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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Task Force X
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay (Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, and Chapter Eleven)
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Bane is a known enemy of Batman. Possessed by one of Trigon's Corruptors, Batman pulled out a device and injected himself with a nerve toxin designed to counteract Bane. As Batman succombed to the toxin, the Corruptor left his body. The Teen Titans hooked him up to life support in the Titans Tower. Batman was still unconscious 24 hours later but eventually recovered. Bane ended up in Belle Reve Penitentiary and was recruited by Amanda Waller to her Task Force X program. The staff offered to hook him up to his special venom tubes but he refused. Waller speculated his blood and the steroid were one in the same by then. She valued him as a ringer and a powerhouse nearly undefeatable in combat as well as not duplicitous and fairly simple to bargain with. Waller went to his cell after getting Captain Boomerang, Ms. Clay, Coyote, and Dr. Polaris. Bane already knew what was about to happen and asked Waller if she was offering the same deal. Waller replied he would get to kill people if he took on the mission.

Bane accepted. Chimera, and Harley Quinn were recruited after him. He was surprised of the existence of the room Chimera was kept in. Waller left them in a training yard and gave them three days to shape up for the mission or heads would get blown off. En route to their mission at the Recovery naval hospital ship, Waller went over the parameters again and stressed they keep Scandal Savage, Knockout and any medical crew or staff alive. As soon as they landed, Bane encouraged the assassins to come for him so they could boast in the afterlife they were slain by him. As Dr. Polaris used their bullets against them, the assassins abandoned their guns and relied on their numbers. Bane was only more emboldened by the notion of fighting more people. Bane broke an assassin's back over his knee, prompting Harley to wonder why he hated spines so much. In need of an advantage, the assassins sent Giganta after the Squad. Bane vowed she would learn what a real fight was then he was pounded into the floor. As the battle went on, Bane was kicked into the ocean.

Waller estimated he was out a mile to the west and ordered Chimera to help him get back. Bane informed her he would take 30 minutes to get back. She told him she was knocking it down to a minute. A shark summoned by Chimera arrived at Bane's side. He was naturally startled but rode it back. He met up with Harley and Boomerang looting an enemy vessel of guns and ammo. He requested the .50 caliber. They got into a shoot out with more zealots but Waller had Giganta dropped on them. Back in New Orleans, the squad fought Rougarou in search of Jason Blood. Bane vowed to break them all and punched one with the head of a cow. Another came up behind Bane and tore out his Venom tube. Harley whacked the Rougarou with her bat and joked she didn't want him ruined because he was a convention exclusive. The next day, in Boston, Captain Boomerang noticed Bane's Venom tubes weren't fixed yet. Ms. Clay revealed they were just props Waller had made to intimidate Savage's followers. Bane simply replied he didn't need Venom.

Bane was possessed by Gentleman Ghost during the meeting in Granary Burial Grounds. He disarmed Waller then punched her. "Bane" stomped Captain Boomerang then tossed him before he could grab the gun containing Nth Metal Jacket Bullets, the only thing that could stop the ghosts coming after them. Harley ignored Blood's warning and charged. She was knocked off her feet. Gentleman Ghost admired Bane's strength. Blood tried to fool him with an illusion of Etrigan but failed. Ms. Clay decked Bane towards the iron fence at the front of the grounds. Dr. Polaris wrapped the iron around Bane and immobilized him but Gentleman Ghost left and possessed Polaris next. Deadman took him out then possessed Bane and accompanied the squad to Paris. Once a legion of undead warriors attacked them in Vandal Savage's catacombs, Deadman left Bane's body to search for a viable exit. Clay quickly brought Bane up to speed. He grabbed an axe and declared he hated the mission. The squad followed Savage down a secret passage but Bane found the retreat to be cowardly.

Harley insisted they weren't retreating and stated the zombies just weren't worthy of his dope fight moves. Bane soon realized Deadman possessed him again and protested in vain. Deadman didn't dominate Bane's mind as much so he would be aware of what was going on. Once they learned Grundy was the key's host, Deadman released his hold so Bane could fight and so he could prevent Gentleman Ghost from trying to possess anyone. Bane yelled he was no puppet for a circus man to use but Grundy promptly decked him. Bane tried to choke him out but Waller pointed out he didn't breathe. He declared no one swatted him away and he defeated all the greatest warriors, including breaking Batman. He punched Grundy in the face. Grundy got an idea, picked up Bane over his head, then broke his back over his knee. Deadman retorted karma was real.