he hated the mission. As they went through a secret passage, Clay directed Polaris to a big gong. He used his ability to move it and block the path behind them. They reached the end of the aqueducts and Clay saw an exit but an ancient aquatic creature rose up from the pool, to her chagrin. She watched in shock as it ate Chimera then went back to sleep. After heading to the Maurepas Swamp, Clay exclaimed nobody said anything about fighting Solomon Grundy. During the fight, Grundy ripped one of her arms off. Clay found it rude and pummeled him in the chest in vain. After Polaris crashed the jet into Grundy, Deadshot came up with a new plan. As he shot at Grundy, Clay got close and decked him. Grundy played into their hands. He pulled her arms off but Savage emerged from her body and slashed his chest. Polaris pulled the key out.

Clay floated through a tree and asked if they were dead. Pulling out the key created a temporary tear between the physical world and the afterlife. Blood became insistent on finding the key. Savage sighted it but Clay stopped her. She quickly made a duplicate from her body and gave it to Blood. Blood admitted to his machinations and tried to use the key to free himself of Etrigan once and for all. Etrigan was amused and told Clay he was indebted to her then teleported away. Savage decided to keep the key until Knockout was healed under Waller's watch. Harley looked at the bright side and still saw it as a win. Clay felt just surviving was a win. Deadshot confirmed as much.