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Real Identity: Various
Appearances (Episodes): #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, #AllyCat Part 2, and #TheBirdAndTheBee
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Super Hero Girls were insulted a taggers were trying to creep in on their turf. They converged on the the next alleged target, a warehouse in Sinister Slum. They burst inside and blindly attacked five figures until Green Lantern made a lasso construct and snagged all of them. To the girls' surprise, an axe construct appeared and chopped a section of the lasso. Supergirl had enough and pushed the roll up door upwards to let sunlight in. The girls met a team of teenage super hero boys named Da Invincibros, comprised of Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Green Arrow. Bumblebee was confused there were two Green Lanterns. Zatanna thought Green Lantern knew them, but she only knew the other Lantern. He denied they were the vandals and they introduced themselves. Lantern created a basketball construct and tossed it over his shoulder without looking into a hoop construct. Flash ran around at super speed. Green Arrow fired some of his trick arrows to set up the ambiance suitable to introduce himself with style. Hawkman smashed the floor with his mace.

Lantern was about to tell the team name but Aqualad awkwardly showed off his hydrokinesis. Flash advised him to be a couple beats faster next time. Green Arrow stressed rehearsal mattered. Aqualad frowned and the water dropped on his head. Lantern continued. The girls weren't impressed. He then accused them of being the vandals. Wonder Woman called him a deceiver and claimed they were the vandals. Lantern was amused and called Green Lantern by her first name, asking what was up with Wonder Woman. Green Lantern was annoyed and resorted to pig Latin to get him to stop. Aqualad realized she was Jessica Cruz. She then outed Lantern as Hal Jordan. Batgirl couldn't believe it was the dumb jock from school. Green Arrow found Zatanna's reaction bland and overly dramatic then realized she was Zee Zatara, his onstage nemesis. She had no idea who he was even after he took off his domino mask, said his real name was Oliver Queen, and the Trisan to her Isolde. Zatanna cut through the awkwardness and pointed out Batgirl was Barbara Gordon to her annoyance.

Flash was amazed, recalled she loved the Candy-Cake Triple Ripple Tower and brought her one. Batgirl realized he was Barry Allen. She tossed the cake. They took each other's hands and hopped with excitement. Bumblebee blurted out she was Karen Beecher. Everyone paused. Jordan had no idea who she was. Arrow had no clue who Bumblebee was. Supergirl grew impatient and used her X-Ray vision on Hawkman to confirm he was the emo shop student Carter Hall and Aqualad was Garth Bernstein, the football team's water boy. Aqualad inquired how she knew that. She told him his mom wrote his name on the inside of his clothes to his chagrin. She then told everyone she was Kara Danvers and Wonder Woman was Diana Prince. Everyone could see that. Once it became clear to even Jordan that neither team were the vandals, Wonder Woman pointed out they were taken for fools and the same Kryptonian art was on a wall. Arrow bemoaned the irony. Zatanna finally remembered who he was.

Wonder Woman asked Bumblebee to use her phone to predict the next location. She did and gave her phone to Wonder Woman who then proposed they set aside their differences and find the real villains with her as the leader. Jordan turned down the offer and boasted they already had a leader who had similar experience in war as her. Supergirl was skeptical he also forged his courage in the flames of battle. Jordan noted he went to a military academy and chalked it up as the same thing. The girls were horrified to see Steve Trevor was their leader. He greeted them and apologized for being late then explained the rapid bus wasn't so rapid. He saw Wonder Woman, said hi, and asked what she had in her hand. Wonder Woman was overcome and reverted to her lovestruck state of mind. She handed him the phone and he saw the next location was the LexBucks across Centennial Park. Aqualad cheered Trevor on. The teams had a stare down. The Invincibros dashed off. Flash pulled the roll up door down on them. Supergirl angrily shoved it up and broke it.

The teams raced through the city in and out of traffic. Jordan boasted they would win because of the Flash but Cruz countered they also had his metabolism. Jordan saw Flash stop at a hot dog stand to recharge. Batgirl had so many questions for him like how many calories he burned in kilojoules or if it was all carbohydrates or what his basal metabolic rate was. Jordan used a skateboard construct to ride hand rails. Cruz used a trampoline construct. Jordan called a double fault and made a tennis net. Cruz hopped it and made a treadmill construct under Jordan. After she ran past, he realized he was running in place. He made a pole and vaulted to her. He suggested she use Green Lantern Girl, Green Lantern-ette, or Green Lantern Babe to clear up the confusion of their shared hero name. They hopped cars stuck in traffic then ran past an elderly woman feeding wild pigeons. Cruz was annoyed and told him he better hope she never caught up to him. Trevor hitched a ride on Hawkman's back as he flew above them all.

Wonder Woman kept up pace then bounced between buildings and jumped roof to roof. Hawkman threw Trevor to her and she was effectively neutralized. Bumblebee zipped by Hawkman and made some bee puns to his annoyance. She quickly apologized after he growled. Green Arrow pinned Zatanna to wall by shooting an arrow into her cape. She conjured a portal and he ran right in. Supergirl arrived at the LexBucks. Aqualad stepped out an alley and used his powers against her. She immediately vaporized the water with heat vision and scoffed. Aqualad promised it would have been really awesome in the ocean or at a big community pool. The others arrived and panted heavily. Trevor cheered everyone on for making it. Bumblebee traced the location to the very narrow alley next to LexBucks. They tried to jam in at the same time. They watched as the next Kryptonian symbol appeared on a dumpster. Jordan realized it wasn't graffiti. Beams of light shot up from all eight symbols into the sky above Centennial Park and opened a massive portal.

General Zod, Ursa, and Non flew down through the portal. Zod ordered everyone to kneel before him. Ursa introduced Zod as the new emperor of Earth since he needed a new planet to rule. Supergirl told the others they had to return the trio through the portal before it closed. Zod demanded the heir to the House of El be brought to him or all of Earth would suffer. Supergirl misinterpreted him and surrendered to save the world. He had no idea who she was even after she identified herself as Supergirl, daughter of Alura Zor-El. She was speechless. Zod clarified he wanted Superman. Supergirl couldn't believe it was happening to her again. She zipped over to him and told him in his face she was just as good. She demanded to be taken prisoner or the Super Hero Girls would kick their butts through the portal. Da Invincibros barged in on their moment and attacked.

The Flash created a vortex by running in a circle and pelted Ursa and Non with rocks. They used heat vision and vaporized the rocks. Flash was buried in a pile of debris. Hal Jordan generated a crosse and flew at Ursa. Ursa easily stopped his swing then drop kicked him into the debris pile. Green Arrow fired multiple arrows but Ursa and Non caught all of them and snapped them. Ursa chased him down with heat vision. He dove into the debris pile. Aqualad made a dagger out of water and launched it. Non simply ate it. Aqualad ducked as Hawkman flew at Zod with his mace ready. There was a flash of white light but Hawkman was hurled into the debris pile. Ursa pointed out how embarrassing that was for them. Zod cracked his neck in amusement. The Super Hero Girls, sans Wonder Woman, took up positions but Ursa and Non used their super breath to blow them into a building. Zod opted to draw Superman out instead. Ursa and Non picked up a bus full of people and flew up. Zod started a 10 count. As each second passed, Ursa and Non crunched the bus a little further towards the center.

Lantern urged Supergirl to just call Superman. Supergirl caved and dialed. Superman answered for once but he didn't believe her since she recently crank called him about Zod. He hung up. She sheepishly claimed it was a bad connection. Batgirl pointed out the portal was also slowly closing. Bumblebee tried to snap Wonder Woman out her lovestruck trance to no avail. Hal Jordan noticed. He asked Steve Trevor if he could get them donuts. Trevor happily complied and marched away. Wonder Woman returned to normal and blurted out they had to work together. Jordan implored her to call the play and they would follow. Wonder Woman instructed everyone to pair up then they were going to send the villains back to the Phantom Zone. Green Arrow called out to Non. Zatanna appeared with a big neon sign advertising her magic act. She conjured a radio that started playing rock music. Arrow tossed his quiver to Zatanna then a cabinet appeared and he was crammed inside it. Zatanna readied an arrow then stabbed it through the cabinet. Arrow groaned in pain. Non's curiosity was piqued and his grip on the bus began to loosen.

Batgirl called Ursa "Ursula" and taunted her garbage fashion sense and dated hairdo. Ursa used heat vision. Flash grabbed Batgirl and carried her piggyback style. Batgirl called her aim as on point as her boots. Ursa got angry and repeatedly shot at them. Non was pleased with the tons of arrows jammed through the cabinet. He gleefully clapped. Ursa and Non both let go of the bus. The Green Lanterns created giant hands and cradled the underside of the bus as it fell to the street. Zod knocked Wonder Woman into a truck. She leaped and threw her shield at him but he effortlessly deflected it, dodged her, and kicked Supergirl into a building. Zod dodged her heat vision and threw her across the city. He was snagged with the Lasso of Truth but he pulled and threw Wonder Woman. Aqualad wanted to help but no one gave him orders. Supergirl attacked with a flying elbow but was chopped to the street. She cracked her back and told Aqualad to stay put.

Hawkman and Bumblebee broke into the Science Lexplorium and headed to the Treasures From Space exhibit in search of Kryptonite to use against General Zod, Ursa, and Non. Hawkman accidentally tripped the laser security system and the lockdown procedure was initiated. Lasers appeared in a pattern around the Kryptonite display and doors started dropping around it. Hawkman lunged and used his strength to hold up a door. Bumblebee realized he wanted her to fly under. He yelled at her to hurry. She shrank and flew to the display but struggled to lift the Kryptonite. They succeeded and returned to the battle with the Kryptonite. Flash joined in on teasing Ursa and called her "Wursa," asked if the relationship was moving too fast for her, then blew a raspberry at her. Ursa used her freeze breath and froze them in place. She found the pace glacial. Zatanna readied the grand finale and pierced the cabinet with a giant arrow. There was a loud groan and Arrow proclaimed he was dead. Non clapped. Arrow popped out unharmed.

Non became very upset. Zatanna told Arrow to get back into the cabinet and readied another arrow. He refused. Non fired his heat vision. Zatanna incanted and teleported herself and Arrow away. Wonder Woman yelled, leaped, and threw another punch. Zod effortlessly caught her punch then counter punched her into the pavement. She groaned in pain as Supergirl watched in shock. Zod claimed victory and declared all of Earth would kneel before him. She flew up to him. After a stare down, she abruptly flew away at super speed. Zod was surprised then scoffed. Zod, Ursa, and Non laughed then began to cough. He turned and saw Hawkman above them with Kryptonite. Bumblebee excitedly gave the play by play of how they got it but Hawkman growled. She stopped. Hawkman tossed the Kryptonite into the air and shattered it into three pieces with his mace. Wonder Woman stood up and gave the signal. Flash vibrated the ice off himself and Batgirl. Batgirl grabbed a piece. Zatanna and Green Arrow appeared. Arrow grabbed another piece but Zatanna swiped it to his dismay.

The Green Lanterns created grappling hook constructs and threw them onto the portal to hold it open. Batgirl tied her piece up to a bola then wrangled Ursa with it. She was powerless. Flash created a vortex. Ursa gasped and whimpered. The vortex sent her through the portal. Zatanna tapped Non's shoulder. She told him to wait and asked what was behind his ear. He checked and it was her piece of Kryptonite. He was powerless. Green Arrow fired a boxing glove arrow at his chest and he was knocked through the portal. Wonder Woman threw a dagger. Zod caught it by reflex. It was the third piece. To everyone's shock, he resisted it and crushed it to dust. Zod proclaimed he was a force of nature and only another could stand a chance against him. Supergirl gave Aqualad a head's up. She shot a hydrant with heat vision and told him to go for it. He crafted all the water into a giant sea dragon construct. Zod was stunned. It charged and tackled him through the portal. The Lanterns released their hold and the portal closed.

Jordan and Flash hoisted Aqualad up and cheered. They marched off with the others. The teams retired to a girder above the city and enjoyed the donuts Trevor brought. Trevor told them about how it looked like he was going to let them down and return without sprinkles but the lady found more in the back. Wonder Woman giggled and fell off. Supergirl anticipated that and carried her back to the girder. Flash realized if Trevor hadn't left to get the donuts, Wonder Woman would never have had the idea to get the Kryptonite, and Zod would have taken over the planet. Green Arrow cheered Trevor on. The other boys yelled their "Yo, Bros!" catchphrase. The girls groaned. Superman and Da Invicibros, minus Trevor, were all neutralized and captured by Luthor then imprisoned in a secret lair hidden in his suite as part of his plan to let Metropolis get hit by a meteor so he could rebuild the world. Both Catwoman and the Super Hero Girls neglected to free them.

A humanoid monster terrorized Metropolis, stepping on vehicles and crushing them into pancakes. The Super Hero Girls teamed up with Da Invincibros. They had Batgirl get its attention with a Batarang to the side of its head. It turned and roared right in front of Wonder Woman but she didn't flinch. She paired everyone up for the offensive. Batgirl and Flash, Green Lantern and Green Lantern, Supergirl and Aqualad, Zatanna and Green Arrow, and Bumblebee and Hawkman. Bumblebee was nervous about the pairing. The two teams later teamed up to stop a stolen armored car after it departed the Bank of Moolah. Bumblebee attempted to hide behind Supergirl when Wonder Woman picked the pairs. The two teams responding to a building fire. Bumblebee poked Wonder Woman and suggested mixing up the teams. Wonder Woman found that to be an excellent suggestion. Batgirl was with Green Arrow, Zatanna with Aqualad, Green Lantern with Flash, and Supergirl with Green Lantern. Bumblebee was placed with Hawkman again. She tried to make a battle cry but Hawkman simply flew off. She groaned and shrank.

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