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Episode Guide

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Click on an episode title to find summaries and information about each individual show. Check out the glossary for quick stats definitions, and if you have any information, opinions, or images to add, make sure to use the forum, or contact us!

Guide Glossary:
Heroes: Characters that are major players in the episode, the plot revolves around these characters.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Supporting: Secondary Characters that appear, but have smaller parts than starring characters.
Beasts: Non-sentient monsters that appear.
Objects: Alien, Man-made, and natural objects that appear.
Places: Areas visited or occupied.
Written By: Lists which staff members were credited with writing the episode.
Directed By: Lists which staff member was credited for directing the episode.

Season One (2019-Present)

Episode 1: #SweetJustice Part 1
Episode 2: #SweetJustice Part 2
Episode 3: #SweetJustice Part 3
Episode 4: #SweetJustice Part 4
When six ordinary girls meet and discover that they each have extraordinary powers, they decide to join forces to take on one of Metropolis's most sinister villains.

Episode 5: #AdventuresInBunnysitting
Zee asks Kara to look after her two magical bunnies, which quickly start to multiply, wreaking havoc all across Metropolis.

Episode 6: #HateTriangle
When Hal's ex-girlfriend shows up at the Metropolis High homecoming game and goes love-ballistic as the villain Star Sapphire, Jessica begins to second-guess her own nonviolent tactics.

Episode 7: #BurritoBucket
Babs loves her job at a fast food restaurant, but her boss would love any excuse to fire her. When a bank robbery breaks out across the street from work, Babs is torn between her role as a superhero and dutiful Burrito Bucket employee.

Episode 8: #MeetTheCheetah
Barbara Minerva is super-jealous of "little Miss Perfect" Diana Prince. But when she uses an ancient artifact from her dad's collection to place a curse on Diana, it turns out that Diana's not the one who's cursed. It's Barbara.

Episode 9: #Beeline
When she stumbles across a villainous plot to blow up a bridge, Bumblebee shies from the challenge of taking on the baddies and reaches out to her friends.

Episode 10: #SuperWho?
Overwhelmed by the amount of Superman coverage in Metropolis, Supergirl decides to get out there and really show the city what she can do.

Episode 11: #ShockItToMe
Leslie Willis, the meanest girl in school, becomes a social media sensation by posting mean-spirited videos on her MetropoVids channel, causing Wonder Woman to question the moral integrity of the people who live in the World of Man.

Episode 12: #SheMightBeGiant
Karen Beecher is always getting picked on at school, but when the local mall is attacked by a monstrous supervillain called Giganta, she discovers that tiny Bumblebee might be the only one small enough to save the day.

Episode 13: #FightAtTheMuseum
Supergirl always relies on her strength, but she'll need more than brawn to stop brainy Catwoman from stealing valuable gems from the local science museum.

Episode 14: #FromBatToWorse
Having just moved to the boring Metropolis suburbs, Batgirl is thrilled when she intercepts a call from Batman asking for help. But before she can stop a visiting Gotham villain, she'll have to sneak past her father, Commissioner Jim Gordon.

Episode 15: #CrushingIt
Wonder Woman is absolutely crushing it in every single aspect of life as a student at Metropolis High, until someone shows up who threatens to throw her off her game for good.

Episode 16: #MisgivingTree
Green Lantern and Poison Ivy bond over protecting an ancient tree from being cut down. Neither of them realizes who the other's alter ego is, or the lengths to which they'll go to protect what's important.

Episode 17: #IllusionsOfGrandeur
Ready to emerge from her father's shadow, Zee Zatara secretly seeks fame and acclaim performing for her own audience at the pier. But when her act is dismissed as fakery, she loses her cool and accidentally unleashes mischievous gremlins who run wild all over the pier.

Episode 18: #BeastsInShow
When Babs and Kara spar over whose dog is better, they decide to settle it at the Metropolis Dog Show, where Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto the Superdog suddenly find themselves called upon to save the day... in more ways than one.

Episode 19: #GothamCon
A fun day for Barbara Gordon and her bestie Harleen Quinzel at Gotham City's annual geekfest is turned on its head when the villainous Harley Quinn shows up to wreak havoc! Lucky for everyone, Batgirl just happens to be in the area...

Episode 20: #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1
Episode 21: #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2
What begins as a simple vandalism investigation becomes an all-out turf war when the team encounters a powerful trio of Kryptonians bent on world domination, and, perhaps even worse, a rival team of SUPER HERO BOYS!

Episode 22: #Frenemies Part 1
Episode 23: #Frenemies Part 2
Batgirl's worlds collide when her best friend from Gotham City moves to Metropolis. Meanwhile, Catwoman is making some new friends of her own.

Episode 24: #SoulSisters Part 1
Episode 25: #SoulSisters Part 2
The girls must track down Katana, a mysterious warrior who's stealing the souls of Metropolis's villains. Meanwhile, Diana's new friend Tatsu is a perfect match for her in every way, but may have a connection to Katana.

Episode 26: #Abracadabrapalooza
In an attempt to make Karen feel better about a pimple, Zee recounts her embarrassing transition into magichood, and the rift it created between her and her father.

Episode 27: #RageCat
Jessica Cruz is convinced she can find the purr-fect forever home for Dexter, a cat who has been deemed unadoptable because he's basically the worst cat in the world.

Episode 28: #TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre
Everything is going well for Kara Danvers, both as a teen and a superhero, until she starts taking the blame for things she didn't do, and the emergence of a new supervillain threatens to destroy Supergirl's hard-earned reputation.

Episode 29: #BackInAFlash
After an embarrassing incident ruins Barbara Gordon's reputation, rather than owning it and moving on, she decides it's easier to harness The Flash's newly discovered ability to travel back in time and alter the space-time continuum.

Episode 30: #PowerSurge
When Supergirl is presumed dead after a battle with Livewire, Kara Danvers decides to reinvent herself with a new look, a new personality, and a new name, Power Girl.

Episode 31: #ScrambledEggs
Thanks to a home economics assignment, the students are paired up and given an egg to "care for" over a weekend. But when tragedy befalls egg after egg, what should be an easy assignment escalates into a madcap romp with super-high stakes!

Episode 32: #DramaQueen
Oliver Queen must face off against his greatest rival yet, Mortimer Drake, while Green Arrow also finds himself up against a new foe, The Cavalier.

Episode 33: #AllyCat Part 1
Episode 34: #AllyCat Part 2
When Zee Zatara realizes Lex Luthor has unearthed a magical book with the power to tell the future, the girls reluctantly enlist Catwoman to help them steal it from him before he understands what he has, but it may already be too late.

Episode 35: #Retreat
Jessica Cruz and some super friends go on an overnight camping trip without their powers and are attacked by Poison Ivy and a horde of Plant Zombies!

Episode 36: #DinnerForFive
Barbara Gordon finds herself in a tight spot when an awkward dinner with a new friend's father turns into something so much more.

Episode 37: #LivingTheNightmare
When Zee's friends are held captive in their nightmares by a dream demon, she'll have to confront her own hidden insecurities, or risk the Super Hero Girls being trapped in a prison of their own fears forever.

Episode 38: #AllAboutZee
Zee Zatara is flattered when she meets an overeager admirer named Casey Krinsky, but soon realizes that "her biggest fan" wants much more than just an autograph.

Episode 39: #TweenTitans
Jessica Cruz is hired by billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne to chaperone young Dick Grayson's Metropolis birthday bash and brings Karen Beecher along to help, but the girls get more than they bargained for when the TWEEN party guests reveal their TITANic personalities.

Episode 40: #EmperorPenguin
When Barbara Gordon attempts to do something nice for a friend, she ends up in the clutches of the Penguin, a high school mob boss who blackmails her into an increasingly desperate situation from which only Batgirl can save her.

Episode 41 #BreakingNews
Lois Lane's attempt to get an internship at the Daily Planet leads to her trying to unmask the Super Hero Girls, which forces the girls to a battle of wits with their greatest nemesis yet.

Episode 42: #CrashCourse
When a high-speed chase breaks out during her driver’s test, Diana Prince's desire to fight evil clashes with her desire to undergo a World of Man teenage rite of passage, getting her license.

Episode 43: #LeagueOfShadows Part 1
Episode 44: #LeagueOfShadows Part 2
Under the control of Red Kryptonite, Kara Danvers is brainwashed by rock 'n' roll front man Ra's al Ghul and sent on a mission to purify the world... starting with the terrible music of Karen Beecher's favorite boy band!

Episode 45: #HousePest
When the Super Hero Girls discover that Diana doesn't actually have a home, they gladly open theirs up to her... until they discover that life with an Amazon is much more challenging than they expected.

Episode 46: #ItsComplicated
When Hal Jordan sees Carol Ferris with a new boyfriend, his ego can't handle the rejection, resulting in the most absurd Lantern battle ever.

Episode 47: #TheBirdAndTheBee
Meek little Karen Beecher is intimidated by big broody Carter Hall until she discovers Hawkman's tragically romantic destiny and vows to use her vast knowledge of cheesy teen movies to help him reunite with his beloved.

Episode 48: #FantasticBeastsandHowToMindThem
Diana Prince receives a care package from home, and her pet-raising skills are soon put to the test when a mysterious egg hatches into a baby griffin.

Episode 49: #SchoolGhoul
When Tatsu Yamashiro asks for help at a haunted all-girls academy, Barbara Gordon and Kara Danvers find themselves caught up in something much bigger than a ghost hunt.

Episode 50: #AwesomeAuntAntiope
Diana always preferred her "fun aunt" Antiope to her strict mother, but when Antiope visits Metropolis and takes the girls out on the town, Diana sees her aunt's antics in a whole new light.

Episode 51: #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 1
A fun day at the Renaissance Faire takes a dark turn when our heroes clash with a princess-eating dragon.

Episode 52: #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 2
Ember has princess on her menu. Can the girls outwit the dragon and show her what princesses can really do?

Crossover Episodes (2020-2022)

Teen Titans Go! Episode 300: Superhero Feud
Control Freak pits the Titans against the DC Superhero Girls to determine who is the best team in the universe.

Teen Titans Go! Episode 320: Space House - Part 1
The Titans set off on an adventure in space, only to find out they'll be sharing their space house with the DC Superhero Girls. The two teams must then discover what goes bump in the night.

Teen Titans Go! Episode 321: Space House - Part 2
After Beast Boy steals the power ring and jumps into Zatanna's hat, Green Lantern must deal with being powerless as she and her friends give chase.

Teen Titans Go! Episode 322: Space House - Part 3
A giant meteor is heading toward the space house, so Starfifre, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Cyborg takes turns in the holographic chamber to see whose plan will work.

Teen Titans Go! Episode 323: Space House - Part 4
The free vacation in space was just an elaborate plot by Brainiac to collect every hero and villain in the DC Multiverse. The Titans and Superhero Girls agree to help Brainiac become an adult in exchange for letting them go.

Season Two (2021)

Episode 53: #AmBatgirl Part 1
Episode 54: #AmBatgirl Part 2
Batgirl finally has the chance to live out her life's dream and be the sidekick to her hero and inspiration; the Batman!

Episode 55: #DoubleDanvers
When Kara realizes that she needs to be in two places on the same night, a dinner with an important investor in her parents' startup and a concert for her favorite hand, the Malevolent Maniaxe at the Lazarus Pit, she calls for reinforcements in the form of Bizarro Kara!

Episode 56: #AccordingToGarth
Garth meets a friend who shares his obsession with a particular fandom. But when that friend takes his obsession too far, Garth must learn the difference between being a fan and being a fanatic, or risk driving his friends away.

Episode 57: #SuperWonderBatBeeZeeLanternMobile
The Super Hero Girls decide to go in together to buy their first car, but quickly learn that splitting an automobile six ways may prove to be their deadliest foe yet?

Episode 58: #SirensConch
Diana is asked to sing in a talent show, but when she uses a magical artifact to hide how bad she is at singing, she unleashes mayhem onto Metropolis.

Episode 59: #AngerManagement
When Jess coerces Kara into addressing her anger management issues, Supergirl's superhero abilities become seriously compromised.

Episode 60: #HappyBirthdayZee
Zatanna makes a birthday wish that forces her to confront the dark side of her magic.

Episode 61: #TheGreenRoom
When Jessica is faced with a Green Lantern Corps disciplinary hearing, Hal appoints himself to be her Peer Advocate.

Episode 62: #EnterNightSting
Karen is given a mission to prevent the apocalypse by DeathSting, a super-cool future version of herself.

Episode 63: #WorldsFinest
When PR whiz Max Lord tells Batgirl and Supergirl he can improve their image by doing publicity stunts, the two friends forget what being a hero is really about.

Episode 64: #WorkingStiff
After Babs hooks Karen up with a job at the Burrito Bucket, the two heroes encounter a new villain, the scourge of the fast-food underworld, the Condiment King!

Episode 65: #MultipliciZee
Zee magically duplicates herself so she can shirk work and watch TV. Things get out of hand when her copies start to make copies of themselves!

Episode 66: #TheMinus
Diana receives her first ever A-minus and becomes convinced that she needs to work harder, however, in order to do so, she resorts to rather drastic measures.

Episode 67: #Powerless
Supergirl loses her powers and, with the help of BumbleBee, must rely on her street smarts to save Garth from vengeful Toyman.

Episode 68: #AcceptNoSubstitute
Feeling smothered, Babs urges her retired dad, Commissioner Gordon, to get a hobby, but her advice backfires when the commissioner becomes a substitute teacher at her school.

Episode 69: #TheWarriorAndTheJester
After accidentally destroying one of Babs' beloved, one-of-a-kind Batman keepsakes, Diana enlists the help of Harleen Quinzel in order to find a replacement in Gotham City.

Episode 70: #MotherKnowsBest
Hippolyta visits town, and Diana is desperate to win her approval; when Hippolyta unexpectedly takes a shine to Kara, Diana must curb her envy before they all get hurt.

Episode 71: #DetentionClub
Five socially disparate teens, Hal, Pam, Kara, Zee and Garth, find they have more in common than they thought after spending a Saturday in detention.

Episode 72: #SmallVictories
A malfunctioning device shrinks Karen into the Microverse, leaving technophobic Diana as her only hope.

Episode 73: #CruzControl
Working toward her dream of making her school a better place, Jessica runs for class president. However, when her opponent, the corrupt Oswald Cobblepot, pulls ahead in the face using less-than-honest means, Jessica finds herself compromising the integrity of her honest campaign to beat him!

Episode 74: #WhySoBlue
Supergirl must rein in a reckless new hero, the Blue Beetle.

Episode 75: #OneEnchantedEvening
Zee worries that Zatara is lonely and volunteers to play matchmaker for her dad; when her meddlesome matchmatching accidentally sets her dad up with an old enemy, Zee must find a way to fix the mess she made.

Episode 76: #TheAquamanCometh
For months, Garth sends Aquaman letters that greatly exaggerate his accomplishments in Metropolis; when the King of Atlantis comes for a surprise visit, Garth begs the Super Hero Girls to help cover for his little white lies.

Episode 77: #NightmareInGotham Part 1
Episode 78: #NightmareInGotham Part 2
Babs and Harleen bring the Girls to Gotham City to celebrate Halloween! However, the fun is put on hold when the SuperHero Girls run into Gotham's most notorious SuperVillain.